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Saturday, July 9, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
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Kitchen (KT)
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Washroom Area (WA)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:30AM BBT

In the bathroom, Taylore tells Brittany and Alyssa that in high school she didn't get invites to things but all her friends did (this is more of what she revealed at Family Dinner). She describes being invited to prom as a joke, but she went anyway. Alyssa compliments her for being a "boss."



12:35AM BBT

In the HoHR, Daniel is talking with Turner (donning sunglasses is a regular thing for this guy), Ameerah and Joseph about Elvis and his show in Vegas, Legends in Concert.




12:37AM BBT

In the Golf Pro Bedroom, Jasmine says she wishes she had some chocolate. Alyssa says she will raid Daniel's HoH basket. Indy says when they are HoH, they will put on a show. Alyssa and Indy head into the SPace Age Bedroom to get ready for bed.


In the SR, Monte and Kyle are discussing that it sucks Michael being up on the block. They think it's best to throw the veto and not put Daniel in the awkward position having to choose a replacement nom. Kyle thinks Michael would understand.



1:00AM BBT

Terrance has joined the group in the HoHR while Daniel tells stories of Trans Atlantic crossings with 24 ft. waves when he worked for Norwegien Cruise Lines. He hated it and couldn't believe the passengers loved it so much. "I love camping, and they love cruising."


1:12AM BBT

In the kitchen, Michael and Taylor are discussing the twist and how one of the backstage crew could be the one evicted.

Michael- It might help me out.

Taylor- I don't get it. The only thing I can think is that the three of them go against each other.

Michael- I should stop trying to figure it out and guess, but it's all we can do here is think.

Taylor- Yeah. Keep playing your social game.

Taylor encourages him to talk to them and try to make a deal.



1:33AM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom, Monte is chatting with Taylor, Alyssa and Indy. Monte compliments Indy for being able to live weights and tells her she has a great back, "that's goals." Indy says Pooch was teasing her about it. They refer to Pooch as her man. (Pooch has been flirting with her a lot. During dinner, Indy asked Pooch why he didn't mention her when saying who he's grateful for. Pooch said he IS grateful for her and will show her later in the bedroom. Taylor says "today was a lot" and hopes to get the backyard tomorrow. They discuss that they are missing the party in the HoHR but want to get some sleep. Taylor says she is surprised MIchael was nominated. They are excited for veto.



1:42AM BBT

In the Golf Pro Bedroom, Jasmine and Ameerah discuss the noms and how they really think both of them would be loyal. Thye don't know who they would vote for.

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3:16AM BBT

In the SR, Paloma is chatting with Turner about New York and Boston.




In the Have-Not Room, Kyle is chatting with Monte about the guys. Monte says Turner wanted to initiate an alliance with them and Pooch. Kyle says, "we can't say no."

Monte- With the girls, should we even tell them? My thing is, if they find out...

Kyle- I don't know, Dude. That is so hard.

Monte- The girls? I don't think they have a girl's alliance going on.

Kyle- They are all so different.

Monte- They will clash

Kyle- There will be drama for sure

Monte- I think they are depending on us like 'these guys will win competitions and keep us safe'

Kyle- if we have an alliance with Pooch Turner and Joe and they find out....but you can't say no....we will deny, deny, deny....And then we have The Smurfs (the Portapotty competitors) They laugh over America hating them and joke that Jasmine thinks it's real.


[Okay, I want to slap these fools. These girl's do have an alliance and it is quite strong. It's called Girls' Girls (because they can say that easily without exposing they are working together) and includes all of the girls minus Taylor and Nicole. Kyle is cocky and I like him less each day. Monte is just oblivious to the idea that females could actually have a great plan.  -MamaLong]


Kyle- I got your back and you got mine.

Monte- Yeah

Kyle- I hope it didn't discourage Michael too much that both of us were like.... on the veto

(neither of them committed to Michael to playing veto hard and taking him down)



3:49AM BBT

Taylor and Michael are studying the memory wall and sharing what they have learned abotu the HGs. In the SR, Pooch tells Turner that next week will be a huge week and he will go for HoH to get that power. They discuss how the girls really like Michael. They have noticed that Michaela nd Taylor seem to have an alliance. Pooch says he tried to work Britt, Jasmine and Terrance "for an hour" and says Joe is the "game cock block." Pooch says he likes Alyssa because she claims to want to go after big competitors. He says Paloma was trying to talk but Joe kept interrupting, "fucking Joe. I wish I didn't like Joe."

Turner- He is like a puppy; like go play with your friends, now

Pooch- Now it's time for the grown-ups to talk. He is like the one when you are trying to have sex with your wife and he's the kid that pops in

They laugh over Joseph's personality and how it's getting in the way of their game. Taylor walks in and they tell Taylor that they are getting delusional.

Pooch- I love Joseph but when it's past 1 o'clock.... (he describes how he has to avoid him) if that was a dog, he could sniff us out, find a dead body

*They all laugh

Pooch- But, Joe, if it's past 1 o'clock, he is right next to us

Turner- He is like a kid really enjoying the experience.

Pooch- I'm obviously enjoying the experience, too, but I want to play the game

Taylor- If you get picked to play veto?

Pooch- I can't get picked to lay veto.

They agree the veto makes things hard.

Turner- I want to fucking compete



3:54AM BBT

The lights are out in the Have-Not Room with hungry sleepers.


3:57AM BBT

The lights are out in the Golf Pro Bed with Britt, Paloma and Jasmine in their beds. Jasmine is awake listening to noises. She puts her glasses on (because that helps her hear better)

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4:35AM BBT

Paloma and Taylor are talking in the SR. Taylor tells her that the best thing for Paloma's game is to work things in Michael's favor because he will have their backs, "I told him, If you don't start doing something until after the veto, it's too late." Paloma says she has had a lot of anxiety today and feels "out of it. I'm stressed and trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. I appreciate you. I feel more clarity." 

Taylor- I don't want you guys just sitting and thinking about the game.

They hug then head to bed


4:49AM BBT

The BB24 house is dark with all HGs, seemingly, in bed.


6:58AM BBT

Monte and Britt are up whispering in the bathroom about it being so early.

Britt- I don't even know what time it is

Monte- A little before 7; I'm gonna try to go back to bed

Britt- Okay, goodnight

Monte- Well, good morning

Britt giggles and heads into the loo while Monte heads back to the HNR


7:03AM BBT

Before he even has time to get comfy, we get WBRB for "Wakey Wakey Houseguests"


7:18AM BBT

The feeds return to HGs up and all house lights on


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So far this morning, Brittany has approached Pooch trying to make a deal with him if he should have to make some sort of decision as Backstage Boss. Pooch didn't not make any promises and said he would talk with all of them about any sort of possible deals.


Terrance met with Daniel in the HoH and asked if he would be willing to keep the noms the same if he (Terrance) were to win the veto today.  (What, Terrance?) Daniel, expectedly surprised at the request, says he wants to win it to just keep the noms the same.


Paloma was into her alliance antics by tossing the term "Mamba" around her alliance members saying that she loves Mamaba Coffee. Ameerah says she loves Mamaba Coffee. Alyssa says it is really STRONG.  Michael is definitely the male in the alliance and they laughed that Indy thinks she is in but doesn't really make any solid deals.


Terrance filled in Nicole on his talk with Nicole and relayed that Daniel agreed to leave the noms the same. Nicole and Terrance discuss a 4th person for their alliance with Daniel. Terrance says he knows the boys are together. Nicole thinks they should get another girl. Terrance says Taylor is cool and they both agree she is the smartest of the females.

Terrance- I like her mindset

Nicole- She will be good with mental games; okay, let's talk with Taylor 


Here is the alliance chart from BigBrotherJunkie





8:24AM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom, Paloma is talking with Indy about showmances while braiding Alyssa's hair.

Paloma-  You and Pooch? I know there is nothing, but he is totally in love with you.

Indy says he is not her type and she is already good. She thinks he is just joking around. Paloma tells her that she is sure he is serious.

They discuss that there don't seem to be any potential showmances because they are all already just such close friends, "especially after last night"



8:30AM BBT

Terrance is shaving his head and face in the bathroom while chatting with Michael.

Ameerah walks through and says, "You can do that?"

Michael says the guys were saying last night that they were told not to shave for continuity purposes when filming.

Terrance says he started so quick that maybe they didn't have time to tell him no.

Michael says he can't really grow much facial hair. Terrance says he could never have a full beard like Monte.

Nicole wlaks in to the loo with Turner already in there, "Sorry Turner! I can't believe I forgot to knock."

Ameerah- It's gonna happen. Everybody is gonna get exposed in that bathroom.

Nicole- That's the first time I didn't knock and I almost pulled the door all the way back (Turner was actually holding the knob, so he wasn't exposed at all)


8:39AM BBT

Terrance is in the shower and Turner chats with him promising to gun for the veto, "Dude, I want to play bumper pool with you all summer!"

Terrance- Thank you!

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8:41AM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom, Alyssa, Kyle and Paloma are laughing about Joe being so mushy last night. Paloma laughs over Joe talking about Pampers saying he would get a commercial offer from them before anything else.

Indy is teasing Michael saying she doesn't want to force him but to take his time with the onion they call  "Cry Baby Therapy" and give him a little kiss.

Kyle says Big Brother didn't expect this showmance

Kyle asks who came up with the idea. Indy says it was her and Alyssa. The earrings are Indy's.

Alyssa- And they won't be going back

Alyssa- He is for sure getting camera time

Indy- Hopefully, because he won't have a long life.


[Indy is very funny, y'all. I like her more than I expected. -ML]


In the HoHR, Bob says something to Daniel who responds quickly, "Yeah" and then we get WBRB




9:05AM BBT

Still WBRB on the feeds


9:11AM BBT

The feeds return post veto picks. Indy says, "Thank you for picking me."

Daniel- I love that I picked Indy!

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Veto Players: Daniel, Terrance, Michael, Indy, Turner, Ameerah

Host is Kyle


9:26AM BBT

Terrance heads to the HoHR to talk with Daniel, but Daniel has to hit the loo.


In the HNR, Turner tells Michael that he needs to gun for his fucking life. He says he can't make any promises if he wins. He tells Michael he hopes he (Michael) wins the veto.


Back in the HoHR, Daniel tells Terrance that he doesn't want f* up any of their games, but he wants to do some rallying to make sure they're good, "I think Michael will come for me. I can tell that."

Daniel asks Terrance if he has talked with Ameerah.

Terrance- Yeah, but it's always dry

Daniel- To be safe, we don't want Ameerah to get it (because they are not sure what she would do)


Daniel says that since backstage doesn't vote, Terrance just needs 5 votes to stay

Terrance tells Daniel that he talked with Nicole and told her they need to stay together

Daniel- Yeah, yeah....and I feel Turner is your vote already. Kyle, Joseph and Monte? You play pool with them and stuff?

Terrance- I feel they would kinda want to keep me around more than him because he doesn't hang

Daniel- We can go with the angle that Michael hangs with the girls

Ameerah comes in and Terrance leaves

Ameerah- Alright, what do you want me to do? I didn't want to play but I'm actually excited now.

I'm glad I get to try when I don't have anything at stake.

Daniel- I know

Ameerah- I don't feel there is any threat except you...no physical threat

Ameerah tells Daniel that she has talked to both noms and hopes they feel both think she would save them, "If I save someone, first of all, would you be mad? Do you want to backdoor someone?"

Daniel- No; I don't have a target but I don't want to have to put up another amazing person. I don't want to backdoor anyone because I'm scared of more blood on my hands, but as things change I can keep that communication open.

Ameerah- yeah

Ameerah tells Daniel that the ideal situation would be for him to win. He agrees. Pooch interrupts and Daniel tells him to come back later. Once he leaves, they laugh.

Ameerah- Pooch! We got business to discuss

They discuss that they have no idea what Indy would do. Ameerah says she is playing a floater game. They both love Indy, though. Now Nicole interrupts.

Ameerah- Yo, I wanted to see you compete today (to Nicole)

Daniel- You probably would have killed it

Ameerah- You were shaking and Michael was shaking

Nicole- You're gonna kill it. I am so excited that both of you are competing.

They speculate about what the comp will be and say it is hard to gauge when their first comp was a combination of everything. Ameerah asks them if they will keep an open communication with her. They all agree.

Ameerah- I am trying to win next week

Nicole- I'm gunning for HoH

Ameerah- I am too


Ameerah- Okay, I'm gonna let y'all talk. I'm out






9:46AM BBT

Nicole asks Daniel how he is feeling. He says he really wants to win it to keep anyone else from having to make a decision. They discuss Terrance. Daniel wants Terrance to stay over Michael. Nicole says Terrance wants an aliiance with them and Taylor, "here is the thing....people are gonna keep coming up to us and wanting alliances." Daniel says they can't say no.

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Nicole says she is disappointed that more people haven't come to talk to her yet. Nicole wants to move forward with the four of them (Daniel, Nicole, Terrance and Taylor)

Daniel- That make sme feel good because I was worried she could be the head of a girl alliance

Nicole says she doesn't think there is a girl alliance, "and if there is, they wouldn't tell me"

Indy rings the bell and wlaks in. Daniel says he is about to take a shower if she wants to hang

Indy- I don't mind naked people

He asks how she feels. Indy is excited, "I knew you would pick my name. I knew it."

Nicole leaves so they can talk.

Daniel- What do you want to do if you win it? Do you care?

Indy- What?

Daniel laughs

Indy says she wants to wait and see and win with her heart if that's what she feels in the moment, but doesn't want to get too emotional and put the pressure on herself, "I am going in there for fun...to win, but for fun. Oh my God, don't put that pressure on me."


9:52AM BBT

Daniel- This will be the most fun veto because it's before anything big (less drama)

He tells her he is going to take a shower before the comp and she leaves.

Indy- Ciao

Daniel- I'll be down there soon


Terrance checks in with Turner who promises to gun for the veto, again, saying he really wants Terrance to say.


[I will be out for a bit. I'll catch up when I get back if no one else posts, but please post some updates if you can! Pretty please? -MamaLong

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Back for this quick update:


10:18AM BBT

Michael is alone in the Have-Not Room talking aloud and pacing across the room, "I've just got to be centered and psyched; eat some slop and get some energy. But I am feeling good. I am feeling good. I am going to let me anger and my rage motivate me. Oh, God. WWJD. What would Janelle do? She would fight her ass off and celebrate, make a big scene. So we will see. Oh! I just want to vent.  I should be out there socializing with other people. So, I am going to do that. I just need to be in the right mindset for this veto. I am winning the veto. I'm winning THAT veto. I'M WINNING THAT VETO! Someone else is going up! I just want to know what is going on with that backstage twist. I want to keep Brittany in the game. I really want Brittany in the game. But, at the moment, Paloma and Alyssa are probably better for my personal game. But, God! I want Brittany here! I want Brittany here so bad. I can't worry about other people. I have to worry about myself right now. I need to talk with Kyle. WHY did Terrance ask Kyle to play for him in the veto? I'm afraid that the guys have something with Terrance. This is exactly what I was afraid of. That I am not considered one of the guys. Like, Sorry I don't have crippling biceps. Sorry, I don't have a six pack. But Hey, if the women of the house are worried about a guys' alliance that could really help me, and I'll have to play that up. I'll mention that Terrance whispered to Kyle on the couch 'Will you play for me?' and that he has loyalties to the guys. Or maybe I won't have to use that because I'll be off the block. But...Anything and everything that I hear I am cataloguing.  Yeah, FUCK you Daniel...saying you are gonna keep Kyle and Daniel because they are tall, strong guys. Fine, if you want to keep them safe, but the implications and what that says about me!?!? Oh, I want to prove him wrong so bad. I wasn't expecting that kind of judgment from him, and that's what really hurts. Obviously he is going to tell me the PC reason 'what was fair' but to hear what he was actually thinking. *Big Sigh*  Okay, smile on and let's go kick some ass."


On his way out of the HNR, he runs into Brittney who gives him a massive pep talk.








10:52AM BBT

Brittany tells Michael she is going to head back downstairs. Michael says he wants to repeat ihis mantras.

Brittany- I swear on Stephen, and I said I would never do that, we need each other! You are gonna do good! Stay positive!

Michael is alone again the HNR

"Oh, I love Brittany. I really hope it doesn't come down to me having to do anything to jeopardize her game. Because I know she would stick her neck out for me. Oh this game is so hard. I told myself leave your heart at the door, but it might have followed me in. I just need to focus on the veto. You can and you will. You can and you will. You can and you will. YOU CAN AND YOU WILL! Okay, you need to talk to Daniel and then some other people. You need to pull yourself together. Put on a smile! I am excited to be here. I really am *Deep Breaths* Oh, you can do this Michael. You can do this. YOU CAN DO THIS! You can prove all these people wrong. I am a weak player? I am a weak player? Fuck that! Fuck that! I'm going to show you all how strong I  am. A wild animal is most dangerous when it is wounded or backed in a corner. And I am backed into the fucking corner and my claws are out. I don't care who I have to claw my way through to stay this week. I am going to stay! It is also very fitting that Mamba invited me in. You just got yourself another snake. I am ready to strike! Oh, let's do this. I am feeling good. I am pumping! I love this game. This is what I came here to do. I am not giving up. I am not rolling over. Okay! I love you Hayden."  Michael leaves



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Taylor tried on her formal outfits since they just arrived. They look great. She was encouraged to walk through the house as Miss Big Brother while everyone cheered.




11:56AM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom, the girls (Paloma, Indy, Alyssa and Taylor) are bonding over dreams of winning HoH and having a spa party in the HoH bathtub complete with face masks.



12:00PM BBT

In the Car Design Bedroom, Pooch and Terrance are speculating about the Backstage twist. Pooch says he felt on the outside fromt he jump coming in last and then being sent upstairs as Backstage Boss.




12:04PM BBT

It's already 85 degree at the BB24 house (101 at MamaLong's house)  


The HGs are just waiting around for the veto competition.



12:07PM BBT

Kyle enters the house from the DR, "Hey Houseguests! It's time for the veto meeting....wait...try again...stay there...do over."

He goes back behind the door and tries again, "Hey Houseguests! It's time for the veto comp. It's time to get dressed and head to the backyard."

The houseguests atart moving and we get WBRB followed by RCHS








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3:32PM BBT

The feeds have returned after the veto competition.

Michael won the veto!



The competition had a Renaissance Festival theme.

Michael- I was freaking out. I thought I lost. I was like, I only got four. I lost for sure.

The HGs seem to have had a great time. Birttany says Kyle was a killer host.


3:37PM BBT

Alyssa says Michael is going to revel in his win.

Jasmine- Michael is about to whoop butt!

In the Space Age Bedroom, Jasmine tells Alyssa and Paloma that Daniel told her he would have picked her to host if Kyle couldn't do it. Once Jasmine leaves, Paloma tells Alyssa that if she wins HoH she is nominating  Daniel and Nicole. She says Daniel is a poor loser and claims someone cheated. "He is not a good sport at all.




3:39PM BBT

Ameerah walks in. Paloma is talking very fast. She says they have a majority of the house with Mamba and Girls' Girls in the house, "We have the best alliance in the fucking house."

Alyssa- I agree and trust in it completely

Paloma- That coffee we were sipping on. Mamba Coffee

Alyssa says she wants to go shower. Paloma repeats that Daniel was a poor sport "when he got off the horse he was kind of upset" and I'll tell her 'when you said "I almost had it" he said "no, it was because you cheated."

Indy walks in and Paloma begins repeating what she was saying.

Indy- Guys; it's a game. Don't do anything because of me. We have a whole week to think. When we win...

Paloma- I love it

The girls really want to keep their flower crowns. Indy says it won't hurt to ask.


Michael says he won't even mind a cold shower (Have-Not) because it was so hot  [it's 103 with an index of 111 in ATX right now -ML]


In the bathroom...

Kyle- How did that feel, Dude? You did it in overtime.

Monte says "they" were going head to head.

Ameerah says there was turkey legs for them to eat.

Kyle- Was that wine or grapefruit juice?



[Sorry, but I have to take care of PapaLong. It doesn't seem like anyone is willing to post these days, other than me and grannysue, that is. I wonder what happens when we are no longer around.  Please post some updates, people.  -MamaLong]

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4:45PM BBT

Turner met with Daniel in the HoHR to discuss potential replacement HGs once Michael pulls himself off with the veto. He tells Daniel the group sent him up to let him know they already have the votes for Taylor. Daniel says he has considered Indy, too.

4:52PM BBT

In the kitchen, Jasmine is asking Daniel what the hardest part of the competition was. He says the jousting. She asks how it was using the joust. He says it would like they were going straight on but then it would shift. He also said the rings looked good but were actually offset. 

Daniel- the more you do it, the more advantage you have

Kyle- Ameerah went three times and Michael went twice

Daniel -Yeah

Kyle says one of them on the far side was slanted.

*So now it sounds like they had to use a joust to catch rings  -ML

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5:15PM BBT

Daniel met with Nicole and filled her in on Turner suggesting Taylor be the replacement nom.

Nicole- Shit

They discuss that Brittany revealed to Nicole that the girls hate Taylor. Daniel thinks that's a good thing and another reason to keep Taylor as a shield.

Daniel says he is putting Indy up, instead, because he has no clue what she will do in this game.

Nicole points out that Pooch may not be willing to vote out Indy. He thinks it won't be a problem given Pooch told him he is not trying to have a showmance.

They strategize for a bit and decide to stick with the plan to put up Indy as the replacement.




5:28PM BBT

Alone in the Golf Pro Bedroom, Taylor talks directly to the cameras, "If there is an alliance in this house that got started without me, these people are stupid! STUPID! Too much Kumbaya!"  



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5:46PM BBT

Daniel is meeting with Monte in the HoHR. Daniel shares that he doesn't know where Indy's head is at, "I don't think she has a head in this game." He also mentions Taylor saying he has a hard time communicating with her. Monte says that Taylor has trouble making real connections, "I just don't think it comes natural for her. If she gets put up, I don't know how many people would be fighting for her to stay. "

Daniel- I know.

He says he sees her cooking and vibing but not having personal chats or aligning with anyone. He asks Monte if she has tried to chat game with him. Monte responds that she dropped the name of another female saying I should talk with her because she is concerned about all of the alpha males, "but I know for sure that is not the case." (Monte is hinting that she is trying to manipulate things) "If that's the way you are going about the game, are you trying to just stir things up to throw eyes off you?...those in the moment game talks I'm having with everybody but then she just quickly drops a name. "It rubbed me the wrong way." Monte tells Daniel about Taylor walking through the house with her formal wear on and flaunting around. "She said this is my finale dress....My final two."

Daniel- She said that out loud?

Monte- Yeah. I think she misses the connection...she's a strong black woman but how can I trust what you are saying if it's just rumors and stuff because that could harm my game. Am I talking too much?

Daniel- No (watching spy cam) If she comes in I'll tell her come back in 5

Monte- I just want to let you know what I've seen from my perspective. If you put her up, I don't know who would vote for her to stay.

Daniel- I want Terrance to stay.

Monte- They will vote for Terrance to stay over Taylor.

Monte continues saying that Taylor is into the rumors and stuff, and that is dangerous.

Daniel says Taylor and Indy come up for him because they are really the only other options he has because of the backstage thing.

Monte- Can I ask you a question? Have you had game talk with Taylor?

Daniel- Very little. She is just now starting to open up.


5:57PM BBT

Daniel says he loves that she opened up at Family DInner but he has to remove emotion from the equation.



6:48PM BBT

At the kitchen sink, Daniel tells Michael he killed it today, "When you cried, I almost cried. And then you mentioned your fiancee! On tv that shit is gonna blow up. Oh my God"

Michael- And they told us it is not super physical

Daniel- It was way more physical than I thought. If I was watching at home? I'd be fuck yeah. Well, I'm fucked, but I'd be hell yeah. And Ameerah killed it. It was great. I'm fucked now but if I was watching at home that was great."

They laugh about how production will add medieval music and put things in slow mo.tion

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6:40PM BBT

Jasmine is meeting with Daniel in the HoHR. Daniel tells her he is considering Taylor or Indy. Jasmine says she is still getting to know Taylor but she doesn't open up much. She asks if he wants Terrance to stay. Daniel confirms and asks if she has a preference between Indy and Taylor. Jasmine says she just wants to have people she can vibe with. (no preference)

Jasmine- Man, Michael was not messing around today

Daniel- Now we know he can compete

Jasmine- I'm down. You let me know what you want to do and we'll do it.

Daniel- They are gonna be messed no matter which one I put up

Jasmine- You just need to make sure everyone else is on board

Daniel- That's what tonight is for

They hug and Jasmine tells him that he and P (Paloma) are the only ones she talks game with. Jasmine leaves and joins Michael, Britt and Taylor at the bumper pool table.


6:47PM BBT

Kyle takes his turn with Daniel in the HoHR

Kyle- Dude, I could sense your urgency when you were on that horse

Daniel- I just knew Terrance was out and I needed to giun for it

Kyle- yeah, because he (Michael) was hte only one who would have used the veto

Daniel fills in Kyle on his thoughts about Taylor or Indy being the replacement.

He says he has no plans to put a strong male up as the replacement.

They laugh about Kyle's host costume. It was velvet but Kyle's shirt was soaked with sweat and could actually wring it out. Kyles says he was so exhausted that he took a nap and got called out. "I'm good now."

Bob- You are not allowed to talk about production

Kyle- There you go

Comparing the options: Taylor vs. Indy, Kyle says that his relationship with Indy is just one-sided "she doesn't know where I'm from or what I like." WHen asked about Taylor, Kyle hints that he is rubbed the wrong way by Taylor because she claims to be "very confident." Kyle tells Daniel that she asked if Daniel had a backup plan  if someone wins veto, and Kyle replied that he didn't think he did. Taylor respondes something like, "He doesn't have a bakcup plan? How stupid!" He also brings up Taylor romping around in her "finale dress" without considering how Michael and Terrance could be feeling. "That's just my experience with her. I don't know, Dude. Either way, I support you 100%."

Daniel says whoever he puts up, he needs them to leave so he can keep his word with Terrance.

Kyle- Between the two, Taylor would be the easiest one to get rid of if put on the block. Everyone will want her out. It's just the backlash because she is going to be so vocal. I don't know. I don't have any good answer.

Daniel tells Kyle he will let him know what he decides, "but when I put them up, I'll try to make them think they are the pawn, but I think Taylor is too smart for that."

Kyle- Just say you met with people in the house and that her name came up more than other people.

Whatever you do, the house is gonna support it. Terrance won't hurt a fly. Everyone loves him and no one wants him gone.

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7:22PM BBT

Daniel is now meeting with Brittany. 

Brittany tells Daniel about her approach to Pooch and not wanting to be on the bottom of the pecking order should he have to make a decision as Backstage Boss. She says she didn't feel she was able to connect with him that much...Britt yammers on (she talks a lot) but the doorbell rings and it's Paloma. SHe sees Britt in there and says she will come back. SHe offers to bring Daniel a snack, so he settles on a chocolate chip Cliff bar. Daniel says he has a few questions for her, but Britt yammers on not giving Daniel much of a chance to ask. Britt says she doesn't feel she has a chance to win this game. SHe just wants to get past this week, "I am all in on you and Nicole. I have no one. If I win HoH, you guys are safe. You are my people. I would not put you up. You are my people. I don't have an alliance. [Sheesh, she just won't stop talking. She is trying to form a defense with Daniel not realizing that he isn't considering her as a target at all. She comes off as desparate, to me. -MamaLong]

Daniel tells her it's reassuring to hear from her "as I'm leaving power."

Daniel- Is there any one or two that you don't necessarily see working with moving forward? I want to keep Terrance here. I like him. 

Britt- My game right now is fly on the wall. I want to work with you. Who is the person I feel is guarded around me and can't blend in?

Daniel- Yes

Britt- So who do I think...I'm there and they start closing up around me?

Daniel- uh huh

Brittany names Indy, and Daniel agrees.

Britt- I think she is here for the fame. She wants all 40 episodes, you know... A full season.

Daniel- that's her version of being her

Britt- It's her version of winning


7:37PM BBT

Brittany continues talking a thousand miles a minute while Daniel has already gotten the info from her that he wants. [let's see how long this lasts -MamaLong]

Daniel tells her that Indy has been a thought for him.

Britt- I think Indy would be gone (even if Britt gets put up next to her)

Daniel- Indy would be GONE

7:44PM BBT

Brittany is still talking.....and talking...and talking....

[Okay, y'all. Brittany lives here in ATX, but all her talking just gets on my nerves. She is already a cool chick, so she does NOT need to sell herself so much. I wish she had more confidence. -MamaLong]


7:47PM BBT

In the bathroom, Joseph, Kyle, Indy and Taylor are talking about all the memes people are going to grab of them doing stupid things.


7:50PM BBT

In the Golf Pro Bedroom, Ameerah tells Jasmine she is down for sending Indy home but she still thinks Joe would be the better person to go home. She says Nicole approached her and asked what guy she would like to go saying she wanted all the GIRLS to go the end. Ameerah says she told Nicole she would love to backdoor Joseph.

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7:52PM BBT

Brittany finally leaves the HoHR and Pooch takes his turn.

Daniel tells Pooch that production to him they have to choose another alliance name.  (Had a feeling the name Motley Crew wouldn't fly -ML]


8:04PM BBT

In the loft, Nicole, Terrance and Kyle are chatting about Kyle's swag. Terrance says that the coolest city he ever visited was Seattle. "Everybody we met down there was cool as ice. Everywhere we walked, the eenrgy was good." [makes me want to move there  -ML]


[This is where I say goodnight and go take care of my PapaLong.  -MamaLong]

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9:00pm Big Brother Time

Daniel is meeting with Ameerah in the HOH room.

The two of them are talking about the veto competition and how difficult it was.

Daniel edges into the conversation by saying that he really likes Terrance and seems relieved that Ameerah says she likes him as well.

Daniel explains that he would really like Terrance to stay in the house and hopes that the person who replaces Michael would be the person to leave the house.

Ameerah says she is indifferent about Indy leaving.


In the bedroom Turner, Pooch and Nicole are talking about the bad habits in the house of not cleaning up after themselves. Topic changes to supporting Daniel when he nominates the replacement.

The three of them are discussing the idea of sending Taylor out of the house, they say the girls aren't fond of her.

Kyle and Joe come into the room.  They bring up Taylor being the replacement. They also mention Indy as a possibility. After a short visit Kyle and Joe leave and pass Jasmine, who comes in as they leave.


They tell Jasmine that Daniel hasn't given out any names. She is surprised that he has not. She thinks someone is on his mind he isnt talking about yet.


Joe and Kyle go into the storage room, seemingly relieved that they are not going on the block. They leave the storage room quickly.


Back in the bedroom the conversation continues. They wonder what the backstage twist will be.Pooch goes to the other bedroom with Alyssa to see if they can count on her support. Taylor's name is being pushed around again. Alyssa agrees to talk to Daniel this evening.


Pooch goes back to the group where the conversation is happening.

Talk is still moving toward Taylor being evicted if she is nominated.


Joe has gone to the HOH room to talk to Daniel. Daniel is telling Joe that he is not real interested in putting up a physical threat this week.

Daniel tells Joe he is safe this week.  Daniel defers telling Joe who he is thinking of.

Poloma comes into the room, Joe leaves. Poloma and Daniel chat for a few minutes about nothing. Poloma says that Michael really showed up, Daniel wonders if Michael may have dropped early on the first HOH.

After a few minutes Daniel gets comfortable and ready to talk to Paloma about business. He tells her that Terrance seems to be playing the game and he would like him to stay. He sees Terrance as good for the jury.

Conversation moves along to Michael winning the veto competition, Paloma says she saw his energy and just knew he was going to win it.

Daniel tells Paloma he is generally asking everyone who they really like, and who they wouldn't mind losing from the house. Paloma says Alyssa is her go to person.

He also says he is asking for a unanimous vote to keep Terrance to show they really want him here.

Daniel tells Paloma that Taylor is aware of her because Paloma is playing the same game as Taylor. Daniel tells Paloma he has observed it. 

The doorbell keeps ringing....


In the storage room Pooch and Kyle are gossiping about Taylor. They are so sure Taylor is going on the block.


Paloma and Daniel keep talking. Daniel says he has Paloma's back. Paloma says Taylor has not offered to work as a team with her, and Paloma thinks her being in the pagent industry might be a reason for it, since she has had to be an actress of sorts with quick answers.


Daniel tells Paloma he is also thinking of Indy as a possibility. Paloma says she has no idea what Indy would do as HOH.

Alyssa comes into the room and Daniel welcomes her.



10:00pm Big Brother Time


Daniel tells the girls he is concerned that he would be safe next week when he has no power in the game.

Alyssa tells Daniel that Taylor could be a problem, since she doesn't really indicate that she wants to work with her (Alyssa).  Alyssa says she is hearing Taylor's name all over the house. Alyssa says Taylor has said "a lot of things that rub people the wrong way."

Daniel tells them that Taylor is his number one option.

The girls are telling Daniel that they can get the votes to evict Tayllor.

Daniel says if they put her up, Taylor would only be in the house two days as opposed to a week.

Paloma is worried if Taylor would happen to win the HOH, she has no idea what would happen.

Complaints continue about Taylor.


When Daniel asks about Indy, the girls say she is a wild card.  Palomo tells Daniel that Indy considers him her friend. Both girls agree that Indy's game knowledge is limited.


In the bedroom Ameerah and Brittany are saying goodnight., Ameerah leaves as Brittany settles in.

A group has formed in one of the bedrooms where several houseguests are gathered, everyone is laughing and talking.


Back in the HOH Paloma is pushing Daniel to mention Taylor to the house and guage the reaction.  He says he would say Taylor doesn't talk game to him.  He says Indy never talks game to him, he wants the replacement to go home so Terrance can stay.


Ameerah comes into the room, tells them everyone is in the bedroom doing hand and foot massages.

Michael comes into the room as well. He seems happy to have won the veto today.  He says he has experienced the whole season in four days.  Have not, on the block, veto winner..


The group wonders if backstage "pass" will be something "passed" to new people each week with a new boss competition.

(As soon as that is mentioned we get those colorful circles and a Be Right Back message--Grannysue)

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10:25 pm Big Brother Time.

Cameras return and the topic has changed, but we hear just as the camera comes back....

Daniel, "yeah, we figured it out.


Nicole has come to the HOH room as well. There is quite a group now, Turner, MIchael, Alyssa, Paloma, Nicole, Ameesha and Daniel.

Just general chatter.

Indy also joins the group. She says she has asked to sleep later tomorrow. Daniel explains moving from city to city around LA. Turner says he wants to go to Huntington Beach before he leaves for home.


Camera moves to Taylor, alone in the lavatory doing her personal care. Ameesha and Pooch join her. Taylor keeps her head down, concentrating on only what she is doing. Everyone leaves without speaking directly to her, she looks around for a second, seemingly the realization strikes her. She sighs.


The HOH is still full of people and chatter continues.





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11:00pm Big Brother Time


The HOH continues to be full of laughter and talk.

Topics are all over the place....Covid, boyfriends with Covid, 21st birthdays, cancelled flights and believe it or not...Hog head souse on crackers and Nicole clarifies it by saying Head Cheese...

Jasmine is throwing out tasty dishes like chittlins...(hog intestines), 

(i will tell you children, if you are not starving, these things are a hard pass) Now we get info on Tripe (cow intestines)...

and with that I will just say general chatter is happening...Jo


Daniel has disappeared from the room, he has hidden himself in the storage room with Turner and Pooch. They leave and Joe comes into the storage room.  Joe offers his support, he says others might have an agenda, he does not. He will just help Daniel out.


Daniel has joined Turner, Pooch and Joe in the kitchen and Terrance wanders by. Joe follows himout of the room.

Turner and Pootch are sitting on the kitchen island watching the coffee pot. (I can relate, but I have to stare at mine from the kitchen chairs.-I am so short I need a footstool to get in our little suv.--hahaha. But I look elegant doing it--Grannysue)


Coffee seems to be done, Turner is surprised it is hot. (Bless his heart) The two boys stare at the memory wall and whisper for a few seconds.

Pooch tells Turner that Daniel wants to make this as smooth as possible. They are counting votes at the wall.

Poloma comes by, kisses the onion man, says she is going to bed.

They joke about Indy not voting right.

The camera moves to the back door, the yard is open but no one seems to realize it yet.

They continue to clown around in the kitchen, Pooch says it is the worst cup of coffee he has ever had.

They head upstairs, still unaware of the open back yard.


Terrance tells Pooch and Ameesha a dad joke. 

A man has a son with no arms and no legs. On the son's 21st birthday the father takes the son to a bar to celebrate with a drink. They each have a shot of whiskey. The son grows arms and legs. The dad wants to celebrate the son growing his body, so he buys another shot.  They drink it and the son dies immediately.  Bartender says, "he should have quit while he was a head."---groannnnnn. He says that's all he has. (just as well)


at 11:31pm 

house guests discover the open back yard and race for the hammock. 

Indy and Alyssa win, they struggle to get on the hammock and adjust themselves comfortably. They invite Kyle to join them and try to scoot over, nearly tipping the hammock.  Lots of giggling.


In the HOH Michael is talking to Nicole about adjusting to genuine game talk.  He says now he feel comfortable, he doesn't need a vote from anyone. NIcole says she is stressing out about the twist.

They agree that Daniel has a hard decision to make and someone will be "p**sed, and someone will go home."


Nicole says the whole game moved quickly, they have already done the veto, she says she has a "mom role" in the house and people don't tell her things.  She feels like she is in a position where she just doesn't know certain things like moods or what is going on in the house.

Michael says there may not be moods and such, maybe everyone genuinely likes each other.


Alyssa, Poloma and Indy are talking in the living room quietly, they mention Taylor doing whatever she can to manipulate, they need to go tell "him".  Alyssa tells Poloma that Daniel told her he wants to put Taylor up. Alyssa says she needs to win HOH, he social game is high. 

Poloma says Alyssa should give Daniel big sad eyes, get him to put Taylor up and she is gone.


They go outside to join the group of house guests scattered around the back yard.


Meanwhile Taylor is in the lavatory area, she is leaned over the counter and we can hear her sobbing. She has her face covered but she is crying her heart out. After a few minutes she says a big swear, goes to the loo for toilet tissue and tries to compose herself.


In the HOH talk continues between Michael and Nicole.   Nicole is talking about the porta potty competition, she says she wanted to win, but she was slimed and that was a Big Brother dream.


In the back yard Joe is laughing about sitting on the potty when it was warm from someone else's behind. He thought the bidet warmed the seat.  He says his plan going forward will be to hold the door shut tight.

Monte tells him the seat does heat.

'Taylor joins the group, she seems relaxed and poised.



The Big Brother House is still teeming with activity, the house guests are enjoying the back yard, Nicole and Michael are talking in the HOH room.

But in my house it is quiet and the lights are dimmed. It is time for me thank the Lord for this day then collect my puppies and go cuddle. When I was a very young girl my granny said to me, "Look straight ahead, keep your eye on your goals." I think that was such good advice I wanted to share it with you. Tell someone you love them today. Goodnight dears, hugs--Grannysue.





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