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Episode 33 - 9/22/2022 - Live Eviction, Jury segment, The Cookout thoughts

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Previously, on Big Brother, after Alyssa hit the bricks, there were four leftovers leftover, and Taylor quickly secured her spot in the final three. With a MonTay showmance heating up, Taylor left Brittany and Turner out in the cold. At the final and most crucial veto competition, Monte was math and furious. Taylor wanted Turner taken out leaving Monte with a monumental decision. Tonight, Monte will cast the sole vote to evict either Turner or Brittany from the game. Who will make it to finale night. Plus, is there trouble in HOH paradise? And the legendary Cookout alliance will reunite live to discuss the final three. All this right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and it is Day 79 and two of the final three have already been determined. Monte has all the power to decide who will join him and Taylor in the final three.


We see Taylor and Monte in the HOH and Monte says the two of them have cemented their spot in the final three and he gets to decide if he’s taking Turner or Brittany to the final three.


Turner says he shares a bedroom with Monte so he knows when he is not sleeping there. He knows Monte will take him to the final three, but he’s not so sure about final two if he is sleeping with Taylor.


Monte says being there so long has made him realize how much he misses his goddaughter who is only a year old. He says it was awesome watching her from birth to her first birthday. Taylor says he has not been around much lately and Monte found that sort of rude.


All four HG are in the HOH and Taylor wants Brittany to feel as comfortable in her HOH room as Monte and Turner. Taylor takes her headset back from Monte while he is asleep and he thinks that is unnecessary and insensitive.


Turner says he would have to be blind to not see that Taylor and Monte’s relationship is closer. He wants to talk to Monte about his concerns and Monte says the attraction was there and they acted on it. Turner says he does not have any issue with that.


Turner asks Monte if it will last after the show and Monte says after the way she acted today he is not so sure. Turner says you have to love some late game domestic strife.


Taylor is bathing and Monte wants to talk to her about what happened. Taylor says she did not mean it the way it sounded and he says it was sort of condescending. He says she was like on a power trip and he was done for the day with her. He wants her to explain.


Taylor says Brittany came up and she did not want her to see her as a lovey-dovey girl and Monte says so it was a joke for Brittany? Taylor apologizes for her tone sounding condescending and Monte says it was rude.


Monte says her tone came down to this cold sort of person she was showing and that is not the type of person he wants to spend time with. Monte does not feel comfortable sleeping in the HOH room anymore.


Taylor does not think it is fair that Monte used the first couple of weeks against her. She has more important things to think about than her relationship with a guy. She might have to tag cold Taylor back in to take home the win.


We visit Indy, Joseph, Jasmine, and Kyle in the jury and Terrence joins them. Joseph says it is a Dyre Fest reunion. Terrance says Julie likes it like his drinks and is making it a double and Michael joins them.


Jasmine thought Michael would be F2 and she is speechless. They go to watch the video of Michael’s HOH week. Terrance says he was heated that he was nominated. They see the BB Comics competition and Michael winning that.


Terrance says he was staring down the gun barrel at that point and we see him doing the Daniel. They see Turner win HOH in the double eviction HOH. Jasmine says Turner is running it right now. We see his nominations and then we see the veto competition.


We see Monte win the veto competition and Michael says he knew at this point he was going home. Terrance says even though it was Turner’s HOH, he thinks they have to give the move to Monte because he won the veto. We see Michael’s eviction and exit.


Terrance loved Michael’s exit and Jasmine was impressed. Michael says Turner did not take credit for his eviction in the goodbye video and he says that was a missed opportunity to own the move.


The jury members are discussing who might be joining and Alyssa comes in and they say again it is a Dyre Fest reunion. Kyle has mixed feelings about seeing her. They watch the video of the horror HOH competition and Michael is jealous.


They see Monte win the HOH. Kyle thinks Monte is playing a great game because he has made strategic moves and he has a great social game. We see Brittany win and use the veto and Taylor get nominated. Joseph asks why Taylor over Turner.


Alyssa tells them that Monte and Turner made a gentleman’s agreement that Turner would vote Alyssa out if Monte did not nominate him. Alyssa is still upset with Turner. They see the tie vote and she tells them Taylor slept in Monte’s bed for three days.


Joseph says that is their business. Terrance says that definitely is not right. Indy is going to show Alyssa the house. They get up and Joseph says one more week. The final four will get some news from home and then we will have the live vote and eviction.


Taylor gathers everyone in the living room and reads a congratulations on them making final four and Big Brother has a small surprise for them. We see Taylor’s mom and grandmother sending loves and kisses and they cannot wait to see her and hug and kiss her.


We then Monte’s dad and he congratulates him and he is super proud of him and he is an amazing person and a great man and his family loves and is thinking about him. Next is Matt’s mom and girlfriend and they cannot wait to see him and they miss him.


Last is Brittany’s husband and he says everything is well and everyone has been rooting for her and supporting her. He says it is unbelievable to see her live her dreams and he wishes her luck. All the HG are emotional.


Taylor came to the game for something bigger and seeing her family reminds her of who she is and gave her the extra ammo she needed, Monte says seeing his dad adds to the weight of his decision.


Turner says he was reenergized after his video and he is ready to fight for his life. Brittany says the video reminded her of why she is here and she needs to keep fighting and not go home empty handed.


Brittany is talking to Monte to campaign and make her pitch. She says this could be one of the last pitches she makes and she is not giving up hope. She says Monte and Turner have very similar games, but she sees Turner has the one who made the moves.


Brittany says Monte taking out Turner could change how people view who made the moves. Brittany says she is comparable to Turner in the mental aspect but she would be weaker physically and increases Monte’s odds of winning the final HOH.


Monte says everything she said is true and he is thinking about the risks on the decisions. Monte says he was loyal to Michael at one time, but once his resume was way too strong he had to take him out and the same could be said of Turner.


It is time for the last veto meeting of the season and the final eviction and Monte holds all the power. As the veto holder, he is safe and he cannot use it because there is no one left to nominate so the power to evict rests solely in his hands.


Brittany does her shoutouts and she says Monte has the opportunity to make a game changing move right but he increases his chances of winning HOH against her over Turner.


Turner does his shoutouts and says mad respect to Brittany and he would be bamboozled if Brittany is better for their game. He has shown loyalty to them and he does not think Brittany has.


It is time for Monte to cast the final vote. Monte says love and respect to both of them and he appreciates making it this far but in order to make the best decision for his game and that is voting to evict Brittany.


Brittany gives hugs to everyone and gives another hug to Taylor and says she loves them all and grabs her bag and heads out the door. The final three head to the memory wall to see Brittany’s picture go gray.


Julie says Birttany fought hard, why could she not convince Monte? Brittany says it makes most sense for his game and she would have crushed the final comps and it just was not in her favorite. She says the jury is difficult to predict.


Julie says last week she voted to evict Taylor and it was a big move that did not pan out, any regrets? She says no because they were targeting her and they could not target her any more. She felt she had to do something to shake things up.


Julie talks about Michael’s final plea and she asks how Brittany is feeling. Brittany has a lot of questions for him but she never anticipated she would use things against her and she would love to be friends but she needs to understand more.


Julie asks what drew Michael and her together. Brittany says she is not sure they were not supposed to be friends but they stuck together. She wants to understand more and she hopes they can be lifelong friends.


Julie calls the final three to living room and she asks they are feeling and Monte says on top of the world, Taylor says amazing, and Turner says like $750,000. She tells them the live season finale will be Sunday, in three short days. She tells them to get rest.


The Cookout members Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, Kyle, Derek, and Xavier are back. Julie says as one of the greatest alliances to ever play she wants to talk about this season’s alliances.


Hannah says there are cracks in all alliances but their alliance was about unity and love and playing any different way was not an option for them and she commends everyone in the alliance.


Azah found it interesting that a girl’s alliance again did not work, and then an alliance that was built to protect Taylor imploded once people started worrying about their own game.


Julie wants to talk about Kyle and asks Tiffany about it and she says in the house it is difficult to separate game and personal and she thinks both world’s collided. She says the shadow their alliance cast in the game proved that.


Tiffany says the way Taylor, Monte, and Terrance handled things was different because of them being from three different backgrounds and they all had different relationships with the HG.


Julie asks Derek who is playing the best game and he is rooting for Turner and Taylor, but Taylor has his heart. He says she is playing the perfect game. She has had her back against the wall most of the game but Turner has been stirring things up a lot.


Xavier says with Turner and Monte sometimes he thinks they are doing good and other times he wants to smack them upside the head. He says Taylor has handled things with dignity and grace but he thinks Taylor is the front runner.


Kyle says everyone has their qualities and he says Turner started out trying to take a stand but it seems since then decisions were made by others. He says it will be interesting to see how the jury is perceiving things and their feelings.


Julie tells us that the winner of America’s Favorite will not only win $50,000, but they will also win a Princess Cruise. There will be a special episode where the final three look back on the season tomorrow and the first part of the final HOH begins.


Sunday will be alive two hour and the final HOH will be played, the final eviction will take place, and the jury of nine will choose a winner. We check back in on the final three and they have champagne and are celebrating and laughing and cheers to the final three.

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