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Episode 23 - 8/28/2022 - HOH competition and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother, first came the Pound alliance, which grew into the dominant Leftovers alliance. With the game split in two, four of the Leftovers were running the show at Big Brochella and Jasmine was the easy target. Meanwhile at Dyre Fest Kyle outed the Leftovers solidifying Joseph as DJ Showtime’s top target. Siezing an opportunity, Kyle, Truner, Alyssa, and Terrance created a final four and the After Party was ready to turn it up. Joseph tried to save his game, but he crashed and burned. At the first eviction of the split house twist, Jasmine received a butter bean bon voyage and at the second eviction of the night, Joseph and his incredible abs were sent to jury. Then for the first time in a week the final eight were reunited. Tonight, will the After Part go to war with the Leftover Leftovers. Plus who will be stacked with the most crucial HOH of the season? Plus which two HG will hit the block? All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 51 with the HG reuniting after the split house twist and Michael says whoever comes through the door could make or break their game. Monte sees that Alyssa is here and Michael knows one of the Leftovers is gone.


Monte says Joe was evicted and he is not sure how this happened and Joseph was his number one in his game. He needs to find out what happened at Dyre Fest so he can find out what happened.


Turner says Jasmine is finally out of this freaking house and out of his head. Kyle says he made it through Dyre Fest but he betrayed the rest of the Leftovers and who knows what will happen.


Taylor says having Joseph in house was a priceless experience and he should have been there longer. The rest of the house celebrates making it to the final eight. Taylor gets emotional and she is upset she could not hug him and say goodbye.


Michael goes to check on Taylor and says lets get to the bottom of this and he wants to pass the key to her and she can get revenge for Joseph. Brittany suggests going over what happened and Alyssa talks about waking up with ants on her face.


Alyssa, Kyle, and Turner talk about the elements and the bugs and Monte says it sounded like a punishment. Brittany says that sounded miserable and she is grateful she was inside.


Alyssa and Michael are talking. Alyssa tells us her and Turner and Terrance and Kyle came up with the After Party and she says they came up with a plan to frame Joseph for his own eviction. Alyssa says she does not think Terrance really had Joseph as his target.


Turner asks Monte if Jasmine came close to winning veto and he says not even close. Turner says he realizes he is aligned with everyone in the house and he does not have anyone he dislikes so he needs to start selling that it was Joseph’s fault why he was evicted.


Turner pitches to Monte that Joseph was going rogue. We then see Terrance and Taylor talking and Terrance says he knows he is in the hot seat. Terrance says it is time to put everything on Joseph. Taylor says she thought Kyle was always the target.


Terrance tells Taylor that Joseph was saying things that just were not adding up. Taylor questions why Terrance was not trusting Joseph but put his trust in Kyle and Turner. She says something is not adding up here.


Brittany and Michael are talking to Kyle and Kyle tells us it is time to blame Joseph. Michael says hearing Kyle describe how Joseph was acting and he is questioning if it is the truth. He says Kyle could be spinning the story to his benefit.


It is time for the HOH competition and Terrance and Michael are dressed like rock stars. It is Carnismall, the smallest musical festival in the world. They have to stack microdrinks in a pyramid. They have to have a specific color order and they can only use tweezers.


The first HG to tack their 20 micro energy drinks correctly will win HOH! Taylor says Joseph took the time to acknowledge her as a human being and she is now super focused. Kyle says he did what he had to do and it is paramount they win this week.


Brittany says it is crucial she wins this HOH since Michael cannot play. She wants to target Terrance because he has been stepping up. Terrance is rooting for the After Party to win this HOH and he really needs his allies to win this HOH.


Turner says his mind is racing and he is at a crossroad because if he wins then he has to show his cards and divide the house again. He is going to go for it. Monte is making good progress and Turner is doing ok. Monte says this tiny HOH has so much power.


Taylor has two stacks done. Michael says she is locked and she knocks some drinks over. Alyssa is struggling on her second level. Turner is on level three but then knocks drinks over. Alyssa says she thought she had this in the bag but it is not easy at all.


Brittany says trying to figure out how to hold the giant tweezers if half the battle. Turner and Kyle are about the same spot and Monte is right behind. Kyle says he did not use a port-a-potty for a week to pass up moving in to HOH.


Kyle has one energy drink left but knocks over half his stack. Turner says he is in the zone and he is in his element and he thinks this is competition. Turner knocks his stacks over and has to start over on level 2. Monte is now in the lead and he wants to take his time.


Kyle has quickly caught back up to Monte and Monte knocks his stack over. Kyle is back to his final drink and he wants to make sure he and Alyssa are safe and clutch out one of the biggest wins of the season. He takes a deep breath and he has to start over.


Monte is back in the lead but Turner is close behind. Turner has one final drink and he places the last can and Turner has won HOH! He is the second two time HOH of the season. He went from living in the dirt to going to the HOH room and he has some big decisions to make.


Monte needs to check in with Turner and make sure the Leftovers are still a thing. He says there is a lot to think about this week with only eight people left in the game.


Turner says this is going to be a chaotic week. Terrance says the After Party is started. Kyle says he was close twice but he is glad someone from the After Party won and not someone from Brochella.


Michael says even though they lost a member last week there are still two HG outside of the Leftovers who should go on the block. Turner says all he can do is tell the Leftovers they are safe so they stay calm and do not freak out.


Turner tells Brittany, then Michael, then Monte that they are safe. Turner goes to talk to Taylor to see if she is ok about Joseph and Taylor says she knew that was a possibility and she feels for the guy but it is the game. Turner tells her she is good.


Alyssa is feeling safe this week and she could not be more excited. Kyle says Turner winning is huge and he is in multiple alliances with Turner plus they have a F2 so him winning is great for his game.


Terrance says he is safe with Turner in charge so he is going to sit back and let the record spin. Turner says no matter what he does he is going to make some enemies so he has to prioritize what is best for his game.


Turner is talking to Kyle about making the best decision that is what is best for them. Kyle says his gut is telling him that Michael and Brittany were very strategic and Turner asks if they can really trust that Alyssa or Terrance win the next HOH.


Kyle says Turner is suggesting to nominate his showmance and Terrance. Why? He says if they go with the Leftovers then his game is basically over. Kyle says their only option is to take a shot at one of those four and they agree they trust Monte the most.


Kyle says they need to talk to Monte about targeting Michael and Brittany and take the shot this week. Turner does not want to take a shot at the Leftovers but he is not sure Terrance and Alyssa can compete with some of the others who are left.


Monte is talking to Michael and Taylor and they are working on piecing things together on what happened to Dyre Fest. They are sharing the information they got from Alyssa and Terrance.


Taylor wants to believe the story but it is not adding up because they seem too aligned with their story. Michael cannot imagine a reality where Terrance and Kyle are on the same side.


Monte says he is in the Leftovers but before that he was in the Pound and he wants to touch base with them about how they fared outside. Michael suggests pitching they evicted Jasmine for Turner since he wanted her out.


Turner tells Monte that last week was very messy and they were fighting for their lives. He says Joseph was falling apart and it was sad to watch. Turner tells Monte that Jospeh told them that Michael and Brittany and Taylor were close and in an alliance.


Monte says knowing there is a smaller group in the Leftovers means it is time for him to pivot. Monte tells Turner that last week Brittany and Michael pitched that if something weird happens they can go after Turner and Kyle and take care of Alyssa and Terrance later.


Turner says he feels betrayed right now and he loves Monte and he feels super comfortable working with him for the rest of the game. Monte says this week will show exactly where people’s cards are.


Kyle is talking about travelling to Europe. He is talking about London and Alyssa says Paris is nice there. She then asks if France is close to London. Kyle says he thinks it is London, England and she says no London, France.


Kyle does not know where Prague is. Alyssa says maybe Germany. Kyle has a friend who lived in Prague and he is not sure if it is a country or a city. Alyssa says if she can Kyle are going to go on the Amazing Race then they need to brush up on their geography.   


Monte is now filling Kyle in on everything he already told Turner. We see a flashback of Monte, Brittany, Michael, and Taylor talking about Kyle and Alyssa being in a showmance and how she was a number for him against the Leftovers.


Monte tells them he did not realize Michael and Brittany and Taylor were thinking beyond the seven until last week. Monte says he would vote Michael out and they discuss backdooring him. Monte says the Leftovers are done and it is about his dogs in the Pound.


Kyle says in a game like this you always want to be on the offense. He says now he is in the After Party and when he feels unsure about his current alliance then he will pivot. He will sacrifice almost anything for this game…except maybe Alyssa.


Turner says up until this point he did not know what he is going to do, but now that he has this information those three can take the Leftovers and enjoy them at the jury house.


It is time for the Nomination Ceremony! Turner’s first nominee is…Taylor. Turner’s second nominee is… Brittany. Turner says he loves them as people but Joseph said that Taylor asked him to go into a F4 with Michael and Brittany which leaves him out.


Turner knew that when he became HOH that he would have to choose a side but everything is being blamed on Joseph. Taylor says Joseph was her very best friend and then tell other information that would hurt her. She has to protect herself and win veto.


Brittany is shocked and hurt but there is still a veto to played and they can get themselves out of this. She says Turner might as well have said the Leftovers are done and everyone needs to fend for themselves.


Michael says this is so frustrating. It is obvious they are lying and Turner just drew a clear line in the sand and he is worried about a backdoor plan so he wants to play in veto.

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