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BB25 - Episode 10 - Live Eviction


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A house divided became a house united in order to pull off the first blindside of the season. Welcome to Big Brother!

Previously on Big Brother, Hisam took a shot at The Handful alliance by taking out Reilly, but he also started making enemies on his own side of the house. After Hisam started courting new allies, a game of Telephone kicked off, and the info got back to Cirie, Felicia and Izzy, solidifying The Professors next target. 

With Felicia putting to power, operation Backdoor Hisam was initiated. With 2 pawns on the block, Hisam remained painfully clueless. At an eggciting Veto comp, Jag cockle-doodle-dominated and also earned a clucking costume. With the pieces in place for a perfect blindside, Felicia checkmated Hisam. 

With the Doctor's game on life support, will the house stick with their plan to say byesam to Hisam? Plus, for 18 years, fans have demanded the return of the epic Pressure Cooker comp. Well, tonight' it's back! All this, live, on Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm JCM and welcome to Big Brother. It's Day 23 inside the BB House and for the second week in a row, the former HoH could become a former HG. After an HoH reign that rubbed most of his allies the wrong way, Hisam now finds his game on the line, and a house divided seems to have come together to send him packing. Should Felicia's plan play out, bonds will be tested as alliances have crumbled, and everyone is looking to make new ones, making tonight's HoH comp more important than ever.

But first, feeling hurt and betrayed, Hisam looks for answers. But can he handle the truth? It's Day 20 and the Veto meeting is adjourned. Chicken Jag says at the end of the day, he didn't want to be on the block on eviction night. Cameron tells us he's a specialist when you want to get someone else out the door. Keep my head down and don't ruffle features. Matt says Hisam was targeting me and this is revenge for Reilly. 


Felicia tells Hisam to come talk to her when he's ready. She tells us Hisam is going down. Nobody wants to keep him in the house. She feels bad he's visibly hurt, but that's the game. Hisam tells us this is painful, it hurts a lot that his alliance did this to him. Nobody clued him in. The noble thing is to have a chance to fight for yourself. 

In HoH, Felicia meets with Hisam. She explains this was an opportunity she might not get again. She sees his glare and knows he's frustrated. We were working with each other, Hisam says, measured. But all I heard, Felicia explains, is you didn't even see me as a competitor, someone you can get rid of when you didn't need me anymore. I never said that, Hisam rebuts, I've always advocated for older people, I would never have underestimated you.

I thought we were all working together, Hisam tells Felicia slowly, I didn't realize that wasn't the case. I know it's a blindside, she explains, but if she had nominated, he's a comp beast and  would have won Veto. OK, he says, still processing. Tell me your thoughts, she invites. He can't express what he's thinking. She offers him the HoH to be alone to think. He thanks her.

This is stupid, Hisam tells us, but I can't tell them that. People have come back from worse. If I can get out of this situation, it would be amazing, go down in history. Izzy comes up and right away says he gets to be angry. You knew, he asks? Izzy nods. You and Cirie both, he realizes and Izzy confirms. She apologizes for lying but her job was to keep him calm, make him feel comfortable. She feels sick about it. 

Hisam says he trusted them, his whole game was in their alliance, his goal was always to get them all to the end. But we're not here playing your game, Izzy replies. I won't be told what to do. I will not be undermined, and I will not be called a leftover. I won't be someone you feel you got stuck with. Hisam is surprised at that. Izzy begins laying out a laundry list of things Hisam did that was not OK, that was for his game, not hers. Hearing he told America he got stuck with them. You were the liability, she tells him. 

In the DR, Hisam tells us when confronted by my own behavior, talking to the other side, I can only admit it was true. They felt they could not trust me because outside conversations got back to them. It made them feel small, leftover. That was a mistake. He apologizes to Izzy, and says it was not his intention to make her feel that way. He was trying to keep himself safe, trying to make connections so they wouldn't vote me out and I could keep working with you all. That was the plan, he says humbly, but I guess I made a mistake. I just need to make amends with everybody and you're a good place to start. 

I've betrayed the people I love, Hisam tells us, They were my family. Betrayal begets betrayal. It sounds like the divide is unfixable. This is a big hole but I have to try to find a way to stay in the game. Up next, the odds seem stacked against Hisam, but could a flip be in the works? A lot has happened in the Big Brother house in the last 24 hours. Then, it's the live vote and eviction. Stay with us!

Welcome back to BB. Hisam is determined to stay in the game. The choice before him, to seek revenge or seek redemption. After reflection, Hisam tells us, even though they hurt him, and he hurt them, The Professors are still the people I want to work with. They are my family and I will do whatever it takes to ask for forgiveness and earn their trust so we can win together. 

In HoH, Felicia feels bad because she sees hurt in Hisam. You really hurt me, he acknowledges. Everything I did was to protect us. Making alliances wasn't the goal. I was trying to get close to others to keep us safe. But you never told us, Felicia explains, you never stepped back from what you wanted for the greater good of the group. It feels very heavy, Hisam says dejectedly, people's minds are made up. No, Felicia says, you still have a day and a half to shift people's minds. I can see Hisam is genuinely hurt, Felicia tells us, and it was good for him to acknowledge his errors. But, you reap what you sow. 

In the Comicverse BR, Hisam sits down with Izzy. I really f*cked up, he starts, he's so sorry. It feels terrible because he was closest to her. He thought they were going to the end. I believed that. I trusted you. I saw you as family. I learned a lot, he says, his voice cracking. If there is forgiveness, he begs, please have mercy on me, give me a chance to be better. I would love your vote. There's still a lot to think about, Izzy responds. 

If there is saving to be had, Hisam tells her, I can let bygones be bygones. I'm not saying yes or know, Izzy says. That's better than no, he accepts, that's all I can ask for. Izzy says Hisam's apology seems pretty sincere. Human to human, I think he is truly suffering and has the intelligence to be in debt to us. She accepts his apology and they hug.

Hisam next tries to reconnect with Cirie in the Comicverse BR. The connections he had, he tells her, were very real. She says she's not holier than though. Hisam says he also is hurt by being backdoored. He uses the family line. I saw you as family, he says emotionally, and asks if there is a way forward for him. Cirie tells him the obstacle is people feeling he would want revenge. If The Professors save him, Hisam swears, I will fight until the very end. Yes, I'll go after the other side aggressively, and I'll become the biggest target in the house, 100%. All is forgiven. Cirie wipes her eyes.

Loyalty is valuable currency in the game, Cirie tells us, in a game where you can't trust anyone, you have to trust someone because you can't play the game by yourself. So when Hisam pledges his undying loyalty for being saved, you have to consider it, as much as her insides say no, no, no, she believes he's redeemable. This is fixable, Hisam tells her.

In HoH, Cirie, Felicia and Izzy meet. How bad would it be if Cameron went home, Cirie muses. Felicia worries that Hisam will be too hurt by the fact she did it to him. Cirie thinks he was truthful about being loyal to The Professors. We'd have to convince more people to not vote him out, Felicia says. If we save Hisam, Izzy says, then he's protecting them. Are we sure, Felicia wonders? I don't know, Izzy allows, that's how it would look like to me. Felicia wants to look Hisam in the face. Izzy goes to get him.

Hisam sits next to Felicia in the HoH along with Cirie and Izzy. Felicia tells him she's worried that if they save her, he'll go after her the first chance he gets. No, darling, he says. He smiles and gives her a hug. She tells him she has a family that gets bad, cusses at each other, don't talk for months, but they come back together because they are always connected. You got it, he assures her. Don't make me your first target, she jokes. You will never be my target, he replies as she puts her head in his lap. We would be trusting you, Izzy tells Hisam. It would be a new start, Hisam promises.

Hisam tells us he doesn't know what will happen, but if he has the votes to stay, we'll see something the game has never seen before. He is fiercely loyal and fiercely protective and he will do everything to make sure his family is safe and end up at the end together. They all hug and after Hisam leaves, Izzy says let's think about this. 

They need Cory, Jared and Mecole, Izzy counts. We can get all of them, Felicia thinks. They would need America's vote too, Cirie points out. She desperately wants to align with someone, Felicia agrees. This is her opportunity, Cirie offers. Felicia tells us that Bowie is a floater and they don't know what she'll do. And Red won't vote Cameron out. We have to look outside The Professors in order to make it work. Cirie tells us keeping Hisam has benefits. She believes he'd be loyal to anyone who saves him, but is it worth it? We'd be putting our necks on the line and alienating everyone else. She's not sure what the right decision is.

Next up, who will be walking out the front door? Plus, the HoH kicks off live with the return of the legendary Big Brother Pressure Cooker. Stay with us! 

Welcome back to Big Brother. Will the plan to backdoor Hisam become a reality or will Cameron be the one blindsided. Let's talk to the two noms in the LR. Hello HG. It's time for the live vote and eviction. But first Cameron and Hisam have one last chance to sway their votes.

Cameron says it's been an interesting week sharing the block with him. It has been an incredible week that has brought us closer and I hope to continue making memories together. Hisam says he's learned a lot of things being on the block and had time to reflect on his time there. He made multiple mistakes and understands why he's there. But he's also found a way of asking for forgiveness, which has been meaningful for him. He's asking for their vote. He's asking them to extend kindness, generosity and mercy. If they do, he will be loyal to the very end, as hard as it gets. That's not something Cameron can say. 

It's time for the live voting. Red votes to evict Hisam. Chicken Jag votes to evict Hisam. Bowie has a big grin as she votes to evict Hisam. Blue votes to evict Hisam. With attitude. The vote is 0 to evict Cameron and 4 to evict Hisam. But have Cirie and Izzy flipped? Stay with us.

Welcome back to Big Brother. The HG are voting to evict either Cameron or Hisam. The vote so far is Cameron 0, Hisam 4. Let's continue with the live voting. Matt chooses to evict Hisam. Cirie sadly votes to evict Hisam. It's official, with 6 votes, Hisam will leave house tonight. America votes to evict Hisam. Izzy votes to evict Hisam. Cory votes to evict Hisam. Jared votes to evict Hisam. Mecole sadly casts her vote to evict Hisam. 

All of the votes are in. Let's give the news to the HG. Cameron looks confident, and Hisam looks defeated. HG, the votes are in. By a vote of 11-0, Hisam, you are evicted from the Big Brother House. Hisam wishes the other HG good luck as they all give him hugs goodbye. Matt says if there's a battle back, they'll see him. As Hisam walks onto the stage, it looks like a weight lifts from his shoulders. He's smiling and laughing. Back in the house, the HG gather around the memory wall as his picture changes to black & white. 

The HG start to congratulate themselves for a successful eviction when the Scaryverse orb begins to throb. Oh, they say, they know what that means. It's a twist, they say and gather in the LR. The TV comes on and BB6's Kaysar appears. 18 years ago, he says, I endured a grueling competition that lasted nearly 14 hours and became legendary amongst BB fans, The Pressure Cooker. And now, he says, it's your turn. But this time, the Scaryverse has made it even more challenging. Good luck. Trust me, he deadpans, you're gonna need it.

The HG who know what the Pressure Cooker was are excited, but many don't know what it was and ask for information. The are told you have to hold a button while BB tries to scare them into letting go. They used mosquitoes last time, Blue says. Back outside the house, JCM tells Hisam to stay right there, she'll talk with Hisam when they return.

Welcome back to Big Brother. Hisam was just evicted by a vote of 11-0. That's too bad, he laughs. He was blindsided, JCM says, and backdoored. I sure was. But you worked hard in the last 24 hours to get votes to stay. I sure did, he laughs, but here I am. He says he's a fierce competitor and really direct, bold and honest and people can be intimidated by that. I just made too many bad decisions, like trusting the wrong people. It is Big Brother, JCM says. I know, Hisam laughs, I'm going to work on my trust issues by going on Big Brother. These are the people I'm going to trust and these are the people who backdoored me. 

JCM says Hisam's reign as HoH was described by one of his alliance members as a dictatorship. He can see why. There's the pressure of being HoH and making decisions, but he was also trying to navigate how all 7 of them could make it to the end. That was part of his strategy, and sometimes you get blinded by what you think is best. Outside, I'm a doctor who makes tough decisions all the time. I try to get feedback, but in the end a decision has to be made and I have no fear about making decisions. I was listening to what people had to say and thinking about my own morals, and it led me to being a little bit blinded.

Talk about being blinded, JCM says, what would you say if I told you there is a secret relationship in the house? Really, asks Hisam, not expecting this turn. He starts to mention Blue and Jared, but JCM cuts him off and says not romantic. Hisam has no idea. Preexisting, JCM prompts. Oh god, he moans, why? Cirie is Jared's mother, she tells him. Oh, he says, as realization slowly dawns. That makes sense, he finally says slowly, wagging his finger. They look alike, and have done a good job hiding it. Jared said he relates to Felicia and Cirie like his mom, and the bombshell he dropped on Jared (about The professors) didn't have an impact, because he already knew. Good for them, I hope they go to the end. I hope they win, he says, clapping.

JCM gives him his goodbye messages. He doesn't want to watch, they'll have nothing nice to say. Cirie says he did too much too soon too fast but wants to know him outside the house. Izzy says she knows she gave him hope and she tried, but it is ultimately better for her game without him in the house. Matt says first your went after Reilly, then two you piss off the whole house, and three you campaigned against me and lied to me about it. Three strikes, you're out. See ya, buddy.

Blue says she appreciates he played an honest game, so let me honestly tell you that I'm excited to get your lying arse out of this house. I'll see you hopefully not too soon. She blows him a dismissive kiss. See why you don't want to listen to these, Hisam says, pointing to Blue. Nothing nice to say. His final thoughts are he had a great time, learned a lot, and is glad he did it. 

Up next, after an 18 year absence, the Big Brother Pressure Cooker returns. The battle for HoH is next. But first, America (you, not the HG), you have a chance to impact this game. It's America's Vote. The BB Comicverse will grant one HG an incredible superpower, and you choose who can compete for it. The top 4 vote getters will battle individually in a secret competition for the BB Power of Invincibility! The winner will have the ability to save an evicted HG at one of the next two evictions, even on themselves! Tune in next Thursday, August 31st to find out which 4 HG were chosen. You can vote at cbs.com/bbvote until 9 am PT, August 28th starting now! 

Welcome back to Big Brother. It's now time to start the HoH comp. They head to the BY (which looks like the basement) where all the HG except Felicia are standing around a railing inside a concrete chamber. Each HG stands before a post with a buzzer and a light bulb over their heads. In the center is a round table with a black tablecloth. Chicken Jag is still in costume, and Cirie is wearing a down sleeveless vest with hoody. Mecole has a windbreaker. Felicia can only watch from the LR.

As Kaysar revealed, JCM tells the HG, a new version of the Big Brother Pressure Cooker has been sent from the Scaryverse. It's the Revenge of the Pressure Cooker and here's how it works. Your job is simple: keep your button pressed. If you release your button, you're out of the comp. The last HG standing is the new HoH. There is no sitting or kneeling, but squatting is OK. 

You can only leave the box after 3 HG release their buttons. There are no bathroom breaks. Whenever you let go of your button, you must claim a numbered card from the wall - the first to let go claims Card #1, the second card #2 and so on. The cards contain either something good, or something bad. Does everyone understand? Then please press your button because this comp starts NOW! 

The chamber goes pitch black as the camera switches into night mode. Don't be afraid of the dark, HG, JCM says. Goodnight everyone. The HG talk excitedly. I can't hear or see now, Matt jokes. Izzy and Cirie reach out to touch each other in the dark with their non-button hands. 

Tune in Sunday at 8pm ET to see who becomes the new HoH, or watch the comp play out on the Live Feeds on Paramount+ (https://mortystv.com/to/feeds) or for free at Pluto.tv/BBLF. Then on Wednesday at 8pm ET, the PoV is back up for grabs. Will it be used to save one of the two noms again? And next Thursday, another Thursday will be sent packing, live. For now, let's eavesdrop on the ongoing HoH comp. From outside the BB House, I'm JCM. Love one another. Goodnight.

In the Scaryverse Pressure Cooker, there are strange noises. Does anyone else gotta pee, Cameron asks? Cory looks focused. He tells Izzy he's sorry he jumped her in line (to the WC). I'll pee myself, she assures him. Jared has his head down in concentration, both hands on his button. They mention that someone (probably BB) said they would do something in the next 10m. 

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