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Episode 35 - 9/25/2022 - Finale

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Previously, on Big Brother, early in the game, the powerful Leftover alliance was born, and week after week they took out their targets. But after the split house twist sent half of the HG to Big Brochella and the other half to Dyre Fest, the Leftovers began to turn on each other. And at a game changing double eviction, the most dominating Leftover as taken out by Monte and Turner. With only five left, HOH Monte said adios to Alyssa. Then with Taylor becoming HOH, and Monte winning the final veto of the summer, he cast the sole vote to send Britany to jury. So with only three Leftovers left, Taylor, Turner, and Monte went to war at Wienerpalooza. Tonight, all three parts of the HOH competition will play out. Who will win the final HOH of the summer? And the jury returns to crown the winner of Big Brother. Plus, find out who you chose as America’s Favorite Houseguest. All this right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and we are just two hours away from crowning the winner of Big Brother. We pick up on Day 79 with the HG holding onto their giant wieners. Turner says he needs to control his own fate in this game.


Taylor says everything is on the line for her and she does not want to be taken to the F2, she wants to do the taking. Monte says he is so close to winning, but the only person he can trust to get to F2 is himself.


Turner says he has a huge fear of spinning and he does not like spinning or roller coasters, but he has to try his hardest and hold on for dear life. 15 minutes have passed and Monte’s strategy is to give the wiener a big old bear hug.


Turner says he has spinning clockwise, then counter clockwise, then back to clockwise. Monte is struggling because the wiener is leaning back. Turner is summoning all the energy he can so he does not fall off.


27 minutes have passed and the wiener is thrashing back and forth and Taylor is struggling. Monte says if he has to get slapped in the face by a giant wiener to win the money, then he will do it. Taylor says her arms keep seizing up but this is do or die.


Taylor gets spun and falls off at 36 minutes. She says this sucks. She really wanted to secure her spot in the final part of the HOH. Now all she can do is hope Monte will win so she can go against Turner in part 2.


Turner says it is down to him and Monte. Monte’s leg flies off but he holds tight. Monte says no way is he letting Turner outlast him and he is hoping Turner is hurting as much as he is.


Monte goes flying at 46:04 and Turner has won Part 1 of the HOH! Turner loves Monte but he could not be happier that he hit the ground. Monte says it sucks to not win the first HOH but now he needs to focus on part 2.


Taylor does not love Turner winning this part of the HOH at all because she is sure he will take Monte to F2. That makes Part 2 that much more important. Coming up next, Part 2 of the HOH plays out and Dr. Will returns to lead the jury debate on who should win.


Monte and Taylor will face off in Part 2 to see who will face Turner in Part 3. Taylor reads the directions and they must zipline between two platforms and put the competition names on billboards from the summer.


The HG who can correctly arrange both billboards in the fastest time will win part 2 of the HOH. Taylor says she wants to earn her spot and she has been studying the right things.


Taylor gets has two anchor veto names placed and she is grabbing her second two and places them in the first two slots. She goes back and she now has 6 of the vetoes placed. Taylor places one and she moves it around and she keeps moving and completes it.


Taylor is now placing the HOH tiles. She has 6 placed and she is still moving. She still has 2 tiles left and she races back and puts them on the billboard and rushes to lock in her time and she is correct. She feels good about her time.


Monte is feeling on top of the world right now but he has to focus and win this thing so he can face Turner and make the decision on who sits next to him in the F2. Monte is just going to put his tiles up in order and he starts with the HOH billboard.


Monte says it has been a long and tough journey and he can almost taste the money. But he is not there yet. He has to win this competition. He has placed all his HOH tiles and now he is focusing on the veto billboard.


Monte says everything is going smoothly, but something is off. He realizes he put one of the tiles in the wrong slot on the HOH billboard and has to put it on the veto billboard and he has to fix his mistake. He knows Taylor has been studying as much as he has.


Monte has his tiles done and he locks in his answers and he feels pretty good. Turner reveals the times for part 2. Taylor’s time is 7:04. Monte’s time is 6:41. Monte has won Part 2 and will take on Turner in Part 3!


Turner says he could not be more excited in this moment and he is pretty sure they are taking each other to F2. Turner is going to gun for this win though. Taylor feels like she has let all the women in Big Brother down.


Turner is talking to Monte and he says congrats and they celebrate they are both taking each other. We see the F2 deal they made on Day 54. Turner thinks he can easily win against Taylor or Monte in a jury vote and he 100% for sure will take Monte to the end.


Monte says he has no reason not to believe Turner and Turner is reassuring him. Monte says both Turner and Taylor think he is taking them to F2 and if he wins he will have to make that choice and it will be tough. Monte thinks he has a better shot against Taylor.


We now have our competitors for part 3 of the final HOH comp. But first, let’s visit with the jury and Dr. Will. They speculate who will join them on the jury and they think it will be Brittany. Michael says if they are smart they will see Monte.


Brittany comes out and joins the jury and she tells them what happened. Dr. Will says he has done this a long time and this is a really solid F3. He asks why Turner should win and Indy says so he can buy some muffins. Joseph says Turner always had a team.


Joseph says Turner also had a good social game. Kyle says Turner was always on the right side of the vote, he was in the right rooms, and he was great socially. Michael says his eviction was Monte’s move and Turner is not owning his moves.


Michael says Turner would fall asleep during alliance meetings and did not really contribute. Terrance thinks Turner is a lot smarter and sharper than he led on. Alyssa agrees. Brittany says she wants to know if that game play was strategic.


Joseph says Taylor has strategy behind her moves and Turner just attached to someone and followed in their shadow. Brittany points out Taylor’s first HOH there were so many targets.


Dr. Will asks what Taylor’s biggest move in the game was. Jasmine says she survived the block five times. Indy says she managed herself very well to stay silent. Dr. Will says Taylor had a great comeback story but what did she do strategically.


Kyle says Taylor got off the block but she had herself positioned well afterwards. Michael says Taylor got people to do her dirty work and Joseph agrees that Daniel going home was to make Taylor happy. Alyssa says she had a great social game but others won more comps.


Dr. Will says Monte was on the block once, but what is harder not going on the block or getting off the block? Michael says Monte did a fantastic job of keeping his threat level low. Indy thinks Monte had a good social game and Brittany says his resume looks safe.


Joseph says Monte did make a power move to get rid of Michael and he is tied for wins. Brittany says Monte is overconfident in his ability to win and his social game is getting sloppy. Terrance never connected with Monte, he says it was like he was talking to a politician.


It is time to crown the final HOH of the summer! This competition is called Jury Fest. The jury decided to get jobs at this festival and it is their job to see who knows their former HG. There will be three statements about each juror and they have to decide which is false.


Turner and Monte will earn a point for each false statement they identify. The HG with the most points after eight videos will be crowned the most important HOH of the summer!


Indy’s statements are she faced off against Joseph in the “Bye Bye Backstage” competition, she never won a competition, and she was evicted unanimously. They both answer C and they are both correct. Turner and Monte both have 1 point.


Jasmine’s statements are the veto was not used during her HOH week, she was the first person blasted with the blue goo in “Potty Talk”, and she was only nominated for eviction once. They both answer B and they are both correct. Turner and Monte now have 2 points.


Joseph’s statements are 8th person to fall in the “Conspiracy Fest” wall competition, found a red invitation in “The Invitation” competition, was the 3rd player eliminated in the OTEV competition. They both answer C and they are both correct and both have 3 points.


Kyle’s statements are eliminated after Alyssa in the “Get Lit” competition, won my second veto comp the week Indy was evicted, and was the fourth HG to join the jury. They both answer A and they both have 4 points.


Terrance’s statements are he was first eliminated in the “Punk-a-roo” competition, the veto was used on him the third time on the block, throughout the season he received a total of 10 votes on eviction night.Turner and Monte both answer C and they are both correct and they both now have 5 points.  


Michael’s statements are losing the 4th veto that he played in, scoring 4 rigns int the sudden death run in the “Ren Fest” competition, being in the orange lane for the “Pride Slide” competition. Monte answers A and Turner answers B. The correct answer is A. Monte now has 6 points and Turner has 5 points.


Alyssa’s statements are she was the first to drop in the “Hanging Tough” competition, she lost all 19 competitions she played in, the veto was used to take her off the block two times. Turner answers C and Monte answers A. The correct answer is B. Neither is correct. Monte has 6 points and Turner has 5 points.


Brittany’s statements are she won the first veoto she played in, she finished with a score of 4 in “The Invitation” competition, and Zingbot zinged her last. Turner answers C and Monte answers B and the correct answer is B. Monte has 7 points and Turner has 5 points. Monte has won the final HOH!


It is time for the final eviction! Turner says they had an alliance almost the entire summer but he was behind him in every move. He says he has the worst jury management ever and he respects his decision.


Taylor says she is no stranger to speeches. She says she respects his game moves and they have had deep and personal conversations. She respects his decision and she hopes it is to keep her.


Monte is ready to cast his final vote. Monte says he loves and respects both of them and this is a hard decision. When he looks at his resume, he thinks the only thing missing is a big move so he has to evict Turner.


Turner says he has all respect for Monte and there is no love lost. He loves them both and peace and love and it is his time to meet Julie. No love lost! He joins Julie on the stage and sits in the chair. Monte and Taylor hug and she is emotional and he whispers to her.


Julie asks Turner if that was bussin or discussin and he says definitely discussin. Julie says maybe meh and he says between. Julie asks how shocking that was and he says he is shocked but not mad because he is cool but he would have taken Monte.


Julie says Turner handled it with grace. Did Monte make the right decision and Turner thinks he did. He says he did not have the best jury management with Jasmine and Indy but he did make the biggest moves.


Julie asks when Turner made big moves if they were good with his game or maybe others in the house. He says he is not sure but he thinks both. He says sometimes he had to put others in front of him.


Julie asks if he has any regrets and he says maybe better jury management or maybe he should have thrown something. But he is not sure he would have made it this far. Julie asks what the best thing he is going to take away and he says his friendship and the muffin saga.


The jury is now on the stage! Michael thinks Turner will be there on the jury because Monte is a smart competitor and Taylor can talk her way out of competitions. Turner comes out and joins the jury to make 9!


Julie tells them Monte won the final HOH and chose to evict Turner. They will lock in their votes in a few moments but they have one last chance to address the final two and they have 3 questions for each of the final two.


Kyle congratulates them and there are some audio issues. Kyle asks Monte other than using veto that led to Michael’s eviction, what does he think is the most pivotal he made to get to the F2.


Monte says his biggest move was tonight and making the move to evict Turner who was the second best competitor in the game and it was a necessary move at this point in the game.


Michael says Taylor looks gorgeous and asks she was a big target, did she adapt her game to improve her position and how.


She had to adapt her game because she was painted as an unreasonable villain in the house and she had to work on her relationships with them and make sure people knew she was not manipulative and she was able to show them all who she is.


Joseph says he misses them and asks Monte says no one could play a perfect game. What was his biggest blunder and how did he remedy that?


Monte says his biggest mistake was not insulating Michael and Brittany in the Leftovers alliance and making them feel more comfortable and he regretted it afterwards.


Jasmine congratulates them both and asks Taylor if there were any moves that people might not see at hers and how did she orchestrate it.


Taylor says she did not want to make the biggest move. She made an alliance with Brittany and Michael and wanted to be loyal to them. When she was in the Leftovers she wanted to be a team player but play for the women as much as she could.


Brittany asks Monte saying most would say he played a safe game. What deliberate move did he make himself that was a risk?


Monte goes back to not getting Nicole and Daniel to not use veto. He says it was a risk for his game but he completely respects and honor he made that move but he wishes he had followed up with it differently.


Indy asks Taylor saying she was on the block many times and many can see that as weak game play. Tell them how they are wrong.


Taylor says her not being evicted was a social strategy because she made the relationships she did and the alliance to ensure that she was never voted out.


Turner can ask one question to one finalist and he asks Monte why he should get his vote. Monte says he respects and understands if he is feeling a certain way, but their F2 was formed after finding out he and Kyle had a F2 and he felt his game was not a priority for him.


Time for final pitches! Monte says the jury has the power to decide who will represent their season. He says maybe they are looking for a great competitor like 3 HOH comps and 2 vetoes and someone who was loyal and who only touched the block twice.


Monte says maybe they were looking for someone who made big moves like evicting Nicole, and then Michael, and then winning the final HOH and evicting the second best competitor and he loves and respects their decision but he hopes they chose him.


Taylor says she is someone who has won 3 competitions including 2 HOH’s, but she is more than her wins in this game. She says Monte may have more blood on his hands, but she has been on the eviction seat 6 nights and she has bled out but she has bandaged herself up.


Taylor has falsely been accused of using someone’s mental health as an excuse in the game and she has been called a B many times and she is not a victim, she is a victor and she is a very resilient person. She challenges them to chose a different type of winner.


Indy votes for one of her favorite people. Jasmine is voting for the person who is carrying on something she wishes she could have carried on. Joseph loves them both but he is voting for the face and sword of the season.


Kyle loves them both and they are two of the most deserving and he is voting for who he thinks represents this season. Terrance says he finally got them on the block! He loves them both.


Michael congratulates them both and his vote is going to the strongest player of the season. Alyssa loves and misses them and they are both very deserving, but it is time to take their power back.


Brittany loves them both and she has been looking everywhere for that stray vote. Turner made up his mind point five seconds ago and this is a vote for one of them. Peace and Love!


Pooch, Ameerah, Nicole, and Daniel join the jury on stage for a reunion. Julie goes to Joseph and says people left during Dyre Fest and people inside were told that he blew up their game. Set the record straight.


Joseph says in Dyre Fest he did everything he could to protect them but Kyle set it up that he was close with them but he did some form of distancing but Terrance knew he would have protected them and would not allow him to stay in the game.


She asks if he got better on his Skid accent and he says she can give him pointers. Julie says many lied about their occupations. Michael admitted to jury but the F3 are in the dark and he tells them he did used to work for an escape room while he was in law school.


Julie turns to Brittany and asks her reaction when Michael questioned her about her occupation and she says he is a wonderful player and she never suspected he was lying about his profession.


Michael was not the only attorney and Julie says will the other lawyer reveal themselves and Joseph stands up and says he was a personal trainer in law school. Turner did not see that coming. He says that is next level and bussin.


Julie asks Ameerah was surprised her the most and she says the most recent was the Monte and Taylor showmance and that was because early on they did not start off on the right foot.


Julie goes to Taylor and she says it is very early and he is a close friend. Monte agrees with what Taylor said and from here on out he will plead the fifth. Julie goes to Alyssa about her and Kyle and asks where things stand.


Alyssa says are you sure you want to ask me and not Kyle? She says they have had some conversations but they are going to go home and talk to their families and she is hopeful. Kyle loves her and he hopes things work out but they need to watch the season.


Julie goes to Pooch and asks how he feels that Pooching himself is part of the BB vernacular. He thought he would have to buy an audience seat because he was gone so long. He says not a good decision and he regrets it but he is happy to have the experience.


Julie says she has been wanting to know all summer but who ate Jasmine’s muffin. Jasmine knew Julie had her back. Turner says he ate it and he ate it in the DR. Jasmine thought it was him and she wants a whole dozen muffins.


Julie goes to Daniel and says it was going to be boring after he left. Daniel says it was for a few weeks but then it got good. He says when he became a fan again and watched the double eviction that Michael went home and that was superbowl for him.


It is time to crown the winner of Big Brother! Turner voted for Monte. Brittany votes for Taylor. Alyssa voted for Taylor. Michael voted for Taylor. Terrance voted for Taylor. Kyle voted for Taylor. Taylor has won Big Brother 24!


Taylor walks out the backyard and get confetti with Monte right behind. They are greeted and hugs are given. We see Taylor hugging Terrance and talking to him. Taylor hugs and Daniel and Nicole.


Julie reveals that the remaining three jury members also voted for Taylor so she won 8-1. Julie is going to reveal America’s Favorite Houseguest. The top 3 vote getters were Michael, Taylor, and Kyle. And history has been made and the favorite houseguest is Taylor!


Monte feels great and he is blessed for the opportunity and he is very appreciative right now. Julie says they will be back next year for the 25th season!

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