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Episode 29 - 9/11/2022 - HOH and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother, since week one Michael absolutely dominated the game racking up three HOH wins and a record breaking 6 veto victories! So with Michael holding all the power, he wanted Terrance gone. Michael’s closest ally thought he screwed up by not going after a bigger target, but two of his biggest threats made him a team-up offer. At the live eviction, DJ Showtime caught the first bus to jury, but he would not be going alone. With the power back up for grabs, Turner turned it up and he appeared to stay true to his newly formed guys alliance. But after Monte won the veto, he told Turner it was time to take a shot at Michael. With Alyssa being saved, Michael felt betrayed. In a hail Mary speech, Michael sold out his BB bff but it didn’t change the lawyers verdict. Now, with only five remaining the game kicks into overdrive. Watch the drama you didn’t see that led to Michael’s eviction. Plus, a new HOH is up for grabs. All this tonight on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 65 after the double eviction and Brittany feels betrayed by what Michael said in his speech. She hopes he sits in jury house and realizes that he took it too far. He did not have to do that because she played a messy game for herself and for him.


Turner says he did not want to take the only other LGBT person in the house, but at the end of the day it was a game decision and hates that he said that. Monte says getting Michael out was huge and he is so happy that it happened. Turner is glad but it was not the plan.


Turner is saying his third HOH is incredible and his target is Brittany with Alyssa as a pawn. We see Turner assuring Alyssa that Michael is on board with getting Brittany out. We then see him talk to Brittany and tell her that Alyssa is the target.


We see Michael in talking to Turner and he agrees that he is ok with Brittany going home and then Monte comes in and he is on board also to get Brittany out. Turner says he locked in nominations. All he has to do now is win veto and keep them the same.


Monte can’t believe he beat Michael in a veto competition. He knows that he made a deal with Turner and Michael but there might not be another chance to take out Michael.


We see Monte telling Turner they need to take the shot now. Turner says Monte needs to make sure everyone is on board so this does not backfire. Monte says he has a ton of respect for Michael in the game and as a person so he has to tell him he is going up.


Michael is telling Monte he could have taken a shot at him three times and he did not do it. He says he does not have Kyle’s vote or Joseph’s vote. He tells Monte that he will not make F2 unless he wins his way to the end. Michael says this is not respect.


Turner is talking to Brittany about Michael maybe going up and going home and she is emotional. We see Monte apologizing to Michael again and he says he needs to go campaign.


Michael grabs Taylor and Alyssa and he says he has had Taylor’s block and never let her touch the block on his HOH. He hopes Alyssa votes to keep him. He tells them this is Monte’s resume move and they need to take it away from him.


We see Monte use the POV to take Alyssa down and Turner stands Michael says Turner is safe if he does not do this. Monte cannot believe they did but they need to secure his ticket to the jury house.


Taylor and Monte hug and she says they are not sitting second. Turner comes in and says he is there for them. Michael tells Alyssa that Brittany does not have her back and she is lying about her profession.


Alyssa says she does not know what is going on with Michael but he is trashing his number one ally and she has very little time to figure it out. Michael walks in and tells Taylor he has her back and Turner and Monte would be on the block if he wins HOH.


Michael tells Turner he is disgusted with him because he said he would never take out an LGBT person and Turner says that was manipulation. We see Michael’s F2 speech and Brittany is emotional and says she expected that from other people but not him.


We see Michael being evicted and then leaving and Taylor says they could not let him stay. Brittany says she understands and she knew this was coming. She is angry that Michael went out the way he did because it does not make sense.


Alyssa is so grateful to still be here and it is time to regroup and charge to the end of the game. The five get up to go to the memory wall and Turner says just think how proud our families are that we made it this far.


Monte says since Turner cannot play in this HOH he has to bring it home so he can make it to the end. Turner says he knows he is safe with Monte and he feels solid with Alyssa. He has a good relationship with Taylor so now he has to work on Brittany to cover his bases.


Monte says he is going crazy in this HOH comp and Turner says they do not have to worry about Alyssa. Taylor says Turner’s third HOH and Michael had three HOH’s. She says Turner has to go up and he has to be worried because he took out the biggest target.


Taylor says she needs to win this HOH because she does not want to be a pawn in anyone else’s game and her next move would be to take out the next biggest target. Goodnight Turner.


Turner is talking to Brittany and she says it sucks cause she has no game right now and she is pretty sure she is next. Turner says if Brittany wins she could put up with him and Monte and he is not ok with that.


Brittany says Turner has done nothing but cause her pain in this game. She says he has been HOH three times and she has been on the block three times. Should she win HOH, he will be the first person she is going after.


Brittany is talking to Alyssa and Alyssa says Michael was angry and he will talk to people and come back to his senses. Brittany says knows what Michael says was for game purposes and they will be friends outside of this. Alyssa tells her to get her head back in the game.


It is time for the HOH! They will play this competition one at a time, but be careful, there is a killer on the loose! The HG must find six doors in a house and board them. The fastest HG to board all the doors and throw the alarm will be the next HOH!


Brittany says she needs to win this HOH because Turner just took out her best friend and put her on the block every time he was HOH. She says there are not enough fingers on her hand to list the reasons Turner needs to go.


Brittany is making her way through and she has two doors done. She is feeling around the for the board for the next door and she has no idea what she is touching. She grabs the board from the bathtub and goes to board the door.


Brittany says it is so dark and she is struggling to get the fourth door boarded. She gets it done and moves on and says it is a very odd house, and very creepy. She has the fifth door done and just needs the last one.


She finds the last door and has to find the board. She finds the alarm and she says she has to remember that location. She gets the board and she is done and she pulls the alarm and she is done.


Monte is next and he quickly gets the first door done. Monte says the goo is god awful. It is thick and sticky and pulling his pants down, but he is not letting git slow him down. Monte has three doors done and he gets freakout at one point and moves on.


Monte says he does not do scary movies, haunted houses, or horror in general. Monte now has five doors done and he is moving on to the final room. He gets scared again and says you guys are killing me. He has the last door and finally finds the alarm.


Taylor says this is her actual nightmare. She says if she wants to keep up with the boys she has to win this and take out the next biggest target. She gets the first door done and she is freaking out and she is not sure she can do it.


She starts to panic and says this is terrifying. Taylor thought her eyes would adjust but there is no way to see anything in this. She decides to put herself first and bow out of the competition and she goes back out the front door and times out.


Alyssa is next and she is moving. She hears a girl say someone save me and Alyssa says I can’t girl. She has three doors done and says stay out boogie man. She moves on and she has five doors done but she does not have know how many she has done.


Alyssa finds another plank and she finds a door she has already barricaded. She thinks she has the doors but she cannot find the alarm. She says she’s been looking for this alarm for what feels like ten minutes.


Time to see how everyone did! Taylor’s time was one hour. Alyssa’s time is 22:24 and is currently in the lead. Monte’s time was 15:15 and is now in the lead. It comes down to Monte and Brittany. Britany’s time is 15:24. Monte is the new HOH!


Monte says he is hyped right now and he ensures himself final four. He says hopefully there will not be much drama this week. Turner says he is stoked and hopefully they can take out a girl and get one step closer to the F2.


Brittany was hoping she could win for this Michael and she was 9 seconds away. She is not giving up but she has not had to play this game with Michael and she does not know what she looks like.


Taylor is disappointed she could not finish, but she is not ok and now she has to deal with the consequences and emotions of not completing that HOH. Alyssa is in Monte’s HOH room and they are talking about his basket.


Monte says options are limited, but right now there is no way he putting up Taylor or Turner. So unless he hears something amazing from Alyssa and Brittany, then he does not have any other options. Monte says he has a great relationship with Turner and Taylor.


Alyssa wants to work with Monte and hopefully her putting her trust in him and going on the block will show that. Monte says if she heard anything about him going next week he hopes she would talk to him. Alyssa says she is a team player.


Monte says he is telling Alyssa is a pawn, but she could be a good target. She has a lot of friends in the jury house…Jasmine, Indy, and Kyle, and that could make her a huge target.


Brittany is talking to Monte and she says now she is playing completely for herself. She needs to convince Monte someone else wants him gone and there are bigger targets in the house.


Brittany tells him the only person she has heard say his name is Alyssa and we see a conversation between Alyssa and Brittany on Day 63 and Alyssa says Monte is a threat. Monte says it feels like Brittany is saying what she has to.


Monte says he is not set on any decision at this point and Brittany says she appreciates that. Taylor is in to talk to Monte and she asks where his head is at and he tells her he told the girls they are going on the block.


Monte feels good about having a F2 with Turner but he feels good with Taylor because she does not hold things back from him. Monte says Alyssa is more of a threat in F2, but is Brittany a risk? He feels like Alyssa would be the ideal person to go.


Taylor feels really comfortable with Monte as HOH but she thinks there is a bigger target. Monte says Turner’s resume is stacked and he is a shield for them. He says he cannot help if Taylor wins the veto and uses that power to take Brittany down.


Monte says if Taylor wants it to happen, then she has to take matters into her own hands and win that veto and force Turner up and then she and Brittany can take the shot and his hands are clean. He cannot control that situation and Turner cannot blame him.


It is time for the nomination ceremony! Monte’s first nominee is…Brittany. His second nominee is…Alyssa. He nominated Brittany because of lapses in communication last week and Alyssa because they have been at a distance.


Monte nominated Brittany because he cannot trust her and Alyssa because she has a lot of friends in jury but he is open minded. He says if Taylor wants Turner out then she needs to win veto and force his hand.


Alyssa is tired of being a pawn in everyone else’s game and she is trying to keep her eye on the prize. Brittany says she knows there are bigger targets and she knows her game depends on it. She needs to win and she will.


Taylor is happy with the nominees and she wants to win veto so she can take the shot herself and make a big move. Turner says he is a great spot with these nominations and he is excited to move forward.

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