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Tuesday, July 12, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 24 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/326-big-brother-usa-season-24-discussions/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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5:47 am bbt we can see Alyssa or  Indy sleeping in the Jetsons room 

6:01 am bbt I think they’re doing Covid tests today i’m gonna take a break now so someone can take over now I’ll update later

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The HGs have been waiting for the backyard to open. They are all enxious to get outside for some fresh air and a chance to scheme with their alliances.



Bob announces the backyard has opened. The HGs cheer and are all heading out.




A group of bros quickly forms at the hammock, including, Pooch, Daniel, Joseph, Monte and Terrance

Pooch notices there is a full moon

Terrance: Indy is gonna love that. She is in to the chakras.

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12:09AM BBT

In the bathroom, Taylor updates Nicole on her persepctive of the Monte/Taylor/Paloma fiasco.

Taylor: Monte and I passed by in the bathroom and we had quick game talk for the first time. He said he felt good about the people that were on stage with me and you on the very first day. I was like, okay, cool. I came downstairs one day and Paloma was saying that she was nervous the guys were upstairs plotting against the girls. But, I told her I had talked with some of them, and they are not. Then, fast forward, I told Monte "Have a conversation with her?" and what I was trying to say is have a conversation with her to put her at ease because that was not happening.

Nicole: So those weren't your exact words?  (That Paloma was trying to get out Monte)

[During all of this, Nicole is not making much eye contact and is busily attending to personal like grooming digging in her ears for blue goop and moisturizing her hair. This isn't a way that I like to communicate on something really important. But, this is the BB house and HGs often try to appear they are doing anything other than talking game. However, this causes Nicole to ask Taylor to repeat things several times when she is confused about the context. Nicole is doing her best to follow along, but clearly wants to just get outside]

Taylor: No, Monte took it as...and this doesn't make sense to me, because why would I tell him to have a conversation with someone that, like, blatantly...

Nicole: right

Taylor: So he goes to Paloma and assumed that what I was saying is that all of the girls are targeting the guys upstairs. Paloma got heated and I guess there wasa room full of people and riled them all up. I don't know what was said in there.  When I talked with him today, he said this is what I heard from Paloma, "And you know Paloma" that's what he said that things just ran from there

Nicole: He said that?

Taylor: He said things went haywire after talking with Paloma

(this is not true, either. Monte started the whole thing by telling Daniel, and I imagine he was unsure where he stood with Daniel and thought this could help keep him off the block even though Daniel had assured him big guys weren't going up.)

Nicole let's out a big sigh, "That sucks, and I'm really sorry this is happening? Is there anything else marinating in the house?

Taylor: Not that I am aware of. I have talked with Indy, Paloma and Alyssa directly, but there are a handful of people I haven't been able to ask 'have I done something to personally offend you?"  

Nicole: So who have you spoken to? (abotu the Monte/Taylor/Paloma mix-up)

Taylor: Ameerah, Jasmine, Brittany

Nicole: Ameerah, Jasmine, and Brittany....okay, who else?

Taylor: Kyle, Joseph, Monte, Paloma was the principal one to console me, but this was before I knew anything so we haven't talked directly now that I know more stuff

Nicole: Okay, and what have the other girls said to you

Taylor: Ameerah was the one who told me about the conversation between Paloma & Monte and then I talked with Monte afterwards. Brittany told me she was in the room when it happened, but no one noticed because people don't notice Brittany. I feel sorry for her. I haven't had one conversation with the guys because I haven't gotten them alone yet.

Nicole: What did Jasmine say?

Taylor: Jasmine just said she wasn't sure and that she is mad. She said this was the opposite of what she wanted, so she is just gunning for her. I know that Terrance has her vote and hope the backstage pass just puts one of the girls up. She didn't tell me directly where her vote is, but I know it is with Terrance.

Nicole: Okay

Taylor: It's tough being up there next to Terrance. 

Nicole: Either one of you up there sucks (Taylor and Terrance)

Taylor says it sucks because Ameerah made it clear to me that the girls were noticing she was hanging around with the guys all the time when it wasn't authentic, and she wasreally just hanging out with them in an attempt to get to know them [This is true -MamaLong]

Nicole says they need to finish up their grooming so they can go sit outside. Taylor agrees.



wet poodle.PNG

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12:21AM BBT

In the backyard, Turner and Pooch are swinging in the hammock while all the other guys (minus Joseph who is chatting with Taylor in the kitchen) sit with them and talk general topics. They notice the production crew put the fridge outside. They collectively agree that it's nice how production hears them out and meets their needs.



12:22AM BBT

Joseph tells Taylor that everyone liked it when she opened up and showed her vulnerability at the Family Dinner, "but to be honest, you then said, what was it you said? Something like 'when I stab you'"

Taylor: Oh yeah

Joseph: I didn't take it seriouslym, but

Taylor: I hope you understand I was just making fun of the game

Joseph tells her gets it but it sucks because it associates her with being a cutthroat player and  puts a target on her back..."And you are constantly reminding people the game is on your mind."

[Joseph is giving Taylor some great advice on how she is being perceived in this house, telling her to tone things down so she doesn't come off so aggressive. -ML]

Joseph: You are righting your wrong. I love it, and I respect it. Me, personally, there is nothing you did. Like Daniel said, people didn't feel right and that's why your name got thrown around.

Taylor: Yeah


Taylor says it sucks when people don't ge tthe joke

Joseph: It was a joke, but it was at the wrong time

Joseph tells her they are all in the honeymoon phase and it's hard because she is just facing the reality of the situation. He says it's not a backstab, it's that people just need anything they can find to isolate the ones they want to play with from the ones they don't. Joseph tells her he loves her and he will let her know if she says anything to him that he sees as disrespectful.

Taylor says she doesn't want to talk votes yet.

Joseph: One thing that will kill you,Taylor, is going hard int eh game. That's what got you here.

Taylor says she feels more at ease now because she realizes it's not that she said any one thing that upset people...it was little things here and there


[Y'all, I like Taylor. She is learning from this that intention and perception are two different things. These are the human moments I love this show for. -MamaLong]


12:31AM BBT

Nicole has joined the guys at the hammock


1:12AM BBT

Taylor talks with Pooch in the SR. She tells him she doesn't want to talk game, she just wants to clear up everything with each HG. Pooch says she has never said anything to offend him. Pooch lets her know that when she says stuff, it is with a serious tone, so he thinks people just don't understand her personality. He can see how other people were offended.

Taylor: Yeah, my personality is realy dry

Pooch: I wasn't personally attacked, so I'm good. At this point, it's like looking for a reasons to put somebody up.

Taylor: Yeah


2:10AM BBT

Nicole updates Daniel on her conversation with Taylor in the HoHR. Nicole warns Daniel that things seem "lost in translation" and it doesn't make sense and that "Monte made it out to be soemthing it wasn't." Daniel is onto it, too saying he caught on when Monte asked him to make sure his speech wasn't directed at him.

Nicole: All of this that's going on; I don't even want to deal with it. It is all fucking confusing, and I think everyone is lying.

Daniel: Everyone wants to play like no one else is playing the game when everyone is

Nicole: Exactly


Nicole is telling Pooch, Kyle and Joseph about the newest info. on the Monte/PTaylor/Paloma mess.


2:56AM BBT (had to use voice typing on this one)

Michael is alone in the hammock talking to the cameras, " Number of minutes is? Oh, fuck. How many minutes is it? Oh my gosh. That's 20 minutes. There's about 7.2 million seconds. Number of hours is 2,016. That's assuming this is an 85 day season. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. *Big Sigh* Gosh, I could fall asleep out here. Oh my gosh. I just want to go to bed because I get no sleep being a fucking Have-Not. Oh my gosh, I am just going to destroy some hot dogs when I get off slop. I am craving a hot dog so bad....with some ketchup. I fucking love hot dogs. With some ketchup. And no one is even eating the hot dogs. What a shame is that? If all of those hot dogs go to waste, I'm gonna cry. The pineapply went to waste, and that's a shame. I love pineapple. Oh, and all of the cookies they make. I am so jealous. I just want some cookies. I want to put peanut butter on a cookie...although there is hardly any peanut butter here nad that is a concern because I go through way more peanut butter than that and I am gonna have to cut back becasue I would have to share with 11 other houseguests not on slop.  Oh, I should have peanut peanut butter (on his HoH basket list). A big jar of peanut butter. I would cry. I would cry. I wouldn't actually cry but would be excited. And I want to see a picture of Hayden and the cats. An d my ma. Maybe I could broker a deal with Big Brother and in exchange for my snack we could get a cat, or a pet. But, I doubt it.


I should go inside. But I can't. I can't handle it in my sleep deprived state putting up with..so much of what Pooch says is not funny. I hate pretending to laugh and smile. I feel like I don't hide it well. *Big sigh* I need to get in there, though. I need to tlak. I need to show my face. I hope it's a quiz and then Pooch and Turner go out on question one and everyone else decides to throw it on question 2 then I win. It could be like, oh he got two questions right. That's not a big threat.


As of Thursday, it will basically be. Thursday is day 9. We moved in at basically 5 PM. It wil be 8 complete days. So how many minutes are in 8 days. 10,080 is one week. So it would be 11,520. That would be how many minutes since we moved in. But how many since Daniel was crowned HoH? I guess about 11,400 or 11,200, just in case my math is wrong. How many hours of sleep did I get this week? ABout 20.


I'm gonna be such a bitch in the diary room. And everyone is talking about how everyone is so nice. Well, I am nice just about everyone, but I don't hold back. I am paranoid someone is hiding out here, but I need to gather my thoughts. 


Okay, Michael. Checklist for tomorrow

-Get a one on one with Jasmine. She is very hard to get a one on one, but I've got to try.

-Work out with Indy. See if you can slip in a little game talk or something. She is very touchy. Very touchy. SHe likes to touch people. She likes to hold your hand and get hugs. I love Indy. She's great.

-I can't be alone with Brittany so much. Not that I don't want to work with her, but I don't have anything new to share with her right now

-I hope my conversation with Nicole went well today. I think on a personal level she has a soft spot for me. On a game level, I don't know what she would do. I want to see that as a sign I trust her.

-And I need to keep taliing to Daniel, as well.


Oh, it's cold out here. But it's nice to be outside. There's probably hardly anyone watching. But if there's any live feeders out there, Hi! [Hi, Michael  -ML] I hope Janelle is watchingthis seasonl. I fucking love Janelle. If Janelle likes me, I'm gonna cry. I also wonder what McCray would say. I wish I hadn't told anyone I know McCray. Would that garner any favor? Like, I actually know McCray. We worked together. I wonder if he remembers me. He should. But nine seasons later, I got on. I cannot believe I am here. Oh my gosh, it is so hard not to correct people when they get Big Brother history wrong. [He goes through a lot of incorrect details said by the HGs. He knows his BB History so much better than I do, and I've been a fan since season 1  -MamaLong] People know that I am a fan, but I don't want them knowing I am a fucking wlaking encylcopedia. I wonder if they noticed I waited at the door because I didn't want to get the first through the door curse."


*cameras cut to the guys talking in the bathroom area



4:00AM BBT

Lots of late night with HGs enjoying their feet in the hot tub (Pooch, Ameerah, Terrance and Turner.)Just general conversation



4:45AM BBT

Ameerah, Pooch and Turner are the last ones awake just chatting in the bathroom area.



They finally head to bed. Nicole hears Pooch trying to get in bed and says Big Brohter is going to make an awesome montage of them trying to move around in the dark.


7:15AM BBT

All HGs are sleeping soundly


7:17AM BBT

Monte is now up in the bathroom area


8:59AM BBT

The HGs appear to all be sleeping in the HNR and Car Design Bedroom.


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9:04AM BBT

We have WBRB on the feeds for "Wakey Wakey Houseguests"


9:15AM BBT

The feeds return to all of the house lights up and HGs starting their day.


[This is a recap from a conversation that happened around 8:10 PM last night between Ameerah and Jasmine in the Golf Pro Bedroom. Jasmine expressed frustration with Paloma, saying she has "been acting different lately." Ameerah said she doesn't want to talk to her until she (Paloma) actually gets some good sleep because she has been acting insane. "It's like she is cracking under pressure or something. I hope she gets some sleep and gets some help." The conversation was interrupted when Jasmine told Ameerah "she is coming, Brittany" and Ameerah responded with an exasperated (at Britt) comment 'I am fucking done (with her)"


You see, Britt is onto the girls knowing that someone in their Girls' Girls alliance revealed to Pooch that he is a potential target. They assume it is Brittany (which it is) but defer conversation when Britt tries to dig and find out what they know. Brittany joined girl talk for a pretty long time, but they all kept saying they didn't really want to talk about it, and it would all come out eventually. Britt tried to play it all off as being part of the investigation to ID the culprit. She's not very good at this game, in my opinion. Anyway, after injecting her own bits about the situation, the girls went different ways and Britt whispered under her breath, "I messed up. I really messed up."     That ordeal last about an hour. -MamaLong]




9:30AM BBT

The HGs are talking about their COVID tests and how they all need to drink water.

The feeds are going in and out while they call HGs for their turns to test.

In the Space Age Bedroom, Taylor, Jasmine and Indy discuss that they feel safe in the BB House, knowing that they have little contact with anyone else.

Jasmine says they only have contact with the grocery items brought in, and Taylor adds the BB house crew that sets up comps and stuff.




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9:57AM BBT

In the kitchen, Michael asks Alyssa how many jars of peanut butter they got. He says he saw the small jar and was worried knowing he eats so much more than that, and that he will have scale back. Alyssa says they can ask for a big jar. Daniel says he liked hearing Lizzo this morning. They agree they love Lizzo.


10:12AM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom, Michael tells Ameerah that is sounds like everyone wants Turner and Pooch out. Ameerah: I don't know. I don't know what the fuck is going on.

Ameerha tells Michael that regardless, when they get down just just their alliance, "Brittany is first."

Michael agrees.


10:21AM BBT

Just general chatter in teh kitchen and the bathroom.



10:22AM BBT

Alyssa and Taylor head to the loft to chat.

Taylor asks Alyssa if there was anything she did or said that offended her. Alyssa says not for her but she heard talk about h er saying Paloma was targeting the guys [originally, Paloma was targeting the big guys and Taylor -ML] Taylor says she was just trying to get to know people in the house and didn't realize that it looked like she was trying to tside with the guys. Alyssa says it's good that she is clearing things up with everyone.


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10:27AM BBT

After overhearing Indy and Terrance talking about accountability partners, Paloma enters the SR in search of cough drops and a lime, "How funny. Apparently we all have accountability partners in Big Brother. Okay, is this a lime. This has to be a lime." 

[It's a lemon. -ML]



10:28AM BBT

Taylor says, "Obviously, I'm going to make mistakes and grow." Alyssa says people would have done the same thing to her, too (had the opportunity presented.)

Alyssa: Hopefully we can all figure this out soon and make it.

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Not much game talk happening

Will be right back on the feeds for a couple seconds

It’s back on Will be right back

So no Covid test yet I don’t think

Alyssa went back into her bed

Be right back on the screen

Maybe time for Covid test

They return

be back on the screen again

I’m gonna go eat some lunch now bye someone can take over

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10:35AM BBT

In the kitchen, Monte says, "Man, I don't know what everyone is gonna do with themselves today."

He says he will ask Daniel what his chore is. Nicole asks whose chore it is to clean the shower. 

[The girls have been complaining about people leaving hair in the shower drain. Paloma and Nicole have been consistently pulling it out of the drain for everyone. Taylor won't touch it because she claims it will make her vomit. -ML]

Terrance says someone definitely has that task, but he isn't sure who it is.

[The HGs collectively decided that the HoH will assigns chores each week.  -ML]



10:40AM BBT

Joseph and Turner enter the kitchen are telling Indy they didn't get to bed until after 4AM.

Indy: Oh my God. Thank God you guys exist for this entertainment becasue I am not unless there is alcohol involvement (don't forget to insert Indy's rad accent as you read her comments. She is hilarious.)


Joseph says he will head into the gym while the girls are working out to get his stretches in.


10:41AM BBT

The feeds move to the Golf Pro Bedroom, where Paloma is talking to herself and the live feeds, "...fucking disgusting! Oh my god, I need to fill this up (shaker bottle) and go work out and get my shit together because I went to bed at 10PM. 10PM. I need Harry Potter needs to show up and give me the fucking invisibility cloak. Oh my God, weird shit. Invisible cloak. I get it! It was meant not to just to spy on people but it was meant to get the fuck away from people, too. Yeah! *laughing aloud* Yeah, it was meant to get fucking away from people, too. Okay? Yeah, that's right! Nobody thought that. Nobody thought about that. (looking at the camera) Nobody thought about that. They need to write a book on the invisible cloak and all its advantages. Okay, I am done. Done. Oh, my ass is gone, too. I understand mom's pain." She heads to the gym telling the girls that her fingernail broke. "We are breaking in this house. Shit is breaking. Everything is breaking in this house."  [Paloma has a nail sticking out of her dresser drawer. -ML]





10:51AM BBT

Ameerah and Taylor are on the bikes saying they have to work off their cookie calories.



Paloma- SOS, you guys (her warning is cut by Bob)




11:05AM BBT

Indy has joined the girls in the gym. They are talking about dating stories and insecure guys.


Ameerah is using the hand weights.

Indy says they should use cleaning wipes to clean the equipment once they finish. [Great idea! -ML]

11:10AM BBT

Paloma is sharing her crazy dreams to any willing audience in the bathroom. Right now, that just means Britt.


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Paloma repeats the details hoping to garner more interest. 

[I know you are dying to know about her dream, so it basically involved Paloma figuring out they were in a simulation when Turner was excited by a sewer rat tattoo. I have determined that Paloma is either truly crazy or just playing crazy really effectively. -ML]


11:12AM BBT

Terrance and Michael are now on the bikes in the gym chatting with Ameerah. Nicole is stretching, and Taylor is prepping the Reformer (that pilates machine).



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11:35AM BBT

Daniel and Turner are talking while playing bumper pool. Daniel tells Turner that Monte was able to open his eyes to him about BB and how it used to not be diverse and have just one black player and one gay player, but now the game is divers [As it should be....days of the "token" player, board member or judging panel for representation purposes, only, are horrible.  -ML] Turner asks Daniel about his ancestry. He tells him he is  Mexican, Spaniard & Native American (Navajo).  Turner asks about Indy and if he has been able to talk game with her.

Daniel: Dude, I've been trying, but it's not easy.  

They both agree it's difficult to talk game with her because she think BB US is like Brazil.

Turner: oh, yeah, like 'I'm not gonna talk game because America will vote you out.'

Daniel says she likes that she likes that she is so straight forward, "That's the one good thing about her."

Turner probes Daniel about Taylor. Daniel says he would have put up Taylor based on her comment to Jasmine alone. [something about her weight; I never heard it on the feeds, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen -ML]

Daniel tells Turner that when he first asked everyone about potential replacements, Indy's name was the first to come up for almost everyone (this is true -ML)


11:53AM BBT

Kyle meets up with Monte in the HNR to talk game He tells him Pooch is gaming hard right now and that Paloma is kinda calming down.

Monte: Yeah, she looks better. I think she was sleep deprived and that was the...

*WBRB rudely interrupts


Monte- Look, here's the deal. This alliance right here,  "bleep" or whatever we are calling this now (Production is making them choose another alliance nam) Bleep needs to be a siloed group and I'm rocking with Bleep. But, at the same time, if Paloma keeps going off the rails then we will ride with Michael. Everybody wants to work with the two of us.

Kyle- I know

Monte- It's beautiful. Beautiful!


12:00PM BBT

Nicole and Daniel are talking in the kitchen about how she is allergic to eggs but loves to make them for other people. (The other day, Nicole said she used to be allergic but can eat one fried egg now.) Terrance walks in and notices the coffee is gone. "Oh, I guess everyone liked my coffee." He says he hadn't made it in so long because he uses a Keurig at home. He wonders aloud why BB doesn't have a Keurig. 

Daniel: It's probably the waste

Nicole: Yeah, that's a lot of plastic for this many people




12:03PM BBT

Britt, Joseph, Jasmine and Taylor are talking in the Golf Pro room. Jasmine laughs and snorts

Britt: You and Indy with these snorts. It crack me up.

Jasmine says she can't help it (it's a natural part of her laugh) but mostly happens when she is laughing hard


[I need to note that Joseph doesn't have a shirt on, and the girls have noticed that he walks around without a shirt most of the time. They do not seem impressed but more annoyed by his obvious attempt to garner attention on his well defined abs (I noticed, too) Even the guys have noticed that Joe goes around without his shirt. It's hard to miss.  -ML]

Joseph notices Jasmine has a tattoo and asks about it. 

Jasmine: It says, 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart."

She said she has 5 tattoos and will probably get one more for her dad, BB or her kids. (When she has them)

Joseph asks what her tattoo for her dad would be. She says it would be something like, "Your word is your bond" since it was his main thing.


Joseph says he loves "your word is your bond. I've never heard that before."


Jasmine discusses her dad's illness and describes him having dementia toward the end.


Taylor talks about her Great Grandma Lulu having dementia at the end of her life and often getting very confused by the television which would get her reverting back to her Jim Crowe days like she was hiding from evil doers, "I miss her pound cake."

Jasmine: I KNOW you do

Jasmine asks Joseph to pass her water bottle to her

Joseph tells Jasmine that every time he sees her name it makes him miss home. (His sister is named Jasmine)

Talking to his sister, "I know you're annoying, but I miss you."

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12:18PM BBT

Ameerah, Michael and Monte are talking game in the HNR.

Michael says if one of the three has to take Terrance's spot (Paloma or Alyssa) it's still Taylor as the evictee

Ameerah: Well, Terrance is on our side

They say that if it ends up being Terrance versus Paloma or Alyssa...

Monte: Then we have to vote off Terrance, unfortunately

Ameerah: unfortunately

Michael: But if it's Terrance against Brittany

*WBRB interrupts but Britt would be the one to go

Ameerah says she feels solid with Nicole

Michael says Brittany would put up Pooch and Turner next week.

Ameerah says she hasn't been able to get any names from Britt (when she asked, Britt says she has been too consumked by thinking about backstage pass to even consider who she would nominate), 'I don't trust her."

Ameerah: I still like her, but for me, gamewise, I can't trust her


 Ameerah tells Michael that she feels Britt knows that Ameerah has been talking game against her after Pooch revealed that Britt told him someone mentioned he was a potential target. Britt only mentioned targeting Pooch and Turner after she saw Ameerah flustered over the situation.


12:31PM BBT

Now it's just Michael and Ameerah in the HNR

Michael: I feel ten thousand times better than I did (when he was on the block)

Ameerah: People don't even know they are on the bottom of the barrel. I feel bad, but...(that's the game)

After Ameerah leaves the room, Michael whispers, "Oh Brittany. Why did you do that? Okay, I just have to win this HoH and tell her she just has to bring it down." (meaning tone down her game.)

Ameerah walks right back in telling Michael they are playing pool out there and it would look weird if they walk out one time at  a time. They devise a fake conversation over her asking about a conversation and walk out together.


12:38PM BBT

In the Golf Pro Bedroom, Alyssa tels Paloma, Britt and Taylor that she won't be able to be a stay-at-home mom. SHe wants a job that will give her flexibility to be involved with her kids, but she could never give complete control over to others.

Paloma begins rambling on about how the BB house makes them crazy. Alyssa says that when we are dreaming, we never have 10 fingers; so, if we are having a bad dream, we should focus on our hands and look for ten fingers becasue it will wake us up. Taylor says she feels like if she tried to control a lucid dream it wouldn't go well. Britt begins talking about her lucid dreams. Taylor mentions body paralysis to which Britt ones up her with , "That's when I decided to give up lucid dreaming.'

Paloma says the BB House "is all straight out of Inception, and I'm fucked"


12:44PM BBT

Jasmine has joined the girls and talk turns to always finding poops in the toilet. Jasmine thinks the toilet just doesn't flush completely, "because they are too big."


In the kitchen, Terrance is talking about cruise ships and how he and his wife like to take cruises.

Everyone in the kitchen (Nicole, Daniel, Ameerah and Turner) talks about jumping on Carnival because it's affordable and has a party vibe, but Terrance says he likes Royal Caribbean, "but you have to bring your own people. You have to bring the vibe."


12:51PM BBT

Alyssa gets up saying she wants to make herself a little something-something to eat. Paloma asks if she will maker her a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. She agrees.

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12:55PM BBT

In the Golf Pro Bedroom, Paloma is talking about Cineopolis movie theaters. 

Taylor: Of that sounds like Texas Roadshow or Texas Drafthouse that is oall over Texas and now spreading across the states....[She can't remember the name. She means Alamo Drafthouse, founded here in Austin, Texas. However, it took many years before they changed to recliners. Before that, we would go to Movie House & Eatery for the recliners, which, coincidentally, was bought out by Cineoplolis. Now all of our CInemark theaters have recliners, so that's the place I took Papi last night to see Elvis (my second viewing) which is excellent. -ML]


1:02PM BBT

Michael has joined Paloma and Taylor in the Golf Pro Bedroom. Taylor says she thinks it is so unfair that Big Brother is holding the Backstage Pass thing over them. (SHe will not think that if it saves her.)

Talk turns to God.

Michael: Who was it who said God is my Sugar Daddy last night at the dinner table?

Taylor: I think was Indy (it was)

Paloma says the only reason they act the way they do is because they don't think anyone is watching them on the feeds.



Paloma says she made a bet with Turner that he has to get a tattoo on his body of a sewer rat since they are living in a simulation. She agreed to get a meerkat. Taylor says Turner was doing a meerkat impression last night that was so funny.

Paloma: He is going to do it. That's the only thing in here I know is real. He is stoked to get a sewer rat tattoo.

Taylor: He is


1:07PM BBT

In the gym, Monte is leading a circuit workout with Joseph and Pooch. Monte & Joe are doing their situps while facing each other and slapping hands. They are counting them loudly. They only do ten then switch to butterflies.




*I'm out for a bit  -MamaLong

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1:27PM BBT

In a funny moment in the gym, Pooch is using the hand weights to do bicep curls and chants, "I just want to be vascular; fucking cut; fucking swole; fucking have a girl lick peanut butter off my bicep."

Monte: You guys are a bunch of tools

They continue quoting Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, @ronniecoleman8 and keep me laughing.

Indy joins the guys in the gym, "I am just here for the front row seat."







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2:30PM BBT

There has been some relationship talk in the loft with Daniel, Indy, Jasmine and Nicole. Indy says she has a guy at home that was put on pause with the understanding that if she met the love of her life in the BB House, it would be on. Nicole discusses her coming out story. She says she is attracted to men and women but just can't do a relationship with a man, and had her last relationship with a man about 2 years ago (she was married to woman for 6 years). Jasmine asks if that makes her bi. Nicole says that she doesn't know what that makes her, but as of now, she considers herself a lesbian because she just loves women. Jasmine tosses in a funny retort, "Oh, I don't know. Tthese boobs are a lot, I can't imagine having to deal with someone else's." They laugh and Nicole tells her she loves her so much. 

Jasmine: Well, this is just so much. So, I couldn't...like, we both have to talk about boob sweat now?

Indy: I think you guys are so lucky. More options.


[On a side note, Nicole told Daniel she is attracted to him on the first night. She was immediately drawn to him. -ML]




2:50PM BBT

In the car design bedroom, Turner, Terrance and Joe are talking game. They agree that Brittany is a lot to deal with and they hate being cornered by her. Terrance tells Joe and Turner that he is rocking with them (Joseph and Turner) because they were the ones to first share their energy with him in the house. He says he also likes Nicole but "not fucking with Daniel, right now. We're locked in. I'm fine with it. Great!"

Turner: I'm gonna make sure you stay this week.

Terrance: I appreciate that, Man


Joseph says that Nicole fucked up. I got you if you got me.


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3:48PM BBT

Indy and Britt are talking game in the SR. Britt is a bit paranoid today that Pooch will invent lies on her to make her easy to target should hae have to make a decision. Indy says the 6 of them (Girls' Girls) should just stikc together. 

Britt: Can you imagine a final 6 of all girls?

Britt says a girls' alliance has never been successful in the BB house.

Indy:oh we are so emotional

There is a clothes rack of veto comp clothes because production has been filming some of the HGs in the DR. I saw Britt in her costume, which she says is very difficult to get into, and Kyle was in the DR for a long time.



3:57PM BBT

Ameerah is trying to clean up the shedding rug in the bathroom.

Indy is chatting with Nicole in the Space Age Room about ways they manage their stress.

Indy: I feel like people try to make me paranoid

Nicole: Oh, like try to get a reaction out of you?

She says she was warned about whispering in the kitchen, but she feels it's silly because people will hear anyway.

Nicole: I feel like if someone is really trying to listen to your conversation, you shouldn't be having your conversation where you are having it in the first place

Indy: Exactly

Nicole: My advice is be patient and accept the process. Just see what happens. 



4:00PM BBT

In the kitchen Michael is explaining the game, Mafia, to Pooch, Terrance and Kyle.


4:02PM BBT

Joseph and Daniel are talking about how bed assignments will change next week with a new HoH. Daniel says he will volunteer for Have-Nots when Joseph is HoH.


Joe asks Daniel ro close the bedroom door so they can talk game. Daniel says he feels good about his week. Joe warns him that everything said in the room travels to the next room. Daniel says he thinks he made a bold move because Taylor is a big threat.

Daniel: Hopefully everything will go the way people told me. If it doesn't, lines will be drawn immediately, which will suck for me.

They hear people in the next room.

Joe: Everyone who has tlaked to me...if there is even one vote for Taylor, regardless of how hard she has worked; if there is even one vote for Taylor in here, then it's someone...

Daniel: Wilin...trying to fuck with things......l=then they are purposely trying to put a crack in the surface

Joe: I would be like, Daniel stuck his head out for all of us. Everyone agreed. I was the last person you told. 

They agree it is all set in stone and Taylor will be evicted. [Ahem; don't forget about backstage twist shenanigans -ML]


4:06PM BBT

Kyle and Pooch are playing chess in the loft. Kyle's eyes have been hurting, so he has shades on. (it's probably from his long DR session  -ML)



4:35PM BBT

Nicole is plucking Joe's eyebrows. SHe tells him he has amazing eyelashes. Monte walks in and claims Joe gets all the pampering. Nicole offers to do Monte's, too.



Now that Nicole is done with Joe's eyebrows, he takes a look in the mirror and thanks her for the great job.

Nicole: You can Venmo me

He asks us on the feeds if they look good





Indy offers to do Kyle's. He is still not feeling well.


4:50PM BBT

*I'm out for the day and night. Have to deal with some family matters. Advice from me: care for your people. Show them you care. Be kind and honor their existence because you never know how long you will have them in this lifetime. I will update After Midnight Antics first thing in the morning.  -MamaLong

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8:22pm Big Brother Time

House guests are in the bumper pool game area.

General talk like most other nights, first dates, worst habits and so on.

Taylor does apologize to the girls for not spending as much time with them as she could have, but she is glad she spent time with the guys because she has learned there are decent men around. There are also jokes about young men and their, can we say private time? Lots of jokes.

Other loud, general chatter


Daniel goes to the kitchen for tea, Indy goes to the loo downstairs and Taylor is called to the diary room upstairs. Brittany is called to the diary room downstairs.


In the bumper pool game room we have riveting conversation about toe size, toe abnormalities, and how useful toes can be for picking up items from the floor.

Conversation dissolves into voices and laughter. 


Jasmine and Turner are in the lavatory, Turner says he has been sleeping all day. Paloma comes out of the loo, she says she is going to bed now. She wants to rebel. Joe and Monte come to the lavatory, Paloma starts in about heart rates.


Jasmine and Turner go into the bedroom and start talking about strategy, Turner wants to keep Pooch safe, Jasmine says Ameerah and Alyssa. They agree that they don't talk much to Michael, but like Terrance. Jasmine says the easy names are Michael and Terrance. Turner mentions Brittany and Indy, she says she hasn't really thought about them, and deflects agreement with the other girls.  Turner wonders if people are close to Brittany, Jasmine says she talks to her sometimes casually, but she also thinks the house will lean toward Brittany. Turner whispers that he wants Taylor's bed when she leaves.

Turner says Brittany and Michael are close, they should go out back to back. Turner mentions Brittany's eyes...they mesmerize him. Turner says Pooch would put her up before Alyssa and Paloma. He says he humors her.

Turner wonders who Indy would put up, she is more familiar with Brazil Big Brother than this one.

Paloma comes in, they tell her to talk game to her. Michael comes by, Paloma stops him.














Cameras move to the bumper pool game room.

General conversation about nicknames, no one seems to like "baby girl".

(Grandpa has called me that for a very long time, I have always answered, but don't go by me I also answer to "what's for dinner."--Grannysue)


Camera moves back to bedroom Michael, Paloma, Brittany and Turner in a non game related conversation.


Jasmine says she does not drink caffiene or alcohol.

Michael says, "Better than grits on a biscuit in springtime."

Jasmine asks him why he has to add a temperature.

Michael, "Well bless yur harrrt."

The bedroom group breaks apart.

Turner goes to the kitchen, Michael also goes to the kitchen area.

While Michael is busy at the sink, Jasmine nods to Turner to come back to the bedrooms.


Turner tells Jasmine that he wants "his words" to be confidential, Jasmine agrees. She comes back with her snack, and  Jasmine expresses her wish to be HOH, as does Turner. He wants a letter from his girlfriend.

Jasmine says everyone will go for it this week because it is early.

Turner asks Indy who she would put up, she says she doesn't know, but she would not put him up at all.

Alyssa comes in, Indy continues to tell Turner she already told him she was interested in connecting with him.

Pooch comes in, he tells her he is quick to respond (prank).





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9:30 pm

Kyle has joined the bedroom group as well.


Joe and Monte are in the gym area working out.


Indy is giving Kyle's hair a close inspection. The girls tell him he has a little grey hair. Indy is trying to pull one out. She succeeds and shows it to him.

The girls talk about hair extensions and the restrictions they create (no saltwater, coming out, maintenance)



Colorful bubbles join us.



Feeds return


Pooch is talking to Indy, checking to see if he is safe if she wins HOH. She says she plans to talk to people she likes first, then others. Pooch agrees.


Camera moves to HOH

Daniel, Ameerah, Terrance and Nicole are talking about Michael. Terrance says Michael told him he doesn't fit in. Terrance told Michael "if you got me I got you." Michael agreed.

Nicole says one of them has to win the HOH next week, and one of the others has to be the "boss" as well, even though it does create a target. In the event the backstage is ongoing.

They all think there is a live show and they will find out tomorrow.

They think that there will be a competition between the three backstage crew, and the loser will go home.

Turner comes in, Daniel offers him a snack, he takes a bag, says he is making chicken tenders as well.






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10:00 pm

General conversation in the HOH room.

Turner says he is leaving in two minutes for his chicken nuggets. They check out the cameras to see if anyone is in the living room.

Colorful bubbles return



Feeds return.

Indy, Turner and Alyssa are in one of the bedrooms. When Turner leaves the girls decide to go get Palmoa for a chat.

Indy tells Palmoa that when they were upstairs, Palmoa said out loud that Indy was the strongest player. Palmoa tells her no one heard it, Indy says, "no more." Palmoa apologizes. Indy says she needs to have Palmoa present, she talks so much to so many people. Palmoa says she has no power in the game, she says she feels bad. Palmoa says they can vote her off, Alyssa says they just need to keep the girls together. She tells Palmoa that they just need to be closer to her than anyone in the house. Indy tells Palmoa she runs her mouth all over the house, and she needs to be careful about what she says, and to say nothing about them. Indy tells her to only speak well of them to the HOH.

Palmoa says everyone wants to be her friend, that they don't all want to talk game.

Alyssa tells her to use that on the new HOH.

When Palmoa says Indy said she (Palmoa) put her (Indy's) game at risk Indy corrects her immediately.

"No I did not say that." she tells Palmoa that people can twist what they hear. Indy also tells Palmoa to listen more than she talks.


Palmoa bounces out of the room.

Alyssa is impressed by Indy calling her out.


Jasmine comes into the room complaining about Brittany being paranoid. She says every time she turns around Brittany is right there. Ameerah has joined the group. Jasmine offers to tell Brittany to chill out. Jasmine says Paloma is refusing to talk game. The other girls think it is because she is on the backstage crew. Jasmine says Turner mentioned Terrance and Brittany being on the block. She wonders why no one mentions Michael.


They are all picking their Girl Power Ranger colors. Ameerah tells them they can't use anything branded.  

They decide to go find a snack. 

Indy tells them that July 18th will be her one year anniversary being an American citizen.

Jasmine tells Ameerah that the guys are talking about putting up Brittany and Indy. Ameerah is surprised, wonders if they can save them. Jasmine also mentions Palmoa's activity in the house, she says it needs to be toned down, Ameerah says it could be her game. 

They continue to gossip.

Ameerah tells Jasmine that Brittany has told Michael about the girls alliance, but she isn't sure if she called it an alliance, or just "the girls".

Ameerah says Brittany has brought nothing to the table for them. They think Brittany may have told Pooch secrets and now is suggesting they send him out of the house, maybe because if he is gone he can't tell.


Alyssa comes into the room crying over something Pooch said. She is  followed by Brittany, who tells her she is there for anything she needs. Alyssa says she is emotional because it is "her time" (my words, not hers..)

Some of the girls decide to go to the kitchen, Alyssa grabs her sunglasses and goes.
















The group in the kitchen are talking about making carbonara tomorrow. Pooch is talking about how perfect it should be. He says he will make it without bacon as well.

Pooch and Ameerah talk about food items that put them off.


In the bathroom Monte and Joe are talking about Palmoa and her big personality.


Back in the kitchen house guests are talking, general conversation


Cameras move to the HOH

Taylor and Daniel are talking after Nicole leaves the room.

Daniel says he is hoping Taylor is not giving up, he is glad she is continuing her social game. He thinks it would be valuable.

Taylor says she spent the day yesterday talking to people around the house, she says she took the speech as something calling attention to something she had done. She says after talking to people she realized that it was generally her moving around the guys and not the girls and her attitude in the house.

Daniel says she did her part.

Taylor says if she stays she will not target Daniel, she likes him.

Daniel tells her it is all fight until they see Julie.

Daniel wonders if there will be a competition between the nominees and the backstage crew, and the two last finishers go on the block to be voted out. 

They continue to think about how the backstage crew will play out.

Taylor says she knows if she is up against Terrance she will go home.

They leave the HOH room and head downstairs.




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House guests in the kitchen, general talk.

Nicole and Jasmine are whispering in the lavatory. Jasmine is in the shower, the noise covers up what they are saying.

Joe comes into the room, Nicole plays it off.

Kyle comes in as well, then Monte.

Nicole starts checking eyebrows. She says she is ocd about them.

Nicole talks about her mother's illness.


General talk in the kitchen and in the lavatory.

The guys in one of the bedrooms are laughing about Pooch asking Alyssa if she would ever talk to him again if he had an option and sent her home this week as the first person evicted.  Joe says he felt bad, but it was a joke, and he made her cry. 

The guys call him an idiot.  They are all giving him a hard time about it, laughing and making jokes. Pooch is in the bed with Joe, holding him around his neck, calling him his "cuddle prisoner". 



Darlings it is time for me to thank the Lord for my day, crawl under my quilt with my puppies, do a cuddle; tomorrow is a new day. Pay something forward today, we all have a past blessing. Make a call, send a text, share a smile, be joyful. goodnight and hugs--Grannysue

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