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Episode 31 - 9/15/2022 - Live Eviction and HOH competition

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Previously, on Big Brother, with Monte scaring up a big win, he wanted either Alyssa or Britany gone. But Taylor hoped to fry a bigger fish. With two ladies on the block, Taylor was determined to take out Turner, but Monte wanted to keep both his allies in the game. At a cuckoo clash for the power of veto, Brittany clocked the competition, leaving Monte caught between two allies. At the veto meeting, Monte kept Turner safe. Tonight, the Brittany spiral could change the fate of the nominees. Who will be sent to the jury, Alyssa or Taylor? And who will win the HOH guaranteeing themselves a spot at finale night. All this right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and it is Day 72 in the house and everyone is strategizing on how to make it to finale night. With only five people left in the house, a budding showmance could have game altering consequences.


We head inside on Day 69 after the veto meeting and Brittany used veto on herself and she makes it to the final four. Monte says if he put Turner up there was a likelihood he could be voted out but Taylor should be safe.


Alyssa says she can count on Turner’s vote, so she just needs Brittany’s vote or Monte’s tiebreaker vote. So she just needs to paint Taylor as someone you do not want to take to finale night.


Taylor is annoyed Monte would put her in danger so she is going to lay low and try and ride it out until jury. Brittany assures Taylor that she has her because they have to stick together in order to have a chance to win.


Brittany says she has been feeling alone since Michael left but Taylor has been assuring her she is with her and as long as Taylor has her back, then she will have Taylor’s back.


Alyssa is talking to Turner and she asks how not to go home this week. She is assuming she has his vote but she still wants to go over all the strategic reasons they should keep her. She says Taylor has a shot at winning HOH and she has a great final pitch.


Alyssa points out to Turner that everyone loves an underdog and she would be much easier to beat because she has been dragged along. Turner would love to keep Alyssa but he would have an uphill battle to get Brittany or Monte to vote his way.


Alyssa suggests to Monte they have a sleepover in the HOH room with Taylor and Turner. Brittany says it is hard to not notice the late night slumber parties. She goes to bed at 2 and they go to bed at 8. She says that’s a whole business day of BB she is not a part of.


Monte asks Taylor to put moisturizer on his back. Monte says Alyssa had a showmance with Kyle and Brittany is married and Turner is out of the question, so he has to ask Taylor to put moisturizer on his back.


Taylor says Monte has been a friend of her throughout the game and she says he has a great body. She always found him physically attractive but she never knew where his intentions were.


Monte says Taylor is a very attractive woman but he came in focusing on the game but they have since built quite the connection. Taylor prefers to be fully pursued so she is going to see if Monte pounces.


Taylor is in the HOH build and Monte comes in and says she looks comfortable. He gets ready for bed and shuts the light off and gets into bed. She says if she gets too close to let her know and he tells her she can soak in the heat of the bear.


Monte and Turner slide closer together to cuddle and she notes that he is very warm. They then start to kiss. Monte says he came in with all intentions to not be tempted in anything that would take his eye off the prize, but it has been 70 days and he is just a man.


Brittany and Alyssa are in the WA and Alyssa is going to go jump on Taylor and Monte and Brittany asks if they are sleeping upstairs and Alyssa thinks so. She wakes them up and asks if they have seen Turner and they say he was supposed to be in bed with them.


Alyssa tells Brittany that she woke up them up but it was just Monte and Taylor and she does not know where Turner is. Brittany says Taylor has barely said two words to her because she has been spending all her HOH room. Does she have a F2 with her or Monte?


Monte, Alyssa, and Taylor are talking about Michael’s campaign and how good he was. They are talking about how much they loved Michael. Brittany is feeling confused about how he even left and she hears Taylor laughing about Michael being evicted.


Alyssa is asking Brittany how she is feeling and she says not good. She talks about how she looked like an idiot on eviction night. She says she has no clue what is happening in this house. Alyssa pitches making F2 with her because they are expendable.


Brittany feels like Turner is voting the way Monte wants him to which ties her hands because Monte would break a tie. Brittany says it is not up to her this week. Alyssa is confused and realizes maybe Turner will not be voting for her.


Alyssa goes to talk to Turner, and she wants to make him believe his vote would be a sympathy vote so she could stay. She tells Turner that Monte and Taylor would take each other to the end. Alyssa would not forgive Turner if she got voted out.


Turner says if he gives Alyssa as sympathy vote and she gets voted out, then she knows where the vote came from. He says Alyssa has trouble separating personal from game and she does not respect game play that betrays friendship.


Turner says this conversation is incredibly annoying. She is not only threatening their friendship but also her jury vote. But she is a jury vote and he has to think really hard about who he will be voting for this week.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! Taylor says she is not going to drag anyone this time but she will always have fight in her and she is not anywhere near game drained and she is good for all of their games.


Alyssa does her shoutouts. She loves the HG and every decision they make is a huge decision and whatever they make, all love. She loves Taylor, she is her girl and a fierce competitor.


Time to vote!

Brittany sadly votes to evict Taylor.

Turner very sadly votes to evict Alyssa.

We have a tie. Monte must break the tie. He says he loves and respects them both but he has to do what is best for his game. He votes to evict Alyssa.


Alyssa gives everyone hugs and Monte picks her bag up to hand it to her. They all walk to the memory wall and note that it is an empty board.


Julie asks Alyssa what happened? Alyssa says she thinks Brittany had her back but Turner gave her a weird vibe but she had a little doubt. Julie asks if Monte made a mistake and she says for sure but she had not been close with him but he could have beat her.


Julie says Alyssa and Turner were good friends and she told him they would not be friends and she says it was mostly strategy but a little bit of the truth because she knew she would be salty. But she loves BB and she knows it is game but with time it will be ok.


Julie says her family loves this game and she had practiced in her backyard, why did Alyssa not win. She says they were difficult and she thinks she would have been good at OTEV.


Julie asks how hard it was to vote out her showmance, Kyle. Alyssa says it was the hardest thing she did in this game but she stands by that decision because it is what she felt was right.


Monte says it was great getting to know her but the game did not shake out the way he wanted it. Brittany says she is so sorry and she is alone in this game but she will keep fighting.


Taylor says Monte and Turner made a gentleman’s agreement that if she went up Turner would vote Alyssa out. Turner says they were super tight but he had to think hard about the vote and he hopes she has fun at the jury house.


Alyssa is emotional and she loves Brittany and Taylor. She says Monte is great and she is hurt by Turner but she is rooting for the girls to make it to F2. Julie says she will see Alyssa on finale night.


It is time for the HOH competition! The competition is called Fashion Fest and it is all about Julie. They will watch a video of a montage of outfits they have seen her in and then she will ask questions about the video. They get a point for each correct answer.


The HG with the most points after seven questions will win HOH! They start the video and the HG are all watching.


Question 1-True or False. She snapped her fingers two times while she was wearing a purple dress. Taylor answers true and Brittany and Turner answer false. The correct answer is false. Brittany and Turner get a point.


Question 2-True or False. Immediately after she stomped into her shoe, she was wearing pink pants. Brittany answers false and Taylor and Turner answer true. The correct answer is true. Turner has 2 points, Taylor and Brittany both have 1 point.


Question 3-True or False. The second outfit she appeared in had polka dots printed on it. They all answer false and they are all correct. Turner has 3 points, Taylor and Brittany have 2 points.


Question 4-True or False. When Julie walked into the Big Brother house she was wearing a pink dress. Taylor and Brittany answer true and Turner answers false. The correct answer is true. They all have 3 points.


Question 5-True or False: Julie was wearing red pants while holding the gold sheet. Turner answers true and Taylor and Brittany answer false. The correct answer is false. Taylor and Brittany have 4 points and Turner has 3 points.


Question 6-True or False: In the last outfit, the shoes were the same color as her dress. They all answer false and they are all correct. Taylor and Brittany have 5 points and Turner has 4 points.


Question 7-True or False: Julie was wearing black pants while she was dancing with Zingbot. They all answer true and they are all correct. Taylor and Brittany are tied with 6 points and Turner has 5 points.


Taylor and Brittany will have a tiebreaker. The answer will be a number. The closest without going over will become the HOH. If they both go over, then whoever comes the closest will win.


Tiebreaker: In seconds, how long was the snoozefest competition from the official start until Brittany was announced the winner? Brittany answers 2700 and Taylor answers 480 and the correct answer is 1404 seconds. Taylor has won HOH!


Julie says Taylor went from being on the block and surviving eviction to winning HOH and making it to finale night. Taylor says she already has her outfit for finale night so she is over the moon. Julie congratulates them all for making final four.


Sunday’s show will be HOH and the final veto of the summer. No Big Brother on Wednesday and the live eviction will be done on Thursday. Plus, The Cookout will join Julie on stage next week on this season’s game play.

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