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Episode 9 - 7/27/22 - The Power of Veto & The Leftovers Unite!

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Previously on BB, 2 alliances were running the game - Girls' Girls and Poe's Pack. With Taylor the house's target, Pooch volunteered to be a pawn to get her out. But the Girls saw a golden opportunity to flip the vote. And with the rest of the house on board for a blindside, the Pooch was put down. JCM unleashed a new twist on the game. At the HoH comp, the Festie Besties were formed: Joe/Monte, Michael/Brittany, Taylor/Nicole, Alyssa/Indy, Daniel/Kyle, Terrance/Ameerah and after Turner won HoH, he became Besties with Jasmine.

Taylor felt great about her new teammate, completely unware Nicole was planning a Bestie backstab. Turner was happy to see either Brittany or Taylor go, so at the nom cerem, the rug maker wove two possible paths. Tonight, will the PoV save Michael/Brittany from the block? Plus, escalating tensions set off a chain of events that will turn the whole game upside down. All this right now on BB!

Day 17. Turner says after Pooch was blindisded, he wants to go after one of the girls responsible and Brittany sketches me out. If Brittany/Michael come off the block, I've got my eye on Taylor as well. I hate being on the block with Michael, Brittany says, not only is he my Festie Bestie but he's literally my best friend in the house, because my supposed alliance, the Girls' Girls, have never really embraced me. Michael is the only one I got in the house.

Nicole says even though Taylor is my Festie Bestie, it is important that Michael/Brittany win Veto so Taylor & I can be replacement noms. Hopefully we're in a position to finally send Taylor packing and I can get whatever power JCM has in store. Peace out, Taylor. Oh boy, says Taylor, that was stressful. Brittany/Michael have been there for me since the beginning and it sucks to see them on the block but better them than me. I'll do anything to stay off the block this week. I have to play Veto and secure my own safety.

Terrance/Ameerah go to visit Turner. She tells us if Michael/Brittany win the Veto, Turner can nom another pair of Besties & w/ Michael's track record, there's a good chance he'll win. I don't want us on the block this week so need to make sure Turner sees bigger target. Ameerah tells Turner she wants to back Turner this week. Michael will win the Veto, so, um, you want me to throw anything out there? Taylor is a complete wildcard & cannot be trusted. She's said she wants to go after guys. You should backdoor her. You can't keep risking...

She can't get HoH, Terrance pipes in. Ameerah tells us Taylor is everyone's target. She doesn't make friends and rubs people the wrong way. It's a good time to get her out. Ameerah promises Turner she'd use Veto on Michael/Brittany so Turner can nom Nicole/Taylor. Turner doesn't want Nicole to think he's f*cking her over. Ameerah assures him she won't. And if they can't BD Taylor, Brittany goes home. Turner tells us Ameerah's right. Taylor would be the least amount of blood on my hands. We have to take her out, Ameerah/Terrance say.

Monte & Nicole join Turner in HoH. Turner tells us if he's going to nom Nicole/Taylor, he needs to talk to Nicole first. Turner tells Nicole the plan and she says that's fine, she's on board, like, completely.  Nicole tells us the plan is in motion. Now I just hope Taylor & I don't get picked for Veto because I don't want to have to throw the comp. Joe joins Monte & Nicole in HoH. Nicole says you know I have your backs. Nicole leaves so the can talk. See you later, Mom, Monte says and Nicole gives him a dagger look. Later, kids, she says. 

In the loft, Taylor tells Monte last week was tough. She understands she's an easy target that doesn't ruffle feathers. Maybe I seem cold but I have my own timeline for warming up. Monte asks if she has had negative experiences opening up too soon. It's hard to compare my pain to someone else's, Taylor says, I feel other people's pain more than my own, so when I do share, I worry others won't see my experience as valid. Really, asks Monte? 

People have said pretty awful things about me and my skintone, Taylor tells Monte, but I never wanted colorism to be a big issue in my life. In DR, Taylor says colorism, especially from those you are close to, can really affect you and how you view the world. We all come from the same race, Taylor tells us, but sometimes people will treat those with deeper skin tones as less than. This isn't an issue specific to the Black community, but the more we talk about it, the faster we can be the change we need to see.

Taylor tells Monte she doesn't play a lot of her own things so others will feel comfortable. Monte says hearing Taylor's story and why she hasn't opened up quickly has brought me closer to her. Monte tells her he understands why she's been more guarded. Monte tells Taylor that understanding her perspective gives him more respect for her and thanks her for sharing. 

Monte, Kyle and Joe are in HoH with Turner. They say last week changed the trajectory of the game. Kyle feels like he's on the outs All of us have, Joe says. It never made sense, Monte says, I don't even think Pooch did things that incriminating to make him an early target. Unless the girls, Monte says... There might be an alliance, Joe concludes. Kyle says Alyssa said the girls' alliance was set up by Paloma but is nothing really. I could tell she was nervous talking about it. We need to start chipping at them, Joe says, take 'em out.

Monte says the girls made sure they have the numbers or are working to get the numbers to be the majority. Those girls hate Taylor, Joe says. If they can build trust with Taylor, Kyle suggests, once she finds a home, she'll be loyal. We're having issues with the girls in the Poe's Pack alliance, Monte tells us, the girsls are prioritizing their game over ours. Maybe getting Taylor out this week helps the girls more than us. 

The guys see Nicole on the HoH screen and that means Ameerah is up too. She always knows who's up, they say, and she reports it to the girls. She's a machine, Joe says. She was 2 seconds away from being HoH, Kyle points out. She almost beat Turner, Joe agrees. Joe says either Ameerah or Nicole will win the game. Monte says we need to think about making big moves. We win Veto, Kyle says, and take down Michael/Brittany and put up Ameerah/Terrance. The guys roll over laughing at the thought. Just saying, Bro, says Kyle.

Kyle says he could get Michael/Brittany/Michael and offer an alliance, we have the option to take out the head of the dragon. We'll flip the script, Joe giggles. We could, Kyle says dead serious. This is something solid, Monte says (him, Joe, Kyle, Turner). Turner loves his boys for bringing him this idea. Ameerah is a huge competitor who has all her ducks in a row, playing everyone. Maybe I change gears and BD Ameerah. They name themselves The Four and the larger alliance The Pound. They all laugh at their brilliant idea.

Kyle tells us that he & Monte have been working with Poe's Pack for the last 2 weeks but Ameerah is the biggest threat in the house. She's smart, a super fan, and we all agree more loyal to the girls than the guys. I hope this works, this would be insane. 

It's time to pick Veto players. 3 sets of Festie Besties will compete - the HoH and his bestie, the Nom besties, and a third pair of Besties selected by random draw. If the Veto is used, both noms will come down and a new set of Besties will take their place as noms. As HoH, Turner chooses which Bestie will compete with Turner/Jasmine and Michael/Brittany. Turner wants to pick Monte/Joe because are down with the new plan to BD Ameerah out. Turner picks Nicole & Taylor, and Nicole acts happy to have been picked. Taylor is truly happy.

Ugh, she says in DR, not only do I have to play, but I have to throw the comp so that Taylor & I go up on the block and she goes home. Turner reminds the HG one of the Besties on the block on eviction night will be going home. Turner adds that JCM will tell them on eviction night what happens to the Bestie who remains in the game, but surviving eviction does NOT guarantee you safety for the coming week. 

Alone in HoH, Nicole tells Daniel she hates throwing comps. Nicole tells us her idea of getting some kind of special power by being the surviving bestie on eviction night wasn't right. But I'm still willing to throw the comp to ensure Taylor & I are on the block together. Turner joins Nicole/Daniel in HoH. Nicole says the game is more real in her head now but she's 100% on board with throwing it for us. Turner tells us he feels great that Nicole is willing to throw the comp. She has no idea she's helping him BD Ameerah. This game is fun!

Nicole tells Daniel & Turner after this week they have to be strategic. She tells us throwing the comp is great for her game but it's an internal struggle. She hates to have to lose to gain something. Nicole comes into the Space BR and asks Joe, Ameerah and Alyssa to leave. She crawls under the covers and starts sobbing. Throwing this Veto is messing with my head, she tells us. Daniel joins her. I have to get rid of Taylor as my Festie Bestie, she tells us.

This game's so hard, Nicole cries to Daniel. In the LR, Ameerah tells Monte & Jasmine that Nicole is balling crying. She doesn't know what it's about but thinks it could be Nicole's mom. Jasmine tells us they are very worried about Nicole and her mom & her cancer treatment. Nicole tells Daniel that throwing the comp is the best way for her to prove herself to her alliance and it's driving her crazy. She has to build these alliances, he assures her. But I never personally had an issue with Taylor, Nicole tells him. 

In the Loft, Taylor asks if something happened to Nicole. In the Space BR, Daniel says it affects his game too. Taylor comes downstairs and asks if Nicole has talked to anyone. No, Jasmine shakes her head. If she gets HoH, Daniel reminds Nicole, someone we love & work with will be on the block. I know. Most likely me, Daniel adds. 

Daniel tells us that he & Nicole are connected to everyone in the house except Taylor. We must remove Taylor to move forward. I know what I need to do, Nicole tells Daniel, period. I have to get rid of her to move forward in the game. She is tough and strong, a threat to all of us. No question, Daniel agrees. Not a good person, Daniel says. Nicole agrees, a loose cannon.  

In the LR, Taylor asks Monte to say a prayer for Nicole and her mother. I just want her to be OK. I don't know the details, Taylor tells us, she hasn't told me, but I know she's hurting and when I see her hurting, the game doesn't matter, her well being matters. Nicole is out of bed. Taylor pops in and says hey, Bestie. They hug. Ameerah comes in to run defense. You have to do what is best for you, Taylor tells Nicole reassuringly. Um, Nicole says, I appreciate you saying that. I'm here for the right reasons and what I have to do.

I'm a fighter, Nicole assures Taylor, and I'm here to win. Jasmine comes in, presumably looking for Ameerah. All we can do, Nicole says, speaking to Ameerah & Jasmine more than Taylor, is to fight, fight, fight. If there's a point where you have to tap out of the fight, Taylor says, having a totally different conversation, don't even consider me. That's not even an option, Nicole assures her, I appreciate it though. No one will ever be able to take the fight out of me.

Nicole tells us that if someone comes on to her with negative energy or passive aggressive behavior, I know how to stand up for myself. I was a cop for 10 years. I'm a fighter. I don't need someone telling me to bow out. No, screw that. Period. In the WA, Nicole tells Terrance, Ameerah and Daniel she doesn't like to be spoken to passive aggressively like that. Michael joins them as Nicole tells her version of what Taylor said about quitting. I won't talk to her from here on, Daniel says, she can F*ck off.

I'm p*ssed, Daniel tells us, Taylor tells her (Nicole) to leave the game. She's trying to manipulate Nicole while she's in a vulnerable state as she did to Paloma & I'm fuming. Brittany joins the WA group. If she does it again, Daniel tells Nicole, I'll *** her out of here. 

Taylor walks into the WA with a bag of chips and says hey. Do you want to work out, Nicole asks? Just stop, Daniel tells her. With the Lay's, Taylor asks, confused? No, with your fake BS, he says. I am a fake B*tch, she says, trying to laugh it off. Don't speak to me until Finale, Daniel orders. You're taking me to the finale, Nicole jokes? No, when you're out there, he says angrily. This guy hates me, Nicole says with a smile, taking a seat. The same thing you did to Palmoma you're trying to do to Nicole, he accuses.

You don't think America's watching, Daniel warns Nicole? This is getting intense now, Nicole says, confused but trying to difuse the situation. From here on, Daniel orders, do not speak to me. Daniel storms out of the WA. I thought he was joking, Taylor asks, is he serious? 
They tell her he's serious. Why, she asks, what's going on? Nicole shrugs her shoulders. I'm not speaking for him, she says, if there's something you want to talk to him about, that's between you and him. OK, Taylor says slowly, I really thought he was joking. 

Taylor heads to the LR where Daniel is telling Ameerah and Jasmine about his confrontation with Taylor and doesn't get a chance to ask him what's wrong. Stop. I will never forget what you did to Paloma, he says. You think you didn't add to that (her aniety)? And now you're doing it to Nicole, Daniel accuses, mind games? That's not fair, Taylor says, fighting back tears. Do not speak to me Nicole like that ever again, Daniel orders. What, Taylor asks, confused? Ever again! Everyone in the house is watching. No one says anything.

Jasmine asks Taylor to give Daniel some space. Talker walks off, destroyed. Finally, Ameerah says she didn't think Taylor meant what she said ill-intently. It doesn't matter, Daniel says. I feel bad for Taylor, Ameerah tells us belatedly, she was just trying to be a friend and offer a little support. I did not agree with Daniel throwing Paloma's name out there. We don't know what actually went wrong with Paloma and this isn't an argument to be had in public.

Taylor in DR is crying. I'm not trying to hurt or manipluate anyone. It seems every time I try to connect with somebody (she shakes her head), I'm just hurting them. Taylor goes to the WA and tells Nicole she hopes she didn't take what she was saying... 

You need to learn how to speak to people, Nicole says coldly. What you said to me was very passive aggressive and rude. Taylor is still confused. Joe tells us he's never witnessed Taylor disrespecting anyone and it makes him feel bad. She doesn't deserve it. Nicole tells Taylor she needs to really look at the words that come out of her mouth. You brought negativity to the room. I don't need that from anyone. I'm a 41yr old woman, Nicole lectures Taylor while Joe watches in silence, and the last thing I need is for you to tell me it's OK for me to quit. I understand, Taylor says, broken, and I'm sorry. Nicole tells Taylor to fight for her life in Veto because she doesn't know. 

Back in DR, Taylor cries she was never trying to hurt her. I never tried to hurt Paloma. I never tried to hurt any of the girls in the house. I have a feeling she's not going contribute in this Veto and will advocate to get me on the block next to her and send me home. I have to win the Veto, Nicole sobs, and play for my life. While all this is going on, Turner is sleeping in HoH. 

Joe comes out of the DR wearing a 60's peace vest. It's time for the Veto comp! It's Woodstack! The BY has been transformed into a woodland hippie comune, according to Kyle. I've never sampled the Devil's lettuce, but from the look of these trees, someone's getting high. 


Welcome to the Woodstack Festival, Joe reads in front of 2 Golden Powers of Veto, the grooviest lumberjack festival in the world. Before we can boogie down, I need you to put together the epic Woodstack billboard so all the lovers of wood know where to go. Here's how it works. On Go, the Festie Besties will use teamwork to assemble Woodstack puzzle billboard on the top of their tree. The grounded Bestie must run on the ground to retrieve their puzzle pieces one at a time to their partner. 

When they run to get a piece, their partner will fly into the air and build their puzzle on top of their tree. Communication will be critical as the Festie Bestie on the ground will have the job of holding their partner in the air in order to build their puzzle. But be careful - if you knock over your puzzle, you have to fly the piece back up, costing you valuable time. The first Bestie to finish their puzzle, land on the ground and hit their button will win the Golden PoV for them and their Bestie. It's time to play Woodstock!

Turner wants to have complete control this week so he can follow through with The Pound's plan to BD Ameerah. Brittany says everything is on the line. She's on the block with her Festie Bestie, Michael, so we are not on the block together on Eviction night. 

Taylor says she's not on the block but she's not safe either. After the blow-up this morning, I'm nervous Nicole won't give this comp her all. I have to fight to protect myself. Nicole wants Taylor out more than she hates losing, so she'll throw this and go on the block. Jasmine is wearing a boot but tells Turner she doesn't think she can do this. She tells us she wants to make sure Turner has an amazing HoH by winning Veto, but she's afraid of heights and something doesn't feel right, more than her foot. Indy double checks her harness.

Jasmine says she feels like she's going to pass out. Kyle is concerned from the sidelines. Jasmine asks to be unclipped. She falls to the ground and Monte rushes to her aid with water. Turner & Indy just stand there, unsure what to do. Joe tells her it's going to be OK. They lay her on the ground but she has fainted. She's passed out, Joe and Monte say, can we get somebody?

Jasmine has passed out, Alyssa tells us, the medic is looking at her and we're just hoping she's OK. Jasmine returns to the BY on her scooter to HG applause. Joe officially asks how she's feeling and she says OK. She's been medically cleared to participate in the Veto comp. But, due to her fear of heights and anxiety from passing out, Jasmine says, I have chosen to not compete. I want to thank Turner for being the best Bestie and I hop you understand. I promise to make it up to you. Of course, he says, giving her a hug. The HG all applaud.

Obviously Jasmine's health comes first, Turner tells us, and I'm fine sitting this one out and don't want her to think I'll be upset.

It's a Veto comp between two teams of Besties now, Michael/Brittany and Taylor/Nicole. The horn sounds and Nicole & Brittany race across the field to their puzzle pieces, lifing Taylor and Michael into the air next to their trees, about 20' off the ground. Nicole grabs her first piece and as she runs back towards her tree, Taylor drops back to the ground. Both teams start with the puzzle base, putting it monto a spike at the top of the tree. Michael lets Brittany know when to run back with the second piece. 

Michael/Brittany are working like a well-oiled machine while Taylor struggles to get her base piece onto the spike. Nicole says she doesn't want to make it obvious she's throwing the comp, so she's going to give Taylor a few correct pieces before sabotaging her. Taylor has 2 pieces in place and calls for a side piece. Taylor tells us not only do the pieces have to fit, but it's double-sided so you have to make sure the picture on both sides is right. Brittany says she has to be a hulk woman, racing down and lifting Michael up.

Brittany says she's visualizing her husband next to the puzzle pieces and she's running toward him. BB makes him appear for our benefit. I'm doing it for us, she says, I'm doing it for him, our future family, that's what's on the line. If we don't win, I go home. Michael/Brittany continue to communicate to ensure she sends up the correct pieces for Michael to assemble the puzzle. Nicole/Taylor are not communicating well. I don't even know what to ask for, Taylor tells us, I'm in trouble.

Taylor is trying to figure out how to describe the piece she needs for Nicole to retrieve. My plan was to throw the comp, Nicole tells us, but with how terrible Taylor's doing, I may not have to. Focus, Nicole yells at Taylor. Nicole keeps yelling Focus at me, Taylor tells us, maybe Nicole should focus on telling me where these pieces go. Brittany helps Michael figures out where the pieces should go and directs Mike from across the yard.  puzzle.

Michael says this comp is about teamwork. He's too close while trying to assemble the puzzle, but Brittany has a good view and can communicate what he should do. Taylor struggles to hold mutliple puzzle pieces in her arms & asks Nicole for help. She tries to hold a piece between her legs like Michael is doing. Ameerah tells us he's rooting for Michael/Brittany so they can BD Nicole/Taylor & send Taylor to meet JCM on eviction night.

Taylor has pieces balanced on top of the puzzle but out of place as Nicole keeps bringing her more pieces. The puzzle starts to take shape, saying Woodstack Festival - Peace & Chainsaws. Taylor gets a few pieces in place but worries they have fallen too far behind. Two of Taylor's puzzle pieces drop as Michael descends with one between his legs. He is lifted back up with the last piece under left arm, steadying himself against the tree with his right hand. Brittany digs deep to pull him up. 

There are now 5 pieces at the bottom of Nicole/Taylor's tree. Michael puts his second to last piece in place as Nicole lifts Taylor up with the middle piece she was missing. Be careful, Brittany says, as Michael slides in the last piece at the top. Are you ready, Brittany asks, waiting to bring Michael down. Taylor puts her piece into the puzzle. That's my Bestie, Michael shouts as Brittany rushes to his side, lowering him to the base of the tree. Together, they press the buzzer to win the Golden Power of Veto!

The HG all celebrate Michael/Brittany's win. Clink Clink. The two Besties clink their Veto medalians in the DR, giggling in delight. How does it feel to be a Veto winner, Michael asks? Amazing, she answers. One of us would have gone home had this not happened, she says. 

Success, Nicole tells us, well, we lost. But success. Now Turner needs to follow the plan to put Taylor & I on the block and finally Taylor will be out the door. Teamwork did not clock in today between Nicole & I, Taylor says dejectedly. I just hope Turner doesn't look at us as replacement noms. I'm praying to the BB gods that there's some way to be saved. You crushed that, Turner tells Brittany. 

It sucks I didn't get to win or even play, Turner tells us, but if I couldn't win, I wanted Brittany/Michael to win. They will take themselves off the block & now I can make the biggest move so far and BD Ameerah. Everything is lining up to make The Pound's plan a reality.

Joe tells us it's obvious people are trying to strong-arm the game and we need to start bringing people into this alliance. In the SR, Joe tells Michael the game is now on, a wild thing, with you winning the Veto. He says he feels on the outside & Michael says he does too. Joe tells Michael the people who are playing decently, being respectful and kind are getting the sh*t end of the stick. Michael smiles and says he'd like to talk more about it. 


In the gym, Joe pitches Brittany - the outside people need to band together or they'll lose. Brittany says if they can get enough of a group to trust... We just move forward, Joe agrees. Monte sits with Taylor in the Golf BR & says you may have a chance this week. We need to chat tonight in the HoH room and realize what's happening in this house. You may not go up!

Walking up to the HoH room, Taylor tells us she can count on one hand how many times she's been asked to talk game in the house. Kyle lets her into HoH where Brittany, Monte, Michael & Turner are waiting. If someone wants to talk to me, Taylor says, I'm going to listen. Monte says they have confirmation that the girls are coming after the guys thing, and the two of you (Taylor/Brittany) have been left out. Brittany says even though they were saying Girls' Girls, we're not in the clique. 

Us 7 on the outside, Monte says, are potentially what could be a juggernaut alliance, pushing different narrativs and having things done throughout the house. Kyle tells Taylor she's been treated so poorly by so many in the house, and he's sick of it. Kyle says he's passionate about this, they have the opportunity to change the narrative, take control of the game, because we can. Michael says we have to flip things. The fact they didn't bring you in, Brittany tells Taylor, what were they thinking? 

With these numbers, Brittany affirms, we have the opportunity. The time is now, agrees Taylor, daring to hope. I have been looking for people to trust, she tells the others. Monte says it appears Ameerah is the head of the snake, calling the shots, driving the narrative. Monte says Ameerah is deciding who should be voted out each week. The rest of the group agrees. Joe joins the rest of the new alliance in HoH. Kyle says they've been waiting! He excitedly asks Taylor if she's in. She's all in. Let's go, he squeals. 

Michael tells us he feels really good about this group of people. This is their only chance to shake up the game. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. This is the last week to do this, Joe says, they would have sent Taylor home, but their plan is dead in the water. They would have picked us off one by one, Kyle says. Once Ameerah goes, Joe explains, we're the majority in the house. This bullying you, Kyle begins... That ends today, Joe finishes. Taylor has a look of disbelieving gratitude.

It's hard to be that strong & people not get intimidated, Joe tells Taylor. Just because you're strong is no grounds to test how strong you are. I'm not trying to break in here, she says, overwhelmed by the sudden outpouring of support. Bend a little, she laughs, but... 

Kyle has an excited look on his face. Brittany clasps her hands with newfound hope. Joe says you're part of this alliance, everyone's part of it, so we need a name. Leftovers, Taylor suggests with a cunning smile. It's time for the Leftovers to take over, Monte whispers! The new alliance comes together in a huddle and lifts their hands up in solidarity. 

This game is wild, Taylor tells us. I went from being completely alone to being brought in as a key member of the Leftovers alliance. I guess what JCM said is true - expect the unexpected. And you can see a lot more of me. 

I'm looking forward to this next Veto meeting, Ameerah tells us, so we can get Taylor on the block and get her out of here. BB isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. This is going really well and it's actually pretty fun to take people out. Highlight of my summer.

This is going to be insane, Kyle says with enthusiam, Ameerah thinks she's sitting pretty and has no idea what's about to happen. Bring your appetites, America, because The Leftovers are about to become the Main Course! 

With The Leftovers serving up a blindside, it will be a Veto meeting like never before. Plus, which HG will be the next evicted and what happens to the Festie Bestie who survives? Find out Thursday night at 9pm ET live on Big Brother!

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