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Episode 18 - 8/17/2022 - The Power of Veto Punkaroo!

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Previously on Big Brother, hoping to build a strong 5-some, Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa recruited Joe and Kyle to a new alliance, completely unaware that their true loyalties lay with The Leftovers. Although Kyle's game was with his alliance, his heart appeared to belong to Alyssa. At a grueling battle for power, Taylor was all that and a bag of chips. The Leftovers hoped to take out Jasmine or Indy, but the pageant queen had her sights set on Showtime. Wanting to give her former Festie Bestie a heads up, Taylor told Indy she was simply a pawn.

At the nom ceremony, Taylor continued to mask The Leftovers by hinting at a Monte backdoor. Tonight, it won't be just the PoV on the line - prizes and punishments will also be doled out to the HG. Plus, The Leftovers have been dominating for weeks but are cracks starting to emerge? Find out right now, on Big Brother!

Day 38. Taylor says her target is Terrance and these noms will ruffle the fewest feathers. She wants to make sure everyone going to Jury has a reason to root for her. Indy says Taylor gave her a heads up and her target is Monte. But who knows. I need to win Veto. Monte says seeing Indy and Terrance on the block has me super relieved. Putting Turner and myself on the block would have been a rediculous game move and I'm glad we could reel Taylor in. Now the rest of the week should be straight forward with The Leftovers in control.

Terrance tells the HG no hugs. This is my 4th time. I don't need no hugs. He tells us it doesn't get any easier, you just know how to pack faster. In HoH, Terrance asks, am I? Taylor shakes her head no. She wants him to win Veto so she can nominate Monte. Terrance sighs. Talyor tells us Terrance is really her target. She's going to show the DJ who really turns the tables in the Big Brother House. It makes no sense to oust you, she tells Terrance. 

Terrance tells us he does not believe Taylor at all. They are working together. Neither of us have great competition skills. Terrance counts the comp wins he's got. Zero. Indy is next in HoH and Taylor says again the target is Monte and all they have to do is win Veto. In case I don't win, Indy asks, will you pull me down? Yeah, says Taylor. Basically, Taylor says, I'm lying to Indy. If I have to go back on my word, I'll deal with that when I get there. I'm not letting a girl go to the Jury House first, not on my HoH, she tells Indy. I got you. 

In the Space BR, Joe tells Indy/Alyssa/Jasmine that Taylor told her she watned to BD Monte. Indy says I thought she'd do what we agreed to do and that's why I don't trust people until they have power and how they use it. Joe says we just have to win the Veto. Joe tells us he's a double agent along with Kyle, forced into this fake alliance with Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa called the Five Swatters. I've been relaying info back to The Leftovers and keeping my real alliance a secret. 

Joe tells the girls he thought Taylor was cloe to Terrance. But what are her options, Alyssa wonders, think about that. Jasmine thinks Terrance went up because he was close to Daniel. There it is, Joe says, I forgot about that. Get your head in the game, Jasmine tells him. Jasmine tells us Joe is not the sharpest tool in the shed but he's useful because Taylor has a crush on him and we can use Joe to milk her like a dairy cow and bring that info back to us. Indy expects them to keep her. Of course, Joe says.

In HoH, Joe reports to Taylor what the girls are saying. He explores blindside options: Indy or Terrance comes down and Alyssa goes up. That would be crazy for me, taylor says. She would rather not go back on her word to her. Oh, Joe says, clearly disappointed. Taylor tells us she's already annoyed Indy by putting her up and if she puts up Alyssa too, that means going back on my word with both. I don't want to get too much, or the wrong person's, blood on my hands so I really just hope noms stay the same. 

In the WA, Joe asks Terrance how he's feeling. You know, he says, there's a big move in play. If picked to play Veto, what would you do? Joe thinks the bigger target is Monte. It's whoever is more likely to send Monte packing at this point, that's who stays up. Terrance tells Joe he wants the Veto to be used to pull down either one to see what is the truth. He tells us it dosn't matter who comes down, what is important is who Taylor names as the replacement. I want to see who she's aligned with so she has to show her cards.

Terrance just wants the truth to be seen, he says. Joe runs up to HoH and reports. Joe says if not Monte, maybe her big target should be him if you want to hide your true intent. I have to, she says. Monte might take it personal, Joe says. Just don't win Veto, she says. Joe says he'll throw Veto so Taylor will have him as an option. He tells us Taylor doesn't have that many options for the replacement nom that won't upset or reveal the alliance. By putting him up, she can avoid showing her real target and help conceal how close they are.

Joe says that way they protect her game, his game and the alliance. He tells her he trusts her entirely and trying to help her long term game. Taylor says she'll win and take Indy down. Taylor tells us she likes the plan - it solves all her problems.

In HoH, Taylor and Joe explain to Michael their new plan to use Joe. What is Joe thinking, Michael asks in DR, it is not necesary to go up as a pawn - there are 4 outside our alliance to put up. We have the power and numbers, none of us have to touch the block this week. Kyle joins them in HoH and Taylor explains the plan. What, Kyle asks? Monte joins and Taylor explains her plan to Monte. That would be big, Kyle says. In the SR, Michael fills Brittany in on Joe and Taylor's big plan. He volunteered, Michael says. 

He's overplaying, Brittany says of Joe. But if there's a world in which we can get Joe out this week, Michael suggests, and still be good with The Leftovers and the other side of the house, do we take our chances? Brittany is willing to do whatever gets them closer. Michael tells us not only is Joe coming up with really messy plans, he's also playing both sides in a way that only benefits his game. We've see how going up as a pawn ends - just ask Pooch and Nicole. They decide to lay low unti they see who wins the Veto.

It's time to pick Veto players. Taylor wants Alyssa to play Veto and take Indy down so she can throw Joe up and send Terrance to the Jury House. She picks HG Choice and chooses Alyssa. Alyssa is excited to play Veto and secure her alliance and save Indy. Terrance chooses Jasmine. Indy chooses Kyle and is happy because he's a Fly Swatter. Kyle loves to compete and if he wins, Joe goes up as a pawn, according to plan. 

In HoH, Alyssa thanks Taylor for picking her. Taylor wants to know what she would do with the Veto. What would you want, Alyssa asks? She wants Indy to come down. That's fine, Alyssa says, but I feel bad for T. Tayor say she hasn't put her or Kyle in Jeopardy. 

In the SR, Monte wonders to Joe if gettign Terrance out is more personal than strategic. Me vs. Indy would send Indy home, Joe hopes. She did good on psychadelic slop, Joe points out. And she's good at physical comps. And anything endurance based, Monte adds. Monte tells us Taylor's move against Terrance doesn't seem like the smartest move. There's been bad blood but ignoring Taylor as a bigger threat is bad for the alliance. Monte tells Joe he thinks they can convince Taylor to send Indy home instead.

Taylor, Joe, Monte, Kyle and Turner are in HoH. Terrance hasn't spoken to Turner. He's over it, Kyle says, he's done. Now he wants to blow up Taylor's game, Joe adds. Right after the eviction they head into an HoH comp so... Indy has to go, Monte says. We have one who isn't going to win a comp (Terrance), says Turner, and one who could win a comp (Indy). I just don't need those girls, Taylor starts... Thinking you sent Indy home, Joe finishes. Turner suggests saying she wants Indy to stay and she'll think you fought for her.

Just an idea, Turner backtracks when his idea doesn't get traction. Taylor tells us she know she said she wouldn't target a woman but the guys have a point. I already lost Indy's trust so I might as well send her to Jury House and get The Leftovers one step closer to Final 7. Joe wonders what Indy's reaction will be if it's him & her. Someone has to win Veto and take Terrance down, Taylor says. Kyle tells us he's excited Indy's the new target, no allegience there. Play the cards your dealt, Taylor says. You're not going anywhere, she tells Joe.

Time for Punkaroo! The HG come out to the BY to find a supersized guitar with point values from the neck to the bottom. Turner is hosting and has goth black lipstick. This is 100% his comp, he tells us, a stage, an amp and a giant guiatar. Let's shred this comp! 

Welcome to Punkaroo, Turner says. The six Veto players are all dressed in differnet colorful punk outfits. Today, you'll be headlining this banger of a punk festival and rocking out on the world's biggest guitar. This comp plays out in a series of rounds. In each round, you'll bounce a ball down the neck of the guitar. You'll either gain or lose points each time the ball bounces in one of the scoring zones. Your total score will be the combined sum of every forward ball bounce. You do not get a point for hitting a fret between score zones. 

The player with the lowest score each round will be eliminated and have the chance to channel their inner rage by choosing a guitar and smashing it, claiming the prize inside. But don't get too attached, because the players eliminated after you will have the option of keeping their prize or trading for yours. The last player standing will have their choice of prizes, including the Golden PoV. Who's ready to play Punkaroo?

Round 1, Kyle goes first. He hits a a 2, 2 and 1, for a total of 5 points before his ball bounces off the guitar. Alyssa is next and hits 2, -1, 2, 1 (her last bounce was in the same score zone) for a total of 4. Next is Taylor. Taylor gets a 2 then a 2, but the second 2 was on a backwards bounce, so she only gets 2 and is in last place. Walking with a cane (no boot), Jasmine is next. She its 1 and 2 for a score of 3. That works, Joe says from the peanut gallery.

Indy is next and scores a 1 + 2 + 1 + 3 - 2, for a total of 5, tying Kyle for the lead. Terrance says he loves a good bass but his game is in treble right now (groan). He scores a 2 - 2, resulting in a Zero and replaces Taylor in last place and is eliminated. Terrance smashes the green guitar. He gets Rock The Veto. Turner says you have the Golden PoV but don't get too attached. Terrance says he knew this gift had strings attached. He bets he'll be stuck with a punishment.

Round 2. Taylor goes first and scores a 4. Kyle goes second and send the ball down the entire length of the guitar neck, hitting half the scoring zones, including the 5 at the end, resulting in a 14. He takes the lead and does a punk pose. Alyssa goes next and scores a 7, moving on to the next round. Jasmimine scores a 2 and is in last place. Indy scores 0 after hitting positive and negative numbers. She smashes the black guitar and wins Ink 182. She'll be putting on 182 temporary tattoos all week long. Indy says tattoos don't look good on her so she trades with Terrance for the Veto. 

Kyle scores a 5 to start Round 3. Alyssa falls short with a score of 4. Taylor hits a fret and the ball bounces back and off, for a score of  zero. All Jasmine needs is 1 point to move on. Jasmine scores a 3 and Taylor is eliminated. She smashes the red guitar and gets the London Is Calling prize, a trip for 2, home of some of the most notable punk bands of all time. This trip is yours... for now. She chooses to keep the prize instead of claiming Veto.

Taylor tells us she didn't take the Veto because she didn't want to be the one to use it. She'll let Kyle win and take Terrance down. Round 4. Alyssa blanks out. Jasmine gets a 3, putting Alyssa in last place. Kyle scores a 3 and Alyssa is eliminated. Alyssa smashes the blue guitar. Taylor tells her to remember she has a replacement nom. Alyssa gets Skid & Fancy. She and another HG will be transported into Big Brother Punk icons Skid and Nancy and chained together for 48 hours. 

Sounds so fun, Taylor says warningly, and I know who you'll do it with too. Not me, Kyle says from the player platform. Alyssa asks Taylor if she's being serious about the replacement nom? Taylor just grins mischeviously. I really wanna go, Alyssa says. Alyssa says she could keep the punishment and be tied to who knows who, keep the Veto and lose it later, or take a vacation. Girl, please. Alyssa announces she's trading her prize. For the Veto, Taylor asks hopefully? For London Is Calling, Alyssa says. 

Alyssa tells Taylor she's sorry. Taylor's smile is frozen. This b*tch, she tells us. Bold. Disrespectful. I've done everything to protect Alyssa this week and now the first chance she gets, she takes away my trip and saddles me with a punishment. She's going to regret this. Wow, Monte tells us, America, are you seeing this? Alyssa heard Taylor threaten anyone who took away her trip and she did it anyway. People have been sent home in Big Brother for less. 

It's time for the Final Round with Kyle and Jasmine. She promises to leave him in the dust like a country road. She scores a 1+1 for 2 points. Kyle needs only a 3 to win. He hits 1 + 2 + 1 - 1 + 2 for a score of 5 and wins the Power of Veto! Kyle does a punk victory dance.

Jasmine smashes the orange guitar for the The Cash prize. She wins $5k for rocking out so hard at Punaroo. She says she doesn't want to take Indy's Veto and has always wanted to go to London, so (after some bad British impersonations) she trades for the trip. Kyle smashes the last guitar to win the Punk-itard. He'll wear the Punk-tard and perform punk shows for the HG all week long. Keep it or trade it, Turner asks. This is an easy decision, he tells us, sorry Indy. He takes the PoV from Indy and gives her the Punk-itard.

Turner puts the Veto around Kyle's neck. In DR, Kyle says let's go! He might take Terrance down & send Joe up as a pawn. Either way Indy's going home. Alyssa tells us she's super excited for Kyle. She hopes taking the prize from Taylor wasn't a mistake. What's a girl to do? Indy tells us as members of the Five Swatters, Kyle should take her off the block and prove she can trust him. Taylor says she's glad Kyle won the Veto so he can use it and I either put up Joe as a pawn, or explore a revenge fantasy against Alyssa for making the dumbest move of the season. Stay tuned, America. 

In the Space BR, Alyssa and Kyle are in bed together. Maybe I should have kept it, she says of the punishment. What if you take Indy off and they put her up? Kyle is worried too. After all, Taylor said the girls are safe but then put Indy up. She doesn't stick to he word. Alyssa tells us as a SuperFan, she knows this comp, you never take the bait of the prize, you always take the Veto. Maybe taking the trip to London from the HoH and giving her a punishment cost her the game. She tells Kyle her mom will be so mad she took the trip.

Alyssa worries to Kyle that taking the trip makes her seem like she feels comfortable. Taking the Veto shows you want to be there more. I'm an idiot, she tells Kyle as he caresses her, $5k is nothing compared to $750k. I shouldn't have done that. 

In HoH, Joe, Monte, Brittany and Taylor discuss the Veto comp. They alway say take the Veto, Brittany says, she's a SuperFan! That was a blunder, Monte says. The most deadliest mistake of her life, Joe piles on. Joe says it would stir the house if Alyssa went up. All I did was promise her safety, Taylor tells the others, and she gives me a reason to take that all away. It's not cool, Monte says. And I said right on that stage don't do it. 

Joe tells us until now, we didn't have a reason to target Alyssa so if Taylor wants to take the shot, that's OK because it's one less person outside my alliance I don't have to deal with. She has to be evicted at some point, so why not sooner rather than later? Brittany says everyone on the bench was shocked. While I'm HoH, Taylor tells them, she wants to take away my trip to London, Taylor says, when you could wait for the rest of the prizes coming down the line? And give you a punishment, Monte reminds her. Who does that, Brittany asks. Monte says sometimes they just do it to themselves. 

Michael joins them in HoH. Taylor tells them she promised to protect her and Kyle. Will putting Alyssa up destroy her game, Taylor asks? It's justifiable, Monte reasons. Turner comes into HoH. Oh my word, he says. Taylor tells us she started the week not wanting to target the ladies but she's given me a clear reason. This didn't have to happen, Monte says. It did not, Taylor agrees. Will Kyle use the Veto, Michael wonders? Would he be on board with your putting up Alyssa?

Michael says Taylor now wanting to target Alyssa because of a prize is stupid. It's very rash and emotional and not a smart move. Monte suggests Kyle can play dumb. He tells us Kyle being in our alliance and a showmance is concerning. The stronger their connection grows, the less likely he is to target her if he wins HoH. And she gave the perfect justification when she took the trip from Taylor. Back in HoH, Taylor says you could have had a trip to London, now you have a trip to the Jury House. Enjoy!

I love Kyle to death, Taylor says in the DR, but if he's going to show his allegience to the alliance, he will use the Veto. Then I'll put his GF on the block and show him what happens when you disrespect the HoH. Sorry, Alyssa, London isn't calling. The Jury House is.

Alyssa, why, Kyle exclaims in the DR, why would you take the HoH's award and give her a punishment? If Taylor and the other Leftovers want Alyssa on the block, she's probably going to go home. The last thing I want is to be stuck between my Showmance and my alliance.

This plan to get rid of Alyssa this week, Michael muses, makes me worry about the future of this alliance. If Kyle doesn't use the Veto, the rest of the alliance might not be happy with him. This is heading to the inevitable destruction and implosion of The Leftovers.

Who will Kyle choose, his love or The Leftovers? And which HG will be the first sent to Jury? Plus, if you thought the house was divided now, a new twist will literally split the game in two. All this, live tomorrow night at 9pm ET, on a special 2hr Big Brother!

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