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BB25 - Episode 9 - Power of Veto


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Previously on Big Brother, The Handful alliance was on one side of the house and The Professors on the other. With Hisam winning 3 comps in a row, he went after Reilly. making him Public Enemy #1 with The Handful. But the doctor started to rub his own alliance the wrong way, putting him in The Professors cross-hairs. 

After Reilly went bye-lly, the HoH was back up for grabs, and Felicia said Hi to power. The Professors wanted to take their shot at Hisam and Hisam helped seal his own fate, so Felicia enlisted two pawns. At the nom ceremony, Hisam remained completely in the dark. Tonight, who will win the PoVand will the plan to blindside Hisam succeed? 

Plus, Jared and Blue continue to get closer. But will his mom put a stop to it? Find out right now on Big Brother!

Day 17. Felicia nominated Jag and Cameron, but tells us her real target is Hisam. He's been acting like a dictator, telling everyone what to do, plus he won an HoH and two Veto's. He did too much too fast, and there's no way we can let him play in the Veto. That's why he's being backdoored. 

Back to back on the block, Cameron tells us, but at least he's not the target. The plan is to backdoor Hisam. We have the play, now we just need to execute. Jag tells us it sucks to be on the block, and I've been told I'm a pawn, but so many things can go wrong. I need to make sure I'm safe. Cirie tells us Hisam is the biggest competitor in the house, and Felicia is going to use her power to benefit all the Bye Bye Bitches. Hisam tells us he can relax and not do anything. It's easy to go after people who previously had power, but the way I ran my HoH didn't put a target on my back. 

In HoH, Jag checks in with Felicia. Everyone knows it's a backdoor, she assures him. (clips of Felicia telling all the other HG - except Red). Felicia tells Jag she's worried Red might say something to Hisam. She tells us that Red is dedicated and loyal to The Professors, and we're not sure he'd be onboard with backdooring Hisam, so we have to keep him in the dark. We have to let this play out, she tells Jag, I trust my gut, it's gonna happen. I'm gonna take his sorry arse out of the house. 

In the LR, Hisam comforts Blue, who is sad to see Jag nom. I didn't expect it, she tells him, this game is tougher than I expected. In DR, she's crying about Jag going on the block. Psych! Totally not. Hisam, you're getting played and I'm giving you an award winning performance and you believe you are safe this week. One day you're on top of the world, Hisam tells her, the next day you're out. But amazing miracles happen here all the time. Absolutely, Blue tearfully agrees. He's going to need a miracle to survive this week, she tells us, waving bye.

In the BY, Cory is folding laundry with Blue and America. I got to borrow some of your... Cory says, pointing to Blue. Oh yeah, America says, that pink outfit. I do think it would fit, he says. Please, please, Cory, America pleads. I'm not going to say no, he responds. Giggling, the girls lead Cory inside. We love a good makeover, America tells us, so Blue and I are going to help Cory unleash his inner fashionista. 

They drape a pink halter top that leaves his freshman 15 exposed in his midriff. Mecole can't believe what she's seeing, but she has the house camcorder and starts filming. Cory is living a hot boy summer fantasy, she tells us. He has on matching pink pants and bejeweled belt buckle. This works, he says, looking in the mirror. If people ask me to do something, he tells us, the answer's yes. Do you want to dress up? Of course I do. I'm fun. I'm having a good time. 

You like what you see, Cory says to the camera in the Scaryverse BR, you could have it all. Seductive he's not. I've played the game as a handsome little boy, he tells us, so maybe I'll try my hand as a sexy woman. Blue and America show Cory off to the other HG in the BY and everyone breaks out in cheers and laughter. Jared doesn't know what to make of it. Matt twirls him around to show off his looks. Hey girlie, kitty kitty purr, boots down, Cory says as Mecole records. This is purely strategic, he tells us with a smirk. 

In the gym, Hisam is laying on the floor, talking to Izzy and Felicia, talking about who might play for the Veto. You got to chill, Felicia tells Hisam, because you've done too much. He agrees and tells us he doesn't want to be picked to play for the Veto. He's already won 3 comps and winning any more just paints a bigger target on his back. He knows he's safe with The Professors and they'll send Jag home. Felicia leaves the gym and Hisam tells Izzy he's just going to enjoy this week. Poor, sweet, beefy Hisam, Izzy says mockingly in the DR, the plan was to keep him so comfortable that he doesn't gun for the Veto. But he's already convinced himself of that, helping us blindside him. 

In the WA, America, Cirie, Izzy and Felicia are talking a mile-a-minute. Mecole is sitting off to the side, muttering she needs a minute. These people talk too much, she tells us, I just cannot. We see Red in the BY talking about his blisters. In the DR, Mecole rolls her eyes. She heads to the SR where she can be alone. Something is wrong with these people, she tells herself. I just need a moment to myself, she tells us, so I go to the SR. 

We see Mecole watch Hisam giving Izzy an unrequested hug in the Wash Area, Felicia comforting Bowie in the Comicverse BR, then it's back to the SR. I just want to go 7 days without someone crying, she pleads. She's in a constant state of irritation. She tells us working in politics, she has to be compromising, so that's what she does in the game. In the SR, she centers herself and puts her dummy face on. She starts out of the SR and runs right into Cory, trying to come in. She walks through the Kitchen trying to brush the insects away.

In the Humiliverse BR, Red tells Cameron he loves him. You too, bro, Cameron responds, which is why I'm here. There's more going on, Cameron tells him. He tells us he and Red have a great relationship (clips of faux country witticisms), so I got to let him in on the plan so he knows he's my #1. Cameron says he doesn't want Red to feel left out. The plan is to backdoor Hisam. It's earlier than he thought it would happen, Red says. 

Red tells us they've gotten close but are on other sides of the house, so it's strange for him to be telling me what my own alliance is going to do, even though he ain't in it. He has to talk to Felicia but be careful about it. In the Comicverse BR, Red is putting on jammies. Bowie and Cirie are in bed. Felicia enters so Red asks if everything is still good. Oh yes, she says, Jag is still the target. I trust Cam, Red says, but Felicia is telling me something different. I'm confused. I think I need to subtly put Hisam's name out there and see how she responds.

Red tells Felicia, Bowie and Cirie that Hisam's time is limited and they'll have to navigate that at some point. Felicia tells us she knows instantly that Red knows about the backdoor Hisam plan. Someone told him and now I have to think quick. What would you think if I backdoored him, she asks Red. It'd be a big game move, he replies. She goes over the reasons she might have to backdoor him. He's a risk to The Professors, Red agrees. 

Would you be OK winning the Veto, Felicia asks, and taking Cameron down and I put Hisam up and he gets voted out? Absolutely, Red says. I get the plan to backdoor Hisam, Red tells us, when you rub something the wrong way, you get splinters. I just don't know why they kept me in the cold. We're supposed to be in an alliance. 

In the DR, Red expresses appreciation for Cameron telling him and thinks that maybe The Professors can replace Hisam with him and keep the numbers. He tells Cameron about The Professors. You're next in line, he says. Oh, Cameron replies unexitedly, so I'd be the substitute. School's out, he laughs. Cameron tells us if everything goes according to plan and I keep my grades up, I'll take Hisam's spot in The Professors. I'd much rather have a F2 in my alliance, Red tells him. He tells us The Professors are already falling apart, so he needs to win the Veto and start playing for himself.

Blue and Jared are in the BY hammock. She says he's super playful but gets tired easily. And if you ask me to kiss me, that's low key "ick". Just do it. Read the room. Trust me, Jared says, I read the room with you a long time ago. They laugh. Across the BY, Mama Cirie is watching her son holding hands with Blue, and she does not look happy. They are spending too much time together, Cirie tells us, she may be ticking his fancy, but that needs to be outside the house, not in the game. We have work to do.

In the SR, Izzy, Cirie and Jared are talking. Hisam walks in and asks what they are talking about. Jared has a headache. He's not drinking enough water, Izzy says. Or is it because you're in love, Hisam prods, a knowing smile on his face. Jared and Cirie laugh it off. As soon as Hisam leaves the SR, Cirie's face gets deadly serious. Stay away from her because this is what they're saying. And I know you ain't in love with Blue. Jared says this is a moment I wish my mom wasn't in the BB House with me. I'm vibing with Blue and she with me. You don't want to have what happened to Reilly and Matt to happen to you and Blue, Cirie warns him. 

It's time to pick players for the Veto comp. Felicia tells us anyone can play Veto except Hisam. Hisam says he'd throw the comp if picked to play. Having someone else win will shift the focus off him. Felicia picks HG Choice and chooses Izzy. Cameron draws HG Choice and picks Red. Jag draws and gets Cory. This is great, Hisam says. It couldn't have gone any better, Felicia tells us excitedly, this is going to be the first backdoor this season and Hisam is going home this week. 

The Veto Comp is on the chicken farm, but there's radioactive green ooze in the barn. Matt tells us even he wouldn't swim in that. The Veto players have feathered chicken hats on. Animal-human hybrid heroes have been the staple in the BB Comicverse. By winning Veto, you also become the next great humanimal, Cockle Doodle Zoom. When the chicken clucks, cross the pool of radioactive sludge to your egg laying station. Flap your wings and cluck like a chicken to lay an egg. Then carry your egg back through the chicken coop to the egg holder. The first HG to place 12 eggs in their holder wins the PoV!

Felicia wants to shock Hisam when he takes the nom chair. Red says with the friendly fire coming from The Professors, he needs to self-preservate. Jag worries pawns go home. Cameron says he's been on the block 2 weeks and it's time to bring home the Veto. The chicken clucks and the comp is on. The ooze is very thick. Jag, Red and Cameron are the first through and sit on their perches and begin clucking. Feathers fall on top of them, sticking to the ooze on their clothes. After 10 seconds, the egg drops below their seat. 

Jag loses his shoes as he, Red and Cameron race back with their eggs. Cory and Izzy are racing behind them. Felicia is stuck in the muck, still trying to get through the coop to the egg laying perch. Jag says he has to cluck it and keep going as he places his first egg in his holder. Felicia says she can barely move her arms. Instead of being on her hands and knees, her entire body is engulfed in sludge. 

Red and Jag take the early lead. Cory and Izzy place their first egg as Red and Jag lay their second. Hisam says he needs either Felicia or Red to win to keep noms the same. Jag's strategy is to keep his back up to the chicken wire over the coop to have as little contact with the sludge as possible. OMG, Felicia says, as she finally pulls herself through the sludge. Red and Jag have their 3rd egg, the others have 2. Felicia sits on her perch and begins clucking with a disgusted look on her face.

Izzy says this sludge is nasty, the worst date she's ever been on. Felicia lays her egg then has to cross all the way back through the sludge. Her shirt looks like she's carrying a balloon of sludge on the inside. She just wants to get one egg. Cory has lost his shoes and now the sludge is going after his shorts. The spectators on the far end of the coop have a great view of his plumber's crack. Blue hysterically calls them pancake cheeks. 

Izzy and Cory have 2 eggs, Cameron 3. He says you just can't shake this sludge off, it just tugs at you. Red has 4 eggs, followed by Jag. Cory gets his 3rd. Cameron is falling behind Cory. Red is falling behind Jag. Izzy has her 3rd egg. Red has his 5th. Jag has 6. Felicia isn't even holding her egg in the ooze, it's stuck to her shirt. Jag says this comp just gets harder and harder going through the sludge. Felicia finally places her first egg in her holder, and just lays in the hay, exhausted. Cirie says Felicia's rolling around like a rotisserie chicken. But she gamely heads back for egg #2.


Jag has a 2 egg lead over Red and a 3 egg lead over Cameron and Cory. Matt says Felicia is supposed to be reaching out with her arms and hands, not rolling around and soaking in more ooze. She is coated head to toe in it. Jag is at 9 eggs, Red at 7. Jag has 10. Don't crack under the pressure, Bowie quacks. Red is slowing down as Jag places his 11th egg in the holder. Sensing the end, he races through with this last egg and wins the Power of Veto! 

In the DR, he flaps his arms and says this is his signature move for the rest of the season. Now they can go through with the plan to backdoor Hisam. Hisam tells us Matt makes the most sense as the replacement nom - he's strong, likable and dangerous. I have to convince Felicia Matt is the best choice, he says. Felicia tells us it's perfect, Jag pulls himself down and Hisam, guess who's the replacement? It's you, boo! She's eggstatic! 

Jag is called to the DR. He comes out dressed as the superhero humanimal, Cockle Doodle Zoom, a beak to chicken-feet outfit with a logo on the chest of a speedy chicken. He has to wear it the whole week. In the KT, he sings a Cockle Doodle Zoom rap. At least he doesn't have to figure out what to wear this week, he says. His super power lets him beat Matt in arm wrestling. 

In the KT, Felicia is snacking (loudly) and Hisam says Matt goes up and Matt goes home? Yeah, she says, Matt or Blue. Matt's stronger, Hisam pushes. Hisam is fixated on Matt, Felicia tells us, and wants me to get him out for him. But I'm not interested in healing Hisam. I'm interested in backdooring Hisam. Having some fun with Hisam, Felicia says she's not ready to go after Matt. Hisam tells us he's getting frustrated that Felicia won't put up Matt even though he's the biggest threat and should be the next to go home. She's jeopardizing all of our games by putting up Blue. We haven't seen everything Matt can do, Hisam warns Felicia.

In the BY hammock, Hisam warns Izzy that Felicia could harm all their games. It has to be Matt, why keep him? Do you go after the king or after a knight? Go after the king. Izzy agrees and offers to talk to her. In HoH, Izzy gleefully tells Felicia, Cirie and Matt about her convo with Hisam. She suggests they use Hisam's words back at him at the Veto Ceremony. That'll be my verbiage, Felicia says, laughing. He won't even see this coming, Cirie says in the DR, shaking her head in pity. They laugh that Hisam has no idea. 

It is time for the Veto Meeting. Chicken Jag puts the Veto around his neck and calls the HG in. He stands up formally but the HG break into laughter looking at his scrawny chicken outfit. Chicken Jag officially takes himself off the block. Felicia stands up. Izzy is looking around. The other HG are either looking down or trying to maintain a poker face. Cameron has a look of sublime expectation. 

In the spirit of the game of chess, Felicia says, and I think Hisam said this, why take out a knight when you can take out a king? Jared is trying to contain a smirk. Izzy is pursing her lips closed. America lets a small smile show. Cirie is stone faced. Next to her, Hisam is watching and listening intensely. With that being said, Felicia continues with a look of satisfaction, Hisam, you are the replacement nominee. 

Hisam takes his seat in the nomination chair without a word or reaction. The other HG control their emotions while Cameron has a solemn look sitting next to him. Hisam takes a deep breath as he tries to process what just happened. Bowie has a look of nervous excitement. This Veto Meeting is adjourned, Chicken Jag says. Hisam is staring into space with a controlled look of anger and betrayal.

Felicia says as great a player as Hisam is, he never anticipated that the king we'd be going after is him, and now this queen is about to checkmate his behind straight out the BB House. You can't outplay the player. Izzy tells us she's buzzing, looking at Hisam's angry face. We did it and Felicia was incredible. If there was any week you wanted to be sitting on the block, Cameron tells us, it's this week right here. He's public enemy #1, but Hisam won't hold back any punches. Hisam sent home the person I trusted most in the house, Matt tells us, now it's time for payback.

As Hisam makes the round of fake sympathy hugs following the ceremony, He tells us he's pissed. The people he trusted have stabbed him in the back. It's shocking. Shocking. But he's not done playing the game. I'm playing to win, and if I survive this week, I will make them feel so guilty for they've done.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother House, Cameron or Hisam? Plus, it's the return of the Pressure Cooker comp. All this, tomorrow night at 9pm ET, live on Big Brother!

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