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Big Brother Fans have lots to say about the Big Brother Canada Season 11 season, and here is where you can read what our Morty's TV Fan Forums Community Bloggers have to say. Check it out, and if you have an itch to become a Community Blogger yourself, just join the Morty's TV Team at https://mortystv.com/to/volunteer!

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The Becky Beaver
Mystery Science Blog


Well, Canada, the Houseguests are in the BB Canada Mystery Manor and means it is time for me to come out of hibernation for another season of Big Brother Canada. My name is Becky Beaver, and in this space, I'm going to break though the ice and chew some wood from the Big Brother Canada Season 11 house.


Let's start by talking about the theme for this season - the Big Brother Canada Manor Mystery. Arissa stopped short of calling it a murder mystery, which I think is a missed opportunity. It would have been fun to see the Houseguests go all Knives Out on each other, and weekly evictions replaced with weekly executions. The last surviving Houseguest is the murderer. Instead, we'll probably just get the same weak twists with puzzles and powers and competitions perpetuating the illusion of suspense and intrigue. After all, Big Brother Canada is not exactly a big budget production.


Still, we can only hope that this season's theme will keep the Houseguests on edge, at each others' throats and us thoroughly entertained. 

Which brings me to the elephant in the Manor - the lack of live feeds this season. The attraction of Big Brother for me, what set it apart from every other reality competition show, was the live feeds. It allowed feeders to get closer to the Houseguests, and in many cases, to become attached to our favorite Houseguests, even when they are villains. On top of that, Big Brother has clustered the broadcast episodes into three consecutive nights, which leaves four whole days when fans are thinking about the Stanley Cup playoffs instead of Big Brother. 


Instead, we have the Digital Dailies, 2 and 1/2 hour abridged feeds recorded the day before. Now it could be argued that as much FotH that had to be endured watching the live feeds, there was also a rush when the feeds came back to figure out what was missed. Who won HoH? Who was nominated? Who is playing for Veto? Who won Veto and did they use it? These are important questions and Live Feed watchers expect to have that information long before he edited episodes air on Global TV. If they thought live feed watchers would be more excited to wait until the episode reveals, they misjudged feeders. 


There are two types of Big Brother fans, and Big Brother gave one of them a big unCanadian finger.


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Hi, mystery fans, Becky the Beaver here, back with my initial review of the Season 11 Houseguests. This is based on the first two broadcast episodes and some of the video posted to the BBCan website. Since we do not have full live feeds, I am limited in my ability to really get to know the Houseguests this season. 


Hope - This guy must have a sugar water IV installed because he's always dancing and moving around. His smile is infectious but being that energetic can quickly become annoying. His awkward attempt at game talk with Santina cringeworthy, so he had better hope that social game works for him. He's the kind of guy everyone will hate to see go but won't mind voting out.


Amal - Who? She was gone before we really got a chance to get to know her, but give credit to Big Brother for keeping the reasons confidential. Of course, if we had live feeds, we might have seen what, if anything, that had led up to her departure, but for all the expressions of support, she's persona non-grata in the Big Brother family now. Her departure gives the guys a 8-7 advantage, but with Santina in charge, that may not last long.


Claudia - She's perky, she's blond, and she thinks she's more clever than she is. Her attempts at subtle interrogation were ammuzingly unsuccessful, but she never gives up, futiliy trying out multiple angles. She thinks she has a poker face but she has a frozen smile when she isn't getting the tea she wants. She's a fan favorite, though, so it will be interesting to see whether anyone in the house will really trust her.


Santina - Don't get in this Houseguest's way, as John Michael found out. She wanted to be the first HoH and pushed John Michael to win the first comp, then rolled over him in the second. She has shown she can see through motives, which is a key characteristic to have in the Big Brother House. But she also presents a nice personality, so she will probably get through her HoH unscarred. But it remains to be seen whether she will be able to turn Houseguests telling her what she wants to hear into long term relationships in the game.


Shanaya - There are two things you want to avoid in the first few days in the Big Brother House - come out playing too hard, and being seen as the easy pawn. By badly losing the first comp, Shanaya and Renee both set themselves up to be the default pawn. Of course, this is Big Brother Canada, so she could also garner her fello Houseguests' sympathy. But it is hard to establish those critical initial bonds in the house when your back is up agains the wall. It will be fun watching to see what she has to offer in an alliance.


Daniel - Every season we get a Houseguest that is just happy to be there and for Season 11, Daniel fills that role. It will be interesting to see how he handles the Big Brother Manor after the initial excitement rolls off. Will his first week as a Have Not wear done some of that shine or can he turn enthusiasm into alliances? I am skeptical.


Jonathan - Charm can take you a long way in the Big Brother Canada Manor, and he is oozing it, attracting attention and trust from both the men and women in the house. He comes off as a trustworthy bro, and that should serve him well as he navigates the inevitable multiple alliances in which he is likely to find himself. Consider him one to watch this season.


Roberto - Like Jonathan, Rob fits in easily with the guys and the women in the house feel comfortable with him as well. He comes across as empathetic and intelligent and that give him the opportunity to influence his alliances. He'll have to navigate this leadership role carefully, however, so that he isn't perceived as too favored by a future jury.


Vanessa - Strong, fun, even intimidating. Vanessa is the oldest Houseguest determined to be prove that age is not a limitation. While she will be friends with everyone, I'm not sure how secure she will be in her alliances. She may have to some depend on timely comp wins to carry herself deep into the season. 


Ty - One of the Bros, he quickly has become aligned with the other guys in the house, but if the cadre of capable women, or John Michael, control the house, he could quickly be targeted as a physical threat and his game put on the defensive. On the other hand, if the guys rebound in week two, they legitimately could go on a run that carries him far into the game.


Renee - It is hard to imagine anyone having a worst start to their Big Brother game than Renee. She earned her Dead Last designation with feable performances, but I doubt her fellow Houseguests will evict her because of it as she is likeable and non-threatening gamewise. But it is always easier to nominate someone who has already been nominated, and it it doesn't take much for Dead Last to become Permanent Pawn. 


Kuzi - Kuzivakwashe wants to be the the villain this season, but it remains to be seen if she is up to the challenge. My guess is that unless she can reign in her intense personality, of the women in the BBCAN Manor, she'll be a lightning rod for her guys-be-gone strategy. On the other hand, if she can get into some protective alliances and stay under the radar, she just may have a chance. 


Anika - If Anika's plan was to ride through the middle and try to not be noticed, she was doing great up until nominations. One of Santina's nominees, she has to scramble to secure the votes to stay. If the Bros stick together to protect Dan, then the vote could be split between Anika and Renee. Her survival may depend on who the guys are more comfortable with keeping.


Zach - The ultimate man's man, his confidence is matched only by the amount of product in his hair. Smooth, suave, he was quick to build up his Bro connections and his fellow Houseguests will let him think he's controlling the shots but the reality is they are happy to use his upfront personality as a shield. It remains to be seen whether his braggadacio can be turned into bad-assedness in the game.


John Michael - He didn't want to be HoH, but he let Santina talk him into trying to win the comp, and then he spilled the tea on his targets before losing the final battle. For someone who paints himself as game-smart, he's playing a particularly poor game. Before you upset the guys, you had better make sure the ladies have your back. And with his affinity for yellow, it will be easy for the rest of the house to see the target on his back.


Dan - A likable enough guy but the game has him a bit on his heels. He's not as aggressive in terms of socializing or scheming as the other Bros and he has not formed relationships with the women of the house. As a nominee, this leaves him exposed and at risk. If he doesn't get the Bro's vote, the ladies could unite to even up the gender odds and give Dan the ignominious distinction of Season 11's first evicted Houseguest.


What do you think? Did I get it right or do you think I chewed on some rotten wood? 

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