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BB is no longer relavent

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This now, prolly always has been, a producer scripted message vehicle.  Lessee...last year, script was racially driven as many shows were racially or lgbtq driven. Xavier had to win and so he did. BTW, he was the right choice anyway. BUT, he was part of an alliance built  around race, specifically to advance a poc not just to the final 6 but to the winner circle

Kyle saw the beginning of a possible repeat of the highly successful cookout and tried to build an alliance that might stand up to it. He was wrong in the reasoning but absolutley correct in that an alliance had formed which just so happened be mostly poc. The show producers likely decided woke white privelage  ratings events don't organically just happen so they engineered Kyle's ouster with a finishing "l love you and I am sure we can be friends AFTER we evict you." from Taylor. Kyle never said he wanted to build an anti-poc alliance but only that he had noticed similarities between the cookout alliance which WAS driven by racism but Kyle made the mistake of mentioning the "r" word completely forgetting he was white and consequently, not allowed to do that, thus his eviction. Question: what would have happened if Kyle had said " I will never nominate a white person for the chopping block" like Taylor did RE nomination  of a black person? Quite simply, BB would have been canceled for airing it and Kyle would have made a Fox News segment with Tucker Carlson. Anyway, TYLER'S racism is acceptable and Kyle temerity of even mentioning "that" word is wholly unforgivable. 

All that said the real hero here was Monte, who knew of course, 1) Kyle was not a racist and 2) the real villain, Michael, was cherry picking woke causes to manipulate the game in his favor. Right? C'mon don't be mad..think it thru...am I right? Sure I am. Monte will win like Xavier before him because the producers likely picked a winner 5 weeks ago. The good news is that Monte deserves the win if he can just avoid the producers desires of more woke ratings, completely  forgetting or ignoring the fate of BB via "Go woke, go broke". Let's see what happens.

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rbr333, I agree, they've gotten bold and are very brazen about it too. Knowing the production is 'feeding' Terrence, Taylor, and Monte "tidbits" about the BB Comic 'meaning' but yet pulling the "You're not allowed to talk about production" card when Terrence and Taylor try to tell Alyssa and Turner about it - BLOWS MY MIND!  I see now who is "pushing the race card" in this game.  Makes me wonder if they 'directed' Michael and Britney when or if to say something about Kyle.  
And who does Michael trust more right now?  Monte, Taylor, and Terrence?  Or Turner, Alyssa, Britney?  After what Turner revealed to Michael last night about Britney wanting Michael out and about the girls forming a 'girl alliance', does Michael believe him, does he still trust Britney? Will he change his mind and use PoV to take Terrence off and put up Taylor or Britney? Will BB plan to keep Monte, Terrence, and Taylor "in the know" backfire with what Turner revealed to Michael about his and Britney's wee early morning conversation?  The pitch Turner gave Michael was very strong and logical.  
I did notice when Turner first began to relate that Britney wanted Michael gone, Michael became very fidgety and almost nervous-like, then after the ''all guy alliance" pitch from Turner, Michael stated that he felt so "relieved" after learning everything Turner had told him and the all guy alliance and he became more relaxed and no more fidgeting.  
I waited as long as I could to watch Michael's convo with Britney, but BB had her in the DR for a very long time and it was after 4am here (East Coast).  I'm wondering how that talk went and how BB is going to spin this all back in their favor for whatever agenda they have going.   We shall see, I guess.

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I've never seen Tough as Nails but The Challenge is an almost incoherent battle of reality egos and not very entertaining to the masses. If you don't watch the shows from which the rejects are drawn, if you aren't familiar with the backstories driving the narratives, if you find the contrived game logic confusing, this show won't make any sense.


I don't know what definition you have for reality TV, but when you bring in a group of HG from all walks of life, you are going to get all walks of life experiences, and they are going to interact and conflict and reflect the world in which we live.


And that world is messy. The reality is that Kyle did name a counter alliance to his suspected Cookout 2.0 alliance that was all white HG. He probably didn't even realize it - it's called unconciouis bias - and the way Michael/Brittany spun the story, it was clear what narrative they wanted the HG to take away from it. And in that sense, it worked, but it also backfired. There are consequences for playing the race card and Michael is about to face them when he arrives in the Jury House.

As for Kyle, he's done a good job for accepting responsibility for not thinking his comments through and more importantly, for listening and trying to understand to how the other HG and the jurors were impacted. It demonstrates more about Kyle's character, especially since he doesn't have a PR doctor guiding him through how to spin this. And Big Brother has fairly shown this aspect of Kyle as well.

At the same time, Big Brother hasn't hidden the suspicion and disgust of the other HG against Michael for playing the race card, and the jury was quick to come to the same conclusion without Kyle defensively pointing the finger at someone else. Again, that speaks to Kyle's character. And the way Michael left the game tonight speaks volumes about his own character.


BB showed it all and fans will come to their own conclusions.

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