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Monday, July 11, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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[This is an important recap from a few conversations last night: At 8:35PM BBT Joseph told Ameerah and Jasmine that he is not really in a relationship with the girl he has talked about before (the one he met in college which he told the guys he was with) Joseph clearly wants to appear available and is unsure where he stands with that woman. In a funny moment, he said" I'm not trying to horndog it in here" to which Jasmine thought he said corndog, and a lot of laughs were had.


Daniel's meeting with Paloma in the HoH lasted from 8:36PM BBT to 9:05PM BBT. This is where Daniel finally got Paloma's perspective on what happened between her/Taylor/Monte. Paloma talked a thousand miles a minute while Daniel tried to keep up and keep her on track. In a brief summary, I'll just say that Paloma corroborated everything Monte said about the Taylor incident and confirmed the entire house will evict her unanimously. Paloma said she has nothing personal against Taylor, that she likes her, but she has weak game. Paloma went on to say that Terrance should be next and then Indy because their games are weak. Paloma said it would be best for the next HoH to just put up the same noms next week (Michael and Terrance). At the thought of having Terrance on the block a second week, Daniel brought up that he is uneasy about having two black noms on the block for his week. Paloma was adamant that this is not about race and "America needs to put that aside." Daniel says they won't, but Paloma insisted this is all about making game moves and doing what is best for their game. Paloma said they have to consider game play (both physical and social) saying Terrance is on the bottom of both. She says Terrance has got to go next  because he doesn't deserve to stay given he is a weak player. He has never talked game with her, and he is on the block.


At 9:07PM BBT

Paloma sat at the chessboard alone for a bit talking aloud about the game. "These two players are Kumbaya. They are evenly matched, honestly. Terrance and Indy. I just love Indy's personality. It's so good for the show. I love her energy for the show, and that's why I want to keep her. It wouldn't be the same without her. But, Terrance wouldn't make American happy, and I would get hate. But Terrance is a really weak... She is a good player, too. She did so good in the ring competition. She is a better player. She IS a better player. She got the golden ring. She literally got the golden ring, and would people want to vote her out becasue she got the golden ring?  Definitely not going to mention that because they will be 'even a better reason to vote her out.' Oh, thank God I just thought that in my head. She is just a flirt, not a threat. (repeats) She is just a flirt, no a threat! Terrance needs to leave next week. That's it. I do understand that getting two black players out and that will look bad. Color aside, that's what needs to be done. His game is weak. Oh, I've got to convince people. You can convince people in this game. When you are running this game you can convince people. America will see this. America will see logic. It's not about race. That's the whole problem with this *mumbles* but I get it. I get why they are saying that. Terrance and Indy are the two for next week. But I love Indy. And she got the golden ring. That's why she is staying for me, but not for anyone else. It has to be Terrance. His game is not strong. He was out first (in jousting comp) and he hasn't talked with me about game, not once when everyone else in this house has talked game. I mean, I know that I would be safe with him, but.... Okay I gotta go. I gotta get the fuck out of here. People are gonna think I've gone cuckoo-bird. My stomach has hurt the whole time I've been in here. I'm out"  She heads out of the HoHR.

*Side note: Paloma is Greek and Mexican. She refers to herself as "Grexican."   





*Yesterday, Paloma showed a different side to herself, and one I don't like very much. She is an excellent strategist, but her overconfidence could label her as too calculating to keep if she keeps revealing her mindset of a "checkmate win" to her allies. The house sees her as a little sister for now, but she is rather aggressive in her conversations with people. That could hurt her down the road. 


Paloma also had a one-on-one conversation with Taylor which was quite surface and never addressed the drama. I imagine 'P" -as the HGs are beginning to call her since it was her high school nickname (Po was her mom's nickname for her, but she doesn't like it)- just doesn't want Taylor to catch on that she will be the replacement nom, but sheesh, this is the two-faced gameplay I don't like. 


* I am beginning to wonder if the backstage twist involves Pooch having to make the replacement nom and choosing from the backstage pass girls, other than the one America saved. If that's the case, this Taylor plan is shot. OR maybe the two backstage pass girls that weren't saved will also be on the block with Terrance and Taylor. If that's the case, Taylor is still  out, unanimously.  -MamaLong]


12:15AM BBT

Nicole and Joseph are washing dishes at the kitchen sink when Paloma walks in and comments that the dishes exploded.




12:17AM BBT

In the backyard, Kyle and Pooch are "Dirty Dancing" (trying to do the lift) to a Michael/Taylor audience.

Kyle: You need to dirty dance to me

Pooch: You are too big

Pooch gives it a go but doesn't succeed, "I didn't commit. I was scared."

We get WBRB so Bob can yell "Stop That" When the feeds return Kyle says, "They don't trust me." Pooch says, "They don't think you are strong enough." They laugh about getting a "Stop That" from Bob and Taylor says they are "backyard hazards. Kyle heads to the tight rope and can't do it, saying it is more dangerous than the dirty dancing.



12:27AM BBT - 12:35AM

Pooch and Nicole are talking in the Space Age Bedroom. Pooch was hiding a banana under Alyssa's pillows. When they hear people in the Golf Pro Bedroom, Pooch decides to hide in the room to not get busted. He speaks to Bob, "Can you guys just open the window and let me crawl out?" [He is hilarious -ML]

He then says they aren't even talking game, "We couldn't be less talking game." He says "they" know his details about the prank on Alyssa. Nicole opens the door and asks Paloma to come in. She tells Paloma to get Alyssa to come in the room and then Paloma sees Pooch hiding and reacts, "What the hell is going on? I'm trying to go take a shower."image.thumb.png.322ceb0e4b67c7d18b2768fd2fdb3513.png

Nicole: I'm gonna call them all in here.

Pooch: No

Pooch says he put two bananas in her bed and salt in the water.image.png.de30f6e21ad5d403a9f2bd648a3a7281.png

Pooch suggests Nicole ask them to come because she has a girl bathroom question. Nicole tells him he is silly. Nicole calls Jasmine in. She reacts the same way. He says, "she puts thre bananas, I put six. She puts 4, I put 8...I could go to jail for this. I can't get caught." (just joking)

They head out of the room and find Alyssa in the Golf Pro Room, "Oh, is Pooch hiding again." (this is all pretty funny)

Nicole- I caught him red-handed

Alyssa- You did? WHat did he do?

Nicole- I don't know

Alyssa- Did he find the banana?

Nicole won't respond so she she appeals to Indy, "What did he do?"

Alyssa grabs a banana, "I'm gonna shove this up his ass."

Alyssa tells Kyle Pooch pout a banana inher bed.

Kyle: Was it a frozen one?

Alyssa: No, but it was a naked one.


12:38AM BBT

Paloma is frustrated and tells Jasmine, Indy, Britt and Alyssa, "Listen, I love you guys. Your girls is falling apart, like truthfully..." Cames switch to Pooch celbrating in the SR. WHen the cams return to the Golf Pro Room, the girls are telling Paloma that Nicole was just trying to get her to hel lure in ALyssa. Apparently Alyssa took this all very personally

Paloma- That was stupid.

Alyssa says she was feeling left out when Nicole wasn't talking to her.

Indy- I think we are so sensitive.

Paloma- It's late

Paloma leaves to head to the shower


12:39AM BBT

Alyssa and Indy are alone in the Space Age Bedroom talking about feeling left out throughout the day when Alyssa discovers the banana under her pillow and tastes something in the water, "Ugh! He put something in here. It doesn't taste right." Alyssa says she is not up for the pranks, "Can you see me crying over the bananas?" SHe is teary.

Indy: We are fucked up because we are three water signs

Alyssa: Scorpio....I'll be all right. I feel bad for Taylor kinda. The first is always the worst. SHe had all of her dresses planned out.

Indy: I feel the same way

They agree she is nice but wasn't as vulnerable as soon as the others. Indy says that she still got validation for her own feelings through the others.

Indy: If you guys are together, don't need to worry. We are good.


12:42AM BBT

Taylor is asking Jasmine about the replacement nom in the Golf Pro Bedroom. Jasmine plays it all off as Daniel having a "Poker Face...isn't it crazy that in 5 days we are going to be boohooing for whoever"

*Note: Jasmine unapologetically snorts when she laughs and it's adorable.


1:45AM BBT

In the HNR, Britt and Michael are discussing their game

Britt: We are not the immediate targets, but we aren't far behind. 

They agree they have to get some plans going.

Michael: It doesn't seem they (the guys) are in multiple allianaces [WRONG  -ML]


2:30AM BBT

Nicole is whispering to Terrance about Taylor being condescending and talking to her like she's a child.

Terrance: It's gonna be a long day tomorrow.

Nicole: It is going to be a long day tomorrow. I feel bad, but if I'm observing it, it's real. (meaning Taylor grating on people's nerves with snide comments from time to time)

Terrance: We are definitely going to manage the next two days

Nicole: I know. You have to campaign [he doesn't really need to, but he should for his longer game  -ML]


2:50AM BBT

Monte is talking with Paloma, Michael and Ameerah in the backyard.

Monte: Michael said he is willing to put up Pooch and Turner

Ameerah: Are you willing to win? (HoH)

Michael: I would be willing but would rather fly under

Paloma: Everyone knows that I don't want that power

Monte: That's not what you told me earlier

Paloma: Oh my God. You're right, but then I rationalized.

Paloma says she needs sleep.

Monte: You definitely need sleep.

Paloma discusses the controversary surrounding putting Terrance back up next week.

Ameerah: I am in an alliance with every person in this house except for Joseph

*They all laugh

Paloma asks them to follow her (while she talks, "I feel insane you guys."

Ameerah: What is it? I want my cookies! (impatient)

She leaves to get her cookies.

Paloma: So, I'm gonna win third week not next week. [She must have powers I am unaware of -ML] Last chess move, here we go...anyway, second and third week, you follow?

Ameerah is back.

Monte: Yeah

Paloma: Next week, one of you needs to nominate Pooch and Turner

Ameerah: Okay, I'm out of here. You do know I am in an alliance with Pooch and Turner?

[This scheming is too much for me, y'all.  -ML]

Paloma yammers on and says she needs a fucking Xanax. SHe asks if they need to be prescribed. Ameerah tells her they are highly addicting and she doesn't want it. Paloma grees.


3:30AM BBT

Jasmine and Taylor are asleep with the lights on in the Golf Pro Bedroom. Joseph is in the kitchen telling Ameerah she looks exactly like one of his friends.


4:07AM BBT

Kyle and Monte are talking in the HNR

Monte: We got our work cut out for us

Kyle says everyone has been kumbaya, "But, people are starting to show their true colors."

Michael: Yeah

They want to be able to get everyone together and agree on something.

Monte says they are closing the backyard to do some work.

Kyle talks about a Podcast he did called "The Winners' CIrlce" where he got good feedback on the show. He says Tiffany's big thing was listen more than you speak...that it's easy to get a lot of information once the game gets going.

Kyle gets up for the loo, and Michael tells Monte that Paloma is proposing a buddy system (like the Cookout use in BB23)

Monte: We will have to roll with the punches on that conversation

ABout Brittany, Monte says he doesn't see her having anybody that would want to vote to keep her to stay, "I would be very comfortable telling her she's the pawn."

Michael: she seems pretty alone  (Oh, Michael  -ML)



4:27AM BBT

Ameerah and Joseph are the last ones awake chatting in the bathroom area.



They finally head to bed


5:30AM BBT

The BB24 House is dark with HGs, a "sewer rat" and an unsuspecting replacement nominee sleeping soundly.

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8:00 bbt houseguests are still sleeping

8:01 bbt I can still hear snoring in the Jetsons room

8:04 bbt The Hoh is snoring 

8:05 bbt Will be right back on the live feeds

8:08bbt  they’ll probably wake up the house hg for the Vito meeting today 

8:13bbt still not on yet

8:15am bbt still off I wonder why I’m gonna get going now talk to you guys later bye

8:19am bbt The HG’s  are awake 


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10:12AM BBT

Alyssa is working out on the bike in the gym.

Indy, Monte, Nicole, Kyle, Michael, Joseph and Turner are talking about family in the loft. Joseph says his parents are great people but terrible together. He describes his mom screaming at his dad when Joe had friends over. They eventually separated and his dad gained custody of him when his mom got really ill. His dad remarried but that was not a good role model of a marriage for him, either.



10:16AM BBT

Terrance talks with Jasmine about what he would do if he wins HoH next. He wants to make sure the whole house would support him. He says he is good with all the guys, but doesn't "know-know" Joseph (does anyone?) Jasmine asks if he is coming for girls. He assures her e will get with her on who to nominate.




10:20AM BBT

Britt tells Ameerah and Pooch that "her latest crazy lady theory" is that the Backstage people won't be able to compete in the next HoH. "We were safe this week, but we can't compete next week." (to keep themselves safe) She mentions Pooch having to sit in the bog gold chair upstairs separate from everyone else and that now there are 4 chair at the top of the spiral staircase under the umbrella. She goes on to say that they would get to pick the next 4 to be backstage people.  Pooch says he loves the way she thinks. Ameerah says it can't be that. Daniel walks in and gets the theory details. Daniel says he thinks America might get to choose the next Backstage Boss.

Daniel: They said there was gonna be a risk

Britt: So far there hasn't been any risk at all. What if he (Backstage Boss) hgets to promote two of us then fire one who becomes the third nom?








10:29AM BBT

Daniel asks Ameerah if she has siblings. SHe said she has 3 handsome little brothers. She tells the story of her mom getting pregnant at 27 and Ameerah asking her "Why are you doing this? You're gonna be an old mom. And here I am at 31." They all laugh. Terrance walks in and they all tell him he looks sharp today.


10:32AM BBT

Taylor has joined ALyssa in the gym. They begin talking about the equipment which Taylor says "is not a good time. Not fun." Taylor struggles on the machine, "Why am I struggling. See, I'm not gonna hurt myself. I'm not gonna even try." Bob tells Alyssa to put her microphone on, and Taylor laughs that they think they are gaming.





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10:35AM BBT

In the Golf Pro Bedroom, Jasmine is talking with Ameerah, Brittany and Taylor about Xavier and Kyland's beef last season. (to refresh: Kyland thought he was going to the end with Xavier; X decided to evict Ky and Kyland called out X on his way out the door saying his nephew won't respect his game. Xavier told Ky not to talk about his family and things got tense. Julie had to repeatedly call Kyland out to the stage")  

Ameerah says she didn't understand it because it's just a game. The others explained that Xavier had just lost his brother and was looking out for his nephew, so it was a low blow. Jasmine says she lost her dad in April, so she understands the pain of having a recent loss. She says she won't be able to go visit her dad's grave. Ameerah is surprised that it was just in APril that Jasmine's dad died. They all agree that Kyland was telling X that he was disappointing his brother that just passed and way.

Ameerah- Okay, y'all have made me change my perspective.

Jasmine- His feelings were so hurt, he just thought of the thing that would get him back

Taylor says that she doesn't really see it that way. SHe feels Ky really saw it as Xavier breaking a gentleman's agreement.





10:45AM BBT

Pooch is working out alone in the gym.




10:50AM BBT

In the kitchen, Alyssa, Daniel and Terrance are talking about working out and how strong Joseph is. They can't wait to see Joe in an endurance competition. They laugh about how much he talks and how he will talk his way through the entire competition. They are looking forward to the classic comps: HIde-and-Go Veto and the Black Box  (I'm not sure they will get them after Julie announced "all new competitions this season") Alyssa says she will dump crap everywhere in Hide-and-Go Veto.

Alyssa says she wants to know what that first door is (upstairs).

Terrance thinks it is a "secret door" to something.

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11:13PM BBT

In the livingroom. Terrance is telling Daniel that Taylor walked by bringing in HG's belongings from outside as they were walking back in for a backyard clsoing. "That was cold." They both agree that she is self-centered.

Terrance reiterates with Daniel that he is not going to be coming after him.

11:43AM BBT

Daniel and Terrance hope that Taylor will learn from this experience, "I know WE will learn from this."


11:44AM BBT

Brittany has been talking with Paloma alone in the loft about game moves for a long time now.

Paloma- I am trying to follow you because your brain is moving so fast (she's one to talk -ML)



11:46AM BBT

The feeds return to Britt, Terrance and Nicole cleaning the glass in the living room. (This is likely a request from Bob for proper filming of the Veto Meeting that is today.) Indy begins cleaning the glass by the memory wall.

Indy- but they said living room (she heads that way next)


11:49AM BBT

In the kitchen, Nicole tells Monte that her mom is sick with stage 3 rectal cancer, "aside from my own happiness, my mom's happiness is my priority." In other words, Nicole is not looking for a relationship right now.

Nicole says that on the day she applied for Big Brother, she had COVID, her mom was diagnosed and she had just been broken up with. [Poor Nicole -MamaLong]

Nicole- I can't give myself to someone else until I know whata is happening with mom...and with me.

Taylor overhears the conversation and offers her support.

Taylor- I didn't know about that. I'm sorry.

She tells about her close friend whose mom is going through the smae thing.

Nicole thanks her for the support.



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Nicole says her sister lives very close to her mom.

Nicole- I know that me leaving wasn't going to change my mom's status and that me being here is a motivation for her to power through. My mom is a badass. She could drink all of you under the table. You'd be like, Rosie, how many have you had? 'Oh, I have only had 6 or 7 beers.'


Nicole asks Jasmine why she doesn't drink. Jamsine says she was wilin' out. Taylor laughs. Jasmine says she doesn't trust herself anymore, and she prefers watching drunk people when she is sober.



Ameerah is telling Terrance and Monte in the kitchen that she only cooks for herself, not other people, "I just want turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans."


12:00PM BBT

Rancho Coastal is on the feeds. (that same white cat with the black markings is peeping at me)

It's time for the Power of Veto Meeting.


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1:10PM BBT

The feeds have returned. Michael saved himself with the power of veto and Daniel named Taylor as the replacement nomination.

Taylor is very upset and crying in the Golf Pro Bedroom.

Paloma is giving her a pep talk, "Make the impossible, possible. You have time, Babe. If you have one friend out of here, it's me. I can't imagine what you are going through (Paloma is crying)."

Taylor- Thank you so much.

Paloma- You think we don't see your heart. I saw you day one with your beautiful model walk and I was like, I want you on my team. But you went upstairs with all the boys and all the girls were like, 'where is Taylor?' But, I don't want you thinking about all that. 











Alyssa is comforting Taylor now. Taylor says she is always made fun of for just trying to be PC. She says what hurt most was hearing that she has rubbed people the wrong way. She says she has no idea what she did. Taylor says sometimes she is not conscious of what comes out of her mouth, and she is trying to get better at that.





Paloma is being very transparent with Taylor, "It was day 3, now it's day 6 and we know you."




Taylor thanks Paloma and Alyssa for their support.

1:29PM BBT

Taylor has joined Kyle and Joseph on the bathroom couch.


Joseph- I'm sure this is not the first time you have been put in a bad spot. Keep your chin up. Some slight adjustments need to be made, obviously, or you wouldn't be here. You are easy to vibe with and get along with.

Kyle- An dyou stand for something

Joe- You're a boss. You really are. You just got to go around and...

Taylor- Go deep

Joe- Definitely

Taylor- Okay, I will circle back to you guys


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At the PoV meeting, Michael used the PoV to save himself and Daniel nominated Taylor as the replacement. On Thursday... someone is going home, but will a Backstage twist change the nominees?  When became Taylor the replacement nominee, the first to console her was Paloma. It seems clear that Taylor's crimes were solely in Paloma's head.

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1:51PM BBT

In the Car Design Bedroom Kyle tells Pooch that he thinks Paloma is going insane.

Kyle- He mind is breaking

Pooch- I know

Pooch tells Alyssa and Kyle in the Space Age Bedroom that if he has to make a decision about one of the backstage girls, it would be Brittany.

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2:25PM BBT

Britt, Jasmine, Ameerah, Indy and Taylor are sitting in the loft talking about the secret door. They run through crazy scenarios then settle on the unknown.

Taylor- Look at me. I'm shaking.

Jasmine- Man, I think we are all gonna be like...

They think the Backstage Pass comp will be in that room.

Jasmine says they have gone through a million scenarios and it's likely none of them are correct.





2:30PM BBT

Britt apologizes to Taylor saying she feels terrible for her.

Taylor- There's always a way through. Not up or down or around, but through. I just want to find out who I hurt. I would never want to do that.

Ameerah speculates that it could be a double eviction becasue it's something no one would expect and it will mess up everyone's game.

Britt- It would be good tv.


2:45PM BBT

Jasmine is talking with Joseph, Turner and Pooch in the Space Age Bedroom. Jasmine says Taylor apologized in a group setting for whatever she said that upset people. Jasmine says she forgives her, she just wants her to do better.

do better.PNG

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8:52pm Big Brother Time

Brittany, Ameerah and Jasmine are gossiping in the bedroom.

Jasmine mentions Joe's unwelcome flirting.

Brittany calls it harmless

Brittany is worried that one of the backstage crew will be forced out of the game. She thinks Paloma and Alyssa are already aligned with him and Turner. They discuss whether or not it is a good idea to approach Pooch, and whether or not he would give a name to the person who is rumored to have said they would put him on the block.  They decide not to react to the rumor.

The girls leave the room for other parts of the house.

Paloma approaches Brittany and Ameerah chattering about the contract they have, no one seems to know what she is talking about.

Paloma asks Brittany how she is doing, Brittany admits to being stressed because people are throwing out all kinds of scenarios. Paloma says she advises that they should just admit that they know nothing.

She continues to speed talk as she tends to do.

Turner comes in, turns on the shower and goes to the loo, the girls laugh, one of them says about the loo, "i just blew that sh*t up".


The dining room table is being used for some sort of marble game, house guests come and go amid general conversation.

The group is teasing Alyssa for forgetting about a relationship she was building past last November.

Cameras move to lavatory area.

General conversation.


General conversation continues in the kitchen.


Feeds are interrupted by colorful circles quite often with no real obvious reason.


In the kitchen--

Nicole: "I have a thousand followers on instagram."

Jasmine: "Not any more"

Kitchen erupts with laughter.

Nicole acknowledges that was a good one.


In the lavatory area--

General conversation

Indy continues her dream of becoming famous.



Kitchen still full of laughter


















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Colorful circles return once again.


9:50 pm

Feeds return.

House guests  start a game of truth or dare.

Beginning questions are interesting, so far no embarrassment.


Colorful circles continue to pop up, not sure why, could be production giving instructions, I don't hear any singing, name dropping.....


Feeds return at 10:15pm

Truth or dare continues


Alyssa and Jasmine are in the bedroom, general talk and giggling.

Game continues in the dining area

Paloma and Brittany are cleaning up in the kitchen


Jasmine and Alyssa are gossiping in the bedroom. Topics are Daniel, Turner and Brittany, their positions in the house, who they want out.

Alyssa makes a pooter, they dissolve into giggles.

Alyssa waves the blanket in the air, says "yeah it was just a fart."

Jasmine tells her to spray some perfume.

They giggle more about Kyle's lips, they plan to offer him a chap stick. Jasmine starts licking her lips saying, "Kyle..Kyle". She says even when he licks his lips they stay "crusteee".  They are trying to come up with helpful, although funny, ways to help him out.















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After a few minutes of Bright Colored Circles feeds return to the kitchen. The group around the table is still laughing and enjoying themselves.They are sharing first impressions, creating quite a few giggles.


After everyone takes a turn talking about first impressions the group begins to split apart.

(although some of these first impressions could be partially genuine, it seems to be an exercise in ego stroking).


Jasmine and Indy are in the lavatory with more gossip. "he really likes her"

 Alyssa tells them Ameerah is sound asleep, she wants to clear the air with Brittany. Indy tells her they just need to drop it. They talk about wanting to win the HOH. Michael comes in, the girls tell him he needs to win HOH, he says he plans to try.

Alyssa is playing with the hair straightener. She tests it on Jasmine and Turner. Terrance asks her to work with his "ends". 


The lavatory fills with house guests, general conversation.


Taylor and Michael are cleaning up in the kitchen, other house guests are coming to snack, making decisions on whether or not to sleep and checking to see if the back yard was open.

Taylor is telling Michael what really happened with Monte and Paloma.

Her story is short and sweet (and accurate).



The house is still a hive of activity, but it is time for me to end my day. My puppies have already gone to my room ahead of me tonight, I guess they got tired of waiting.  It is time for me to thank the Lord for my day, snuggle in with them, and close my eyes until morning. Do something today, just out of love for someone. A smile, open a door, a kindness. Goodnight my darlings.  hugs--Grannysue








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