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Episode 19 - 8/18/2022 - Veto Ceremony Live Vote and Eviction Twist reveal HOH Comp

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Tonight, it's a special 2hr live event. Get ready for a Veto meeting, a live eviction, a live HoH comp and a twist that will literally divide the house in 2. Welcome to BB!


Previously on BB, Joe and Kyle were knee deep in alliances. They had a Final 4 expanded into the 7 person Leftovers. Kyle and Joseph were then brought into the Five Swatter. But neither had any real loyalty to the Flysome.


With Taylor running the show, she felt Sweet T had to go. But after Monte and Joseph decided Indy was a bigger target, the Leftovers got Taylor on board.


With the Veto comp handing out prizes, punishments and power, Alyssa snatched a London trip from Taylor, leaving Taylor, Indy and Terrance on punishments, while Kyle punked out on power.


Angered at Alyssa, Taylor wanted to change the target and Monte and Joe liked the plan. But Michael worried it would be a bad move. Tonight, will Kyle put his showmance in the line of fire? Or will the powerful Leftovers alliance begin to crumble?


Plus, the first HG will be sent to Jury, leaving the Final 10 to be thrown into a new BBFest twist that literally will split the house, opening the BB Multiverse - 2 parallel games are played.



It all happens right now, live, on BB!

Julie greets us and it is Day 44 and tonight will culminate in a massive twist that will change the Big Brother game!


We pick up on Day 40 and Michael is telling Kyle that Taylor is thinking about nominating Alyssa because of her stealing her prize in the veto competition and giving her a punishment.


Michael wants to give Kyle a heads up because he wants Alyssa in the game so hopefully a showmance is a bigger target than himself who has five competition wins. Kyle wants to know why he is being left out of important conversations.


Kyle is talking to Joseph and he does not understand why he is not part of the conversations and Joseph says he is always with Alyssa and they cannot update him. Kyle says Michael gave him a warning where Joseph tried to sell him on the idea, and so did Monte.


We see Joseph talking to Kyle about Alyssa’s social game and Kyle says taking out Alyssa does not make sense except to weaken himself in the game. Monte says initially they laid off Alyssa but Taylor might have changed her mind and any tiny mistake can make you a target.


Kyle is complaining to Joseph about having to be the one to backdoor Alyssa. Kyle says if Taylor is coming up with this plan without him and Joseph and Monte are on board, that is raising a lot of red flags and it feels like a move against him.


Joseph is talking to Taylor and he tells her that Kyle is not loving the idea of backdooring Alyssa. She says she cannot give stupidity a pass in the game and Kyle is getting in the way. She says is he with the alliance or is he not.


Michael joins Joseph and Taylor and Joseph fills Michael in about Kyle. Michael says eventually The Leftovers will implode and he wants to be in the middle so when the fire starts he can watch from the sidelines.


Indy is called to the DR and she gets the Punkitard and she has to do a punk performance and she has to grab a bandmate to perform with her. She grabs Turner o do drums while she plays guitar and sings. She begs no more and she gets called again and has Alyssa’s help.


Indy is woken up and she says her head hurts. She gets called again, and again, and Joseph does not look entertained. Brittany says the have-not room is the one room where you cannot hear the music. We see Indy woken at 4 am and Turner says this is terrible.


Brittany says if Indy asks her to play with her again she will shove the drumsticks up her nose. The Leftovers are meeting over the pool table discussing the veto ceremony and Kyle says there is no reason he should use the veto this week.


Taylor thinks they should drag Terrance and Indy until the last two. She suggests taking Indy down and putting Alyssa up and Kyle does not want that. Kyle says he has to have non-Alyssa reasons to keep noms the same.


Turner would love to keep Alyssa because she is not a threat to his game but Indy is and Kyle is sticking his neck out enough for both of them so he keeps quiet. Monte says Kyle may not realize it but he is putting his showmance above the alliance.


Taylor says Indy and Terrance are not real threats and Alyssa is a real competitor. She understands that Kyle is in a showmance with her but she is best to go for the alliance. Kyle says he feels like he is on the outs and maybe he needs to take a big shot soon.


Michael says everyone is trying to make the conversation feel pleasant but this could draw lines in the sand sooner than they thought and that is just fine with him. Up next will be the veto meeting.


It is time for the veto meeting! It is time for Indy to give a punk performance and she grabs Taylor for her performance. Kyle has decided NOT to use the veto. He says it was a tough decision and it just did not make sense for him personally to use it.


Taylor goes in to yell at Kyle and she tells him to play along and he says that was unnecessary and it as overkill. Taylor says she needs to make it look like shes upset and surprised but she is not that surprised. She is pretty sure Indy is going home.


Indy says if you are in alliance with someone and they win veto and do not take you off the block then something is wrong. She cannot count on Kyle for a vote. Terrance does not want Taylor in a position to break a tie so he has to get five votes.


Alyssa, Joseph, Jasmine, and Kyle are talking about Taylor yelling at him. Jasmine says Kyle not using the veto makes her scared because Monte was supposed to be the backdoor and now she has to vote between two people she is close with.


Joseph says he is not sure how he can keep up appearances that he is with the Five Swatters. Brittany and Michael are talking to Taylor and she explains about yelling to Kyle and they are talking about Jasmine being upset.


Terrance joins Taylor, Michael, and Brittany and Taylor apologizes for not getting Terrance taken down and he says it is ok. They talk about how Indy should feel scared. Kyle is talking to Monte and Joseph about Taylor yelling at him at the last second.


Kyle says Joseph and Monte were cool with the Taylor plan to yell at him and he was not clued in and that is not surprising. He tells Michael and Brittany that red flags are waving for him. Kyle really needs Michael and Brittany to trust him moving forward.


Kyle says Monte, Taylor, and Joseph are three alphas and they are all very loud and they are very strategic. Brittany and Michael are saying they could easily take them out along with Turner and Kyle says they are at the bottom of the pecking order.


Kyle tells Michael and Brittany about The Pound that included Joseph, Turner, Monte and himself and then they brought in Michael and Brittany and then Taylor. Michael says can he get an alliance where he is not an afterthought.


Brittany and Michael are talking alone about not liking the optics of how The Leftovers would split. Michael says The Cookout alliance was one of the most successful alliances and Kyle is concerned something similar could happen.


Michael does not see the same division this season and Michael tells Brittany he is not going to assume people are in alliance because of their skin color. Brittany talks to Kyle and tells him he cannot assume what happened last season is happening this season.


Terrance comes out of the DR and says who wants to see me get inked up. He got the Ink-182 punishment. He has to apply 182 tattoos to his body. We see him get several tattoos that are BB related. Brittany says she has not laughed as hard as when she seen but first…


He says he thought it was fun until they started to call him at three in the morning and now it is feeling like a punishment. He says what tattoo parlor is open at three in the morning. That sounds like a bad decision.


Michael and Kyle are playing chess while Joseph and Monte are watching. Joseph says he loves chess and he is pretty good but he cannot play it in the house. He says he is dying inside because he sees checkmate multiple times but he cannot say anything.


Michael says he is pretending not to see chess moves and has been trying to lose and it kills him. He could have beaten Kyle five moves ago. Joseph says some of the moves the guys are making are obvious and he thinks he might not be the only one downplaying their skills.


Kyle really likes Alyssa but the more time he spends with Alyssa the less time he has left on the Leftovers alliance. Kyle is telling Alyssa he is trying to balance the game and personal side and wants to slow things down in their personal relationship, but it is tough.


Kyle tells Turner and Joseph about his conversation with Alyssa about them spending less time together. Then we see him telling Michael and Brittany. He left out the part where they decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend though.


Taylor is called for the Skid and Fancy punishment and she has to chose who she wants to be chained to for the next 24 hours and she asks Joseph to do it. They are dressed in punk outfits and they have to be chained for 48 hours and talk in an accent also.


Monte says seeing Skid and Fancy is hilarious and he hopes Taylor likes lifting weights and Joseph likes eating chips. Kyle says he thought it was a punishment for Taylor but their accents are so bad it is a punishment for the house.


Indy has to give a punk performance and Skid and Fancy join as well. Jasmine jams out on the couch while the trio performs. Michael is there as well laughing. Next, Julie is going to talk with the HG.


Julie turns to the LR and asks how everyone is doing. She congratulates them for making it past the halfway point and she asks what they miss most from home. Jasmine misses her family and her chickens and cows.


Michael misses his fiancé and his cats. Kyle misses his nieces and nephews and shoutouts to his grandma. Monte misses his parents and his little brother. Brittany misses her husband. Alyssa misses her friends and family and the pretty sunsets.


Turner misses his girlfriend and his business. Julie wants to talk about the veto competition. She turns to Terrance and he has 182 tattoos. His wife would not agree with the look at all.


Julie turns to Joseph and Taylor and asks what the worst part was and she says she likes to take naps and he likes to run everywhere. Julie asks the best part and Joseph says he got to get to know her better and she shared her chips.


Julie turns to Indy and asks how she feels in her punkitard and she says it has been really tough because she loves her clothes and makeup. Julie thanks them all and says she will be back soon.


Terrance is called again to get inked and he tells us he is at 100. We see him get to 170 and then 179. He is called for his final tattoos and he says the new like might open up some venues for DJ Showtime.


Turner is at his favorite birthday part of the year and they tell Jasmine happy birthday. They made her a birthday card out of a cereal box. Jasmine wants to know what two things Turner loved about her and he says they were Festie Bestie’s and how unique she is.


Jasmine then asks Joseph and she says he is taking too long. Turner is trying hard not to laugh. He says who directs their own round of toasts. Kyle loves her bubbly personality.


We see more Skid and Fancy and we see some of the things they have to do together which includes using the restroom, working out, and sleeping together. Even having people campaign to them.


Turner, Michael, Joseph, and Taylor, and Monte are talking and Michael would love to give Indy a sympathy vote because he does not want her to leave on a unanimous. Michael wants Indy to feel good about him. Taylor will not be happy if she has to break a tie.


Michael says they could not agree on a target for the week, then they could not agree if the veto should be used, and now it is if Indy should get sympathy votes. One thing is clear, The Leftovers are on shaky ground.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! Indy does her shoutouts and she says it is an honor to be there and she loves them so much and she would like them to keep her and playing a fun and happy game.


Terrance does his shoutouts and then says he has 182 tattoos and he has 182 reasons to want to be there. He says they will need consistency to get through the game and that is him.


It is time to vote!

Monte votes to evict Indy.

Michael votes to evict Terrance.

Joseph sadly votes to evict Indy.

The vote is currently 2 votes for Indy and 1 for Terrance.


Voting continues.!

Jasmine votes to evict Indy.

Alyssa sadly votes to evict Indy.

Brittany sadly votes to evict Indy.

Turner votes to evict Indy.

Kyle votes to evict Indy.

By a vote of 7-1, Indy has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Indy is taking off part of her outfit and says she needs to look pretty before hugging them. She tells the HG not to say bad things about her and she tells them to have fun and she hopes they regret their decision but they will have a friend no matter what.


Indy joins Julie and she says she has a gift. Indy is surprised she was evicted by a vote of 7-1 and she says she felt good about her game and she had people around her that she thought she could trust. She may have chosen the wrong people to trust.


Julie says Taylor told Indy that she would not be on the block but now she is evicted and Indy says that was not her intention at the start of the week and she holds Kyle responsible for eviction because he was in her alliance and she picked him to play the veto.


Julie asks Indy why she thinks Kyle did not save her and she thinks it is because he was trying to protect Monte because he was Taylor’s target. Julie asks if she is surprised her alliance did not back her and she says it is frustrating.


Indy says other people found out about the alliance so they all decided to vote her out. Julie asks her what was hard about her experience and she says being in the house where people manipulate each other for money and she is not a liar.


Alyssa says Indy has been her girl and she has nothing bad to say about her. Terrance says this is hard because they walked in together and she was the last one of the people he walked in with.


Monte says he had to vote with the house but he did not want to see her go this week. Joseph says he loves her and he tried to go as far as she could with her. Taylor says she is humiliated and she cannot wait to be her friend on the outside.


Michael thanks her for being a great friend and he tells her about the alliance of The Leftovers and he will try to send home the people responsible for her eviction. Indy says she knew about the alliance but she thought she was crazy and she did not want to see it.


Indy says it was great and she thanks them for the opportunity. Julie says she still gets a vote. Julie calls the HG to the LR. Julie says they will compete in the HOH but before they head outside they need to know that the game is about to completely change.


They are about to experience a week of Big Brother in a way it has never been played in over 20 years. She tells them to get ready for the split house twist. There will be two simultaneous games being played but separately. There will be two HOH this week.


One set of HG will be living in the backyard. The two groups will have no contact. The two groups will be completely separated and they will have their own HOH competition, nominations, veto competition, veto meetings, and evictions.


So one week from tonight, two HG will be sent to the jury in a double eviction like no other. So how will the HG be split? We will find out soon enough, but two HG are about to be named HOH.



It is time for the HOH! This competition is called Do you see the VIP? Their former HG attended their own festivals. The HG will faceoff and they will be shown an image of three different festival crowds. In each image, a former HG will hold a sign VIP.


The HG will have to identify which section the former HG is in. The first to buzz in with the correct answer will stay in the game and the winner chooses the next two HG to faceoff. If they are wrong, they are eliminated. If no one buzzes in, they will both be eliminated.


If they win this HOH, they will live in luxury inside and the runner up will be living outside. The rest will find out where they will be living later this evening. It is one festival with three sections on the images.


Image one is up and Brittany and Terrance are having trouble finding Nicole in section C. Terrance finally sees it and rings in C and he is correct and Brittany has been eliminated. Terrance selects Joseph and Jasmine to faceoff next.


Image two is up and Jasmine quickly hits A and she is correct with Pooch in section A. Joseph has been eliminated and Jasmine selects Monte and Turner to faceoff.


Image three is up and Turner quickly hits B and Monte is right behind. Nicole is in section B with the sign and Turner is correct and Monte is eliminated. Turner selects Terrance and Alyssa to faceoff.


Image four is up and Pooch is in section C. Terrance rings in first and he is correct and Alyssa has been eliminated. Terrance selects Michael and Kyle to faceoff.


Image five is up and Michael hits B and Daniel is in section B and Kyle is eliminated. Michael selects Terrance and Jasmine to faceoff next.


Image six is up and Terrance quickly hits A with Ameerah in section A and he is correct and Jasmine is eliminated. Michael and Turner are left to faceoff against each other.


Image seven is up Nicole is in section A. Michael finally hits A and he is correct and Turner has been eliminated. Terrance and Michael will faceoff but both will be HOH.


Image eight is up and Michael quickly hits B and he is correct with Daniel there in section B. Michael has won and he is HOH at Big Brochella and Terrance will be HOH at Direfest.


It is now time to find out which festival the HG will be attending. The groups will be determined with a school yard pick. Michael will get to pick first and they will have a few minutes to decide who to pick.

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