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BB25 - Episode 2 - HoH & Nominations


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Previously on BB, three BB legends broke into the house and inadvertently cracked open the BB Multiverse, launching the BB Comicverse, the Scrambleverse, the Humiliverse and the Scaryverse into the game. With the multiverse in play, 16 strangers began the battle for $750k. Among them, the molecular biologist, the chillbilly, the flutist, the deaflympian, the brand strategist, and the son of a Survivor legend. 

The Scrambleverse scrambled up the first competitions of the summer, and the HG went to battle to try and stay off the block. In the end, Jared, Kirsten, Cory and Felicia became nominees, and Cory was also sucked into the mysterious Nether Region. Before the night was through, the Scrambleverse had one more twist to unleash, and for the first time ever, a Survivor player entered the BB game, making Cirie the 17th HG.

Tonight, will Cirie and Jared be able to keep their Mother/Son secret under wrap? Plus, what other twists does the BB Multiverse have in store? And who will claim power and become the first HoH of the season? Find out right now on BB!

Day 1. Cirie is pouring blue champagne as the HG return to the KT from the BB Multiverse comps. Jared doesn't let on that he recognizes his mother. Other HG quickly recognize Cirie from Survivor. Felicia wonders why she's in the BB House. Reilly is a big fan of Survivor, but she wasn't expecting this. Cirie confirms to Felicia she's a 17th HG. I'm in the BB House, bitches, Cirie tells us. 

Flashbacks to Cirie's time on Survivor. She never won but feels like an expert on these games, she's a gangster in an Opra suit. But a nice gangster with a smile. She says she's known for her powers of persuasion and usually gets what she wants. She makes the rounds to great the other 16 HG. There's someone she knows really well, she tells us, the plan with Jared is to stay undetected, so she's not telling anyone. Jared introduces himself to Cirie. They hug and she moves on.

Izzy says is that Cirie? She immediately calls Jared over and whispers, "you're Cirie Fields' son, aren't you?"  I know exactly who this woman is, Izzy tells us, I stalk her social media and know Jared is her son. They quickly walk off to a corner and Jared asks her to keep it to herself. Yes, she says, I don't want you going home. Izzy doesn't think any of the other HG realize Cirie and Jared's relationship. This is between us, she tells him. They pinky swear secrecy, sealed with a kiss on the pinky. I got you, she assures him. Jared tells us he and his mom planned for the secret, but it's scary someone found out barely an hour into the house. I hope Izzy doesn't say anything, I don't want a target on me day one. 

Back in the house, the HG explore the Multiverse Bedrooms. There's a BBComicsverse BR with bold colors and strokes, a Scrambleverse BR ith upside down furnishings and a Scaryverse BR that looks like an demon asylum with zombies trying to break in. Blue wants to sleep there. In the KT, Reilly and Jag bond while juggling apples. He likes her positive energy. In the WA, Red tells Cameron about his life traveling across America. I find you discover more about who you ain't than who you are, he tells him. Cameron says he's the Space Cowboy and Red's the Space Hillbilly. Kirsten comes in to use the WC and says there's a bidet. Red has never used one but has a water hose outside the outhouse. Kirsten tells us Cameron is quirky and Red reminds him of someone from Duck Dynasty. Kirsten can't turn off the bidet (it cuts off automatically after 20-30s). 

Cirie and Izzy are in the SR when Jared walks in and says, "Ma." Cirie's expression is, "What?!!!" Just putting it out there, he explains, she knows. She came to me immediately. Izzy assures Cirie that she has Jared's back. I'm not even kidding, she says, he's safe. They hug. My #1 goal, Cirie tells us, is making Izzy trust me. I lost the first challenge, Jared tells Cirie. That's OK, she assures him. You're coming off the block, Izzy tells him. Let's do it, Cirie exclaims! Us three 'till the wheels fall off, Jared says. I have power over him and Cirie, Izzy tells us, because I'm the only one who knows. 

Felicia calls the HG to the LR so they can get to know each other. Luke goes first, a 30yr old illustrator from south Florida. Red says he's from the Smokey Mountains, has a GF and 3 youngin's back home. He delivered all his kids. Blue tells us she couldn't do that (the mamma kind of has to be there). America leads with the truth, a 2yr old receptionist at a dermatology office, but she quit to come on the show. Felicia introduces herself and says she's 63 and starts to talk about her family when the Scaryverse orb starts pulsing.

Cory is seen being returned to the Scaryverse BR from the Nether Region with a message. Screams erupt in the LR when he enters. He tells us he has a little ground to make up. He tells the HG he has a message from the Scaryverse. He was in the Nether Region only for a short time. He touches his chest, as if to suggest the experience was unspeakable. Next week, he continues, one of you won't be so lucky. He scans the room and spots Cirie, at first thinking it's the best day of his life. Realizing they were doing introductions, Cory jokes he's a 21yr old college student from from the Nether. Laughter. He says he's actually in school in Nashville by way of Ft. Lauderdale. Cameron says he looks super young, he's going to get carded for a long time, he'll get the 2-pack of crayons and a kids menu at restaurants. 

Mecole is next, a newlywed from Washington DC but leaves out her occupation as a political consultant. Jared has one kid, a 6yr old pit bull. Cirie tells us she's here with her best friend, all the highs and lows, they'll feel them together. I made him, so I know he's got what it takes, she says. Reilly is 24yrs old today, she says. Matt tells us Reilly catches his eye, her eyes, blond hair. He tells the HG he's 27, a swimmer and deaflympic record holder. I can't hear, he says, my ears kind of suck. So if you need my attention, just throw something at me. Just not in the face. Izzy geeks out over his being a deaf Olympic champion (sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee but not part of the Olympics or Paralympics). He's tall, he's thick, he's sculpted, she says, for Matt, there's a 0.01 something. Kirsten says he's got golden eyes and shaped like Zeus, but I can tell he's tricky. 

Bowie Jane says just call her Bowie. She's a 34yr old Aussie DJ from LA. Red gives us his Australian imitation. Hisam says he's a 45yr old nursing assistant by day and burlesque cabaret performer by night. He's got a unique laugh that catches Mecole's attention. Blue makes content around food and restaurants. Kirsten comes from Dominica, a small island in the Caribbean, and just started her own swimwear brand. Cirie introduces herself as 53 with 3 boys, John, Jamel and Jamie, and she acknowledges she's from Survivor. Cory tells us he knows the Cirie playbook - she makes you feel #1 and then gets to the end instead of you. He's star struck, but no amount of starstrucking will distract me from wanting to win this game.

The HG are socializing in the LR when the Humiliverse orb begins throbbing. A message drops into the house from a pneumatic tube: who is brave enough to humiliate themselves by becoming the first HNs of the season? Silence. Jared raises his hand, followed by Cory, who missed out on claiming a bed. Luke makes a show of fighting his arm rising to volunteer. Hasim claims the fourth spot and the other HG celebrate it is not them. They enter the HNBR to find a hot dog bed, a wedge of cheese bed, a suspended mattress, and a doggie bed. A neon sign says Total Puppet Master (with Master struck out). Another sign says You Are A Wiener (with Winner scratched out). A third sign says Comp Beast (scratched out) Comp Bust. The last sign says You Rule (scratched out) Stink. Luke quickly claims the cheese.

Anyone who enters the Humiliverse HNBR, there is only one way to leave. You must spin a dial which has numbers on it (1, 5, 10,25) and but get kicked in the britches the number of times spun. This is for the entire season and applies to everyone who is in the HNBR now (all 17 HG). The boot is the same contraption used in the Humiliverse comp on Premier night. I'm a nominee, Felicia says, I don't need to get kicked in the butt again. 

In the LR, Jared grabs a quick moment with Cirie. He's worried others are noticing they haven't talked at all. She just doesn't want to be too obvious. She advises him to solidify his things. He's got Luke and Heisman, Hymen. Hisam, Cirie asks? Hymen is what breaks when you lose your virginity. Jared's eyes get real wide. She warns him to be careful about talking too loud when suggesting to someone else that they should talk later. She tells us she's worried he's nom. She loves all her kids, but it's crazy to be here with him, see him playing this little game, that's my boy, mind blowing. Jared tells us his mom being a legend puts stress on him to not be the one to go first. We got to get to work, she tells him.

It's 5am in the gym and Jared, Kirsten, Reilly and Luke are watching Matt pull up rubber bands attached to the floor. Reilly suggests they make it a thing and work out in the morning. The Brochachos, she suggests. Kirsten says the best way to ensure her safety is to have an alliance with fit guys. Luke suggests a phalanx, when the Spartans line up with their spears and shields, they're impenetrable. The Phalanx Five, he suggests. Reilly tells us it's night one and she doesn't think this will be a real alliance. It's not nerdy, Luke tells the other Phalanx Five, it's cool as hell. They huddle hands on it. Jared doesn't know how they went from staying fit to forming an alliance but he's not going to refuse while he's on the block.

In the SR, Cirie helps Kirsten with her mic pack. Kirsten tells us she feels good about getting off the nom block with her Phalanx Five alliance, but she and Jared are both on the block, and that might not be enough to keep her safe She tells Cirie that "you guys" are people we want to protect, in past seasons, the older HG have been voted out ASAP and it's not fair. It's too easy. Cirie appreciates her saying that. She butters Cirie's toast with platitudes and Cirie appears to eat it up. Cirie admits to us she knew she'd have a huge target on her back because of her Survivor reputation, so her goal is to play the game day-to-day and she'll listen to any offers. You got me, Cirie confirms to Kirsten. 

Kirsten moves to the Scrambleverse BR and makes the same pitch to Felicia, proposing the two of them and Cirie. I'm all in, Felicia confirms, we there. Girl power on, Felicia cackles. Jared and Cirie steal a moment in the BBComicsverse BR, where she fills him in on the 3-person alliance with Kirsten and Felicia. Jared doesn't trust Kirsten, because he's also in an alliance with her. She's playing way too hard and way too fast, he tells us. She's only looking out for herself, Jared tells Cirie, and will throw him under the bus. She wants to do an all woman thing, Cirie tells him. Cirie tells us she doesn't get a good feeling from Kirsten. 

That night, in the BBComicsverse BR, Felicia asks if Cirie talked to Jared. Cirie says he told her about Kirsten and a 5 person alliance with Matt and somebody. She's on the block, do your thing, Cirie tells Felicia, but... She's already gone behind our backs, Felicia observes, she doesn't trust us if she's doing a separate five. Felicia tells us Kirsten is trying to start a lot of alliances and I'm only in one, so it's putting a huge target on her back. Her paranoia makes others raise their eyebrows. 

It's time for the HoH competition, brought to you by the BBComicsverse Multiverse. The HG go to the BB House Basement. Jared, Kirsten, Felicia and Cory are already nominated and have to sit out. There are colored balance beams, each of a different width, leading from a start to the buzzer at the finish. Two swinging BAM! and POW! signs block the two approaches to the finish. This comp is called Crash Course in Comics. The winner is the fasted time and will have the superpower to remove 2 noms from the chopping block. 

Blue is the first to go to set the time to beat. The other competing HG have to head back to the stairwell to wait for their time to compete. She tries the narrow Red beam but quickly changes to the medium Yellow beam. She reaches the POW! sign and gets knocked off. She has to go back to the Starting Panel and go again. She gets knocked off her second attempt over Yellow and wisely chooses the wider Blue beam for her third attempt, with a time of 1:36.04.

Cameron is next. He tells us he doesn't want to win in any multiverse. He picks the Yellow path to make it look like he's trying and gets knocked off by the POW!. He completes his second attempt with a time of 53.11. Red takes the Red path (naturally) and tries to duck under the POW! sign, but falls off, doing a back flip. He makes it the second time at 50.56, moving into first place. America is next, and takes the Yellow path, not wanting to win after winning her first comp so fast. She times out, leaving Red with the time to beat.  Hisam is next, and considers using HoH to build trust with the noms he saves, but he likes all four noms so, why would he want to decide? He completes the Blue path in one attempt with a time of 22:49, taking the lead from Red.

Bowie is next, but no freakin' way she wants to win, she tells us. She takes the Blue path but goes slow enough to time out. Reilly is next. She thinks winning HoH would be a bad-ass move and she's not afraid to make moves. Someone has to start the fire. Yellow looked fastest but on Blue, she could move more quickly. She gracefully skirts the BAM! sign and kills it with a time of 16.03. Izzy is unable to beat her time, nor can Cirie, Luke, Matt, Mecole and finally, Jag. Reilly is HoH! All her dreams are coming true, she tells us! Kirsten says talk about girl power, Reilly was like Wonder Woman. Hopefully because of Phalanx Five, she'll have her back. 

Felicia finds Jag and Reilly in the Scaryverse BR. Reilly tells us she hopes the two noms she takes down will want to work with her. Felicia tells us Reilly needs a target but it don't need to be me. She tells Reilly there is one person saying a lot of things about different groups. I don't like to spread rumors, but it's not a rumor. Kirsten. In the LR, Jared asks if Reilly is thinking about K. She nods yes. Jared promises to keep her safe when, not if, he wins a comp. If you bless me, he tells her, you got me in your corner. And Felicia and Cirie.  

Reilly sits down with Cirie in HoH, who confirms there is someone running around in the house. She hates to say it, but Kirsten is a loose cannon. She's targeting herself, Reilly agrees. She tells us there's one common denominator on everyone's radar. So the question is who the other nominee to save. Reilly tells Cirie she needs a pawn to stay on the block. She thinks Jared is a good person and asks what Cirie thinks. I feel his energy, Cirie agrees. She tells us targeting Kirsten is perfectly fine with me. Her main priority is getting Jared taken down. He's so respectful and mannerable, Cirie tells Reilly, glowingly. He's the kind of boy I'd tell my kids to hang out with. 

Cory congratulates Reilly in HoH. This is his first persuasive speaking mission, he tells us. He promises her she'll never be nominated if he wins HoH the rest of the season. What's good for your game, he says persuasively, is good for my game. Reilly says there may have to be a pawn situation. Cory expresses worry that if he is a pawn, he'll be at risk. She tells him he was dealt an unfair hand. It's BB, Cory shrugs. That could have been me, she replies. There is a lot riding on my decision, she tells us. I don't want you to feel like I'm guilting you, he tells her. I know you're fighting for your life, she assures him, I understand. 

It's time for nominations. Reilly gathers the HG who have been holed up in the Scaryverse, Humiliverse and Scrambleverse BRs. They gather around the Dining Room Table and Reilly brings out the Nominations Box. This week, her responsibility as HoH is to remove 2 nominees from the chopping block for now. However, with the Veto still in play, anything can happen. Reilly turns the first key and takes Jared off the chopping block. She turns the second key and Cory is removed from the Chopping Block. That leaves Felicia and Kirsten remaining nominated. She respects both of them and is dying to find out how badly they want to be in the BB House and how hard they will work to stay there.

A tearful Kirsten says Reilly was not only her friend, but they were among the first grouped together in Phalanx Five. It's Day 3 and she nominated me for eviction without any warning or explanation. I feel betrayed. Cory tells us he started off getting pulled to the Nether Region, then he's on the block, it's not the start he imagined but no one saw his fear. For the first time, he can breath. Reilly says her target is Kirsten because of her pot stirring and scheming. That's not who I want to be aligned with. Cirie says gleefully she felt her face popped up on the screen when Reilly turned the key because it's her boy! This was the first step. Jared's off the block, we're in the house together, and depending on the Veto, we could be here another week. Felicia is devastated to be one of the first two noms on the block but it won't take me down. Game on, on eviction night, they will not say Bye Felicia. 

Who will win the first PoV of the season and will it be used to save either Kirsten or Felicia from eviction? Find out Wednesday on Big Brother! 

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