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BBCAN10-Episode 22-Veto competition

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, at an epic 5 hour HOH competition, the elements took their toll, and it came down to archrivals Betty vs Marty. And when Betty fell, the Acadian comp beast took home his third HOH of the season. The win re-opened old wounds and Betty canceled her campaign before it started. Josh pleaded for his safety, but Marty’s mind was made up. Meanwhile, the ghosts celebrated their middle game. Then Canada assured Summer she was sitting pretty even from a backdoor. While Marty was not enthused with the news, he stuck to his plan and sent Betty and her best bud to the block. Tonight, will anyone worm their way off the block in the most important veto comp of the season. Will Marty be forced to name a replacement nominee. Another moose is on the loose on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 49 and Marty has just put up Betty and Josh and if they get power they are gunning for him. He hopes Betty will go this week. Josh says this thing is just hilarious to him because there is a showmance targeting Marty.


Betty says she is on the block for the third time by Marty. She says there is a clear showmance targeting Marty and wanted to backdoor him but it is her and Josh on the block. She says Marty’s speech was actually decent.


Betty says Marty could be in a sticky situation if her or Josh come off the block. Kevin says Marty is really obsessed with Betty and it is boring.


Kevin says they have a group of five that has worked together ok and if the veto is used, Marty is going to have to nominate one of the five.


Kevin is taking a bath in the HOH room and he is talking to Marty and says everything was beautiful. Marty says he has a F2 with Haleena and Gino would not be an option given their history. So a replacement nominee would be between Jacey and Kevin.


Betty is hyping Josh up and telling him to visualize the POV around his neck. Josh says Summer having safety is huge and if one of them can win POV, then Marty will have to nominate someone he is working with.


The BY is set up as a graveyard and there are graves with caskets. Summer, Kevin, and Gino join Josh and Betty in the competition. They have to lie in the graves until they think 100 minutes have passed and then hit their buttons.


Whoever is closest to the 100 minutes will win the POV! Jacey starts the competition. Summer does not like being in a grave and she is trying to count but her mind is racing. Betty does not like lightning and thunder and those effects are going on.


Betty says this POV is literally life or death for her right for now. She says Marty has let her and everyone else know that she is the target this week and she is not ready to go home yet.


Kevin says he has a counting strategy. One hand is counting the minutes and the other hand is counting the ten minute groups and he needs to do it twice. Gino says he and Jacey are the only replacement nominees and if he goes up the votes could flip.


Their caskets start having water poured into them. Betty is freaking out and she thinks she could actually drown. Kevin says he enjoys a bath with candles and relaxing music, but this water is freezing. He would like to win this comp and force Marty to put up Jacey.


We are at 50 minutes and everyone has their eyes closed. Summer hears a message from her family and they love her and are cheering for her. Gino gets a message from his sister and she says he is doing so good and to keep playing a great game.


Kevin’s girlfriend is the next message and she loves him and loves seeing how happy he is on the show. Josh gets a message from his boyfriend and he wants to hug him and loves him and they are cheering loud for him.


Betty’s message is from her boyfriend and he says she has overcome some challenges and she just needs to keep digging through. He loves her and is proud of her. Haleena says they are all making their families so proud. Summer buzzes in and she feels good about her time.


Summer stays in the coffin and Jacey tells them all to look alive and the water starts to turn red. Betty says a coffin of blood? Are you joking me right now? It is time to get to the guts of the challenge and Marty and Haleena pour organs that are fake props.


Summer says the guts feel slimy and nasty and sticky. Josh is trying not to lose focus and he sees the heart float by and he starts naming the ventricles and has to remind himself to keep counting. Their water is draining out of the coffins.


Marty and Haleena are back up and pour worms on the HG and Summer is freaking out and Betty is squealing and says so disgusting. Summer jumps out of the coffin and she is done with the comp. Betty says they are in her pants and she is freaking out.


Josh says they are disgusting and he can feel them moving around. Kevin says Big Brother you are sick. Kevin says he feels like Gino loves this and he says I won’t lie I do. Gino causally brushes some worms off his neck.

Josh buzzes his in and he says he counted to 95 minutes but he accounted for a five minute error and he is not getting out so the others do not know he is finished. Betty rings in next and she feels good about her time and she gets out.


Betty says she could not spend an extra second in there with the worms and she is a little concerned because others are still in the coffin. Gino rings in and he is feeling pretty confident. Kevin is the last to hit his button and he feels like his counting was on point.


In fifth place with a time of 59:55 seconds is Summer. In fourth place with a time of 125 minutes is Kevin. The winner with a time of 100 minutes and 42 seconds is…Betty. Betty has won the POV! Betty says I am not going anywhere Marty!


Betty says Marty needs to find himself a new target because she is not going home this week. Josh was only four minutes out and Gino was 9 minutes out. They say Betty hitting within 42 seconds was insane.


Josh is disappointed he did not win but now Marty has nominate someone he is working closely with which means he might actually survive this week. Betty is celebrating alone and says this is unbelievable.


Gino goes to talk to Marty and says Betty winning was the worst case scenario. Gino feels like Kevin and Haleena are closer to Marty so he has to put in some work to save Jacey.


Marty tells Gino that Josh going home is still a win before them. Marty tells him it is between Jacey and Kevin and Gino says Kevin could organize a flip and Marty says he is more concerned with Jacey winning than Kevin. Gino keeps saying Kevin could get people to flip.


Marty says it is F8 and he wants to make the right decision to keep the five together. Gino says Kevin is close with Josh and with Summer and Haleena as votes, they could vote out Jacey and Josh would still be in the house.


Kevin is called to the DR and there is an envelope waiting for him. He reads that he has been selected for a secret mission but he first has to discover which mystery has been unlocked and behind that door is a secret room. The other HG cannot see him.


Kevin leaves the DR and heads upstairs and starts trying to open a few doors and #11 opens and there is a moose inside. Marcia the moose has all her luggage from her travelling. She says Kevin is tall and has broad shoulders.


Marcia asks Kevin if he likes secret missions. He loves them. His secret mission is to convince his fellow HG that he is going to self-evict. After he talks to all the HG he has to return to the room.


Marcia says he has 100 minutes and asks if he knows what 100 minutes is and he says apparently not. Marcia says not 125 and if he needs help figuring it out, then he can talk to Betty. He cannot tell anyone, it is a secret.

Kevin wants to talk to Josh and he grabs his suitcase and he says their plan did not work and since he did not win POV yesterday he is leaving. Josh tells him no and he wants him to let it play out and Kevin tells him not to tell anyone. Josh cannot play without him.


Kevin is now talking to Jacey in the SR and he says he is going to walk out of the house with his head held high and he is serious. Betty is next and he tells her he is self-evicting and she starts crying.


Kevin is talking to Summer and she says you are joking and he says you know what it is like to be married. Haleena is in the SR room with Jacey and getting filled in. Josh suggests to Betty that he is going to self-evict.


Betty wants Kevin to talk with everyone. Haleena says she was gone for 15 minutes! Kevin is talking to Gino and he tells him he loves him and today is his last day and Gino says is trying to console and hug Kevin and Kevin is covering his face.


Gino is in the DR and says is Kevin ok? Gino says Kevin looks distraught. The DR thanks Gino and says they will monitor that and Gino says he will monitor that too!


Kevin then goes to talk to Marty and he tells him he is self-evicting and Marty says he will not let that happen. He says he is not letting him go. Marty blocks the HOH doors and says he is doing that for Jillian.


Kevin and Marty go to sit back down and when Marty is distracted Kevin immediately runs for the door. He tells everyone that his time has come and he is giving hugs. Josh is crying and Kevin says it is ok after he heard that voicemail it made everything so clear.


He tells them he loves them and the HG says no Kevin do not do it. He heads to the door and they start to open and he turns and says just kidding. He then fills them in on his secret mission. He says he would never self-evict. Summer says please tell me there is a party.


They all get a sleepover party in the Expedia members lounge. Summer says he made Joshua cry so he should be ashamed of himself. They have pizza and sleeping bags and Betty cannot believe they get to watch a movie.


It is Day 51 and Jacey goes to talk to Marty. She wants to get into Marty’s ear to leverage everything she has in this game to ensure she and Gino do not go up this week. Marty says there is no way he would put Gino up after everything that has happened.


Jacey says Marty has put her up before and he has betrayed them and she wants to prove to him that she is in this as well. Marty wants to get Jacey and Gino in the room and have them look at the camera and Canada and tell them they will vote for Josh.


Marty says it is still a big decision for him and he is going to make the best decision for his game. Haleena is now in to talk to Marty and Marty says his biggest doubts are about Kevin and his gut is telling him that Kevin would flip if Jacey or her were on the block.


Haleena says Kevin is her closest ally in the game and she does not want Kevin on the block. Marty tells Haleena that Jacey had the secret power last week so they could have backdoored him. Haleena says Kevin has always had his back and the showmance could flip.


Haleena says Jacey thinks she is safe just because of Gino and it should not work like that. Marty says he will give it some thought. He says Kevin is a close ally but he just does not know if he can trust him.


Kevin is in to talk to Marty and Kevin says Haleena filled him in and he says being on the block is kind of scary because the showmance could absolutely flip on him. Kevin says The Ghosts are going to throw everything at the wall.


Kevin says going on the block would hurt so much because all of his eggs are in Marty’s basket. Kevin says he wants Josh out and he will tell everyone that Marty is his closest ally if he wants. He wants to show him he can be trusted.


Kevin says he and Marty have bonded over being the only two married guys in the house, except he is not really married. He offers his ring as a show of trust and Marty says he does not need his ring. Marty says his gut is telling him that Kevin is being truthful.


Marty calls the alliance of five in the HOH room and he wants to make sure they are sticking together. He asks each of them if they are 100% in with this alliance and if they will evict Josh and they each agree.


Marty says Canada heard that and whoever goes up it does not matter. He has a canister and he has two yellow gummi bears and one red and whoever draws the red gummi bear will go on the block. He asks Gino if he would like a fourth one added in because of what happened.


Gino says yeah add another and Haleena draws and Marty says they should not be worried because they are five strong. They each draw and Gino has the red gummi bear and he says if Gino goes home he will be pissed because everyone has his back.


Marty says we all have each other’s backs and they all look at the camera and hold up their hands with their fingers spread and Jacey says if anyone flips she is going to get self-evicted. Kevin is laughing and he has no problem backstabbing and manipulating.


Kevin says his only loyalty is to him and winning 100k. If Marty is going to offer Gino on a silver platter, he has no problem taking that shot. Marty tells everyone they do not have to be scared and they all put their hands in.

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