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Episode 12 - 8/3/2022 - Veto competition and meeting

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Previously, on Big Brother, a secret alliance of Turner, Monte, Michael, Brittany, Joseph, Kyle, and Taylor was born and their first order of business was a butter bean blindside leaving the other side of the house in shambles. With a chance to slide into power, Monte picked up a big win for The Leftovers. Kyle and Alyssa were feverishly flirting, but with Alyssa being blindsided by the blindside, it looked like their showmance would be short lived. Indy and Alyssa seemed like the perfect targets, but Monte was eager to backdoor a bigger fish, leaving Nicole’s Bestie Taylor in a tricky situation. At the nomination ceremony, Monte warned of his true intentions. Tonight, things get trippy in the veto competition. Who will win the golden power and will it lead to another shocking veto meeting? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 24 after the nomination ceremony and Monte has nominated Indy and Alyssa because they are the only Festie Bestie’s who don’t have a member of The Leftover alliance, but he would much rather go after Nicole.


Indy does not trust anything anyone says even if Monte says she is not the target this week. Alyssa says being on the block really, really sucks and she does not know who to trust and the veto is so important.


Taylor is okay seeing Indy and Alyssa on the memory wall and that makes Monte a man of his word and he is concerned for her safety. But she knows he wants to backdoor Nicole and she has paid her dues.


Nicole says she does not feel safe and the only person she trusts is Daniel. She could be the backdoor plan and that makes her nervous. Monte is talking to Joseph about his nomination speech and he says he discussed everything with Taylor before he did.


Joseph and Monte are talking about nursing their relationship with Taylor to build trust. Joseph says it is not worth it to go after Nicole if Taylor is not fully on board because she is not just a number for their alliance but they care about her as a person as well.


Taylor is talking to Brittany and Michael about needing to win competitions so they are not just passengers along for the ride. Michael says Brittany and Taylor are who he wants in a sub alliance so he does not bring people to the end who were perceived as bigger threats.


Brittany feels good about a final three with Michael and Taylor because she thinks both would choose her to sit next to in the final two. That sounds good to her.


Daniel goes to talk to Monte because he said in his nomination speech that Indy and Alyssa are not the targets and he wants to see where Monte’s head is at. Monte tells Daniel that Taylor is still on the radar because she is like a cat with nine lives.


Monte says damn Daniel, he may not be on board with the real plan. Daniel says after what happened with Ameerah, he thinks Nicole could be in danger if she were to end up on the block and he cannot have that happen.


Michael, Taylor, and Kyle are talking and Taylor says she would like her Bestie to go but she does not want to put herself in the line of fire. They discuss what Daniel would do if he were to win the veto. If he used it, then he would be the reason his ally would go home.


Taylor does not want to go on the block again, but if Daniel were to win veto he could be betraying his best friend if he thought Taylor had a shot at going home but then Nicole was the one sent home.


Kyle and Alyssa are talking about their feelings for each other. Kyle says it is hard to sit there and not…Alyssa says she and Kyle are working through some patches because he lied to her face but it is hard to stay mad at him.


Alyssa asks Kyle if Monte won veto if he would take her and Indy off the block and Kyle says he thinks so. Kyle is not sure where he stands with Alyssa and he needs to think about it. He says she is outside of the alliance and has a situationship outside of the game.


Daniel is talking to Nicole and says if he wins veto and he will not use it even if Monte says they will backdoor veto. He says he will tell Kyle to let him win the veto and do the dirty work. He wants to gun for this thing so veto does not get used and he protects his F2.


It is time to pick players for the veto competition! Monte will draw to see who the other set of Bestie’s are who will play in the veto competition. Monte says they have Nicole in their sights but they do not want her to play so they want Kyle and Daniel to get picked.


Monte draws the Festie Bestie’s of Daniel and Kyle. Britany says Monte and Joseph were really smart to get Terrance to their group. Brittany says everyone in their alliance is paired with someone outside The Leftovers and that is good for keeping their alliance intact.


Michael joins Brittany and Taylor and they are discussing that they need to get Indy or Alyssa to choose to join them if they stay on the block and one is evicted. That way if they are nominated, they have some insulation that neither Michael nor Brittany will be evicted.


Daniel is not sure what Kyle would want to do if they won POV and he assumes he would want to save Alyssa. He does not want Kyle to know that he wants to keep noms the same but first they have to win.


Kyle does not want to talk about veto with Daniel because he does not want him to know the plan to backdoor Taylor is actually a plan to backdoor Nicole. He says they should just focus on winning and take it from there.


The HG go into the backyard and it is time for the veto competition! They are about to go on a mind altering slop trip. One bestie will eat a spoonful of psychedelic slop and they will go on a psychedelic trip.


When the bestie gets back they have to explain to their clear headed bestie everything they remember. Alyssa sees pink elephants turning into green pigs. Daniel sees eyes blinking at him and changing colors and he also sees tentacles and veto medallions.


Joseph and Terrance are dividing everything they see. Terrance sees a duck with sunglasses and Joseph sees the sun spinning with his tongue out. They have 90 seconds to tell their bestie everything they saw.


Kyle is using his hand motions to remember every detail. He is feeling like a psychedelic Bob Ross. Monte says you would think having two people remember information would be more helpful but he does not know how he can remember any of this.


Question 1-What color were the elephants. A. Green. B. Pink. C. Grey. Monte answers A and Kyle and Indy answer B. Kyle and Indy are correct and they win 1 point.


Question 2-What did the elephants turn into. A. Pigs. B. Birds. C. Sheep. All of them answer A and they are correct. Kyle and Indy have 2 points and Monte has 1 point.


Question 3-How many daisies with faces were there? A. 3 B. 4 or C. 5. Kyle answers B and Monte and Indy answer C. Kyle gets the point and now has 3 points.


Question 4-Which blinking eye color appeared more than once? A. Red. B. Green or C. Blue. Monte answers A and the other two answer C. Kyle and Indy get a point. Kyle has 4 points, Indy has 3 points, and Monte has 1 point.


If Kyle gets the last question wrong and Indy gets it right, then we will have a tie. Question 5-What was the sun doing with it’s mouth. A. Sticking out it’s tongue. B. Blowing a kiss. C. Smiling with teeth. They all answer A. Kyle and Daniel have won POV!


Indy is sad that she lost but she says she did her best and she tried to remember everything Alyssa told her and that is frustrating. Alyssa says Kyle better use that veto on her or she is going to come for him. Monte is hoping Taylor is good to backdoor Nicole.


The HG head inside and Daniel and Kyle are excited. Kyle says he is stoked because he can save Alyssa and backdoor Nicole. Daniel says it is starting to sink in that only one of them has to chance the nominations.


Alyssa asks Kyle if he will use it and he promises her he will. Alyssa says if Kyle did not use it then she would feel stupid and it would show that she did not know him at all.


Michael says the ideal outcome is that Alyssa goes home and he wants to convince the leftovers that leaving nominations the same is the best choice for all of them. They discuss sending Alyssa home. Monte says that would actually be a good way to protect them.


Monte wanted to get Nicole out this week but keeping Indy and Alyssa on the block is better long term and keep The Leftover fresh all summer. They just have to convince Kyle not to use the POV.


Kyle says that would be tough because that would be his moral compass. Joseph says it is your moral compass versus Michael and Brittany’s safety. Kyle says if he does not save Alyssa he loses her trust or he loses his alliance’s trust if he does.


Monte and Daniel are going to have a chat to make sure they are on the same page. Monte needs to convince Daniel and Nicole that she is safe to ensure that Daniel does not use the POV. Nicole says she has been trained to know when someone is lying to her.


Nicole says she knows she has the numbers to stay and Taylor would be going home. She says he is such a liar. Daniel says Monte has been suspicious since the Ameerah vote. He thinks Monte has realized he does not have the votes to get out Nicole.


Daniel is talking to Kyle and he tells him that Monte is trying to keep nominations the same because he realized he does not have the numbers going forward. Kyle says either way they want to be on the same page. Daniel says he has to use the veto.


Kyle says he has to play dumb with Daniel because he is going to help him take down his friend Alyssa, plus make the dumbest move by getting Nicole on the block and evicted. Kyle says sorry Nicole…send her ass packing.


It is time for the veto meeting! They have decided to use the POV on Indy and Alyssa. Monte nominates Nicole and Taylor. He says Indy and Alyssa were never his targets and he thinks this is the best decision for his game.


Kyle says it only takes one of them to use veto and he got the best of both worlds and now operation backdoor Nicole can proceed as planned. Brittany is confused and disappointed and now she and Michael are not protected.


Taylor agreed as an alliance that she was safe. What happened? She does not know how to feel. One part is excited to see Nicole out the door but the other part is can she trust her alliance.


Nicole says it is so funny. She does not know if anyone has ever been happier to be on the block. Nicole says Monte will be disappointed when his new friend is evicted. She is so excited because they are killing it today!!

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