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Episode 13 - 8/4/2022 - Live eviction

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Previously, on Big Brother, the house was completely divided. There was the leftovers alliance and they were secretly working against everyone. But stuck in the middle were two star crossed lovers. With Monte in power, he put two Festie Besties on the block but he had a bigger prey in mind. Monte lied to Nicole’s BFF about his true target leaving Daniel on high alert. At the veto competition, Kyle and Daniel claimed power. Daniel did not want to use the veto so the leftovers made a new plan and after Monte filled in Daniel and Nicole, the rogue rats thought they smelled a…rat and it made Daniel eager to wield his power. At the veto meeting, Daniel put his ride or die in the line of fire and Taylor was left blindsided by the change of plans.

Tonight, who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Nicole or Taylor/ plus don’t blame global warming, it is Kyle and Alyssa heating things up. All this right now on big brother


Julie greets us and it is day 30 inside the Big Brother house and the blindsides continue. We pick up on Day 27 after the veto meeting and Daniel says they used the POV because Monte was pressing to keep nominations the same and he does not trust him.


Daniel says this is his chance to take a shot at the new alliance that seems to be forming. We see 8 hours before the veto meeting Nicole and Daniel are talking about the potential alliance. Then we see Daniel talking to Kyle 90 before the meeting about using veto.


Kyle talks to Monte about 60 minutes before the meeting and he fills him in. Daniel says with the three girls that were lied to last week, Alyssa, Indy, and Jasmine and then himself and pull Kyle in and rely on Terrance and they have the power in votes.


Kyle says he did not find this out until right before the meeting and so some of his alliance members were blindsided. Michael is annoyed but he says congratulations Daniel, you just backdoored your best friend. Monte says he tried to give them a life raft.


Alyssa says Kyle used the POV on her and it makes her feel good. Taylor says it sucks she has to do this again and has to make it seem like she is ostracized. Nicole feels euphoric and Nicole knows Monte is coming for her but he does not have the votes to send her home.


Daniel is talking to Indy and Alyssa that they are safe and he loves them and wants to work with them moving forward. Daniel tells them not to trust Michael because he is working with the other side and Kyle is in there getting a swimsuit.


Daniel asks Indy and Alyssa to stick with the plan because they all love her and they want to keep her safe. Some of The Leftovers are outside talking about Daniel thinking he has the votes to keep Nicole safe.


Joseph says they have the votes and even if there is a tie, Monte gets to break the tie. Nicole is talking to Jasmine, Indy, and Alyssa and she knows who her ride or die’s are and she is going to tell them she was a police officer and she was a detective for two years.


Jasmine says Nicole was a cop for ten years! And she was a whole detective and they need her in the house on her side. Nicole tells them they need to stick together and remember that THEY have the numbers.


Daniel and Nicole are talking and they say they are a bunch of clowns and they have no clue. He is done with those clowns. Nicole says she does not play. They hug and they are friends for life and Daniel says people are getting too comfortable in this game.


Kyle and Alyssa are flirting and Kyle is going crazy in this house. He says Alyssa is so hot and he is trying to stay disciplined and take cold showers. Everyone is waiting for Kyle to finish his shower. Kyle says Alyssa has to leave so he can get out.


Kyle says if it was not for Daniel taking Alyssa off the block their time would be cut short so he figures they might as well have fun. He wants to be careful so it does not look like they are in showmance so they do not get targeted.


Joseph comes in and sees Kyle and Alyssa and they tell him not to shut the door and he does it anyway and then opens the blinds on the door. Alyssa every conversation she has with Kyle she wants him to shut up and kiss her and she might have to make the move.


Kyle and Alyssa are in a room and Daniel is next to them but he is going to go for it and he goes in for the kiss. Alyssa says she came in very anti-showmance but Kyle is an amazing person and she is willing to risk kissing him and he is the best kisser ever.


Joseph says if they see another Ameerah move from them they will start to realize about the vote so they cannot allow another blindside. Monte says they need to get more votes to get Taylor to stay but how do they do that without giving away their alliance.


Joseph says they need to get Jasmine and Indy to spread the word and Monte says they need to figure out a way to get the non-Leftovers to get out Nicole. Nicole is talking to Monte and he tells her to campaign and he asks what she might do if she were HOH.


Nicole says she was in an alliance with Monte and that means she trusts him. Nicole tells us she is just telling Monte what he wants to hear. Nicole tells him she will put up the girls or Turner and Jasmine. He does not think it is a good idea for Monte to go up at all.


Monte is not buying what Nicole is saying but if he takes that information to the girls it might pull them on their side without exposing their alliance. Monte goes to talk to Jasmine about Nicole saying she would go after the girls and maybe Jasmine will tell the girls.


Jasmine says she is always on the other side of the house and she really wants to keep Nicole but she cannot be on the outside again. She needs to talk to Indy and Alyssa and let them in on what Monte told her. She tells the girls the house is flipping.


Alyssa tells Jasmine is trying to screw over Jasmine by getting her to change her vote and make her look bad. Indy says if Taylor stays she is going to win this game. Indy says she has managed herself so well.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! Nicole does her shoutouts and then she says she would come in with loyalty and this week has humbled her and she will fight for her life in this house and all of them to make sure the right person wins this game.


Taylor does her shoutouts and she says Nicole looks dumb for choosing her as her Festie Bestie and thinking she would be a security blanket. She says if they keep Nicole they are keeping someone who will manipulate them and she does not play like that.


It is time to vote!

Joseph votes to evict Nicole.

Terrance sadly votes to evict Nicole.

Michael votes to evict Nicole.

Indy votes to evict Nicole.

Right now, the vote is 4-0 in favor of evicting Nicole.


Voting continues.

Jasmine votes to evict Nicole.

Daniel votes to evict Taylor.

Turner votes to evict Nicole.

Kyle sadly votes to evict Nicole.

Alyssa votes to evict Nicole.

Brittany votes to evict Nicole.

By a vote of 9-1, Nicole has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Nicole gives hugs and has a last big hug for Daniel and heads out the door and joins Julie onstage. They give virtual hugs. Inside Daniel tells them they cannot all split the check and they need to play for themselves.


Julie asks Nicole what she made of Taylor’s speech tonight and Nicole thought it was amazing and comical and she spoke nothing but the truth. Clearly the one rule she did not follow was playing someone else’s game in the house.


Julie says she was in on the plan to for Daniel to use veto and why was she so confident. Nicole says it came down big risk and big reward but she also thought they had the numbers to keep herself safe and get Taylor out.


Julie asks what happened to the numbers? Nicole says she realized there was a larger alliance going on after Ameerah left. Julie asks if getting Taylor out was strategy or personal and she says for her it was strategy to keep her alliance happy.


Julie says she started to sense she was going and she asks who is responsible for her sitting there and Nicole says Monte because he found out about her side alliance. Julie tells her there IS an alliance that started to form the night her and Daniel confronted Taylor.


Julie tells them the alliance bonded over being at the bottom and feeling like Taylor was being treated unfairly. She asks if any of the alliance members surprise Nicole and she says not at all, Kyle was the only one they could not figure out.


Daniel says he only made it this far because of Nicole and he will not leave without a fight. Kyle says he is sorry and he is the one who came up with the idea to create the seven person alliance.


Michael says he fought hard for veto not to get used but they could not convince Daniel. Taylor says never volunteer yourself as a pawn because they go out before the queen. Nicole says Big Brother is amazing and she is so glad she got to play.


Taylor now gets to join any Bestie group she wants, including Monte, Joseph, and Terrance. Taylor goes to the front and she says Terrance went with the guys last week so she will go with the girls and she joins Alyssa and Indy.

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