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BBCAN10-Episode 8-Live Eviction 3/17/22

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Arisa welcomes us and says Kyle obliterated his alliance this week and either Stephanie or Josh will be evicted tonight. She says grab your popcorn because the entertainment does not end.


We pick up after the POV ceremony on Day and Stephanie says no way will the HG vote for Josh to stay over her. Tynesha says what the hell just happened? She is going to fight tooth and nail to make sure Josh does not leave.


Kyle says this was his plan, to backdoor job. He says he had to take the shot and he has the numbers so he had to take it. Josh says he knows Kyle did not orchestrate this plans and he is fired up and it will be a show.


Marty and Kyle are hugging and saying they made big moves and took the shots they needed to take. Jacey is crying and Stephanie says it sucks. Jacey says he is definitely going to go. Jess is in the room and she is laying down and says she needs to be alone.


Jess says she feels like she is alone and she gets up to leave. Steph tells Jacey it is wild and says she is staying at least. Jess is feeling sad, pissed off, and annoyed and she tells Josh she loves him as he walks by. She says the house is unstable.


Summer says she is mad. She tells Josh that Kyle is going down and she gives Josh a hug. Summer says sorry Kyle, but Joshua will be staying. Summer says her and Tynesha and Josh asks T for sure? Summer says Kyle is going to get backdoored.


Kevin wants to talk to Jess and Kevin is asking who is out and what is happening. Kevin likes Josh better than Steph but that does not mean he is better for his game. He says he is back and forth on who to vote for.


Kevin is going to talk to Haleena and Marty and see what the plan is. Betty asks Kevin if he knew what was happening. Kevin says this might be time for him to pick sides but he is not ready to blow his cover. He tells her he knows how much he loves Josh.


Kevin tells Betty to keep lashing out at him and coming for him and he needs her to keep acting like she hates him. She says she does hate him and she sees he is playing both sides and she’ll make sure everyone in the house knows.


Kevin tells Betty that he is coming for her and she says you are telling me to my face you are coming for me? She says you are telling me to fake hating you because it is best for my game, no one tells me what the hell to do. Thanks for drawing a line in the sand.


Summer says she is going to be putting in the work to make sure her boy Joshua does not go home this week with a lot of people on the fence. She asks Haleena what she can do to strengthen their relationship and Tynesha says that is a loaded question.


Haleena says she trusts them and she will tell them something but it could ruin her game but she wants to build trust with them. Tynesha says she will go first and tells Haleena about the seven person alliance.


Summer says that alliance is dead and she wants to go after Kyle. Haleena says she told Kyle he has her vote and Summer so Kyle thinks he has Haleena’s vote. Haleena says she has been under the radar and now it is shattered thanks to Kyle and the chaos he created.


Kevin is relaxing and Jacey and Gino come in and it is awkward. Kevin wants to go get some butter chicken and leaves and Gino says he is interesting and Jacey says he is funny and a weirdo. Jess comes in and asks a question and it is awkward again.


Gino tells Jacey she is really cute and she says he is really cute and Gino goes in for a kiss. Jacey says sorry mom and dad. Jacey then asks Gino what the plan is, just to act casual? Gino tells her to stay away from him for a bit.


Jess goes to talk to Josh and she says she has to convince people she is voting him out but she will never vote him out. She asks how he is with Kevin and he says it is 50/50. Josh asks why she is going to act like she is voting him out and she says they might rally.


Jess says lines will be drawn in the sand and she does not give a crap. She says she is going to keep Steph’s confidence up to keep her happy. Steph tells Jacey that getting Josh out this early is so smart because if not now then when.


Steph has zero worries she will be leaving the house. She definitely has enough votes and that is good enough for her. They are talking about what they are going to wear and Steph tells Jacey that she is not overly worried.


It is Day 18 and Marty says he trusts Kevin 100%. Kevin realizes that Marty is hurt that Kyle and Gino have excluded him from HOH decisions. Marty says neither of them are taking him to final two. Marty tells Kevin he is starting to lose trust.


Marty goes to talk to Josh and Josh says Kyle has a huge target on himself which brings attention to his group. Marty says Josh is doing all the right things and it is enough to make him think.


Steph is talking to Hermon and she tells him about her pitch to Kevin. Steph says their five group is a good group and that is where she is loyal. Even though Kyle put her up he tried to make it right.


Kyle is talking to Marty about a four person alliance called The Village because they are the voice of the village and everyone will do what they say. Kyle says they have the numbers. They only need 6-5, but a 7-4 vote would be even better.


Kyle goes to talk to Haleen to confirm he has her vote and Haleena says she does not know who to believe. She says she knows she is indecisive but this is extreme and this decision is hard to make.


Marty is talking to Kevin and Marty thinks he felt a connection with Josh and maybe he can still work with him. Kevin thinks Josh is sincere and he says Kyle and Gino see him as a nerdy guy. Marty is nervous about flipping the vote.


Kevin says this is the moment he has been waiting for and it is time to take the power back now that Marty has seen that Kyle and Gino are playing with them. Kevin says Kyle told him that Marty is the one who came up with their three person alliance.


Kevin tells Marty he is not afraid to keep Josh and Marty says that is putting all his trust in Josh. Kevin says they know Steph is coming with them and Kevin says he will vote out Josh so Marty does not have to reveal he flipped votes.


Arisa welcomes us back and says it as a bewildering week and now it is time to find out if Steph or Josh will pay the price for all that chaos.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! Steph says the past 20 days have been nothing short of amazing and they are amazing individuals and she hopes they vote to keep her and she appreciates them all.


Josh does a shoutout and he says it has been an unbelievable and because of Kyle he is on the block and he hopes they find a new kingdom and he hopes they vote to keep him here.


It is time for the live vote!

Summer votes to evict Stephanie.

Jacey-Lynne sadly votes to evict Josh.

Jess votes to evict Stephanie.

Gino votes to evict Josh.

Haleena sadly votes to evict Stephanie.


Right now Steph has three votes and Josh has two with six votes remaining.

Marty votes to evict Steph.

Tynesha votes to evict Steph.

Hermon votes to evict Steph.



Kevin votes to evict Steph.

Betty votes to evict Steph.

Moose votes to evict Steph.

By a vote of 9-2, Steph has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house!


Steph is shocked and so is Jacey and Steph says oh my goodness. Josh is shocked as well. Steph says there is something big happening in here and it is right underneath your noses. They say bye and she does not turn around and leaves crying.


Steph joins Arisa on stage and Arisa notes she looked really shocked. What is going through her mind? Steph says there is a bunch of liars in that house and she seen Summer smiling and she had a weird feeling.


Steph says Kyle should be feeling very scared and she has no idea what is going through Jacey’s mind. Arisa asks what Steph thinks happened and she feels like Josh is a great player and he talked people into keeping him.


It is time for the HOH competition! There has been a shopper’s showcases in the pantry set up and the food has prices.


Arisa will read them a price and they will have to decide if the price is higher or lower than what Arisa suggested. If they are correct they stay in the game, if they are wrong they are eliminated. The last one remaining will be HOH!


Round 1-Is the price of the teddy bear higher or lower than $100? Everyone steps down except Hermon who answers higher and he is eliminated.


Is the price of the baseball higher or lower than $54? Gino, Betty, Moose, Kevin, and Marty answer lower and everyone else answers higher.


Is the price of the rolling pin with red handles higher or lower than $200? Everyone answers higher.


Is the price of the frowning clown higher or lower than $66.99. They all answer higher.


Is the price of the sunglasses higher or lower than $19.97? Gino answers higher then steps down and everyone is correct because it is lower.


Is the price of the binoculars higher or lower than $440.43? Kevin steps down and everyone else answers higher. Kevin is eliminated.


Is the price of the skates higher or lower than $800.08? Betty seems unsure and everyone answers higher and they are all correct.


Tiebreaker question between Gino, Marty, Moose, and Betty. From start to finish how long in seconds did the Surf’s Up competition last?


Betty answers 1000, Gino answers 5300, Moose answers 6100, and Marty answers 53,000. Gino is the closest and has won HOH!

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