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Episode 5 - 7/17/22 - HoH Comp and Nominations

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Previously on BB, HoH Daniel and Nicole made a F2, while 6 of the women formed the first big alliance of the summer. But Paloma, Alyssa and Ameerah also created a second alliance with Monte, Kyle and Michael. The Backstage Twist had Brittany, Alyssa and Paloma's games in jeopardy. And Daniel's noms, Terrance and Taylor, were also in danger of going home. 

But then, the House received some shocking news which put an end to the Backstage Twist. And the noms got some good news as well. The HG went to battle to qualify for the HoH comp, and Michael, Taylor, Monte, Kyle, Ameerah, Joseph and Jasmine all punched their tickets for a chance at power. But an unexpected twist left Jasmine reeling. Tonight, will the southerner be sidelined or will she compete? And who will devour power at the messiest fest yet? Plus, 2 HG will hit the block. All this, right now, on Big Brother!

Day 9. Taylor rejoices in DR: I'm in the game, baby! She feels amazing, it's insane. She got to compete against Alyssa and beat her. One step away from being HoH and having her thumb on the entire house, full power over everyone who wanted to kick me out first week. Alyssa says Paloma was her #1, Scorpio Sister and best friend in the house. I'm going to win this game for her. 

Daniel says his HoH meant nothing - all 3 HG he put on the block (Michael, Terrance, Taylor) are still in the house. It's scary going into the next week without safety. I have blood on my hands, but also a strong social game, so I'll have to go even harder. Terrance tells us now it's time to play, baby. You don't get second chances often and I won't squander mine. Just go hard. 

In the Space BR, Nicole and Ameerah say they're good. Ameerah says her alliance with Alyssa, Monte, Michael and Kyle without Paloma is being renamed Poe's Pack. They bring in Nicole 18 hours before the HoH comp. Since Ameerah, Monte, Kyle and Michael are in the final stages of the HoH comp, the week looks pretty good for her. Now we have to keep the others safe, Nicole tells Ameerah, agreeing to the alliance.

Jasmine is on crutches after rolling her ankle during the HoH qualifying comp. Joe is eating at the KT counter while Pooch and Alyssa help Jasmine to the LR couch. She's going to push through the HoH comp and get the job done. 

In the Golf BR, Joe tells Brittany he thinks he has a good relationship with all the HoH finalists. He's not going to stress, he tells her. Brittany tells us she's here for him. She tells us she's here! She dodged the biggest bullet (not really but she doesn't know she won Safety from America's Vote). Now she is free to reset. RIP mopey Brittany. 

Pooch tells us Taylor was the clear target last week and did not go home. I'm working with the majority of the guys in the house so it's in my interest to keep myself and them safe and getting Taylor out of the house is the best idea. In the KT, Pooch reminds Kyle, Turner and Monte why Taylor has to go. He pitches the idea of one of them going up against her. As long as it's not two of us, he says. 

Alyssa and Taylor check on Indy in the Space BR. Indy tears up, missing her family. Indy says losing puts pressure on herself. Her parents don't have money so it's up to herself to provide. It's the opposite - I help my parents, she tells us. For me, I have to be the strong one in the family and nobody should feel sorry for me. That's why I get emotional when I lose.

After Indy leaves, Taylor and Alyssa hug. She didn't see them working together, Alyssa tells us, but since she could win HoH, I have to cover my butt and be nice. She transparently asks Taylor who she might nom if she won HoH. Taylor demurs and says she's only trying to survive. Hopefully she's not coming for me, Alyssa tells us, before I come for her. 

I want to see a woman win, Taylor tells Alyssa, and if I won, the game would be on, not because I want to make tough decisions but because the house is scared of me. Taylor tells us this is her second chance in the game and Alyssa seems to want to bring her back in with the girls. The girls could totally dominate this summer. It's going to be tough, Alyssa tells Taylor, but I hope I'm not your target! No, Taylor assures her awkwardly. 

Kyle, Monte, Terrance, Ameerah, Nicole and Turner are in the loft. Pooch is entertaining Joe, Taylor and Jasmine in the WA. Daniel comes out of the DR wearing blue jean overalls and straw hat. It's time for the HoH comp! Get dressed and bring your sweet tooth! Hillbilly Dan dances around the LR with his imaginary horse and rope. This is the most rootinist, tootinist HoH comp on the farm!

The sign in the BY says Pie Eating Contest, and the decor is country fair shic. The 7 qualifying HG sit at tables with what looks to be banana cream pies. In this comp, you'll search pie and low for the answers to the next HoH. Each round, you'll be asked a True or False question about the BB Hotel. 

On the Air Horn, search through your pie with only your mouth to find either the T or F hidden inside the pie. When you believe you have the correct answer in your mouth, press your button with your chin. But search quickly because each round, only a specific number of players will advance. And each round, the pies will grow larger in size. The winner of the final round will be the next HoH!

Daniel hopes Taylor and Michael do not win. This reminds me of home, Jasmine says. Michael wants to take out a big guy if he wins. I rarely forgive and I never forget, he tells us. Monte worries Taylor would go after him for their misunderstanding. Taylor feels like Rocky, she's on a high, she's ready to shake this house up. Kyle says it's all about control in the house, he has to win. Jasmine says the stakes are high to get Taylor out this week. Who's ready to play the BB Pie Fest? Let's eat!

In the first round, the last 2 to answer correctly will be eliminated. True or False: The sign on the wall in the Dining Room says "Color TV".  The HG stick their faces into their pies, which are thick, creamy and yellow. They're hands are at their sides, so there's nothing to hold the pie tins in place. They have to use their faces to push the filling around and their tongues to feel if a letter is a T or F. They are wearing goggles but that just makes them blind once they go full facial on the pie. 

The answer is True, but knowing the answer is only half the problem. Kyle says you cannot breath because the pudding gets in everywhere. Joe says normally he wouldn't eat that much pie. Joseph, then Michael buzz in. Taylor is trying to flick her pie off the table to make it easier to find the letters. Jasmine buzzes in. Taylor buzzes in. Monte tries to figure out with his tongue if he found a T or F. Ameerah buzzes in. Kyle buzzes in. Monte buzzes in. 

The HG remove their goggles and look around to see what a mess the others are. Michael licks his T. They all got True, but Kyle and Monte were the last two to answer and are eeee-liminated. Jasmine, Joseph, Michael, Ameerah and Taylor advance to the second round.

For round 2, the pie is a larger Blueberry Pie. The table has been cleaned up but not the HG. Only the first 3 players to answer correctly will advance. True or False: The refrigerator in the KT is red. Chow down! The 5 remaining HG put their noses to the pie stone and search for the letter F (the fridge is blue). Taylor says the pie is in all her holes. Michael says he works with pie frequently but the number pie isn't this messy - or delicious. Michael buzzes in. Ameerah buzzes in. Jasmine buzzes in. Taylor buzzes in. Joseph buzzes in.

They all get the right answer, but Joseph and Taylor are eliminated. Taylor thought she had figured out the trick to the comp but she's mad she was so slow. Pooch says Taylor is still enemy #1 in the house so her losing is good. Ameerah wants to go after Pooch and Turner who are not in either of her alliances and could come after the girls. Alyssa says she's good no matter who wins. 

It's time for the semi-final round, with an 18" deep key lime pie. True or False: There are 5 exercise bikes in the downstairs gym. It's pie time! Ameerah says the gym is small and doesn't fit 5 bikes, so she's looking for an F. She finds a letter but doesn't know if it's an F or T, so she sucks it into her mouth. Michael finds a letter but drops it on the table. Ameerah buzzes in with her letter. Michael buzzes in. Jasmine is the last to buzz in.

I got the wrong one, Ameerah mumbles with the T still in her mouth. Since Ameerah answered incorrectly, Michael and Jasmine both move on to the Final round, the 24" cherry pie. 

As the HG reset the table with a fresh table cloth and new pies, Jasmine tries to bargain with Michael. She says she knows he wants to win so she's not going to... Michael jumps in and says if he gets it, she's totally safe. Not that he's asking her to throw it, of course. Go for it, he tells her. No, she says, I didn't want you to go and get any blood on your hands. But if you get it, I'll look out. I'm not going to ask you to do it, but if you do, I'd appreciate it, so I can get a letter from home. The same, Michael says, if I'm safe... 

In DR, Michael says Jasmine asks me to throw the comp. I'm cool if she wins but if she wants it, she's gonna have to earn it. 

It all comes down to this. The final round. The winner of this round will be the new HoH. True or False: The neon diver next to the Pool sign over the stairs is wearing a pink bathing suit. Gobble that pie! 

Michael and Jasmine attack the super big pies with their faces, looking for their letter. Michael says as a SuperFan, he's been studying the house and knows the diver's suit is pink. Now he just has to find the answer. Jasmine says there's pie everywhere and she's not a swimmer but she learned how to hold her breath with her face in pie. Jasmine's face goes into the pie and doesn't come out without a letter. Michael is strategically trying to shake off globs of pie. Jasmine almost flips her pie in her lap but comes up with a letter and buzzes in. Michael grabs his letter and buzzes in.

They both have the letter T but since Jasmine buzzed in first, she wins HoH! The whole house rushes to her side to celebrate since she cannot stand herself. Daniel puts the key around her neck. Pooch hands Michael a towel. I just won the Freakin' HoH, Jasmine hollars in DR, I was feeling really defeated and now I can finally get my target out of the house. Michael says as a competitor, losing HoH is tough to swallow, but I do feel good with Jasmine, so this could benefit my game.

The house is celebrating Jasmine's win in the LR. This rolled ankle isn't gonna stop my shine, she tells us, I cannot wait to get this rodeo started! She promises to use her power to set herself up for the rest of the game. Taylor thinks Jasmine will gun for one of the guys and she'll be OK, but she might end up as a pawn. Michael isn't upset and feels good with Jasmine. Winning HoH right after Veto might make him too hot. Jasmine tells Brittany and Ameerah she's a hot mess, but she would talk to her (deceased) father and ask him to help her through this. She did not want Taylor to get it, she whispers to them.

In WA, Taylor says wow. Michael laughs. He tells us he wants to work with Taylor - she's here to play hard, a bigger target and would make big moves against power players, so he's thrilled she's still in the game. In the SR, Nicole catches Daniel up on the Poe's Pack alliance as part of her Rugrats F2 deal. She assures him she doesn't reveal anything the two of them talk about. Daniel tells us he's uneasy she's working with other people but it reminds him he picked the perfect person for F2 and is glad he found out through her than anyone else.

Pooch says it's in the best interest of himself and the house to get Taylor out and the best way is to volunteer to be a pawn against someone like Brittany so Taylor doesn't have a chance to win Veto. Pooch tells his plan to Alyssa, saying that they'd all play to use the Veto and backdoor Taylor. Alyssa promises to talk to Jasmine about it. Alyssa tell us as a SuperFan, the #1 rule is to never volunteer to be a pawn. It's too early for this kind of a move, it's dumb. Pooch makes his pitch to Turner, Joe and Kyle. 

In the Space BR, Alyssa shares Pooch's plan with Michael and Ameerah. We don't need to backdoor Taylor, Ameerah says, why not just get Pooch out? Alyssa is shocked. Michael has a wicked smirk. Alyssa says they can feed into his ego and make him think they are doing his plan... Michael calls it brilliant, tells her it's an all-star move. And then we send him home, Ameerah says. If Pooch wins the Veto, Alyssa reasons, they can still evict Taylor. And all six of us play next week, Michael concludes. 

If Pooch is going to going to volunteer to go on the block, Ameerah tells us, we may not have many future opportunities to get him out. Alyssa says we can get on Taylor's good side for another week; Pooch is a player and we can send him right out the door. It'll be easy for Jasmine, Alyssa tells Michael and Ameerah. Michael tells us Pooch is a wild card - he doesn't talk game with you but at you. You can't reason with him once his mind is made up and it's always made up, super hard super fast. So why stop him from evicting himself?

In the WA, Indy comes out of the WC and Pooch is waiting. Hey, what's up? He wants to role play with her. Indy wants to wait until the next morning. Should I start this for later, he asks, pulling out a rubber spatula and pretending to whip her rear? Oh, Indy says. In DR, she says the whole house knows she's a sex coach, and her approach is to help her clients find out what makes them happy. Pooch jokes he'll sleep with the spatula and if she comes to his bed, he'll just pull it out and wack her rear. He hands her the spatula and says you're the teacher and I got detention. 

It's healthy to be clear about your wishes, Indy tells us, or what you like without judging. In the WA, she starts thwacking the spatula against her palm. OMG, Pooch says, now? I don't mind playing with Poochie, she tells us, maybe that's his thing. But I'd never judge him. You should have these types of convos with your partners. Pooch continue to pretend she's turning him on. Ameerah just puts her hand over her mouth. Remind me to never use that spatula, she tells us. 

Pooch apologizes to his mother. 

In HoH, Pooch and Ameerah come to tell Jasmine his great plan. He tells us great BB players are not scared going up on the block. He tells Jasmine he's willing to do this for the house to get Taylor out. Jasmine doesn't know why she would want to put him up. In DR, Jasmine says the truth is, Taylor isn't in the Girls' Girls alliance and was her target. But if Pooch is nominating himself, I'm happy if either goes home. Pooch volunteers Brittany to be a pawn too. Ameerah tells us Pooch is wrong to think that just because he's liked that he'd be safe. They're here to win money and that means getting him out.

Jasmine says she doesn't trust Pooch as far as she can throw him and that ain't very far. I don't know what he's thinking but he's giving me the opportunity to get one of the biggest threats out of the house. And he's volunteering! 

In the WA, Pooch talks to the camera. The old pawn, he says, if you've watched the show before, sometimes doesn't go as planned. But I got to build up that resume so that when I get to the F2, I'm an easy sell. It's risky but no doubt, that's why I'm here. Joe walks into the WA as Pooch is talking. We'll see how it plays out, he says. Who you talking to, Joe asks? Joe looks at the camera as if Pooch was talking to a georgeous woman.

Back in HoH, Jasmine is tired when Taylor comes in to talk. She tells us she knows it would be easy with the house for Jasmine to put her up again. I would prefer to not be a pawn, she tells Jasmine, but won't be shocked if she is. Jasmine smiles and that's all Taylor needs to see to know she was right about how Jasmine was thinking. I know you'll be uncomfortable, Jasmine says, but I'm a real-*ss chick and I'm not going to lie to your face, you are. Jasmine tells us she's right back into the line of fire. 

I need you to understand, Jasmine tells Taylor, laughing at the absurdity of her words, you're not the target. If your target comes down, Taylor calcuates, who goes up? Someone who's a bigger target, Jasmine replies. Nobody feels comfortable being a pawn, Taylor tells her but I can play the game. I'm counting on you to make it work, Jasmine tells her. 

Jasmine says she's telling both Pooch and Taylor they're pawns and neither knows who her real target is. And you know what? Neither do I! Because I want both of them gone. Taylor tells us she's confident she can take her self off the block. She won't be the pawn that goes home. Jasmine tells Taylor she's not here to play Baby Brother. 

It's time for the Nomination Ceremony. Big Brother has given Jasmine a scooter for her sprained ankle with the same bell and squeaky wheel that Christmas had seson 19. The HG assemble at the DT and Jasmine makes her squeaky entrance, with the nomination box perched on the handlebars. She pauses for dramatic effect and the box falls off the scooter. Nicole reaches down to get it as the rest of the HG say oops. They keys did not come out so the "surprise" is not spoiled. 

Jasmine turns the first key to reveal Taylor. The second houseguest nominated is Pooch. Jasmine says she nominated Taylor because she slept next to her week one and never talked game with her. Giving respect to the first HoH, I want to get you out. Pooch, you had the opportunity to become Backstage Boss and while that wasn't your fault, you should fight in the Veto comp. 

Jasmine tells us that Taylor was her original target but Pooch is a huge threat who offered to put himself up. I'm not aligned with either Pooch or Taylor so I just need the Veto to go her way and keep the noms the same. Taylor says I'm no pawn, I'm a queen. Bring it on, I want that Veto around her neck. Pooch didn't want Taylor to have a chance to win Veto but he's still confident and will drive him to make sure he gets it done. I'm not an idiot - I know the pawn that feels best shouldn't feel that good. But I feel pretty damn good. I don't know whether to laugh or feel bad for this kid, Ameerah tells us, he really thinks he's going to make it through this week scott free. 

Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save either Taylor or Pooch from eviction? Find out Wednesday at 8pm ET on Big Brother!

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