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BB25 - Episode 8 - HoH and Nominations


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Previously on BB, HoH Hisam was part of The Professors alliance, and the Dr wanted write Reilly a prescription for eviction. Although Reilly was part of The Handful alliance, they couldn't overcome Hisam's dominance, and he demanded Reilly's dismissal. With The Professors discussing their next target, Hisam's alliance began to turn on him, and it looked like he might be in their cross hairs next. Hoping to blindside Hisam, Cirie tried to flip the vote, and although she seemed to make headway, there were some roadblocks. Ultimately, the house decided not to rock the boat.

Tonight, the HoH is on the line. Who will rise to glory? And which to HG will end up on the Chopping Block? Plus, is another showmance blossoming? Find out, right now, on Big Brother!

Day 16 after Reilly is evicted. Are we still talking about Reilly, Hisam asks us in DR? My HoH was a great success, he says, and America will feel that way too. Matt is trying to hold it together. That's the way the game goes, he says, stoically. Cirie tells us she changed her mind about saving Reilly after Cameron said he wanted to go after Hisam. In HoH on Day 15, Cameron tells Izzy and Cirie that Hisam is only driving a wedge even while preaching unity. He'll be most vulnerable next week, Cameron tells them. Cirie tells us that if someone else goes after Hisam without her getting their fingers dirty, then they become the next threat. And I can just watch.

Cameron tells us the joy of staying overrides the sadness of Reilly leaving, but he did tear up a little. Cameron heads into the gym to be alone but Hisam follows him to offer a hug. Hover, Cameron tells us, that sadness has quickly turned into passion. It's not easy, Hisam tells Cameron. It's time to play this game, Cameron tells us, and public enemy #1 is Hisam. 

In the Scaryverse BR, Jag tells Blue he has no idea what's going on anymore. Blue tells us it sucked seeing a good friend leave so early, especially because the person who sent her home has been manipulative. Jag tells us his heart is broken, mad he couldn't do more to save Reilly. An hour before eviction, they realized the vote wasn't on Reilly's side. Flashback to Matt, Jag, Jared and Blue are in the Scaryverse BR discussing the vote with Reilly. Vote with the house, Reilly whispers, resignedly. She was my ride or die, Jag tells us, our plan was to go all the way to the end. Either Matt, Blue or myself need to win HoH.

After eviction, Jag, Jared and Blue comfort a dejected Matt in the Scaryverse BR. We got to play the game, he says, drying his eyes, it's Big Brother. That's how it is. She knew how to talk to me, he tells them, about everything. It's just hard. Matt tells us it was nice having someone you could just chill with, I did have feelings for her. Flashback to Matt telling Reilly he found her attractive and had a crush on her. He tells us he wishes he had more time with her to see where it ended up. But now he wants to win HoH and get revenge on Hisam, and avenge Reilly.

Dressed in a wine-collard plaid suit with a game show host wig, Hisam calls the HG together for the HoH comp. In the BY, there's a large sloped metallic ramp with snotty noses and other obstacles. The sign says Snot A Winner, and it's a comp from the Humiliverse, where winning brings power and humiliation. And here's how it's played. Each HG uses a mallet to hit a snotball down the snotty slope. After bouncing off the noses and other obstacles, the snot ball will fall into a numbered snot, I mean slot at the bottom. The HG with highest score wins HoH. Oh, and one more thing. The HG with the two lowest numbers are Have Nots.

Hisam tells us he's rooting for The Professors - if one of them wins, he's safe this week. Matt goes first and scores a 10 after toying with a 43. Cory is next, with no interest in winning. He doesn't want to make decisions. He scores 20 and is the new leader. Mecole is next and is going for HoH by trying for the side where there are fewer obstacles. She scores a 27 and takes the lead. Red and America both land 5's.

Cirie wonders if she wants to add to her target by winning. Why get blood on her hands with everyone else gunning for Hisam? She aims for numbers that are low enough to lose and high enough to avoid being a Have Not. She scores a 29 and takes the lead. Dang, she says. 

Angry and frustrated with Hisam's dictatorship, Izzy is next and scores a 45. She celebrates the high number. This is great news, Hisam tells us, she can keep The Professors safe. Felicia is up next. There are a lot of 20's on one side, but higher numbers on the other side with lower numbers. She needs to show she's valuable and can participate. She tries for the middle and scores a 53. She dances and shadowboxes. Come on baby!

If Felicia pulls off this win, Hisam says confidently, I'll have an easy week. There are only 2 slots with numbers higher than Felicia's 53. Jag tries to bounce his snot ball off an obstacle but can only score a 37. Blue is next and scores a 12. Cameron moseys up to the comp and scores a 27. Only Jared and Bowie Jane are left. Jared scores a 42, and Bowie scores a 48. That means Felicia is the new HoH! I got my key, she screams and dances. 

I said all along, do not count Felicia out, she tells us. It's all about the 63 yr old. Say the word! Hisam says The Professors are fully in control and I'm safe. However, Hisam tells the HG, Red and America scored a 5, and Matt scored a 10, making them Have Nots for the week. 

But there's one more piece of business. Felicia, this comp was from the Humiliverse, which means her victory comes with a humiliating reward. For 24 hours, whenever the Humiliverse calls you, you will have to stand under one of the giant noses in the BY for an old fashioned snotting. Oh No, the HG cry out. But the good news is, Hisam says over the bedlam, that you won't have to do it alone! Now Felicia is excited. Each time you are called, you must choose a different HG to get snotted with you. Starting now.

Felicia picks Bowie for the inaugural snotting. This is snot fair, Bowie tells us. The two stand under giant noses and first Felicia then Bowie are doused with green liquid snot. We get slo-mo of Felicia's roar of shock. I don't have a clean spot, she says. Bowie takes it with her mouth open, she's laughing so hard. 

Back in the house, the HG are all clapping as Felicia dances to celebrate her win (and snotting). She celebrates in the DR. OMG, she says, kissing her HoH key. In the Humiliverse BR, she and Izzy celebrate, and as Blue walks past, Izzy pulls back and says she's so happy for her! Week one I was on the block, Felicia says in DR, now I'm the HoH. Don't get no better than that. It's on like popcorn. I should have put some lipstick on.

In the Scaryverse BR, Matt asks how Blue is doing. Bummer, she tells us, her best friend is gone and it sucks. She doesn't know what to do anymore, she says tears running down her face, It's been a day. Hisam comes into the Comicverse BR where Bowie, Cirie and Izzy are talking. OMG, he says, their faces were... Don't count the old bitches out, Cirie says back. I could not be more thrilled, he tells them. I have nothing to worry about, he tells us, I won't be a nom or pawn, I'll be here Week 4, and that feels amazing.

In the Humiliverse HNBR, America tells Matt they had a rough day but she thinks they're good this week. Matt agrees, saying he's not mad at anyone, he just wanted more time with her. She'll be there (after the show), America tells him and he smiles. She tells him not to cry as he wipes the tears from his eyes with his t-shirt. He sits on the hot dog bed. Today is not my day, he tells us, I lose Reilly and the HoH comp, and I don't know where I stand with Felicia. He sits alone on the swinging bed and starts sobbing into his t-shirt. 

In the Comicverse BR, Izzy tells Cirie they have to talk to Felicia to see if she's down to backdooring Hisam this week. They agree Cameron should be the pawn, and either Blue or Jag. Cameron will fight to save himself, then they put up Hisam. Izzy explains to us that not nominating Hisam means he might not play Veto where he'd have a chance to save himself. Cirie tells us Hisam should not be worried at all about being nominated. No, no, no, no. Now, being backdoored is another story. She laughs.

Cirie and Izzy excitedly sit down with Felicia in HoH. I have to keep myself under control and not scream, Cirie tells her, Then she gets serious and throws out her idea of nominating Cameron and Jag to backdoor Hisam. This may be our only shot. Felicia tells us Hisam has created a lot of chaos. Getting him out could be good for my game, but she has to be careful. Being HoH came back to bite the last two, so does she play for the house or for Felicia? 

The Humiliverse calls HoH to the BY to be snotted. Not in this, Felicia cries, I have to change first. And don't forget to bring a friend! Felicia picks Blue, who got snotted with in her yellow thong bikini. Matt and Cory enjoy watching. If I'm gonna have snot poured over me, Blue says, I might as well strike some poses. It's called slime chic, she teases in the BY. 

Izzy is the next HG to get snotted with Felicia. It's slimy, goopy and cold, Felicia tells us. Red tells us Miss Felicia looks slicker than snot on a doorknob. Jared gets snotted in his board shorts, covering his groin. Better him than me, Cirie snickers in the DR. In the middle of the night at 3:05 am, Humiliverse wants Snot Rockets NOW! All the HG have to get up to watch. Do snot keep me waiting! Jag is the snot victim this time. His hair is protected by his turban but the rest of him is snot. This is crazy, Felicia says, I don't even have my tooth in my mouth. She grimaces, showing her missing tooth.

A bare-chested Matt is the next snotting victim with Felicia and the HG enjoy watching, especially Izzy who says snot never looked so good as he spreads the goo all over his six pack abs. Oh, Izzy moans in the DR, that goo hugged all his crevices. Whatever cold that nose had, can I catch it? I want to be poured all over him. 

It's Snot'O'Clock for Hisam, who is wearing a tank top with his swim suit as he gets snotted. His reaction makes everyone laugh. Gross, disgusting and unfair, he tells us. Felicia says she's running out of towels and body-wash. She wanted to look fly, not like this.

Hisam goes up to see Felicia in HoH. They high 5. She starts to say who she's thinking about putting up when he interrupts and says I want Jag out. He was close with Reilly. I was thinking about Cameron, Felicia starts... Thinking through things, Hisam interrupts again, Cameron's the safest choice but maybe not this week. Felicia looks at him with a dumbfounded expression. Even when Hisam's trying to be subtle, she tells us, he's pushy and aggressive. He's been acting like he's King and running the house. He has to feel he's the mastermind. 

Jag is aligned with Matt & Blue, Hisam tells Felicia. If you leave Matt off the block, he'll take Jag down if he wins Veto. If Jag is the target, putting Matt up next to him prevents that. I'm just offering my calculations, Hisam tells us, so that Felicia can make a smart choice to further The Professors. You want Jag up, Felicia muses in the DR? Absolutely, 100%. We need Hisam to be so comfortable this week that he doesn't realize the blindside is coming until he's been blindsided. We all want Jag out, Hisam confidently tells Felicia. Whatever you decide, we are 100% behind you.

Jared and Blue are in the WA when he calls her boo instead of Blue. I already have a nickname, she flirts? If you're going to be my boo, you have to cook for me. What do you do for me, she counters. He says he can rub massages. You're all talk, she teases. He tells us they vibe a bit but he can't see themselves showmancing. But, he reconsiders... In the Scaryverse BR, she lays on top to hug him good night. Later on the LR couch, they are feeling out their likes and dislikes. Blue tells us he's kind of cute. She laughs maniacally, saying she's serious. In the Game Lounge, they eat from the same bowl. He tells us looking into her eyes, he has to remember he's there for the game. Back in the LR, Hisam says the two of them under the blanked are so cute. Stop, Jared laughs. Blue, Jared tells us, I can't even, yea. She's blue-tiful. We got to stop, Blue replies. 

In HoH, Jag sits down with Felicia, who says the goal is Hisam, but he can't go up or he'll know, so he has to be backdoored. Which means she needs pawns, him and Cameron. You two have a good chance of winning Veto and neither are my target. Jag's reaction is stone-faced. What happens if Hisam wins and takes Cameron down, he asks? He's not going to do that, Felicia replies with total certainty. What if? Felicia just sighs. 

Jag tells us everyone who watches BB knows pawns go home. Being stuck on the block and not next to Hisam is a terrible position to be in. Jag proposes Cory or America as the pawn. That'll be a red flag to Hisam, Felicia explains, he needs to be comfortable. Jag nods understanding. Jag isn't happy, Felicia tells us, nobody wants to be on the block, but if Hisam plays and wins Veto, then either Cameron or Jag is going to have to go. We'll figure it out, Jag says resigned, we'll be able to work together. This is a great plan, she promises him.

In the BY, Matt is talking to Cirie and Izzy, who is enjoying his shirt off in the sun. There's never been a deaf person on BB, he says. No, Izzy confirms. It was hard to talk to the other HG, he says, and say I'm deaf. But he had to tell them. As an athlete, people assume he's a douche bag, but it's because he can't hear, not because he's annoying people. Cirie and Izzy quickly say that was not their first impression. My first impression, Izzy blurts out, was you're gorgeous. Thanks, he says, blushing in the golden sun. 

Beyond that, Izzy says, I thought you were sweet but reserved. I'm not reserved at all, Matt confesses, but in the beginning, I'm observing, getting comfortable. People assume I'm too cool to talk, but I can't hear. Matt tells us it was good to talk about his struggles, sharing that side of the world that others don't see. I'm good at one-on-one and small group combos, he tells Izzy and Cirie, but very bad in big groups. You try to follow a conversation but only get half a sentence and don't have time to figure it out before moving on to the next. That's a whole new understanding you've given me, Cirie tells him.

Cirie tells us in her 53 years, she doesn't remember ever encountering a deaf person. Matt is educating her on how the world is to him, and that tells me so much about Matt. Matt tells her and Izzy that growing up, he didn't accept being different. He got over that and grew his confidence, his swimming got better, he wants to prove there's no barrier to what he wants to do. His disability makes him a more determined person, and he can relate to other people who had issues growing up. She just had a whole learning experience, Cirie tells him, she appreciates it. 

Felicia meets with Cameron in HoH. She tells him to come closer. She's just sitting on the end of the couch to be near her fruit. He whips his hair (Bertha) back as she says her goal is to backdoor Hisam to prevent him from winning Veto. His head drops forward as he knows what's coming. I need you to trust me, she tells him (Cameron bleeps an expletive), I know, but I want you to win the Veto. You have the best chance to remove yourself and we'll blow him up. I had a feeling I'd go back-to-back, Cameron says, but I didn't want to be true.

I can see the disappointment in you, Felicia says, moving beside Cameron and putting her arm around his shoulder. I'm willing to do what's needed to be done, he says, but he worries if his going up will make the other HG wonder why and throw up some bells. Others were wondering why when Hisam put him up. He's smart, Cameron says, he's going to know. Felicia tells us she'll weigh the pros and cons, but Cameron has a good chance of beating Hisam if he gets picked to play Veto. That's the goal. Cameron trusts her, but warns her Hisam's spider senses will go up and he'll play harder than ever before. And then he'll have a vendetta.

Nominations Today. Hey everybody, you know what time it is, Felicia tells the HG in the Comicverse BR (it was the final take for those who heard the audio leak). The HG file in around the Dining Table and Felicia brings down the key box. This is the Nomination Ceremony, she begins... Ding. It's Snot'O'Clock! Felicia's face falls. Are you kidding me? I'm not doing this (nominations) in snot! Yeah, you are, the other HG laugh. Since I have to get snotted again, Felicia says, pointing to Cory, Fly guy, you're going out with me. 

Cory and Felicia stand under the noses for the last snotting of the day. Cory just takes it with his face looking down, as if to say, let me know when it's over. The Humiliverse says Felicia's punishment is over and everyone cheers. 

Back around the Dining Table, Felicia, soaked in snot and still wearing her protective snot goggles, gives each of the HG a stare. She turns the first key, and Jag's face comes up. She turns the second key and Cameron's face comes up. We had court today, she says, it was in session, thank you for attending.

Felicia tells us she nominated Jag & Cameron but her goal is to backdoor Hisam, catch him completely off guard. He won't know what hit him. Jag says he won't be collateral damage; he's got to take the game into his own hands and win Veto. Cameron says the plan is simple. Step 1, win Veto. Step 2, take myself off the block and blindside Hisam. I'm ready to do the play. Give me the ball. I feel so safe with Felicia, Hisam says, so I hope I don't get picked for Veto. I've already won enough comps. It's time for someone else to win and put the target on their back. 

Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save either Cameron or Jag from the block? Plus, will all hell break lose at the Veto meeting if the plan to backdoor Hisam is a success? Find out Wednesday night at 8pm ET on Big Brother!

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