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Join the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 24 Live Feed Team

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Morty’s TV provides real time updates of episode broadcasts and the live feeds for Big Brother USA Season 24 for the Morty's TV Community on the TV Fan Forums, the mortyst.com/bb website, Facebook and Twitter. To facilitate this, Morty’s TV has established the Morty’s TV Live Feed Update Team:
  • LFU (Live Feed Updaters)
  • TFU (Twitter/Facebook Updaters)
  • MCB (Morty's TV Community Bloggers)
If high prices, travel frustrations and hot temps are keeping you inside, cool down with the Morty's TV Live Feed Update team.  Whether you can update daily, weekly or only occasionally, you can help contribute to the Morty's TV coverage. No experience necessary - it does not matter how often you can update or if you are not a seasoned writer.  We'll give you everything you need to get started!

We really need your help! We need you to volunteer! 

Become a part of the Morty's TV Team today!


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