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Episode 26 - 9/4/2022 - HoH and Nominations

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Previously on BB, Kyle worried there could be an alliance forming, which left Michael/Brittany feeling uncomfortable. With the rug maker weaving victory, he reformed his old Pound alliance with Monte and Kyle, and they wanted to take out the biggest threat in the game. With a BD plan underway, it was a do or die Veto comp for Michael, and he got his 5th taste of the golden power. After sitting on what Kyle said for a couple of weeks, Michael/Brittany thought now was the time to let the house know & it left the house very upset with Kyle.

This all led to a House Meeting where Kyle was held accountable, but Michael/Brittany came under fire. At the Veto mtg, Michael saved his closest ally, sealing Kyle's fate. Looking ahead, Monte/Taylor discussed their next target. At the live eviction, the House was united sending Kyle to jury. With the power back up for grabs, ZingFest began. Tonight, who will become the new HoH and who will be targeted for eviction? Plus, ZingBot is back to roast the Final 7. All this, right now, on BB!

Day 58, the HoH comp starts. Everyone but Turner is competing. Alyssa feels alone in the game without Kyle. She or terrance need to win HoH. Michael says the stakes are higher than ever. He's hoping one of the Big Brochella group wins HoH. Turner says he fees great with the Dyre Fest HG, so he's hoping Terrance/Alyssa will win and they can take a shot at Michael. A montage of all HG (except Britt) saying Michael has to go. Michael has all his puzzle pieces across the yard and begins assembling the 3D puzzle.

Alyssa has her pieces and is looking at them on the ground to figure out how to assemble them. The pieces are double-sided so they can't just go on shape. Britt says this is one of the most important HoH's of the game for she & Michael. He has a huge target on his back. If they can't get Michael out, Britt worries, they may come after her. Taylor says she's assembling her puzzle on the ground first and then stacking and locking it in. But this is a math problem from h*ll.

Michael/Alyssa appear to be in the lead. Michael quickly tries piece after piece, making progress. Turner sees him taking the lead & does a sideways face plant. You got to be kidding me, Turner tells us, Michael is running away from this comp, giving me a feeling of dread.

Michael is 4 pieces away. None of the other HG are close. 3 pieces. Turner says I tried to BD Michael last week, so this is bad for my game. Are you kidding me, Taylor whispers as she sees Michael nearing completion. He's flying & is a comp beast, she says. She has 1 piece.

Michael is down 2. One piece. Last piece. Michael runs back to the buzzer and wins his third HoH, falling over in his uncecessary haste. He jumps up and down. Britt says good job. Monte says dang. Terrance looks disgusted. Fake hugs of congratulations all around.

Michael tells us he knows he has to win if he wants to stay and now he can. There weren't a lot of happy faces. I don't know if the other HG were sick of him winning or how fast he did it. The faux celebration continues as the HG go back inside. 

I didn't have a shot in h*ll at winning, Monte says, he was too fast, but I feel pretty safe. But it sucks I couldn't BD Michael. He still thinks this Big Brochella thing is still a group, so hopefully he sticks with that. The HG express excitement for ZingBot. 

In the SR, Michael/Brittany celebrate. The strategy was win, she tells him, and you won. And now there's no more not playing Vetos. Michael excitedly nods yes. If this were any other week, he tells us, Turner would be his target. But he gave him his word last week to not send him home (if he puts up Kyle) and I plan on sticking to that. As a Superfan, put your game first, but it's different in the game & this transcends the game.

This is going to happen, Brittany tells Michael, we can do this. We are Top 6, Michael promises. She celebrates in the DR. I know he wins a million times, I shouldn't be surprised but I should be this excited. Taylor and I are safe this week. It pays to be Michael's BF.

Taylor enters the SR and the celebratory dance with Michael/Britt begins again. Michael promises her Top 6 as well. Taylor tells us she's celebrating because Michael says she's safe but she's bummed she couldn't take her shot at him this week. But his time will come. Michael says we three (Michael/Britt/Taylor) decide what happens this week. In the KT, Monte whispers to Turner, wow. Turner says he thought that would happen. Monte tells him he glance over once and they were even, then a second time and he was done. 

Turner hopes either he or Monte will win next week. Now we just have to make sure we stay off the block, Monte replies. If Monte isn't nom, they have to make sure the Veto doesn't get used. Another week of Michael being safe, Turner groans in DR, and we can't get him out. He promised me safety this week but can we get something Michael won't win? As long as Alyssa/Terrance doesn't win Veto, Monte tells Turner... They probably won't, answers Turner.

In the Space BR, Alyssa discusses her ZingBot outfit with Taylor. She shakes her head and Taylor rolls her eyes. The right thing is not the easy thing, she says. I never wanted to vote you out, but that (voting out Kyle) was the hardest thing I've had to do. You're more than OK, Taylor tells Alyssa, you are super strong and it's not weak to show emotion, especially for someone you like. He just succumbed to some ugly thoughts that came into his head. We all have ugly thoughts, she sways, it's what we do with them that matters. 

Do you think I'm the only one who voted out their showmance, Alyssa asks Taylor? They laugh. The things we do for love, she says. Kyle and I made amends before he left, she tells us, so we're on good terms but we'll have to wait until after the show to see where we go. Now I can be my own person, Alyssa tells Taylor. 

In the Cars BR, Monte tells Terrance he'll have to crack one open tonight. Over before it started, Terrance says, but next week, he's vulnerable. But he can play Veto, Monte reminds him. He'll just coast, Terrance realizes. Yeah, Terrance recites in the DR, congratulations Michael. There's no stopping this kid. But I'm still going to fight, he says, I'm ready. Monte tells Terrance he (Michael) has to win every Veto. He's going to slip once. I'll make sure to catch him. 

It's crazy, Monte admits, I'm not confident in what I'm saying, he smiles, but he has to slip once. Just one time. After that, let's just say I pray. 

The HG are laying around in the Space BR and Cars BR when a voice rings out: Losers! It's me! I've finally arrived! The HG all rush to the BR for ZingBot. Don't keep me waiting, ZingBot says, Zing Zing! HG quickly throw on clothing and shoes and head outside. We're about to get humbled, Monte says. Britt explains who ZingBot is (Google it if you need a primer). They are all excited to be zinged. The harsher the better, Taylor tells us. The ZingBot 9000 is on the BY balcony as the HG assemble below. Zing-a-dee-zing!

Turner, it seems you used to be a van lifer. It seems you've been everywhere except... The Shower! Zing! Hey, Michael protests, he showered twice in one day once! In the DR, he says Turner's taken at least 3 showers this season. Turner tells us he showers every other day.

With all that's going on in the world, Zing tells the HG, there's some new Zinging guidelines. Masks are now optional, unless your face looks like... Michael! Cover that up, Zing! Zing-a-dee-zing-a-dee-zing! I asked ZingBot to drag me, Michael tells us, and drag me he did. Taylor tells us Michael has a wedding date and there's no ring on ZingBot's finger, so fix your own face. 

Monte, ZingBot says, I hear you're good at impressions. In fact, I've been working on my Monte impression. Are you ready? ZingBot's voice drops a couple octaves and slows down to a crawl: I'm... Monte... And... I'm... So... Boring... (back to normal) Zing! Why did you do that to me, Monte mock cries, I'm just a man! How could I be boring, Monte asks us, if I'm good at impersonations?

In the BY, Terrance does The Robot and ZingBot mimic's the moves. I heard the BB BY was hot, but this is brutal, ZingBot says, I could really use something icy and cold. Could I borrow your... Taylor? Zing! Taylor nods, she was expecting that, and does a courtsey. I'm from Michigan, she tells us, all she knows is the cold (MI in the summer can be dang hot too). Confirmation check, she says, I am an ice queen. 

OMG, says ZingBot, it's DJ Showtime! You are so popular in the underground because that's where they find... fossils! Zing! Turner says it's no secret Terrance is the oldest HG but you're not supposed to say it out loud! 

Alyssa, Zing sings out, when I see you, I can't help but think of a heavy winter coat in the desert. Dead weight & completely useless. Alyssa falls to the ground felled by the zing. Monte/Taylor pretends to resuscitate her CPR. Zing Zing, Zing! Brutal, says Taylor. That was heavy, Terrance says in DR. Whoah, there, Nelly, Alyssa says in the BY, I deserved that.

Brittany, Zing says, I have a song for you: (music) Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those peepers. Seriously, where do you get those crazy <bleep> eyes? The HG cannot believe that ZingBot just said. What, Brittany asks, stunned? The HG are all laughing. Do I have crazy eyes, Britt asks? The HG confide in us that Britt can have very intense eyes when she's trying to get information. Turner always thought she could shoot lasers out of her eyes. Those things are just waiting to pop. 

I wish I could zing you all night, ZingBot says, but I'll be honest, You're all a little hard to... look at! Zing! Later, losers! Zing-a-dee-zing-a-dee-zing!

In the loft, Turner asks Monte if he's good. 100%, Monte assures him, good for 5, but if they can take out Britt, they should. If the Jury has to choose between Michael/Britt, he's going to win. If it's Michael and you, me or Taylor, there might be enough ruckus in the Jury.

The jury might feel that was pretty low what they did to Kyle. They were trying to play the saints of the situation but they didn't make any mistakes. This was calculated. They 100% forced your hand. While saying it was not good for their game, Turner notes. Monte realizes Michael/Britt would never take him to F2. We have to get them out soon or all our games are tanked. I have to make the first move. If there's a spot to take at Britt, not out of spite but because it was not a good social move...

It was the most f*cked up BB move ever, Turner agrees to Monte. Turner tells us he has to target Michael/Britt for his own game. They withheld info from the house and Michael is a comp beast. We just need to win one Veto, Turner says, that's it. One Veto, Monte agrees.

Taylor/Britt are the only ones awake in the KT. Taylor says the three of them (Michael/Taylor/Britt) have to win Veto at 6 and at 5. Britt worries about next week because Turner gets to play. Taylor tells us there's only a few weeks left and if you're not thinking endgame, you're thinking JH. It's time to strategize. In the KT, Taylor proposes F2 with Britt. He finished that puzzle before I knew it, Britt says. He will be beat, Taylor assures Britt.

It would be great, though, Britt tells Taylor, if we didn't have to do it. Taylor agrees - Monte does it, then we take out Monte. But whoever does do it, Britt realizes, that's a major resume booster. He has to be the one to do it. 

In DR, Taylor says everyone knows the only way to win is to take out Michael. But that person could coast to the end of the game with a huge resume. I wouldn't mind being that person. I'm getting a little blood hungry. If you take out Michael too early, Britt warns, then people will target you. That's why we got to get Monte to do it and get us to F3, take him out and win this thing. Britt tells us she needs Taylor to feel safe and believing she'd take her over Michael. But I won't.

Britt says Michael is a great competitor but our games are inextricably connected, no one truly understands how much of a duo we've been since Day 2. This could happen, Britt tells Taylor, lasers darting out of her eyes. 

In the Golf BR, Alyssa's back still hurts and she stretches against the wardrobe. She looks like she's getting pat down, Monte jokes. She tell us nothing is helping her back. In the HNR, Britt leads her through a guided meditation for her back. Laying on the inflatable butterfly, Alyssa tells Britt there is pent up tension in her back. Britt tells us she's going to try to put her into a deep hypnotic state. Get nice and comfy, she says, deep breaths, let go. Imagine you are at the top of a beautiful staircase...

Be there now in your safe place. What do you notice there? A shadow face. Ask the shadow face why it's there. You will see a magical toolkit. She sees gloves. Use those magical gloves to put together the pieces, knowing your body has the exact blueprint it needs to heal. Open body and mind, feeling rejuvinated and strong. That was crazy, Alyssa says, I could actually feel myself looking at my body. That was amazing, thank you. The more you listen to the sound of my voice, Britt tells us, the safer you feel. Plus, she trusts me more now.

Time for 1-on-1's. Terrance is first. Michael is trying to get info from the other side of the house. If Terrance/Alyssa give him new info, it could impact his noms. Michael says he won't punish Turner for doing what he thought was the right thing. Michael tells us he'd lose respect from other HG if he went back on his word to Turner. Terrance says after learning about The Leftoers, he doesn't know where he fits in now. Michael presses him for what really happened at Dyre Fest. 

More was disclosed to him, Terrance tells Michael, than individual-wise. He talks around in circles, leaving Michael looking confused. I don't think he's telling me the whole truth, Michael tells us, he wants confirmation he was the BD target last week. 

Terrance tells us he's not ratting out his boy Turner. Michael says Terrance is telling him a lot without saying much at all. It's not helping him. In the WA, Turner asks Terrance if he mentioned the BD plan. No, he says. Thanks, bro, Turner says. Turner tells us if Michael finds out he was the BD plan last week, he could be totally screwed this week. 

Alyssa meets with Michael. He tries to get info from her as well. She is finally a free agent and playing for herself. She just hopes what he did doesn't rub off on her. Deadweight and useless, she tears up, how do I answer that? I want to work with you any way I can. Alyssa offers Michael something if he can keep it just between them. 100%, Michael promises. I feel wrong telling other people stuff, she tears up, but Kyle gave her somethng about game when he left to share with someone she trusts. 

Alyssa tells Michael about The Pound, with Michael/Joe/Kyle/Turner (Flash back to 16hrs before eviction when Kyle told her about it). They had a final 4, she tells Michael. Hopefully this will build trust, Alyssa tells us, because they have no game relationship at all. Michael says he speculated but didn't know for sure and thanks her for the confirmation. He tells us Kyle already leaked it to him on Day 40, just didn't provide the name. Unfortunately for Alyssa, that's not super useful info. I hope that builds trust, she tells him.

Turner is next with Michael. Turner says he feels disconnected from the rest of The Leftovers. He walks into the room and it's quiet and he feels he's the other side now. No, Michael assures him. The choice this week is Terrance/Alyssa. Absolutely, Turner agrees. When pressed, Turner says he likes Alyssa more, but either way. Terrance has thrown both Taylor and Monte's names around, Michael says. Turner notes Terrance blindsided him with the replacement nom and he's not happy about that. 

There is no reason Michael needs to know I tried to BD him last week, Turner tells us. I'm just telling him what he wants to hear. Turner says if he wins HoH next week, they'll both have 3 and can collaborate. Let's just go back and forth, Michael says with a smile. 

Turner tells Michael if he does win HoH next week, he won't go on the block. Michael appreciates that. Michael tells us he does not plan to trade the HoH key back and forth for the rest of the season. I don't trust you - you tried to take a shot at The Leftovers. Turner put up Taylor/Britt last week and he was probably a BD target. It would be best for my game if you weren't here anymore. 

Michael and Britt discuss Michael's HoH win. He told himself to be calm and just put it together. Nobody was excited, they noticed. Terrance is made. Is that still the plan? I want Terrance out this week, Michael confirms. But they may keep Alyssa sitting next to him. Britt says Turner is their biggest threat. She points out to us that Turner nominated her and Taylor and they know Michael was the BD target, and even though they promised Turner safety this week, Michael needs to explore all his options. 

Britt thinks they are done for when the mental comps come up. Britt tells us Turner is truly the biggest threat to Michael's game right now. Britt tells Michael it's OK to nom Alyssa/Terrance now, but if he, she or Taylor win Veto, they should think about a Turner BD.  Michael tells Britt he doesn't want to put Turner up. Michael tells us he knows Turner is a big threat and getting rid of him would be best for his game. Putting Kyle up last week wasn't the right move for his game, but it was the right thing to do. 

I don't want the lesson to be if you do the right thing, you get punished for it, Michael explains to us. I'm weighing whether to put my morals or my game first. Britt tells him if they can get Turner out, it will be smooth sailing. 

It is time for noms. Michael turns the first key to nominate Terrance. He turns the second key to nom Alyssa. He heard there were plans where he wasn't highest on Terrance's priority list for who you want to work with. Terrance interrupts laughing at Michael's reason.

I'm sorry, Terrance says, that's BS. Michael is taken aback at Terrance's brazenness. Monte struggles to hold back a grin. Taylor is stone faced. Alyssa looks at Michael with daggers in her eyes as he says she withheld info from him until he had power which concerns him. Michael offers to talk to each of them in more depth and Terrance chuckles again. There's going to be a lot of convos this week, Terrance says and Taylor does break into a smirk. Michael adjourns the meeting, clearly unhappy with the disrespect of his HoH moment.

Michael tells us he nom Terrance/Alyssa because he has the least game relationship w/them. Terrance has not been trustworthy to him - Terrance knew he was a BD target last week. If he's not working with him, he's working against him. Time to throw DJ Showtime under the bus.

This has been the week from h*ll, Alyssa tells us. I was hoping to not see my face on the Mem Wall and there it is. But I'll prove ZingBot wrong - I am not just a winter jacket in the desert. 

I feel good with Michael and his noms, Britt says, but if either win Veto, Turner would be a smart target because he's a beast at comps. I don't want to have to compete agains him next week for HoH. 

Terrance tells us Michael's speech is BS. I didn't tell Michael everythign he wanted to hear so this trivial reason is why he put me on the block. This is hilarious. I'm going to win that Veto and come after him.

Who will conquer BB Comics and win the Power of Veto, and will it be used to save Alyssa or DJ Showtime from eviction? Find out Wed night at 8pm ET on Big Brother!

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