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BB25 - Episode 4 - The First Live Eviction


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The BB Multiverse has sent a Survivor Legend into the house, scrambled the game, and forced everyone to play BB like never before. It's only Week 1. Welcome to Live Eviction night on BB!

Previously on BB, the BB Multiverse sent in 4 Universes to twist up the game. The Scrambleverse had the new HG playing a Nominations Competition, and Felicia, Jared, Cory and Kirsten became the first noms of the season. But Cory also got dragged into the mysterious Nether Region. 

The Scrambleverse wasn't done, as it sent a Survivor Legend into the game. And Cirie would be secretly playing with her son. Cory returned from the Scaryverse and brought an ominous warning for the rest of the house. At the inaugural HoH comp, Reilly raced to victory. With the power to remove 2 noms from the chopping block, Reilly saved the boys and left up a pawn and a target.

Reilly formed a final five with Cameron, Matt, Blue and Jag. But after Felicia started suspecting their alliance, she knew it was time to form her own fearsome fivesome. Wanting to ensure their domination, The Handful recruited Cory, America and Jared. But Jared quickly gave his mom the 411. At a humiliating PoV comp, the burlesque performer became blinged out in gold, and he chose not to rock the vote.

Tonight, the HG will vote to evict either Felicia or Kirsten. Plus, what terrifying twist will emerge from the Scaryverse? All this live, on Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen Moonves. Welcome to BB! It's Day 9 in the BB House and already the HG are playing this game on overdrive. Alliances are popping up everywhere, secrets are being exposed, and a split house appears to be brewing. What does this all mean as the HG prepare for their first eviction of the season? And what else does the BB Multiverse have in store for everyone tonight? We'll find live out before the hour is up.

But first, there may be a large alliance made up of the younger people in the house, but have they underestimated their elders? Day 6, after the Veto meeting. Hisam tells us he has noticed the young people are spending a lot of time together, and he's not the only one. He knows they are in an alliance. He would have taken Felicia off the block but the House already decided Kirsten would be the first to go, so it seems Felicia is safe this week. 

Kirsten tells us it knocked the wind out of her lungs when Hisam didn't use the Veto. She didn't work this hard to be there to be the first person out. Eviction night one cannot be her story and legacy in BB. Reilly tells us her alliance of 8 can send home anyone they want, but evicting Kirsten is a whole-house decision. Felicia says she would have loved Hisam to use the Veto on her, but understands he didn't want to blow up his game. She'll keep playing even though she knows Kirsten is the target. Although she has the Bye Bye Bitches, that's only 4 votes. She needs to get busy getting 8-9 people to say she's safe on Eviction Night.

In the WA, America checks on Kirsten. She tells us the house has decided Kirsten is going home, but Kirsten trusts her, so maybe it's a bad idea. Let's play the game, she tells Kirsten, just get to know people on a personal level, establish trust. Kirsten is grasping for anyone to take her in, America tells us, and Felicia is close to Cirie, Izzy and Hisam, who are not part of her alliance. Maybe it's better to keep Kirsten and kick out Felicia. If I get off, Kirsten tells America, I owe my game to them. 

In the Comicverse BR, Hisam talks with Felicia, Cirie, Bowie and Izzy, suggesting the older people get together this season and won the game. It's never been this many in their age bracket and they can show America the game is for everybody. Hisam tells us the old people are historically voted out first, and that has to stop. Younger people underestimate how competitive older adults can be. 

Hisam tells Felicia, Cirie, Bowie and Izzy that Jag, Blue, Reilly and Cameron are together for sure. We have to rope in Red and Mecole (basically everyone 30 or older) so we can stay a strong 7. I love it when a play comes together, Cirie comments. She tells us she feels good about this alliance, we're aligned for something greater, and I'm happy to let Hisam lead the charge. You never want to chop off the tail or the middle of the snake. 

Mecole comes outside to an empty BY. Cirie, Izzy and Bowie are hiding up on the balcony. They wave at her to come up, Izzy giggling like a school girl. Red comes outside and Izzy frantically waves for him too. Cirie tells Mecole about their solid 7 with Meme (Mecole), Izzy, Red, Bowie, herself, Felicia, and Hisam. Red tells us he likes the idea, they have a very stable group. Izzy tells the others what divides the house is the young, hot singles running around like the popular kids. Izzy suggests the name for their alliance, The Professors because they're taking the kids to school. 

Up next, Kirsten has been the obvious target, but could a house divided change her fate? Plus, one HG leaves the BB game early. Stay with us.

WB to BB. It's been an emotional 24hrs in the BB House as the HG learned one of their own broke the BB Code of Conduct and was removed from the game. The HG are gathered in the BY, but Kirsten is alone by the exercise equipment. It's tough, she tells us, I'm all alone and nobody's on my side. This is no joke. In the Game Lounge, she tells Luke she was nervous to talk to him. He replies he didn't know how to play the game initially. 

It's sad, Luke tells Kirsten, you're in an unfortunate situation, a nightmare. Just try to be chill, relax, pretend you're not on the block. It's hard, because there are some who will give you the cold shoulder. I was getting that too. 

In the Humiliverse BR, Cory is talking to Jared in the doggie bed along with Luke and Hisam. It's got to happen, Cory says, but it breaks his heart. Jared agrees. Hisam spins the when to exit. Luke says she (Kirsten) got dealt a bad hand and its a shame she's getting the cold shoulder. They usually do that kind of pariah behavior later on. It's the first week! It's not like she's a bad person, Cory says. 

When we were in the cheese room, <bleep>, Luke says and immediately stops himself, with a guilty grin on his face. Hisam has a look of shock and Cory is stunned. Anyways, Luke continues, trying to laugh it off. Yeah, Jared stars... I'm sorry, Luke apologizes. I got to go, Cory quickly says and spins the wheel. Jared tells us his non-reaction in the moment, being the only Black male in the house, I don't know what to say. Anything I say or do can come across wrong or aggressive. 

When we were in the cheese room, <bleep>, Luke says and immediately stops himself, with a guilty grin on his face. Hisam has a look of shock and Cory is stunned. Anyways, Luke continues, trying to laugh it off. Yeah, Jared stars... I'm sorry, Luke apologizes. I got to go, Cory quickly says and spins the wheel. Jared tells us his non-reaction in the moment, being the only Black male in the house, I don't know what to say. Anything I say or do can come across wrong or aggressive. 

They don't know how to handle things, Jared says of Cory and Hisam, which is so funny. In situations that should be uncomfortable for a Black man, white people get more uncomfortable. They probably thought I was going to respond in a certain way. Did you just hear, Jared imagines... He just went down, Luke plays along, you wouldn't believe what he just said... Well, Luke realizes, I'm in trouble now. Jared's joviality dries up. 

The next morning, the HG are in the WA getting ready for the day when Luke is called to the DR. With a knowing expression, he walks through the house without saying anything. Some time later, Reilly exits the DR door that Luke had gone through with a note. She calls everyone to the LR. The HG think there's a twist. Nobody seems to notice Luke is not there. 

Houseguests, Reilly reads, due to violating the BB Code of Conduct by using a racial slur (Bowie, Izzy and Cirie are stunned, implying that Jared, Cory and Hisam had not yet shared what Luke had said), Luke has been removed from the house and will no longer be participating in the BB Game. Blue gasps. Hisam looks stunned. Felicia looks mad. Cory has a knowing poker face. Mecole is paying close attention. The game goes on, Reilly says, and the live vote and eviction will continue as scheduled. 

The HG are silent as they digest this news. Cory speaks up and says he's almost certain he knows what the incident is. He explains he, Luke, Jared and Hisam were in the room and telling him to go to bed, Luke used a derogatory word for a Black person at him in a very casual, between friends, kind of way. I walked out, wondering if I just heard that. Hisam says he didn't hear it. You didn't, Cory asks, surprised? 

Jared tells the group he respects what Cory said, but it's not fair to have this as a family convo. He tells us he's had friends like Luke in the past, and it's hard to have that conversation. That's why I didn't tell anyone. I don't associate ignorance with malice. Whether Luke meant it in that way or not, we were clearly told the rules and regulations before coming into the house. I understand the decision and I understand there are consequences to actions. Being the only Black male in the house, it's hard to explain where you're coming from. Jared wishes Luke the best and hopes it was a learning situation for him. 

While Luke is no longer in the BB House, JCM says, the game continues and there are still 2 noms awaiting their fate on the chopping block. Red talks to Reilly in HoH. Red says there's always someone up there when he wanted to talk to her. He tells us as a member of The Professors, he wants to fish for info. Reilly tells him they are all still just trying to work out the kinks week one. He says he's not had any serious conversations and is not part of any alliance. He's observing and watching, looking for a group to get into. He just wants to find the majority and get onboard.

Red tells Reilly his instincts are that she, Matt, Cory, Jared, Blue, maybe America, and Jag... He tells us he named off her alliance and could tell he hit the nail on the head. Reilly tells us that Red names her entire alliance to my face. I'm stunned, I've never talked game with him. She tells him that they are her buddies and she hangs with them but there's no alliance. I'd tell you. It's just my observation, he replies, I'm not book smart, just country smart. 

Izzy goes to talk with Reilly in HoH. She feels like they haven't talked at all. Izzy says Reilly has been into having people come to her and she just wants to make her feel good and let her know even if they are on opposite sides, there are ways they can look out for each other. I don't really mean it, she says, I'm going to target her first chance I get. 

Reilly gives Izzy the same song and dance about it being early, still meeting people, making friends, but why make promises. Izzy interrupts her to say she doesn't mean to interrupt, but let's cut the BS. We know what's up. Reilly has a look of surprise. We're working with other people, Izzy declares, but I hear things. I want you to be working with people that you trust, and I want to work with people I trust. Even though we've fallen into different circles, I'm still looking out for you. Reilly responds in kind, saying she's sketched out about next week. 

Reilly tells us that she isn't sure Izzy meant it when she said she wouldn't be her target next week. She's paranoid that she's seen as a ring leader and that's not who she is. Reilly tells Izzy she's done her deed (as HoH).

In the BY, Izzy tells Cirie about her convo, saying Reilly was spiraling with the same sentence over and over. I did the right thing interrupting her, Izzy asks, right? Cirie tells us Izzy has a huge personality but she doesn't want the target to grow because of that. Calm down, Izzy. She's super sensitive and Cirie has to be super careful because Izzy knows her secret. I know me, Cirie says, and at some point I'll have to tell her to stop.

In HoH, Reilly tells Cameron, Matt, America and Blue she's been grilled today. She says Red guessed their entire alliance. She sounded like a lunatic but she's constantly under fire. She tears up, saying it's a lot for her. Jag walks in. It's fine, she regroups, I expected this. But if Izzy wins (HoH), one of us is going home. America asks if it may be a waste of an HoH to take out Kirsten?

Blue tells us Kirsten was playing the game really hard, really fast, and it bit her in the butt. Her heart's in the right place but she went about it the wrong way. Jag tells us there are positives for keeping Kirsten - she'll be loyal to whomever takes a chance on her. Reilly tells us Kirsten is the asy out this week, but the way things are going, the house is heating up and if she kept her in the house, she might feel indebted to them, and that would be an extra number. If we've already been outed to the house, why not just add a number and send it. Cameron and Matt are silent.

Up next, JCM says, it's the first live eviction of the season, Kirsten and Felicia. Who will be the first HG walking out the front door? And later, the BB Multiverse is just getting started Stay with us.

WB to BB. It is time for the live vote and eviction. Either Kirsten or Felicia will claim the infamous title of first evicted. Let's head to the LR. JCM tells Kirsten to go first with a brief statement. Kirsten says she is enjoying to get to know the HG and build relationships, and thanks them for working with her. They have given her fairness and she returns with loyalty. She can compete, she trained to be there, she will support each of them for their qualities and is comfortable with everyone. I hope you'll consider me tonight. Let's get it.

Felicia is next and tells the HG they are her new family, an extension, a pleasure and honor to be with them. She has way more game in her, more demands (laughs) for Mr. B, she clarifies, please let me stay in the house a little longer. This has been a dream and I want to keep playing. But if it's my time to go, it's OK too because everything has a purpose.

It is now time for the live voting to begin. It takes 7 votes tonight to be evicted. Hisam votes to evict Kirsten. Jag sadly votes to evict Kirsten. Izzy votes to evict Kirsten. Cameron votes to evict Kirsten. The vote is currently 4 to evict Kirsten, no votes for Felicia. The remaining votes when we return.

WB to BB. Let's continue with the live voting. Matt sadly chooses to evict Kirsten, but then doesn't get the signal to return to the LR. Blue excitedly votes to evict Kirsten. America votes to evict Kirsten. Mecole, with a heavy heart but a big smile, votes to evict Kirsten. Cirie votes to evict Kirsten. G'Day, Bowie votes to evict Kirsten. Cory votes to evict Kirsten. Beat you, Zach, he says (Cory's older brother Zach was the first Castaway voted out on Survivor 42). Red votes to evict Kirsten. Finally, Jared sadly votes to evict Kirsten. 

All the votes are in, says JCM, let's give the news to the HG. HG, when I reveal the vote, the evicted HG will say their goodbyes and leave the BB House. By a vote of 13-0, Kirsten, you are evicted from the BB House. Kirsten receives hugs from the HG who don't want her to stay. You can hear heartbeats from her microphone as each HG whispers words of support to her. They applaud as she leaves the house, trying to grab a peek through the door to the studio audience. 

In the house, the remaining HG congratulate themselves on their first eviction. Hisam and Matt embrace in bear hug, each trying to out-squeeze the other. When we return, JCM says, I'll talk one-on-one with Kirsten.

WB to BB. Kirsten was just evicted by a vote of 13-0. First voted out this season. Kirsten says she was surprised, she had good relationships early, tried to get confirmations from people before making decisions, continuously checking in with them, and they told her she was good, they had her, she had their vote. Where she went wrong was they said they wanted it to be a n unanimous vote to alleviate the tension in the house, and they wanted to know who she had already lined up. That's gone wrong in past seasons, where you list out your votes, and that changes. She mentions Swaggy on Season 20. I gave numbers but didn't feel comfortable naming names.

Obviously, those that told her she had their number was not the case, Kirsten says. She feels most betrayed by Cirie after she took their private conversations to the HoH. JCM teases about a secret relationship in the house. Kirsten would be surprised. JCM reveals that Cirie is Jared's mother. Kirsten is at first surprised, but then reveals that an hour before the live show, Jared said his family calls him J Bleazy, and someone mentioned that Cirie's son has the same name. The audience gasps. 

Kirsten didn't think anything of it at the time, but now... It's crazy because Jared's on one side of the house and she's on the other. But are they really, asks JCM, conspiratorially? Kirsten laughs. 

It's time for GB Messages. Reilly says Kirsten is a wonderful person inside and out. Jared says it was a couple bad decisions made early on in her game that put her in this position. America is sorry they had to let her go, she just played too hard too early. Matt says unfortunately they all decided to vote her out because no one wants to get blood on their hands. Mecole says she loves and adores her. 

JCM asks Kirsten for final thoughts. I thought there were more in the house, Kirsten quips. We can't show everything, JCM laughs. Kirsten thanks JCM for telling her she smells good. You do, JCM laughs, whatever your wearing. Up next, what does the BB Multiverse have in store for the HG? Stay with us.

Welcome back to BB. Tune in Sunday at 8pm ET to see who is crowned HoH, plus the Scaryverse sends a never-before-seen twist into the game. And on Wednesday at 8pm ET, the Power of Veto is back up for grabs. And next Thursday, another HG will be sent packing live. You can watch all the drama on the BB live feeds on Paramount+ (https://mortystv.com/to/feeds) or on Pluto.TV/BBLF. For now, let's eavesdrop on the HG. From outside the BB House, I'm JCM.

The camera pans into the KT/Dining area, but there's nobody there. There are no HG in the living room as well. JCM calls out, Houseguests? The Scrambleverse BR is silent. Houseguests? The Scaryverse BR is eerily empty. Where are they, asks JCM? 

A throbbing noise is heard in the house. The Scaryverse orb in the Living Room is glowing. The camera moves to the BY where a circular blue portal is glowing. There's a flash and the portal disappears. 

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