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BB25 - Episode 1 - Season Premier

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Tonight, we celebrate the launch of the 25th Anniversary Season of Big Brother.


That's 855 episodes filled with twists and turns, outlandish competitions, and unrelenting competitors. And believe me when I say, for this milestone season, Big Brother is holding nothing back. Welcome to the live Season Premier of Big Brother!


It's a house like no other, where 94 cameras follow your every move, and 113 microphones capture your every word. This is the BB House! And for 24 seasons, 304 competitors have entered this house with one goal in mind - to be the last one standing. 


Over the years, we've witnessed sizzling showmances, outrageous escapades, over the top drama, and legendary game play. Tonight, 16 complete strangers enter this house to try to make their mark on BB History. Totally cut off from the outside world, they compete for safety and power. Each week, they'll vote to evict one of their own, until only one HG remains to claim the $750k Grand Prize. What does the BB Universe have in store? Get ready for the most unpredictable season ever!


It all starts right now, on Big Brother 25!


Good evening, I'm Julie Chen Moonves. Welcome to the live season premier of BB25. For years, we've all been flies on the walls of the BB House as more than 300 people from across the country have competed in the ultimate social experiment, while navigating unimaginable twists and turns. Now, 16 more will join their ranks in the battle for the $750k grand prize, and tonight, in this historic 100 day season, the BB Universe will be turned upside-down in what promises to be the most challenging one yet. Because what nobody knows is just because there are 16 HG moving in, doesn't mean there won't be more.


But first, the season can't truly begin until we meet the HG. Here are the first 8. We get clips of the first 8 HG receiving their keys. Blue is a brand strategist from New York. She always wanted to fit in but now she just wants to stand out and shine. Her parents emigrated from South Korea for her to have a better life. She's single and is open to a showmance or love triangle. She can get along with everyone.


Welcome to Gatlinburg, TN! Red is from the Smokey Mountains and spits out folk sayings faster than a bear downs moonshine. Family is everything and winning BB would give his financial stability. He's more a Chillbilly, a cross between a hippie and a hillbilly. He's been in the military and experienced all types of people from all different cultures and that may give him an advantage. Don't underestimate him as plain and simple.


Jared is an exterminator from Norwalk, CT who also coaches basketball to give back to the community. His mother is Cirie Fields, 4-time Survivor, best player to never win. She was his mom and dad. Staying out of a showmance is not going to be easy but he has to focus on the goal. He doesn't plan to tell the other HG about his mom because they may transfer what they know of her competitiveness to him. You weren't able to do it, he tells her, that's what you got me for. 


Mecole is a political consultant from Washington, DC. She graduated HS at 16 and had her bachelor's by 20, and helping draft federal policy by 22. She's worked on six bills that were signed into law, ensuring 3 million students had access to healthy school meals. She just got married a month ago and has never spent this much time away from her husband. A huge BB fan, her life has led to this experience, she won't lay low.


Matt is a pro swimmer from Baton Rouge, LA, training for the 2024 Olympics. His idol is Ryan Lochte, who he beat in the 100m backstroke in 2019. He's a 10x Deafolympics Gold Medalist and 5x Deaf World Record holder. He was born deaf and took 14 years of speech therapy to learn how to talk. He wants to be a role model for the deaf community. He knows how to lip read, is single and ready for a showmance, and has overcome challenges all his life. 


Izzy is a New Yorker, born and raised, one of the best flute players in the city with a Masters in Flute Performance from the Yale School of Music. Flute is very competitive. She's fully taken, living with her partner, Paige, for the last 4 years. She gets queerer, prouder and stronger every day and will bring that energy into the BB House. She's a big BB Fan and of Kaycee, the first lesbian winner. 


Jag is 25 from Omak. His family was the first Sikh family to live there, and he faced challenges from those who didn't understand what wearing a turban meant. He is the first Sikh HG on BB. He wants to come off as a wild, outgoing, air-headed guy but he pursued 3 majors in college. For $750k, he can throw his world out the window and stab someone in the back if he needs to. 


Reilly is a 24yr old bartender from Nashville, TN who can talk with her mouth closed. Super outgoing, she's been underestimated as someone who's had an easy life. She lost her dad to cancer when she was 14, and ever since she's been seizing life. She's not looking, but she wouldn't mind glancing at a tall, brunette, muscular man. She'll wreak havoc, do whatever she has to do, to beat everyone and get to the end.


The first 8 are lined up in the studio outside the BB House. Hello, HG. Everyone excited? Anyone nervous? Well, there's no turning back, so settle in. Who wants to know this season's twist? Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything until the rest of your Housemates are here, so I need you to sit tight. You've gotten to know the first 8 HG and I'll introduce you to the rest after we return. Plus, I'll blow the HG minds with the most unexpected twist in BB History.


Welcome back to the live season premier of BB25. You've met 8 of the HG who will be battling it out for the $750k grand prize. So, who will be joining them? It's time to find out. Luke is from Coral Springs, FL, who stays fit with weight lifting and yoga. He's obsessed with eating well. He's not a dumb jock but a nerd, a starving global digital artist. People underestimate him as an airhead, he's open to a showmance and has the hunger to win at all costs.


Felicia sells real estate in Atlanta, GA. At 63, the other HG may just see her as an older person, but she entered the Air Force at 22 and learned how to project her presence. She got her Bachelor's Degree at 45 and a Masters at 55. Age is just a number. She has been watching BB since 2000 and is a super fan.


Hisam from Seattle, WA is a medical and psychological geriatric doctor by day, and a cabaret and burlesque performer by night. He's a confident gay Arab Muslim who loves life and wants to explore all its possibilities. In the house, he's going to pass himself off as a nursing assistant.


Cory is a student at Vanderbilt University studying political science and communication, with an eye towards law school. A self-described public speaking wiz, he's a 2x national champion at persuasive speaking, and BB is all about speaking persuasively. A first degree black belt, he's more physical than he looks. A super fan, lying is a necessary evil in the BB House, and you won't get  far with your moral codes. 


Bowie Jane is from Los Angeles by way of Melbourne, Australia. She's a criminal trial attorney specializing in money laundering and tax fraud with a pretty good BS meter. By night, she DJs to massive audiences and also plays competitive tennis.


America is a 27yr old receptionist for a dermatologist. She's a first generation American who learned English listening to Shania Twain. Growing up, there were 8 in the family sharing one bathroom. She wanted to repay her parents by excelling and graduated Brown with a degree in biology. She thinks she'll be underestimated as a pretty face, but she's a BB Super Fan and learned from an early age to be resilient and cutthroat in the BB house. 


Cameron is a 34 year old space cowboy from Eastman, Georgia. He calls himself that because nothing else really fits. He likes tie dye, riding horses and things that go boom. He went from rodeos as a teenager to the US Army and went to Afghanistan. His hair is named Bertha, and she's thicker than BBQ sauce. She makes him look like a goofy idiot but it hides much more. His 7yr old daughter is probably the only thing he's done correctly in life. He's seen every BB Episode and has no problem stabbing someone in the back or lying to their face. That's the game when the money's on the line.


Kirsten is a 25yr old molecular biologist and founder of an active swimwear company. Originally from the Caribbean island of Dominica, she's now in Houston, TX. She went to college at 17 and her cancer research has led to a cancer vaccine. She's a baddie with brains, super athletic and adaptable to any situation. She thinks BB needs a woman's alliance and thinks $750k is worth more than a super hot guy, but if she can have both, she'll try. 


All sixteen HG are now in the studio outside the BB House. Hello, HG. Welcome to the 25th season of BB. Pretty exciting. Some of you have watched every season of the show, while others weren't even born when the show began. But you are all here because you each think you have what it takes to conquer the mental, physical and social challenge that BB is. And if you plan on winning the $750k Grand Prize, you're going to have to survive the BB House longer than anyone has in the history of this game, a whopping 100 days cut off from the outside world.


So, who's ready to hear this season's big twist? There was a break-in in the BB House just a few nights ago, and the BB Universe that you think you know has completely changed. More details after this break. When we return, 3 BB Legends make an unexpected return with game-changing consequence.


Welcome back to the live season premier of Big Brother 25. I promise you will all be moving into the house shortly, but first, I have to give you some very important, if not unsettling news. As you know, our motto is Expect The Unexpected, and this season, that saying could not be more true. Just days ago in the early morning hours, perpetrators broke into the BB House. Luckily, our cameras caught them in the act. Take a look, because they may be familiar to you.


A video shows Britney, Frankie and Danielle Reyes breaking into the BB House with a Time Laser, with which they will go back to their seasons so they can rewrite history and take back the victories they so deserved. Bye Bye, Brigade, says Britney. The Hitmen are toast, says Frankie, I'm going to expose Derrick's undercover secret! I'm going to put some sugar in that bitter jury, promises Danielle. And I will not lose my dignity on a slippery wiener, Britney exclaims. 


Initiate Final Check. The Time Laser is activated but something goes wrong, and the entire house is affected by the malfunctioning Time Laser. What have we done? This is not good. Danielle realizes the Time Laser came from Meow Meow Enterprises and the three interlopers run for their lives, leaving the Time Laser doing unknown damage to the BB House.


BB Legends Britney, Danielle and Frankie broke into the BB House, and hoping to go back in time and win their seasons, activated the Time Laser. Unfortunately, things went horribly wrong, and now the Big Brother Multiverse has cracked open. What this means for you is not only did they change the house, but they changed the game, creating the most unpredictable season of BB ever.


A lot still remains a mystery but here's what we do know. Four Universes have taken over the BB game: BB Comicverse, the Humiliverse, the Scaryverse, and the Scrambleverse. At any time this season, these multi-verses can twist up the game. Let that sink in. When we return, it's time for the HG to move in and compete in the challenges created by the BB Multiverse.


Welcome back to the live season premier of BB25. HG, in just moments, you will move into the BB House in groups of 4. Once inside, head to the BY where you will find 4 competitions, one from each of the BB Universes, the BB Comicverse, the Humiliverse, the Scaryverse and the Scrambleverse. Each HG in your move-in group must claim a spot in a different competition. Are you ready to play BB? 


The first move-in group is Felicia, Red, America and Matt. You'll be choosing a spot on the pink mats in each competition. The game awaits, go on into the house. After quick introductions, the HG walk through the BB Universe portal to find a BY that is split between multiverses.


On the ground are images of news stories that never happened, such as Kaysar winning BB All-Stars - Twice, or BB sweeping the Emmy's, the Renegades being evicted, Michael being labeled as a Comp Loser for losing every comp, HG Nashville and Halloween getting married, and Kaycee trademarking "Let's Go" and becoming a billionaire.


On the balcony, there are two comp areas, one a set of booths with something resembling a scientific machine, and the other some kind of exercise contraption. Downstairs, there are empty bins on one side and completed puzzles of news mag covers on the other, and a dark and foreboding stage. The first four HG go to the Pink spots for their respective competitions.


The next group is Cory, Blue, Jared and Izzy. They are choosing a spot on the Green mats. Have fun in there, the house is yours. Jared holds the door open for the ladies. They are so excited to be in the house they almost forget to introduce themselves to each other. They come through the multiverse portal and each heads to their competitions, greeting the first group HG already there.


The third group is Kirsten, Luke, Bowie Jane and Jag. They will choose a spot on the yellow mats and may head in. Luke holds the door open for the others. They do quick introductions and hugs, and check out some cakes on the KT Counter before porting into the BB Multiverse, selecting their competitions. Izzy tells us she's not going to reveal to her fellow HG about being a lawyer, and will pretend to be 10 years younger than she actually is.


The last group to enter the BB House are Hisam, Mecole, Cameron and Reilly, who will be choosing spots on the blue mats. None of the HG take the few minutes they have in the house to form an entry alliance but head straight to the BY for the competition. Reilly reveals to us it is her birthday. 


HG, it looks like everyone is in place. We'll begin the first competition of the night in just a few minutes. The HG are ready to compete, and it looks like the Scrambleverse is about to twist up Premier Night. What's in store for the HG? Stay with us!


Welcome back to the live season premier of BB. Tonight, the BB Multiverse has cracked open and is about to wreak havoc with the first competition. Let's head to the BY to get things started. HG, it is time to begin the first competition of the summer. But, before we can begin, you need to know that the Scrambleverse has just changed the game. 


Normally on premier Night, you're battling for safety, hoping to become the first HoH of the season. But tonight, the game has been scrambled and you are not competing to become HoH. Instead, this is a Nomination competition. The loser of each of these four competitions will be nominated for eviction and could be the first to leave the BB House. That means, for the first time ever, nominees will be named before the HoH is even crowned. 


Needless to say, there is a lot at stake tonight and it's time to begin. We start with a competition from the Scrambleverse. America, Jared, Bowie Jane and Mecole, welcome to the Scrambleverse Newsroom. This competition is called Puzzling Headlines, and nothing is the same as in our world. The headlines are different than in our universe, and these puzzles are already completed. Your job is to disassemble your completed puzzle and place the pieces into the box they came from where they fit perfectly. The last player to accomplish this task will become the first nominee of the night.


On your mark, get set, go! The four HG break down their puzzles and carry the pieces across the BY to their boxes where they must pack them inside the container. They key is to not be last, otherwise, you'll be nominated tonight. All four try to figure out how the pieces fit perfectly into their box. America is the first to complete the challenge, well ahead of the others. Jared seems like he's made progress, but Bowie Jane is the second to complete the puzzle. Jared has to take all his pieces out, while Mecole figures out her puzzle and comes in 3rd. Jared is last and the first HG nominated for eviction.


Up next, it is a competition from the Humiliverse where the HG will have to kick some but to earn safety. Stay with us!


Welcome back to the live season premier of BB. Just moments ago, Jared lost the first comp of the summer and automatically became a nominee for eviction. Who will join him? Let's return to the BY. HG, we move from the Scrambleverse to the Humiliverse. Matt, Blue, Kirsten and Hisam, this competition is called Kicking Butt. You will move the bar in front of you back and forth, causing the giant boot behind you to, you guessed it, kick you in the butt. Each time your boot hits its mark, your counter will go up by one. The last HG to be kicked in the butt 100 times will become the next nominee for eviction.


The competition starts and Matt and Hisam are neck and neck in the lead, with Blue and Kirsten trailing just a few kicks behind. The boot doesn't actually connect with the HG. The guys cross the half-way mark, followed by Blue, with Kirsten trailing. Matt pulls away from Hisam and is the first to reach 100. Hisam is second, and Blue is third, leaving Kirsten as the second nominee for eviction.


Up next, the BB Comicverse takes center stage, and things could get messy. The BB Multiverse has shaken up the game, but the biggest surprise is yet to come. Stay with us!


Welcome back to the live season premier of BB. Jared and Kirsten have already lost their BB Multiverse competitions and find themselves nominated for eviction. So, who will be joining them on the chopping block? Let's return to the BY and find out.


HG, this next competition is from the BB Comicverse, where Felicia, Izzy, Jag and Cameron will face super villain Dr. Goo. This competition is called Goo-Pocalypse. Dr. Goo has been unleashing Goo Bombs across the BB Comicverse, and now our world needs your help. In front of you is one of Dr. Goo's notorious Goo Bombs. Your job is to connect 4 different length wires from the table to the Goo Bomb. There is only one solution to make all the wires fit. If you are unable to activate your Goo Bomb, you must try again. If your Goo Bomb explodes, you will not only be saving humanity, you will also save yourself from nomination tonight. The last HG to detonate their Goo Bomb will be the third nominee for eviction.


On your mark, get set, go! The HG scramble madly to connect their wires from the table to the Goo Bomb. Jag is the first to test his Goo Bomb and is doused in yellow Goo. Izzy is doused in green Goo, quickly followed by Cameron in blue, leaving Felicia the odd HG out, the third nominee for eviction.


Felicia, Jared and Kirsten are all officially nominees. That leaves the last competition from the Scaryverse, where the consequences of losing are more frightening than any other competition tonight.


Welcome back to the BB. It's now time to find out who will be joining Jared, Kirsten and Felicia on the chopping block. This competition is from the Scaryverse. HG, it is time for the 4th and final competition of the night. This competition is called Hold On Fright. Reilly, Luke, Cory and Red are laying prostrate on the Scaryverse platform, with an army of monster hands grabbing their legs. They must hold onto small handles in front of them to keep the hands from pulling them into the abyss. 


This competition is a little different. All you have to do is hold on to dear life, because whomever is dragged away first will not only become the fourth nominee, but they will also disappear into the Nether Region. How long will they be gone? Only the Scaryverse knows. Then get ready, and hold on, because this competition starts now.


On the surface it doesn't look like the HG are straining but the monster hands steadily increase their pull on the HG's legs. Don't let go, you do not want to be the first dragged away. You will not only be the fourth nominee of the night, but you will disappear into the Nether Region for who knows how long.


Cory appears to be solid, as is Red and Reilly. Julie Chen Moonves says they are all looking strong, it's like four statues. But Reilly has to adjust her fingers and Luke's right hand slips off his rock, leaving him holding on by his left. Red is solid, his bushy beard seemingly creating additional drag to prevent the monster hand from pulling him into the Nether Region.


Luke's arms look strained to the max as the other HG offer words of support. Reilly has to flex her fingers as the monster hand pulls at her legs. Red and Cory are solid as Luke struggles, depending on his left arm for survival. This is one fierce group, Julie Chen Moonves says. Reilly, Red and Cory look solid. Luke's right fingers are barely touching their rock, while the right hand firmly grasps its rock. There are microphones in front of each HG but none are talking. You make this look easy, Julie Chen Moonves taunts. Luke removes his right hand completely and flexes his fingers, but is held in place by his left. 


And just like that, Cory loses his grip and the monster arm quickly drags him behind the veil to the Nether Region. I'm dead, he cries, as he slips into oblivion, becoming the fourth nominee tonight. When he will return is anyone's guess.


HG, needless to say, this has been a crazy night. Unfortunately, for four of you, your games are now on the line. Jared, Kirsten and Felicia are all nominated for eviction, and so has Cory, who has just disappeared into the Nether Region. HG, I need you all to be prepared for everything, because what the BB Multiverse has in store for you is far from over. 


Up next, the Scrambleverse isn't done yet. Can the HG survive the biggest surprise of the night? Inside the house, a strange woman is slicing one of the cakes on the KT counter.


Welcome back to the live season premier of BB. On Sunday, we crown the first HoH of the season. What will their power be now that there are already four nominees? Plus, find out just what happened to Cory. Then on Wednesday, The PoV plays out and has the ability to save one nominee. Who will win and will they use it? Then on Thursday, it's the first Live Vote and Eviction of the season. Who will claim the dubious title of first sent home? 


To continue watching all the drama, go to Paramount+ a(https://mortystv.com/to/feeds) or Pulo.TV/BBLF. For now, let's return to the BY to see what the Scrambleverse has in mind for the HG now. HG, please feel free to head inside and make yourself at home. 


Inside, the strange woman is revealed to be Cirie from Survivor (and mother of Jared), pouring blue champagne into a glass. Hello, she says as the HG enter, led by Jared, who does not show any recognition. While the other HG gather around and introduce themselves to Cirie, he talks with Izzy on the side, paying his mother no never mind.


So, the Scrambleverse is at it again. For the first time ever, a Survivor Legend will be playing Big Brother. That's right, Cirie will be the 17th HG battling for the $750k Grand Prize. How will her connection to one of the other HG play out? Find out Sunday. For now, let's eavesdrop on the HG. From outside the BB House, I'm Julie Chen Moonves. Love one another and Good Night.

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