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Episode 11-7/31/2022-HOH and Nominations

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Previously on BB, for weeks, the house was dominated by 2 alliances: Girls' Girls and Po's Pack. Meanwhile, Kyle & Alyssa seemed to be forming something more intimate. A new twist was unleashed on the game and 7 pairs of Besties were born.


With Turner in power, he took the opportunity to solidify a Final 4 with Kyle. Monte & Joseph and they zeroed in on their first target. Wanting the number, the Pound recruited Michael, Brittany & Taylor and a new super alliance was formed.


At the Veto mtg, Turner initiated The Leftovers' plan. Assuming Po's Pack & the Girls' Girls alliances were behind her, Ameerah felt safe. But at the live eviction, it was a 2nd helping of The Leftovers blindside, leaving Nicole/Daniel/Alyssa/Jasmine/Indy dazed & confused.


With his Bestie gone Bye Bye, Terrance made a Bestie Boys trio with Monte & Joseph. Now, with the house divided, the HG were tasked with finding an invitation to power. Tonight, will a Leftover become the new HoH or will the other side of the house turn the tables?


Plus, see the drama that unfolded as the shocking blindside sent the house scrambling. And which Besties will hit the chopping block? Find out right now on BB!


We pick up on Day 23 at the HOH competition with the HG still looking for invitations. Turner says his week as HOH was a huge success. He made an alliance with The Leftovers and sent Ameerah home. Now one of them has to win HOH and keep the power on their side.


Brittany recaps the rules of the HOH and Jasmine, Terrance, and herself have their invitations. Alyssa says Ameerah should not have been evicted and Po’s Pack should have kept Ameerah safe and she is blindsided by that decision and she does not trust anyone now.


We see after Ameerah walks out the door Nicole saying wow. Alyssa asks Michael if he voted to evict her and he says yes. Michael says he has to own up because he thinks it is best to come clean now. Nicole, Alyssa, and Jasmine say he is good.


Nicole goes to the bedroom and Alyssa comes in sobbing and Nicole goes to console her. Alyssa is saying she is an idiot and Nicole says she is not. Indy joins the room and Nicole says she did not get to say goodbye to her best friend in the game.


Nicole is upset that she did not get a heads up. She says what just happened and she needs to figure out who she can trust at this point. Monte has found an invitation and he takes the fourth spot. Daniel has no clue what is going on in the house and he finds an invitation.


Joseph finds the sixth invitation and there are two spots left. He is hoping Michael, Kyle, or Taylor finds invitations. Nicole has found one and there is only one spot left to compete in the HOH. Indy and Alyssa each find one and they race for the final spot.


Alyssa gets to the spot first and she had to beat out her Festie bestie to get it. She says sorry Indy, but I was just blindsided and I need to take my power back. Indy says she is bummed she is out but her Festie Bestie gets to play.


Taylor says 2 of her alliance are on the outside with her and she does not like those odds. She needs an alliance member to win HOH so they can hold onto the power and keep the train running this week.


The HG who are competing in the HOH move into the spooky house for the next part of the HOH. When they hear a scream they must race to slide a blood goblet down the tables to the scoring zone. They have 30 seconds to score and they can lock in their score.


The HG with the highest score will win the HOH competition! Alyssa is first and she hits 1 and then 2 and her last one is a 1 and she has a score of 4 in 16.60 seconds. Nicole is next and she cannot wait to see the faces of those who got Ameerah evicted when she wins HOH.


Nicole scores a 2 and a 4 and a 3 and locks in a score of 9 points in 18.82 and is now the leader. Joseph is next up and his strategy is to score all fives. He hits a 2 and then slides the second one off. His final throw is a 3 and he has a score of 5 and is eliminated.


Daniel is up next and he is going to gun for this one. Daniel slides too hard on the first and scores a 3 on the second with a 1 on the last one for a score of 4. Daniel has been eliminated. Nicole is still in the lead.


Monte is up and it is just him and Brittany left for their alliance. Monte’s first slide is a 4, then a 4, and then a 2 for a score of 10 in 19.35 seconds. Nicole is now eliminated and Monte is now in the lead.


Nicole says her and Daniel are out and he is the only one she trusts 100%. Kyle says Nicole is out and that gets them one step closer to seizing power. Brittany scores a 2, the second slides off and her final slide is a 1. Brittany has a score of 3 and she is eliminated.


Terrance is up next and he slides the first one off the side, the second slides off the end, and the final one scores a 4. Terrance scores a 4 and he is eliminated. It all comes down to Jasmine against Monte. Jasmine says they always save the best for last.


Kyle says Jasmine is the only person who could stop them from having a Leftover week and he has no idea what she would. Jasmine slides her first and scores a 1. Her second is a 3, and her last one is a 1. Jasmine scores 5 and is eliminated. Monte is the new HOH!


Monte says it feels crazy to finally get the key. He is super hyped right now and he is glad he finally could take one home. Nicole is disappointed because she does not know where her games stands. She does not know who she can trust and where she stands.


Monte is crazy excited and he wants to keep the momentum going for The Leftovers and get some targets out of the house. Nicole is super bummed because she was so close to winning. She does not know where she stands with Monte and she has to do damage control.


Nicole is talking to Daniel and he says he would never lie to her and they both have no clue what is going on. Nicole says she does not trust Monte and she tells Daniel to tell Monte he has no clue what happened. Daniel says no one matters to him other than Nicole.


Nicole says it just sucks she did not get to say goodbye to her and she gave Terrance her goodbye. She says she cannot trust anyone. Indy joins Nicole and Alyssa and they also do not know what is going on. Alyssa thinks Kyle is in on it because he will not look at her.


Alyssa says she has no idea what to do now because her heart and head are all over the place. Monte, Terrance, and Joseph are in the SR celebrating that they are safe. They had already talked to Terrance about joining them if the remaining HG stayed and got to choose.


Joseph says having Terrance with them gives them a shield if the three of them are nominated. Terrance says he feels like he gained a couple of inches and no one can touch him now. Daniel, Jasmin, Indy, and Alyssa are talking and they are upset Taylor knew about the vote.


Jasmine says Taylor tries to be sneaky but snakes are better at slithering than she is. Alyssa also cannot believe Taylor knew about the vote and they cannot believe she is still here.


Kyle sits down to talk to Alyssa and he apologizes to her. He says they are close but he felt like Alyssa would have Ameerah’s back over his. We see Day 20 and Alyssa is missing home and she misses her person and Joseph picks up on that and Alyssa says do not tell anyone.


Joseph goes to tell Kyle what happened because Kyle is not very familiar with relationships. Kyle says that information hits him and he cannot be doing this. He says she is so attractive and they get along great but he is just too horny. Then says do not air that.


Alyssa asks Kyle why he would not tell her he flipped his vote and he says he was going to tell her right before. Alyssa says she feels alone in the game now. Kyle says he is sorry and he should have told her. Alyssa says Kyle gave her no clue and her heart is broken.


Who wants to see Monte’s HOH room?!? He has photos of his mom, his brother, and his dad. His letter is from his mom and she says she is very proud of him and the man he is evolving into and she sends her love and says no girls.


Michael says he would not normally interact with athletes and it is good to see Monte get emotional and show his vulnerable side. He says the beauty of Big Brother is you get to interact with people you would not on a daily basis in your normal life.


Brittany says everyone is sitting in the HOH and it is The Leftovers and a few stragglers and she needs the other’s to go to bed. Jasmine and Alyssa finally leave. Nicole and Daniel say good night and The Leftovers dance and celebrate.


Monte asks for everyone’s thoughts. Taylor would like to see Indy and Alyssa going up because they are more social than Nicole. Kyle does not mind going up with Daniel. Taylor would like to see Nicole out but she prefers to not have to touch the block.


Taylor says there are people who have not touched the block at all and she would prefer them to go up and she does not want to be a pawn. Monte says he is going to put on a show tomorrow and see who is lying and who is telling the truth.


Alyssa is talking to Monte and he is not sure what exactly he is going to do. He needs to get as much info as he can so he can make the best decision going forward. Alyssa assures him she would still like to work together.


Alyssa does not want to be on the block and Monte says Taylor could still be a backdoor option. He is having the conversation with Alyssa in order to make sure she feels comfortable. Alyssa is not thrilled about this but he mentioned a potential backdoor.


Monte is talking to Indy and he tells her that Taylor and Nicole are a backdoor option and he wants to know how she feels. He says he knows she has not played in a lot of vetoes. Indy says he can do what he has to do, but he would never do that to him.


Indy never thought that Monte would put him up. Indy says he could put someone else up instead of her and that is heartbreaking. Monte asks if she is ok and she is emotional but she says this is ok. Monte says maybe this week will not be as easy as he thought.


Nicole is in survival mode right now and she needs to figure out how to approach Monte to let him know she can be an advantage to his game. Monte tells them Taylor has been on the block a lot and he does not want to continue that trend.


Nicole says she respects Monte and his game and she and Taylor could be an asset to fight for him going forward. Nicole leaves and Monte is talking to Nicole about the real options. Monte tells her it is tricky but he does want to show she can trust him.


Monte is asking Taylor to be 100% transparent with him because he values her game and her as an asset as an alliance. He really wants to target Nicole but he needs to make sure Taylor is comfortable and knows she can trust him and not feel like she is being used.


Taylor does not want her first moments with the new alliance being used as a pawn and have her game at risk. She is tired of risking her game and trying to prove she is trustworthy. She is done putting her game at risk for other people.


It is time for the nomination ceremony! Monte has nominated the Festie Besties of…Indy and Alyssa. He nominated them to prove how good of a competitor’s they are and he makes clear they are not his targets this week.


Monte says he nominated Indy and Alyssa because they are outside of The Leftover alliance and if they stay on the block, Alyssa is the target but if Taylor gives the green light, then Nicole should watch out.


Indy never thought Monte would ever put her up and now they have to see what happens. Alyssa says it never feels good to be on the block and hopefully the backdoor is wide open and hopefully they can pull themselves off the block.


Taylor says she does not want to go on the block, but Nicole is a huge threat in the game and she thinks this decision could be hers and it is a lot of pressure. Nicole says after Ameerah being evicted, she thinks she is the next target to leave the Big Brother house.

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