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Episode 27 - 9/7/2022 - Veto Competition and Ceremony

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Previously, on Big Brother, with Turner in power, he had a plan to backdoor Michael, but Michael made a promise he wouldn’t target Turner next. With Michael winning the veto, the backdoor plan was put on the back burner, and Kyle went up instead leading to the house unanimously sending him to jury. At a battle for power, everyone was gunning for Michael, but Michael secured his safety yet again. Brittany and Michael discussed the danger of leaving Turner in the game, but Michael refused to break his promise. At the nomination ceremony, Terrance didn’t take things too well, but Brittany still had her mind on a bigger target. Tonight, BB Comics are back. Who will rise to the super occasion and win the POV? And will it be used to save Alyssa or DJ Showtime? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 59 and Michael has nominated Terrance and Alyssa and he thinks the people out at Dyre Fest had a plan to backdoor last week. He thinks people are looking at Terrance as a good person to take to the F2 and that cuts his chacnes in half.


Terrance says he was not even in power last week, Turner was, and he is not going to be holding the bag for someone else. Turner is stoked that Michael honored his promise and he needs to make sure no one comes off the block with the veto.


Brittany does not understand why Michael will not consider putting Turner up because he is the biggest danger to their game next week. Alyssa says she needs to make sure she is not the target this week. Michael tells her she is not his target but she is close to Terrance.


Michael tells Alyssa he is open to the veto being used to take her down but really he would rather it not be used so he does not have to name a replacement nominee. Alyssa says that makes her feel good hearing that.


Alyssa is talking to Turner and he is commiserating with her for being on the block. Alyssa relays her conversation with Michael and she says it has been a long week. Alyssa tells Turner she does not understand why Terrance was laughing.


Turner tells Alyssa he hopes Terrance does not tell Michael anything. He says if Terrance were to go to Michael that would put a huge target over his head. So he needs to throw him under the bus with peace and love.


Terrance goes to talk to Michael and he says he knows this does not feel good but he is aware there was a potential backdoor plan last week when he won a veto. Terrance asks who would have implemented that and Michael says the HOH. Terrance does not deny the plan.


Terrance feels like he can play the game from another stand point to make sure the right people win it and he is going to start his game at jury. He says he lost a lot of respect for how everything is going. He does not like the way Michael is playing the game.


Michael understands that Terrance is going to do what he feels is right by having conversations with the jury about his game and if he thinks threatening him that way is going to change his mind, then he is mistaken.


Michael is talking to Brittany, Turner, and Taylor and he tells Turner that Terrance told him about the backdoor plan. He then relays the rest of the conversation. Turner says he missed his chance to get in front of Terrance but he can still pin it all on him.


Michael does not fully believe Turner that it was all Terrance’s backdoor plan last week but he made a promise and that is the only reason he is not trying to send Turner home.


Turner is talking to Monte about being bisexual. Monte says he would like to learn more and become educated. Turner talks about how most people want to define things in black and white and people say it is not legitimate.


Turner talks about coming out to his parents and how accepting they were. Monte says he always looks for opportunities to learn and Turner is a one in a million sort of individual and he loves and respects him.


It is time to pick players for the Veto Competition! Michael is hoping Monte has to sit out because he does not want to name a replacement nominee. He picks first and draws…Monte. Monte says this is awesome so he can show America he can beat Michael.


Alyssa draws Brittany. Terrance draws HG choice and Turner is hoping Terrance will pick him because he could be a replacement nominee. Terrance selects Taylor. Terrance can tell Turner is surprised but he is taking the bag for a plan he instituted so he cannot trust him.


Turner is talking to Alyssa and he says what was that. Alyssa says she was confused and Turner says maybe he is hoping for a backdoor and Alyssa says that would not happen. Turner says he has been throwing him under the bus but he could be in on a plan.


Brittany and Terrance are talking and he is wondering if Alyssa wins and comes down, who would he put up? Brittany says she does not genuinely know. She does not have a reason to vote out Terrance because he has never been after her.


Brittany says she knows that Terrance is Michael’s target but he is not her target because Terrance being evicted might be good for Michael’s game but not her game. If one of them were to come down, then it forces Michael to nominate someone else.


Michael is talking to Brittany about Terrance selecting Taylor. Brittany wishes they had not promised Turner safety. Michael says he knows the best game move is to get Turner out but he made a promise last week. But first, lets see how the veto shakes out.


It is time for the Veto Competition! It is BB Comics! Alyssa is out first and she reads that she has to fly down a zipline and peek at the comics. She has to match the BB Comics to the order and the exact artwork. The HG to complete in the shortest time will win POV!


Alyssa’s strategy to find the differences in the comics themselves. We see The Brazilian Waxer for Indy and Shredded for Joseph and she quickly spots the differences. She says the differences are very slight but this competition will not be her kryptonite.


Alyssa loves her comic which is. She has Old McDaniel. We See Rep-Kyle and she says Kyle does not have a curvy tongue. She is confident about the comics except Pooch’s comic. She guesses and is wrong and she makes the chance and locks in her time.


Taylor is out next. She wants to win to keep nominations the same and she needs to build her resume. She decides to get the order right first and then focus on the small details. We see PoTaylor Chip and she loves it. She locks in and has four wrong.


Taylor says Joseph’s abs are something else. She makes a change then another ride on the zipline and an order change she locks in her time and she is correct.


Brittany hopes Alyssa or Terrance wins this veto so they can take themselves down and maybe they can get out a more strategic target. She says swinging through the air is fun but falling to the earth like a sack of potatoes is not fun.


We see the A-Beer-ah comic and the Britt-flea and she will take that any day of the week. She locks in her time and she has several wrong. We see The Short Order Cook which is Nicole, and Brittany says that was accurate.


Monte is up next and he wants to win so Alyssa or Terrance do not come down and he cannot be the replacement nominee. His strategy is to go as slow as he can on the zipline to get as much information as possible.


Monte says Indy’s comic is super cool and then we see the Count of Monte Twisto and he loved Team America but he is confused because he does not have any former secret powers. He locks in and has one wrong and it is Joseph’s comic. He rides again and is correct.


Michael is up next and wants to win to make sure he keeps nominations the same and send Terrance out of here. There was a time he was worried he would be seen as a threat because he won so much but they are way past that now so no holding back.


Michael’s comic is Copy Cat and he would love to have that super power in real life and loves his comic. He has trouble finding the differences in Brittany’s comic and finally finds it. He locks in and has one wrong and it is Indy’s comic and he fixes it and locks in.


Terrance is the last to go and he needs to win to get off the block and absolutely come after Michael. He says the zipline is a lot faster and higher than he thought. We Turner’s Rug of War comic. He has a DJ Snowtime comic and he says he looks good.


We see Jasmine’s Sprainiac comic with a partially eaten muffin. Terrance says Turner looks dirty but he does shower…every other day. Terrance has several wrong so he has to go again and figure out the order. He begins moving things around so he can be done.


It is time to see their final times! Terrance’s time is 25:19 and he is currently in the lead. Alyssa’s time is 13:37 with her taking the lead. Brittany hopes Alyssa wins so she can push for a bigger move. Michael is hoping she does not win.


Taylor’s time is 12:13 and she is now in the lead and she wants to hold onto it. Brittany’s time is 13:35. Taylor is still in the lead. Monte’s time is 13:58 and it comes down to Taylor and Michael. Michael’s time is 9:06 and he wins the POV!


Michael says he won his sixth veto of the summer and he broke the record set by Janelle. He says now his only option is to keep winning. Alyssa is disappointed she did not win and she hopes Michael was telling the truth that she is not his target.


Monte says surprise, surprise. He says Michael is a comp beast. He wants to make sure he survives this week so he can win HOH next week and take a shot at Michael. Terrance says Michael is a runaway freight train and he has a few tricks up his sleeve.


Brittany says so Michael wins the veto and that means there is virtually no chance he will change nominations. But she is going to talk to him and try to make him see Terrance is not the biggest threat to his game and maybe get out a bigger target.


Turner is talking to Brittany and she wants to know who Turner thinks he can sit next to and win. Brittany says Michael is the biggest target and she needs a backup plan in case she cannot make final two with him. Turner says he feels like they are vying for second place.


Brittany says she cannot believe she is talking like this and he is her best friend but she does not think they can beat Michael. Turner is not sure why she thinks he would be willing to go with her to the end if she is willing to flip on her closest ally.


Brittany says it is interesting that Turner told her that Monte wants to target Michael and that is the ammunition she needs. She says maybe Turner and Monte are working together. If Michael will not go after Turner, then maybe he will go after Monte instead of Terrance.


Brittany goes to talk to Michael and tells him she thinks Turner and Monte are working together and she thinks they are going to try and target Michael. Michael says he knows people are going to come after him and he feels like getting Terrance out is best for his game.


Turner heads upstairs and he says if Michael has the veto and if it were him he would try to backdoor him. We see him fall on the stairs and he is going to share that conversation he had with Brittany.


Turner is talking to Michael about him hearing that people do not want to sit next to Michael because they will be second place. Then he tells him it was Brittany and Michael says he knows Brittany is a superfan and that tells him a lot.


Michael says this is frustrating because Brittany is going into panic mode. And when she panics she talks too much and risks leaking information and since they are closely aligned that could be bad for his game.


It is time for the Veto Meeting! Michael has decided not to use the POV! He loves and respects them both and he encourages them to campaign and do everything they can to stay here.


Michael says he kept his promise and did not put Turner up and he hopes he will not come after him. Hopefully Brittany will win HOH and keep them safe but if not he will be gunning for his seventh veto.


Brittany is frustrated that Michael would not go after Turner but she hopes she can win for them because she does not want to play the game without him. Alyssa is going to do what she can to stay and send Terrance home.


Terrance says he is on the block but he has ice in his veins and he is going to figure out how to stay. Turner says he was not backdoored so he is safe for another week. Tomorrow is a double eviction and two will be sent packing!!!

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