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Episode 22 - 8/25/2022 - Double Eviction

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Previously, on Big Brother, the Leftovers alliance was running the game and member’s Kyle and Joseph were double agents working with the five swatters alliance. But Kyle also had a very real showmance with Alyssa. Julie revealed the twist, and with Michael and Terrance both in power, they picked players for the separate festivals.


At Big Brochella, Jasmine was the target. Meanwhile at Dyre Fest, Kyle exposed the Leftovers, which saved him and Alyssa from the block. Brittany won the Big Brochella veto, while Terrance got a double dose of power. In dire straights, Joseph remained loyal to Kyle, which led Terrance to reveal Kyle’s betrayal. At the two veto meetings Brittany kept Big Brochella noms the same, while the karaoke DJ decided to change the tune and he put Kyle and Joseph in a showdown.


Tonight, things get savage at Dyre Fest. Then buckle up for a double eviction baby! Who will be booted from Big Brochella and who will be removed from Dyre Fest. Plus, what will happen with the final eight reunite?


Julie greets us and it is Day 51 and the game is poised to send at least one member of the Leftovers out the door. Inside things seem to be going according to plan, but outside things are still foggy.


We pick up on Day 48 after the Big Brochella veto meeting. Brittany was not going to use the POV and put Taylor in jeopardy. The target is Jasmine but they do not know what is happening on the other side of the wall at Dyre Fest.


Jasmine says she is still on the block but at least Monte is on the block too. Jasmien says she is focusing on Brittany and Taylor so she has a fighting chance to stay. Monte would have liked to have come down but he knows the plan.


Jasmine is talking to the cameras and says she needs to talk to Brittany and then she admits to playing up her injury. She needs to persuade the girls to keep her. If she has to fake limp to the finale she will do it.


Michael, Taylor, and Jasmine are talking and Michael says what if the others are not really outside. Taylor is discussing scenarios outside and she says could be Joseph or Turner. Michael says Alyssa could be evicted or she wins veto and one of the Leftovers leaves.


It is time for the Big Brochella vote and eviction! Monte does shoutouts and says he is as honest as they come and none of them are a target for him and if he wins HOH next week he will not put them up.


Jasmine says Julie looks prettier than a fresh pan of cornbread. She then does her shoutouts and thanks them for sharing her true self with them and if they want to continue to laugh and enjoy chicken wings they should keep her.


It is time to vote!

Taylor sadly votes to evict Jasmine.

Brittany votes to evict Jasmine.

By a vote of 2-0, Jasmine has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She hugs everyone and says she loves them and tells them to hug Zingbot for her.


Julie asks Jasmine what she thinks happening and how she is feeling. Jasmine figured something was going on because Monte came off last time Michael was HOH. She says their body language figured she was the target.


Jasmine asks if she felt betrayed by anyone and if so by who? She says Alyssa because she revealed alliances and other information. Julie asks who might walk out behind her and Jasmine says she thinks it will be Joseph because he has not want anything.


Julie wishes Jasmine a happy belated birthday and says they seen her celebrate her birthday and then birth week and birth month. Julie asks if that is normal and Jasmine says yes because she is a Leo and they want everything.


Michael tells Jasmine about the Leftovers and he loves her. Monte respected Jasmine’s game. Brittany tells her about the alliance too.


Taylor says she promised she would never put a black woman on the block and despite other people pushing for it she did not put her in harms way.


We pick up on Day 48 at Dyre Fest after the veto meeting and Terrance says he is up against a showmance and a bromance. This gives everyone a view on how their future game will look. He believes there is more information that can be shared and he wants it all.


Kyle says what just happened? But he has Alyssa his showmance and Turner his boy and he could not have picked two better people. Turner says Terrance blindsides him in the best possible way but now two Leftovers is on the block and one is going home.


Joseph says thank the Lord. He had no idea how to go after Turner but he has an idea how to go after Kyle. Kyle goes to talk to Terrance and Terrance says he just wanted to keep the temperature good for a few days.


Terrance says he is nervous about Joseph in the game because of his bromance with Monte. Kyle says he trusts Terrance. Turner goes to talk to Terrance and says he appreciates him using veto on him and Terrance wants to reestablish their relationship.


Kyle tells Alyssa that was a last minute call for Terrance. He says Joseph did something to convince him and now Joseph has four days with Turner who can be persuadable.


Terrance tells Joe that Kyle said him, Monte and Taylor were basically one. Joe snorts. Did you know he started it, Joe asks? He built it. He confirmed everything. Betrayed all his alliances. Spilled all the info. He did it to me, he'll do it to you. 

Joe tells us if he can highlight how Kyle only thought about himself and showmance at the expense of everyone else, maybe I can get these votes on my side. Turner joins Kyle and Alyssa. Kyle says Joe wanting to talk in front of everyone means he wants to confront him.

Joe is scary good at this game, Kyle says. Over in the HoH corner, Terrance says he hears everything Joe is saying. If I come back in that house with you, it's not a waste of time, Joe promises. He's over there with him still, Kyle says. Oh yeah, Turner agrees.

Alright, Joe, Terrance tells us gleefully, let's get everyone together. The more info I can get out of these guys, the better. Kyle says Joe's going to come to Alyssa and Turner with stuff and say I don't know what. We can't underestimate Joseph. 

Let's gather around the Dyre Fest campfire, Terrance says. BB call Joe to the BY DR (the upstairs balcony) and Terrance calls Kyle, Alyssa and Turner over. He tells us Dyre Fest and Brochella will be over and I'm done being at the bottom of the barrel. 

I need a squad that will take me to the top. Let's go. Terrance tells Kyle, Turner and Alyssa they are locked in on the same page, working together going forward. This is a Final 4 unit, Turner says. Kyle is stoked, please, can this be a thing? F those guys in there!

Turner tells us he never felt super close with the Brochella Leftovers, but I do with these 3 people, so I'm ready to rock with them. Will it cause friction with the others? I don't even care. They're living it up inside, had an easy week, putting Jasmine out.

Meanwhile, we're outside, eating bread and Spam all week, fighting for our lives, and literally everyone has touched the block (except Alyssa). If they don't expect us to bond over that, well, it sucks to suck. The After Party sits down at the camp table. Turner comes up with the name After Party for their new alliance. They put their hands in and cheer, After Party! 

The next day, Joe invites the Terrance, Alyssa and Turner to talk. He tells us that things could have changed just as quickly with Brochella. Kyle blew up The Leftovers and these people could be all I have. So if I can convince them to keep me, I'm ready to roll. 

Everything needs to be put on the table and you have to make an educated decision, Joe tells them, but at least I did my due diligence. Joe tells us his first point is that Kyle didn't want to use the Veto to take Alyssa off the block. Daniel told me this, Joe tells them.

Daniel is the reason you came down, Joe tells Alyssa, not Kyle. Kyle is just listening and smiling. We agreed you would go home, Joe says, including Kyle. I never agreed to that, Turner says softly. Exactly, Kyle syas, it was them, forcing it. 

I was never going to leave you up, Kyle tells Alyssa, that was not an option. I promise, Joe starts. You're speaking for me, Kyle accuses. Just because I agreed w/ a plan does not mean that's what I'm going to do. That's my point, Joe says, he says one thing & does another.

A plane flies over and Turner says wait. Out of respect for you, America, Turner tells us, I stopped this incredibly tense situation for audio purposes. We good, Turner asks? Terrance laughs. All right. So you lied to me too, Alyssa asks Joe? I did, he admits.

Everyone was lying to everyone, Joe explains. What about Five Swatters, Alyssa asks, you were taking info we talked about back to them? Kyle as well, Joe says, claiming he tried to avoid talking game with her to not have to lie to her. 

Kyle points out Joe lied to Alyssa 2 days ago about the Indy vote. You lied to me, Alyssa says, why should I believe anything you say now? You're a big liar. I get extremely emotional when I had to lie to you, Joe says, but me and you were not moving in the same house.

Kyle grins at Joe's comment. You played a good game, Alyssa complments, Indy and Jasmine said they would never vote you out, they would vote themselves out before voting you out. Joe tries to interrupt. No, I'm speaking, she says, shutting him up.

You promised to have our back, Alyssa says, then you ran up to them and say everything? That's the worst possible thing you could ever do to me. Joe looks like his game has crumbled. Good job, she says sarcastically, you played a great game. 

You did work both sides of the house, Turner says. Yes, Joe confirms. And you were loyal to us, Turner continues, but not the other half of the house. I loe you, Joe, but I always felt I was only in The Leftovers because I happened to be HoH that week. 

Turner tells Joe that he and Kyle were the only ones in the alliane that had these people's (Alyssa and Terrance) backs. That's why we were on the outskirts. Turner tells us he was willing to hear Joe out, but is just digging his own grave. 

Joe says Kyle's words to me was he'd send Alyssa home on his own HoH. Kyle shakes his head no. I never lied to Turner or Kyle. But you lied to me, Alyssa says, and you want my vote. I know, Joe says, I'm sorry, but it's because we weren't working together. 

Bravo, Joseph, Kyle applauds in the Dyre Fest DR, you're helping me out more than you know. Terrance has been listening to this and says at this point, it would be a clean slate for Kyle to work with him and your allegiance is not broken to this group. 

There's a showmance out here, Joe reminds Terrance. But they don't vote the same, Terrance points out, You and Monte, you're his #2, you've been rocking since you've been here. Your name is MoJo. 

It is like Lord of the Flies out here, Turner tells us excitedly, between now and eviction, Joe could rise from his own grave with blood on his face and put a spear right through the heart of Kyle's game. Either way, Turner says, the Brochella HG have no idea what savages the DyreFest HG have turned into. 

Next, did Joe change minds or seal his fate? Who will be the second HG sent packing? And later, the 2 groups reunite and find out who's missing. Stay with us.

WB to BB. Joe or Kyle, one was quick to turn on his alliance, the other was loyal to a fault. How will that impact who heads to Jury tonight? Let's head to the BY & talk to the 2 noms. The HG are in the BY with Joe & Kyle in 2 wooden pool chairs, the other 3 in camp chairs.

Hello Dyre Fest HG! Hey JCM, they say. It's time for the final eviction pleas. Joe goes first. After shoutouts, Joe says Dyre Fest HG, we had a helluva week, something we'll remember forever. This changes something none of us expected.

It opens a new chapter, Joe says, to go back into the house. You have a difficult decision to make, you have to pick who you go back in with, I hope you'll pick the person who's always been a team player. If you do that, or not, I'll respect you completely. Love & Thanks.

It's Kyle's turn. Kyle says this week has been a challenge for all of us, and yet we face an even bigger challenge with the 4 remaining HG inside. I hope I've proven in this game I can win comps, and behind closed doors, I've kept you both safe.

We have a battle going in there, Kyle says, and to quote one of the most infamous bromances this show has ever seen (Kyle takes a deep breath), Terrance, Alyssa, Turner, let's go to war! Alyssa smiles and Turner laughs. Terrance looks satisfied.

It's now time for the voting to begin. Terrance would only vote in the event of a tie. JCM sends Turner and Alyssa up the BY stairs to the DR. Turner, you will be first to enter. The two HG ascend the spiral staircase. There is a door at the end of the balcony.

JCM says Turner has been a loyal ally to both Kyle and Joseph, but will he be going to the After Party tonight? Hi, Turner. What's good, Turner asks, sitting in front of a Dyre Fest backdrop, not knowing where to look. I vote to evict Joseph, he says.

JCM says this week has been eye opening for Alyssa. Kyle may still have her heart but does he have her trust? Alyssa votes to evict Joseph. The 2 HG return to the BY (thankfully they cleaned up the BY because Dyre Fest was beginning to look like the aftermath of Woodstock).

All the votes are in, JCM says, let's give the news to the HG. HG, the votes are in. The evicted HG will have just a few moments to say goodbye, gather his belongings, head inside the house & out the front door. Whoever is evicted will not see those inside at Big Brochella.

By a vote of 2-0, Joseph, you are evicted from the BB House. Joe nods, gives Kyle a hug. He gives Terrance a hug. He give Turner a hug. I'll miss you, bro, Turner says. Alyssa gives him a hug. See you, guys, Joe says, picking up his bag at the now-open door to the house.

Tell Indy we love her, Alyysa calls after Joe, we love you. Let's go FL boy, Kyle calls out. Joe enters the BB House and slides the door closed. He walks briskly past an unfinished game of Chess on the DT. Thank you, we hear Kyle say outside. No problem, Turner says.

With an anticipatory smile, Joe walks across the Welcome mat & opens the front door. He comes out to meet JCM & a cheering live audience. Outside, Alyssa says OK, After Party. After Party, Kyle confirms, let's go! Let's go, Terrance says. Game on, they say. 123 After Party!

Turner says let's win HoH and take them out. Alyssa says Kyle gave a good speech. Terrance and Turner agree. Not too much, Kyle asks? Thank you, guys, I'm about to pass out right now. We had you the whole time, bro, Turner says. I was so nervous, Kyle confesses.

Even reciting my speech, I couldn't think of the words. Alyssa and Turner say that was a tight space to vote in. Alyssa tried to flip her hair and didn't have room. When we return, JCM says, I'll talk with Joseph. Stay with us.

WB to BB. I'm sitting here with Joe who was just evicted 2-0. You were on the block next to Kyle, who is in a showmance. So why did they evict you and not him? Apparently my bromance was more intimidating than his showmance, Joe says. With you and... Monte. 

It looks like that was more of a concern than Kyle & Alyssa, Joe tells JCM, they were running the BY. It was a hard battle, but I might as well try. You went into Dyre Fest completely loyal to your Leftovers alliance. Yes. Do you regret that? No, says Joe.

Coming into this game, Joe says, I wanted to prove a point, something I keep to my core, and although it got me in this chair, I wouldn't have done it any other way. And what, you wanted to prove... That loyalty to some aspect can happen in this game.

Although my loyalty to Kyle got me out here, I'm still glad I did it. After the Veto, Terrance broke the news that Kyle had thrown you under the bus and outed the whole Leftovers alliance. Now that the shock has worn off, what do you think about Kyle's game play?

It's not a game I wanted to play, Joe says, I tried to keep some part of my moral compass in line. I should have done a better job, saw it coming. There's not much I can go back on. I'm glad I did what I did. It doesn't sound like you respect his game play, then, says JCM.

Joe sighs. It's not what I would have done, he says, not very much, no. You were key in the formation of The Leftovers but you spent the past weeks playing both sides, pretending you were in the Five Swatters. You were tight with Jasmine & Indy in particular. Yes, says Joe.

Yet last week, JCM says, you had no problem voting Indy out instead of Terrance. Absolutely, Joe says. Was that a mistake? No, because my loyalty relied with The Leftovers and that's the decision we made. As much as I loved Indy, we agreed as a group. 

We saw you grow close to Taylor, JCM says (Joe smiles). How hard was it leaving tonight and not getting the chance to say goodbye? That was difficult, he says, I spent the week on the block, something she's done multiple times and that's why I had a soft spot (for her).

Considering what she's been through in the house, I was looking forward to seeing her. This experience has brought us a little closer and we shared similar experiences, and yeah, it does break my heart to leave without saying Goodbye. To everyone, including her. 

What do you think when you're both out of the house? Is there going to be a romance between the 2 of you? Joe blushes. I hope she reaches out to me after this, he says. 

You talked a lot about how you wanted to play the game, loyalty to The Leftovers, what they wanted to do. Did that weaken your personal game? Unfortunately, he says slowly, and this is a life lesson, you can't always put yourself first. It takes a team to get to the end.

Final thoughts? The BB is something else, Joe says, smiling, A good something else? Well, I'm in this chair, so maybe not too good. You're Juror #4, JCM tells him, and will be one of 9 to vote on Finale night to decide who wins. Absolutely, Joe says.

JCM thanks Joe and he thanks her and the audience. You can see Joe's GB messages on BB's Instagram page. 

So, the 2 sides of the house have been in the dark all week long about what has been happening at the other festival. It's finally time for them to reunite and find out what transpired. Stay with us.

WB to BB. We will be briging the HG back together in just a few moments, but first, here's a look at what's coming up. Due to NFL football, we will air Sunday at 8:30pm ET, 7:30pm CT, but at our normal time on the west coast at 8:00pm PT. 

Tune in to see all the fallout from the split house twist. How will tonight's evictions shake up the house and who will rise to power as the new HoH? Find out, Sunday. For now, it's time to reunite the HG. Let's head inside and bring both festivals together.

Hello, HG. Michael, Taylor, Brttany and Monte are on the LR couches. Alyssa, Terrance, Turner and Kyle are lined up at the BY door. The Split House Twist is officially over, and it is time for you to reunite and see who survived the night. Dyre Fest, head on in.

The BY door opens. Alyssa says OMG, I'm freaking out. They get to see us first, Terrance says. Kyle has his hands on his head. The sliding door won't open - Turner forgot it slides. BB has kept the Brochella HG in the LR, so they don't see the Dyre Fest HG as they enter.

The Dyre Fest HG see the memory wall as they walk through the KT, with Jasmine's grey picture. The inside HG get up to greet them with subdued hugs and tempered happiness. Goodnight, HG, JCM says. This is us, Alyssa asks, this is everybody? Final 8. This is it, Monte says.

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