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Episode 21 - 8/24/2022 - Veto competitions and ceremonies

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Previously, on Big Brother, the only thing that could overshadow Jasmine’s birthday week was Julie dropping a giant new twist on the final ten! With Michael becoming one HOH and Terrance becoming the other, they would be tasked with a monumental draft. Jasmine, Brittany, Taylor and Monte were invited to Big Brochella, while Turner, Alyssa, Joseph and Kyle wound up at Dyre Fest. After the houses were officially split, the Dyre Festians would be living outside for the whole week. At Big Brochella the target was clear and Monte even volunteered to help get the job done. Knowing the twist would force Kyle to choose a side, he came clean to Alyssa. Then going into survival mode, Kyle threw the Leftovers under the bus to the bus operator. At the Big Brochella nomination ceremony, things went as expected. But at the Dyre Fest noms, an unexpected blindside shocked Turner and Joseph. Tonight, two separate veto competitions will be played. Who will win at Big Brochella? And who will win at Dyre Fest? Plus, who from The Cookout returns to get in on the action? All this tonight on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 45 and Terrance says now that he knows about the Leftovers it is time to take out a number of the alliance who has been running the house. Joseph thinks he is the target but he is trusting Kyle and Turner.


Turner has no idea what to think. He is upset and confused and sad because he thought he and Terrance were close. Kyle says he exposed The Leftovers and he and Alyssa are safe but they have no privacy and limited space and everyone is in separate corners.


Terrance tells Joseph that his nominations were strategic to keep people comfortable for now. Terrance tells him to veto and Joseph says he will try. Terrance is telling Joseph that Kyle is his target but that is a lie and Joseph is his absolute main target.


Joseph does not believe Terrance and ideally Kyle will win the veto and take him down and Alyssa will go up and he and Kyle and Turner can walk back into the house. Turner is checking in with Terrance and he tells Turner he felt like he was getting played.


Turner says there is so much information going into his brain every day and he does not even know what he knows for sure. Terrance says it was just a misunderstanding. Turner is talking to Kyle and Alyssa and says it is tough being on the block.


Alyssa is reassuring Turner that he is safe. Kyle says he and Turner and Alyssa and Terrance need to be prepared to have each other’s back. Turner says he was ok with Kyle not using veto on Alyssa last week and he has no problem throwing Joseph under the bus.


We head inside to Big Brochella and nominations are done. Michael has nominated Jasmine and Monte for eviction. He nominated Monte because he volunteered and Jasmine because she is outside of The Leftovers.


Michael says if Jasmine wins veto he and Brittany and Taylor could make a big move. Monte wants to win veto to ensure his safety. Jasmine is ok as long as Monte is on the block but she is going to gun for the veto.


It is time for the Big Brochella veto competition and Tiffany from The Cookout from Big Brother 23 is the guest host for the veto. Taylor thinks Tiffany was the best of the Cookout for her. Tiffany says she is back and she is so obsessed with this season.


Tiffany welcomes them to her tent and everyone is treated like a VIP. She tells them to pay extra close attention to everything she sees. Michael says it is the infamous counting competition and he does not want Jasmine to win veto.


Tiffany is going to ask a question about the displays in her lounge and the answer will be a number. The HG will then decide if they want to stay or fold and if they stay and are closest to the actual answer they get a point. Further away gets eliminated.


Tiffany shows them what 22 guitar picks look like and then asks how many are in the frames on the wall. Michael answers 1200, Taylor 601 Jasmine 600, Brittany 660, and Monte answers 1600. Michael, Jasmine, and Monte all fold. The correct answer is 719.


Brittany gets her first point and Taylor has been eliminated. There are 225 candies on a small display. How many are on the wall? Michael answers 7200, Jasmine 4550, Brittany 500, and Monte answers 800. Michael, Jasmine, and Monte all fold.


The correct answer is 6990 gummies and Brittany gets her second point and needs one more. There are 40 drumsticks are in the small sculpture, how many are in the large one? Michael answers 340, Jasmine 850, Brittany 700, and Monte answers 525.


Jasmine and Brittany fold. Michael is closest to the correct answer and wins his point and Monte is eliminated. There is one ounce of win in the small wine glass, how much is in the large win glass. Michael answers 1025, Jasmine answers 200, and Brittany answers 5000.


The correct answers 1120 ounce and Michael earns his second point. There are 4 energy drinks in a box and how many are behind the bar? Michael answers 370, Jasmine answers 1000, and Brittany answers 375.


Michael, Jasmine, and Brittany all stay. The correct answer is 388 energy drinks. Brittany has won the POV! She says this is perfect this week and her and Michael have full power and control. Jasmine wanted to win veto but at least Monte did not win.


Jasmine needs to convince Brittany to use the veto on her because she does not want to sit on the block on eviction night. Michael says this is perfect because now he and Brittany get to decide if evicting Jasmien is best for their game.


Jasmine congratulates Brittany and says she is proud of her. She says she has to humble herself to talk to this girl. They just do not connect in the game but she still needs her to use veto. Jasmine says she never thought about coming for Brittany.


Jasmine feels like she has been loyal so far and she hopes Brittany can see that. Brittany says she thinks at this time she will leave nominations the same because Monte is already on the block. Jasmine says she just does not want to leave.


Brittany is talking to Monte, Taylor, and Michael about the game. Taylor says everything is good here but she is not sure what is going on in the other festival. Michael says if Alyssa comes back then they know who is responsible and they should cut that out.


Michael says he has been fanning the flames and if Joseph does not come back it likely means Kyle and Turner voted him out and that puts huge targets on their back and puts him in the middle in a safe spot. Monte says he feels great about the people in the room.


Monte says Kyle already showed a willingness to go against The Leftovers last week and if Joseph does not come back he might have committed BB suicide. He says that will show where Kyle stands and if he or Brittany or Taylor win HOH he is in trouble.


Over at Dyre Fest Kyle and Alyssa are in the hammock and she is asking if what they have is real and he says everything he has done in the game the last month has revolved around her. She asks if the alliance has a name and Kyle tells her yeah.


Alyssa is a little annoyed that Kyle has worked with other people and hopefully they can come together and turn over a new leaf. Kyle says he is the one who is blowing up the alliance but he had no other option.


Kyle says if he wins veto and does not use it to take Alyssa out and that is going to create issues with the others inside. He says he cannot risk his own safety though so he has to win and figure out what he is going to do later.


A parachute drops into the backyard and it is time for the veto competition. More parachutes drop into the backyard and they have to build their own comp so they set out to get it assembled.


They have to stack to-go containers on a tray and carry it across to set onto 5 posts. They have to transfer 50 to-go containers will win. If they drop any, then they have to start over again.


Turner says he was blindsided and he will only feel safe if he wins veto. Kyle says this veto might put him in a tough spot but he is going all in for safety. Alyssa wants to keep nominations the same so she can pick off the Leftovers like they did with her friends.


Terrance says now that he knows about the big alliance, he really needs to win this veto. Joseph says typically he wants to win but he wants Kyle to win so he will take himself or Turner down so Alyssa can go up.


Turner says this competition is insanely difficult. Alyssa has 10 containers. Joseph drops his containers. Turner has a stacks and they are knocked over. Terrance has 10 containers. Alyssa is up to 13. Turner feels like he is going through the seven stages of grief.


Terrance has 19 containers and he is on his third stack and knocks some over. Joseph is hoping Kyle will win but if not he is trying to set himself up to win. Terrance says the containers have a mind of their own. You have to be delicate and not rush it.


Joseph is struggling to get his containers to stay on his tray but he is getting the hang of it. Terrance is in the lead with Turner behind. Terrance has 50 containers and hits his button and he wins the POV!


Kyle is so happy that Terrance won. They all though he was a dud but turns out he is a stud. Now he just needs to keep nominations the same. Turner says where did Terrance come from? Joseph is feeling hopeless and he wants to give up but he is not a quitter.


Joseph says he is going to try and convince Terrance to put up Alyssa and stay true to the Leftovers. He is talking to Kyle and telling him the plan and says it is the only shot they have. Kyle fills Terrance in on the conversation so he will not change the nominations.


Terrance asks Kyle what his game plan is moving forward and he says they will be going in against the other four and they have to go in with himself, Terrance, Turner, and Alyssa on the same page.


Joseph asks Terrance to listen with open ears and tells him the decision he makes will impact the entire game. He suggests Alyssa going up and Joseph tells Terrance that Kyle is more trustworthy and Terrance tells him he wants to send Joseph home.


Terrance is confused why Joseph is not pitching Kyle. Terrance then tells him that Kyle told him about The Leftovers. Joseph is stunned and he feels like a fool and like he has been played so hard. Terrance does not like the way Kyle is playing the game.


Terrance is stirring the pot to keep the guys pitted against each other. Terrance is telling Joseph everything Kyle told him and Joseph says he is a snake and not as trustworthy as he thought.


It is time for both veto meetings! Brittany has decided NOT to use the POV. She wishes them the best of luck. Michael says everything is going as plan and their decision is not locked yet.


Jasmine is not surprised but the good news is she is sitting next to one of the biggest targets in the house and you can bet your butter beans she is going to fight like hell to stay in this house.


Terrance has decided to use the POV on Turner! Terrance has chosen to nominate Kyle in his place. Terrance says this will give them time and great dialogue on how best to move forward.


Terrance says these kids have been spilling secrets and he has two big threats on the block. What other secrets will they tell him? Kyle is really surprised right now because he spilled his entire game but he is going to fight so Joseph goes home.


Joseph says Kyle on the block is the glimmer of hope he needed and he needs to take a big swing. He is not a fighter but if you punch him first he is going to swing back and he does not miss.

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