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Episode 34 - 9/23/2022 - Season Remembrance and Start of Final 3 HoH Part I

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Previously on BB, with only 4 left in the game, Taylor became HoH while Monte won the final PoV, meaning the Showmance was headed to Finale Night. But Monte had to choose who would be joining them & he decided to stay loyal to his boy, Turner, ending the hypnotist's trance.

Now, with the F3 set, Monte, Taylor and Turner look back at the epic summer. Witness the LoLs, the TMIs, and the OMGs you didn't see. Plus, Part I of the 3-part Final HoH comp kicks off. All this, right now, on BB!

Day 78. Britt exits the BB House and the F3 HG celebrate. Monte says 78 days ago he walked into the BB House and now he has a 1in 3 chance to win $750k. He feels he has a better chance of securing F2 with Turner/Taylor than with Britt/Taylor. 

There's only 3 left in the house, Turner remarks. Look at this, Taylor says. We've cemented ourselves in BB History, Monte says. Turner can't believe he's F3 in BB. He's so close to winning he can taste it, his head is spinning. 

Quite the journey, Monte says. Quite the jury, Turner says. Taylor laughs. Who would have thought, she tells us, one foot out the door week one, and 13 evicted HG later, she's F3. She fought tooth & nail and now she's so close to the $250k, she's not easing up now.

The F3 toast each other with champaigne. Here's to the F3. After an HoH LD, they are greeted with a sumptious surf & turf meal downstairs. It's a celebration, Monte says as they rush downstairs. They have steak, lobstertail, crab cakes and more champaigne. They started off with 16 and now are down to 3, Monte says as the official rememberance begins. Three Leftovers made it to F3, Taylor observes, it feels like yesterday there were 16 HG walking around the house.

Turner says 15 HG, because Jasmine was rolling around. My take, he says, but she may have been milking that. Queue tape of Jasmine's injury on Day 9 and her subsequent milking of said injury, asking other HG to do for her.  

Jasmine tells us the HG are her worker ants and she's the Queen. They cook for her and it's not the best but she holds her breath and swallows. Turner says she's so annoying, high maintenance. Alyssa says she's a "little" bit bossy. 

Somehow, Jasmine finds a reason to complain about every act of generosity. Turner tells Monte/Taylor as her Festie Bestie, they started off friends but ended not so much. Taylor asks Turner, do you know the Muffin Man? OMG, Turner says, I am the Muffin Man! 

Turner says he put up with Jasmine but was very honest in the DR. Roll clips of Jasmine/Turner DR sessions discussing MuffinGate. Turner says Alyssa was a lot closer to Jasmine, but I wouldn't trust her with directions. Clips of Alyssa being geographicaly challenged. Roll clips.

Michael say she won a geography B in school, and Alyssa is a bright, young woman who could study harder. Turner tells us Alyssa made it far in the game because there were no comps based on geography. I'm not good at geography, Alyssa admits, I'll have to buy a World Map.

Taylor says one person not easy to have around the house was Daniel. Monte says he was an emotional wreck. Turner says he came out swinging after Nicole was voted out. Taylor says sometimes you blow up and sometimes you get blown out the door. Roll clip from Day 30. Daniel impodes in the KT as the other HG watch, Taylor eating Lays on the stairs as Monte reminds him he told him to not use the Veto. 

Back at the dinner, Monte says DJ Showtime got along with Daniel pretty well. Your boy, Turner says. Flashback to Day 15, Monte starts to talk game with Terrance who is distracted by Daniel's Murray's Pomade, a product made for Black men. Daniel's used it since he was 13.

Back to the Remembrance, Taylor says it's difficult to live with someone who refuses to shower. Turner gets defensive. I don't know why Pooch started this propaganda, he says, but I shower every other day. Does my hair look greasy to you? Flashback to Day 9. 

Taylor tells us showering every other day is not OK. It's not right. You open the door and can smell the funk of his laundry. Michael says Turner wears it like a badge of honor he doesn't do laundry and nests in his dirty clothes. 

Clips of dirty feet. I already showered, Turner says, I'm just dirty. He realizes how cold a HN shower is and decides to wait. He admits in DR he could clean up better after himself. Turner admits to the F3 he didn't shower during DyreFest either. 

What the hell happened during DyreFest, Monte asks? It was horrible, Turner says, but I had the most prep for living outdoors after van life and backpacking, but it was tough. 

Day 45. Alyssa tells the other DF HG the worst part has beenbeing drained by the sun and sharing a porta-potty with 4 guys. Turner describes it as being trapped in a hot car in a parking lot. Alyssa says she felt like a hot pocket. 

Meanwhile, in Big Brochella, the HG complain how cold it is. Taylor wants a little heat. And the bugs, Alyssa says (bug clips, spraying everything), sleeping on the hard ground (it's astroturf, not dirt). The Big Brochella HG slept well while the DF HG didn't sleep at all.

Kyle says they have beanie weenies, a 3 out of 10. Turner says it's next level disgusting. Jasmine made chicken for the Big Brochella HG. Turner/Kyle/Alyssa discuss the beanie weenies. She did not like their texture at all.

Monte says the best moments in the house were when they came together as a family. Like when they celebrated the anniversary of Indy becoming a US Citizen. Her 1 year anniversary, Monte adds. We're still people outside the house, after the game is done, Taylor says. 

Flashback to Day 13. Indy says the HG celebrating this day w/her is amazing. People don't always know how hard it is to get here (becoming a US Citizen) and all the years of hard work. I am happy to share my story with them. The HG all have wine and toast Indy in HoH.

She moved here 9 years ago, she tells the HG, from a poor family. Her parents still live in a bad place, it's not safe. She worked since she was 14 and dreamed of CA as her ticket out. She didn't speak English, cleaned houses, did anything to make money. 

She still dreams of bringing her parents out & show them the world she's seen. It will happen someday. Joe says she's his dad's favorite player. He'll want her to win over him. Being the child of an immigrant, Joe tells us, he understands the hardships Indy's gone through.

Turner says that was an emotional day, but for emotions, laughing and crying, there's the DR. That's where you let it all out, Monte says. Roll DR clips from the HG in various costumes and states of awakeness, expressing complaints about other HG & everything else.

Transition to the HG crying in the DR, from the game, from the stress, from the other HG, fighting away the tears (and losing). There's no crying in BB, Daniel says, yeah, right.

There were ups & downs this summer, Taylor recalls, and with 16 HG from all walks of life, there are lessons to be learned. The toughest week, Monte says, was when they find out about Kyle and his thoughts, words and actions being rooted in racism. 

Flashback to Day 55. Terrance talks to Kyle in the CBR. He confesses to playing a selfish game. It was hard to hear, Terrance says, but you have an opportunity to learn. It just affected game play here but in the real world, it affects lives. I still love you, Bro.

Terrance breaks it down for Kyle. We (Black HG) have never had the opportunity to win this game because we were ostracized as soon as we came into the house. Yes, the Cookout had an alliance, but it was a cultural thing. 

Terrance tells Kyle that they try to find a way to move past the bounderies they were ingrained to believe since slavery, to be against each other. During slavery, some were allowed to live in the house, others work the fields, to keep them from trusting each other.

Terrance continues to talk to Kyle about how men and women were separated to keep them from forming relationships, there are a lot of things that happened to them as a people that makes them so defensive even today. That's what brought together the Cookout. 

When you hear Taylor or Jasmine say they don't want to put up a Black woman, I hope you understand where that is coming from. Black women feel like they are always pitted against each other, they are each other's competition. One is dark skinned, the other light skinned.

Even in our own community, Terrance explains, we have those types of problems. In order to negate that, he says, he doesn't want to be in a position where he has to hurt another Black person to get ahead himself. Society does that enough already.

Kyle tells Terrance he realizes he doesn't even know what he doesn't know. That's what's hard about asking questions. Utah was predominently white, this is all so new to him. If you forgive someone, Terrance says, you should make them whole again. 

I don't forgive or forget the action, Terrance tells Kyle, but as a people from the South side of Chicago, we definitely knew what was racism and I don't get that from you. You're a kid who just made a mistake. 

This is the most kindness anyone's shown me my entire life, Kyle tells Terrance, it shows the man you are. It took me to have 4 kids and a great wife, Terrance credits. Thanks, Tracy, I appreciate ya. You're amazing, Kyle says as they hug, you're a godsend.

Back to the F3, Taylor says Kyle had to learn some really hard lessons, but I got to be a part of helping him discover a part of himself he didn't realize was there and facilitate convos he hadn't had before. 

Flashback to Day 56, Kyle is alone in the CBR, wrapped in his gold blanket. He tearfully tells Taylor how sorry he is. She understands the initial reaction to being accused of racist things is to be defensive. All of us try to be good people. 

Taylor tells Kyle she's not his tutor but she is his friend. We will always be able to talk as friends about this. She says Black women get the burden of almost everything, ostracized, bullied, not given the benefit of the doubt, as our white counterparks are. 

For me, Taylor tells Kyle, regardless of how she feels about Jasmine, she didn't want to put her up because if I am walking into the game saying I want to carry the weight for Black women in the real world and BB world, who am I to to put a Black woman in danger.

Kyle tells Taylor he understands. That doesn't mean I won't vote someone's *ss out, Taylor says, or have conflict w/them, it just means I won't use my power to put them in that position. You're doing a good job of going through that journey, she says. TY he says, hugging.

Back to the F3 dinner. There's still someone we haven't mentioned, Taylor says. Ameerah or Pooch, Turner asks? No, she says, Peter! May he rest in pieces, Peter. Monte laughs.

Taylor says. Day 59. Monte, Turner, Brittany, Michael and Taylor are in the gym when they hear a beeping noise. They talk about what would happen if they had to evacuate the BB House. What if someone dies in the house? Michael thinks they'd cancel the season. 

What if you're up first and cooking breakfast, Taylor hypothosizes, and you choke on a hashbrown and die, then someoen walks out and finds you dead on the floor, and exclaims Peter! Imagine BB says Wakey Wakey HG, and everyone wakes up but Peter is dead in his bed. 

They are all laughing as Taylor says Peter! Wake up, Peter! Peter, Michael mimics, please go to the DR. They are all laughing and crying for poor Peter. Please change your battery, Taylor says, Peter's natural battery has expired! Peter! 

Taylor tells us that Peter has died in every scenario, he died in his sleep, while eating yogurt, his heart stops. What if Peter died in the shower? How long would it take for HG to notice? RIP Peter, she says in the gym. Michael says not funny but he can't stop laughing.

Taylor says because Peter's not real, it's funny. Does Peter's face get grayed out on the Mem Wall? Oh, Peter! Rest in peace, Peter, BB says, displaying the picture of a man on the Memory Wall. (Can anyone identify who that is?)

There are times I wish I was a fly on the wall, Taylor says, back in present. When Joe was around, Turner says. Joe wasy a fly guy, Taylor says. He liked swatting flies, Monte jokes. 

Day 34. There's a fly on the table mocking Joe. You're plan's going perfectly, huh, says Joe, a towel poised in his hand. Keep rubbing those hands together. He throws the towel at the fly. And he lived? He swats at the fly with the towel.

There's enough ppl in this house, Joe tells us, without flys moving in. I'm evicting them ASAP. Clips of flies mocking Joe & Joe crusading agains tthem. There's a technique, he says. Don't whip me, Alyssa says as Joe lines up against his prey. He finally gets one. First the flies, he tells us, then the houseguests. Alyssa calls him their very own human fly swatter. The Memory Wall shows a greyed out picture of Peter, the fly.

Back to the F3, Turner says he'll miss being able to go to the DR and ask for anything. Trust me, Monte says, we did. Roll clips of outlandish requests of BB: pumpkin syrup for Turner, rasberries, blueberries, blackberries, any berries for Indy, a pet for Michael and Joe.

Monte needs left-contact lenses (he only brought right ones), Nicole needs oat milk for Turner, who's allergic to almonds. Jasmine wants to know how long it will take. Taylor ate all Monte's dark chocolate covered pretzles. Indy wants a Truth or Dare Jenga.

Indy has lost all her bikini bottoms. Jasmine wants production to sing her a Bday song with the HG. Chicken wings, a pinata, finger prints for a birthday card. Is this a birthday card or the county jail, Turner wonders. Extra beer, Jasmine says, a pink pony. 

Are you still there? Taylor asks for a very bubbly bubble bath. OK, now I'm done.

The remembrance dinner is over & the F3 have glasses of champagne on the LR couches. Taylor says it's been a wild ride, and she's happy to be sitting F3 with the two of them (Monte, Turner). There's still comps to be won, Turner says. Let the best Leftover win, Monte says.

The F3 toast to BB24 and head out to the BY. A huge grill (pad) has been created, with 3 hot dogs on pedestals mounted vertically. Along side are condiements and utensils: BB Ketchup, BB Mustard, BB BBQ. The HG come outside and clim onto the grill to reach their Wieners.

It looks like a BBQ tonight, Taylor says. This is huge, she tells us, the final HoH controls their fate in the game and decide who they sit next to in F2. You have to win 2 out of the 3 comps to be Final HoH. The pressure's on. They all can compete. 

Taylor reads from a card. This comp is called Wiener Palozza. The rules are simple - hold on to your Wiener like your life in this game depends on it. Because it does. The Wiener will spin left & right, and rock back and forth, giving them the wildest ride of their lives. 

To be the top hot dog, Taylor instructs, do not fall off. The last HG holding onto their Wiener will be grillin' and chillin' 'til Finale Night, guaranteed to play in the Final HoH Comp Part III, live. Who's ready to play Wiener Palooza? 

Taylor has leggings and puts on a long sleeve shirt over a sports bra. Turner has on a t-shirt and shorts. Monte has on a t-shirt and sweatpants. The F3 all mount their Wieners, which have a cut-out hand-holds around their sides. The Wieners begin moving in unison.

I came here to win BB, Monte tells us, and now I'm in the F3. The horn sounds and the Wiener roast is underway. From here on out, he says, it's everybody for themselves. I've dreamt about winning, about what it can do for my live, so nobody's going to stop me now.

The Wieners are rotating slowly. I cannot believe I made the F3, Turner tells us, I've worked so insanely hard to make it to this point, there is no chance I am letting up now. I want to be the Final HoH, he says, and decide who sits next to me, so I have to win this comp. So this vegetarian, Turner concludes, is ready to grab a giant Wiener and hold on for dear life. 

Taylor says I went from thinking I was going home week one,to having a real chance to sit in one of those F2 chairs and winning the whole thing. Now that I've come this far, I'm going to change this game, I'm going to make history and be a Black woman in the F2 chairs.

And, Taylor adds, ultimately, win. The Wieners start moving faster and rocking harder and the HG all say, oh no! Smoke starts coming up from the grill. Holy moley, says Turner. I feel like rotisserie chicken, Taylor says. Yeehaw, Monte says as the Wieners go to extremes. 

Who will win the Final 3-part HoH comp, Monte, Taylor or Turner? And who will win the $750K grand prize? Plus, who did you choose as America's Favorite Player? Find out, Sunday night at 8pm ET on the 2 hour Season Finale of BB!

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