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Morty's TV Big Brother USA Season 24 Live Feed Meme Contest Rules

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The Morty’s TV Big Brother USA Season 24 
Live Feed Meme Contest!





Morty’s TV knows you can’t get enough of the Big Brother USA Season 24 Live Feeds – you watch them, you read about them, you follow our updates online and on Facebook and Twitter, take screen caps, and you discuss them on the Morty’s TV Fan Forums and in Morty’s TV Facebook group.  And you definitely let us know what you think about Big Brother, the Houseguests and the season.


This summer, Morty’s TV is giving you the opportunity to merge your love of Live Feed screen caps and your very creative comments in the Morty’s TV Big Brother USA Season 24 Live Feed Meme Contest.  We want you to capture live feed screen images and turn them into memes.  We’ll collect them and post them to the TV Fan Forums, and then Morty will pick his favorite meme and post it to the Live Feed Coverage Page each Eviction Night as the Morty’s TV Big Brother USA Season 24 Meme of the Week.

What’s A Meme?

A meme is an image with a few witty words written on it.  Remember the old “Hang On, Friday’s Coming” cat poster?  That was a pre-internet meme. Today’s memes are digital images and often used to express humorous thoughts, social commentary and biting satire.

How Do I Enter?

Take your live feed screen shots (how you get them is up to you but please make sure they are your own. or images we post to the TV Fan Forums, MortysTV.com, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) and turn them into memes. No “borrowing” images from others.  Be creative, but be clean.  No nudity.  No politics. No racist, vulgar or offensive language.  No insulting, intimidating or bullying.  Inappropriate memes will not be considered.


Once you have your meme, there are two ways to submit them this season. First, you can email them to  memes@mortystv.com.  Second, you can post them as replies to to the weekly Meme thread in this forum.


This season, we are not accepting entries via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because we have no volunteers to collect them.


On each Eviction Day, Morty will select his favorite meme from the past week to feature as the Big Brother USA Season 24 Live Feed Meme of the Week on our famous Big Brother Live Feed Coverage Page.


At the end of the season, one of these featured memes will win the Grand Prize of a T-Shirt from Morty’s TV as the Meme of the Season!


Remember, sending memes by email or by posting them to the Morty’s TV Fan Forums implicitly grants Morty’s TV free and unrestricted license to use your meme in any way allowed by applicable law. 


You must be identifiable and accessible through Email or a member of the Morty’s TV Fan Forums & Chat to be selected as the Morty’s TV Big Brother USA Season 24 Live Feed Meme of the Week or to receive the grand prize at the end of the season.


Visit the Morty’s TV Fan Forums & Chat often to check out the latest memes and post your comments.  But remember, all posts are subject to the “good conduct” rules of the forums. 

Creating Memes

If you need help in creating your meme, here are a couple online free-to-use meme-making tools you can use:



If you need a way to host your meme image in the cloud, you can use the free site: 




Or feel free to use your own method.  Please resize images to 640x480 (Message Board) to make the memes easier to handle.


Note: Morty’s TV has not reviewed and does not endorse these web site tools. All meme images may be watermarked with the Morty’s TV logo.

What makes A Good Meme?

A good meme tells a story. Try to limit your meme to 3 or 4 words per line and 1-2 lines per image.  Use a white font at a reasonable size so as to make sure your meme is easy to read but the image remains visible.  The best memes use images that focus on a single or a couple subjects.  Here’s an example:




So, what are you waiting for? Enter the Morty’s TV Big Brother USA Season 24 Live Feed Meme Contest today and as often as you like during Big Brother USA Season 24. Your meme might just catch Morty’s eye and be featured as the Meme of the Week!


Note: Morty’s TV Volunteers and anyone associated with or partnering with Morty’s TV may enter the contest but are not eligible to win the Meme of the Week or Meme of the Season.

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