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Episode 17 - 8/14/2022 - HOH competition and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother, the seven person Leftovers alliance has been dominating the game and after taking out some of their biggest threats, Daniel was next on their hitlist. With Michael getting a double dose of power, he officially checked Daniel into the backdoor hotel. Looking for votes anywhere he could find them, the impersonator tried to make Alyssa have a suspicious mind about her showmance Kyle and then he tried to recruit Leftover Joseph. But at the live eviction, the HG happily said see ya Las Vegas. For three weeks the HG played with a bestie but with the twist coming to an end it was do or die for the eleven left. Tonight who will conquer conspiracy fest in a quest for power? Plus will the leftovers alliance continue to dominate the game. And a new showmance starts to bloom. All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up Day 37 at the HOH competition with the HG on the wall. Michael says Daniel has left the building and his HOH was a complete success. He says Daniel telling everyone he and Monte are working together was not news.


Brittany says Daniel was just evicted and now they need to make sure another Leftover wins this week so they can get their alliance to the end. Taylor says her head is spinning because her nemesis walked out the door, the bestie twist is over, and she made jury.


Terrance says he feels like he hit a wall today. He is sad to see him go because Daniel is his buddy. He hopes to win HOH so he can make a big move like Daniel wanted. Jasmine says she was trying her best but this is not her competition and she is down.


Turner loses his tinfoil hat and they are told that aliens are among them and they get squirted with green goo. Turner says it is warm and everywhere and it does not help with the grip on the wall. Brittany is leaning forward and Terrance tells Taylor not to talk to him.


Kyle feels like he is in a good spot with the Leftovers but it is harder to balance his showmance with his alliance. Alyssa went to Kyle about the things that Daniel told her to find out the truth.


We see Alyssa and Kyle talking and she confronts him about Daniel telling her that Kyle was not going to save her the previous week. Kyle is trying to smooth things over with her so she does not distrust him moving forward. Alyssa says Kyle told her it was not true.


They are supposed to watch out for the fake news because it is everywhere and newspapers drop on them. Alyssa is now leaning forward. Brittany says trying to stay focused with newspapers flying in your face is impossible. Brittany falls at 15 minutes and 19 seconds.


Joseph feels like he is in a good spot in the house and the night before Daniel’s eviction the other side of the house approached him for an alliance called the Five Swatters. Jasmine says she has had too many friends go home and she needs to pay attention to her game.


Joseph says he got into that alliance and not voluntarily. He feels like it was forced on him. His allegiance is to the Leftovers and he is going to fill them in on what is going on. He tells them the name and they laugh.


Terrance says he is cramping up and this is difficult. He falls at 16 minutes and 55 seconds. He does not know how to feel because his game is in someone else’s hands again and he wants to get some sort of control of the game.


The moon landing was not real but the Loch Ness monster is! They now get blue goo sprayed at them. Kyle says the blue goo hits them in the face and he is having a hard time holding on to the wall and his forearms are cramping.


Michael tells everyone to stay strong. Monte says the wall starts to tilt even further and the goo is underneath his shoes and he is slipping. He slips off at 27 minutes and 9 seconds. Alyssa has been training for these competitions her entire life.


Alyssa falls at 27 minutes and 20 seconds and she is going to cheer for her alliance and her showmance. Michael says Indy winning is worst case scenario and this could be her comp to win with her against the Leftovers.


Kyle, Joseph, Taylor, Turner, and Indy are still on the wall. Taylor says she is not letting go of this wall for anything. Turner says Indy is the only person left not in their alliance but they just need to wait for Indy to fall.


Bigfoot is real and Sasquatch hair falls on them. Turner says the hair is everywhere and he does not need anymore hair. The wall tilts forward again. If the Earth was round they would roll off it.


Jasmine is trying to keep Indy focused. They hear secret alien recordings and the HG are giggling. They then get sprayed with a pink goo. Taylor says she thought aliens would be friendly, but the pink goo is not kind.


Indy is struggling and she steps down at 39 minutes and 19 seconds. Kyle says thank the lord. Indy is sad she did not win and she does not know what will happen to her game. Taylor says this is a dream scenario and she is not letting go.


The wall tilts forward again and the HG that are out are encouraging them. Turner says it is his alliance on the wall and he does not need to fight this hard. Getting another HOH would be great but keeping his arms intact is better and he falls.


Joseph says his side alliance is rooting for him and we see Alyssa and Indy rooting him on. Joseph says he is not giving them any chance of success and he falls at 44 minutes and 40 seconds.


Taylor and Kyle are the last two. Kyle says he does not know where Taylor stands with Alyssa so he has to win to keep her safe. They agree to battle it out. Kyle is visibly struggling and leaning way forward and he starts to slip.


Kyle falls at 46 minutes and 39 seconds and Taylor has won the HOH! Kyle hugs Taylor and we hear Alyssa say ok that’s enough. She wishes it were her that Kyle were congratulating. Taylor says boring season where? She won one of the most iconic BB comps.


Jasmine says her stomach hits her toenails. She has no clue where Taylor’s head is at in the game. They should have taken her out when they had the chance.


The HG head inside and Taylor is celebrating and she has broken the necklace to the HOH key. She says this is her reign now and she gets to call the shots. Kyle says he feels solid and anyone outside of the alliance he does not know where they stand.


Taylor and Brittany are celebrating in the SR and Brittany says this is her week. She says they were both on the outskirts when it came to the rest of the girls and she wants to make this week magical for Taylor.


Michael tells Brittany that he is happy that Taylor won but Joseph and Kyle expect them to play everything and they are playing the middle. Michael says it is frustrating that the Leftovers win and get blood on their hands and they skate by.


Brittany says Taylor is the second woman HOH and Jasmine is there and she is nervous. She does not know how she feels about Taylor winning HOH. She does not think she is in trouble but she has tried to get Taylor out.


Taylor says things have not been easy between her and Jasmine, but she came into the game not wanting to target another black woman so Jasmine is not on her radar. Turner calls Michael and Brittany into the other BR with Joseph, Monte, and Kyle.


Brittany throws out Jasmine’s name because she has no loyalty to anyone. Joseph says Jasmine is always mean mugging Taylor. Monte says he knows Taylor does not feel comfortable nominating a black woman. Michael respects that.


Monte says Indy could be an issue because she could win an HOH. Monte says Indy is definitely stronger than Alyssa, Terrance, and Jasmine. Terrance comes in and they start talking about bed arrangements.


Terrance is talking to Taylor to see where they stand. He says he neglected how Taylor felt about Daniel and he wants to see where he stands now. Taylor says there are a lot of people in the house that are expendable to her. Terrance throws out Monte’s name.


Taylor says Terrance is trying to buddy up to her and she is not buying any of it because she knows he tried to flip the house and get her out against Nicole. He tells her she has a lot of moves she can make and he would support her. He tells her to take her shots.


Joseph and Taylor are in the HOH room and Taylor says Joseph has been so good to her since day one and that has felt good have someone. Joseph loves hanging out with Taylor. She is beautiful and bright and she is his type.


Taylor is in the HOH room with Turner and Brittany and Monte joins and she says she promised Kyle and Joseph that they would be safe and since she was Festie Bestie’s with Indy and Alyssa she is trying to keep them safe.


Turner is confused because Taylor is trying to put her neck out for people who were dogging her all month. Her plan is to put up Turner and Terrance and claim Monte is a backdoor target. Turner does not like that idea and Taylor says maybe nominate Turner and Monte.


Turner says what if someone else wins veto and does not use it for a backdoor. Monte says Daniel put a huge target on his back so that plan does not work either. Taylor is trying to figure out how to get Terrance out and put him in the jury house.


Taylor and Joseph are in the hammock and just talking about doing laundry. Joseph does not think there is a better feeling than getting into some fresh clean sheets but he was afraid to wake up Indy who is snoring and cranky when she is awakened.


We see her complaining about Joseph staying up late. We then see him trying to sneak into the room and she is awake. He says this is the hardest competition he had to do…make his bed without waking up Indy. He gets it made and then realizes his blanket is still wet.


Indy goes up to talk to Taylor and check-in and Taylor says she will put up Indy and Terrance and convince them it is a backdoor plan for Monte. But she already promised Indy she would not touch the block so now she has to backtrack.


Taylor is pitching putting Indy or Alyssa or Jasmine or Brittany up so she can guarantee one of them can play in veto. Indy says she and Taylor do not have a really good relationship but she promised her that she would not put her or Alyssa on the block.


Indy says she never really trusted Taylor anyway and she would not have a problem doing the same in the future. Taylor says it does not matter who goes up because she will protect Indy and Indy says she would never use Taylor as a pawn.


Taylor says that did not go how she wanted it to go because Indy is clearly not happy being a pawn. So she wants to talk to The Leftovers for some solid advice. Turner respects Taylor’s reasoning for not wanting to put Jasmine on the block.


Turner does not think Jasmine would have the same thought with Taylor and he would not have a problem seeing her go to jury house this week. Turner pitches Jasmine and Indy as nominees to see them both pitch to Alyssa.


Monte says they just need to figure out how to get to final seven. Taylor says she has worked hard to build those relationships and she feels like any decision she makes will upset someone. Being HOH is a lot harder than she thought.


It is time for nominations! Taylor’s first nominee is…Indy. Taylor’s second nominee is…Terrance. She has nominated Indy because they have a distant relationship and Terrance because she wants to see him play in the veto.


Taylor says Jasmine is not on her radar and she cannot nominate a black woman. Terrance feels very deflated. He thought he and Taylor had a better relationship. Indy says it is not a good feeling to be nominated and she is ready to fight and win veto.


Monte says Taylor did imply she was going after a bigger threat and looked Monte in the eye to put on a show. If they think he is the target, Indy and Jasmine are dead wrong and they are coming for them.

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