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BBCAN10 - Episode 1 - Season Premier

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A distant voice: Welcome to the first ever Big Brother! A decade of icons, superstars and champions have kept you on the edge of your seat. And now, Canada, it's time to cash in! Welcome to the greatest game show in this historic 10th season. 16 Canadians will try their luck over 70 days in a grueling and intense fight for cold hard cash. Get ready to be blown away! 

Who will pay the ultimate price? What secrets are hidden behind the Big Brother Canada mystery doors? And who will answer the call?  Let the games begin!

It's time for Big Brother Canada Season 10! Here's your host, come on out, Arisa Cox!

Welcome to Big Brother Canada 10! This is the ultimate game show. What else could you want? A social experiment that you live and breath. We'll have throwbacks to past seasons you super-fans will love. The HGs are playing for $100k cash, a $10k wardrobe and a travel experience from Expedia. Let's get to the HG of Season 10!

Summer is 25 years delicious and unemployed. Her level of pettiness is a lot. She auditioned because the coworker she didn't like loved this show but couldn't get on. She did!

Gino is 28 and a firefighter. It's not work - you never know whats coming when the bells go off. But he's still afraid of the dark and ghosts. He's Greek and big on family. Hot women will be a distraction.

Jacey-Lyn is 24 and all about the outdoors. Snow and ice in the winter, hiking in the summer. She's a hard core competitor.

Josh is a pediatric resident. There's no better place to be than to care for children. African and indigenous Canadian roots. His mom is in her first year of medical school. He has to be careful what he says because she will be watching.

Let's get the first 4 Season 10 HG out here! They walk on stage masked, Josh in a tux. Arisa says you can take your masks off after you enter the house. You've been isolated and we're following all COVID-19 protocols. Good luck, says Arisa, you can enter the Big Brother Canada House!

They enter the house and say Hi and Holy Crap! Summer introduces herself. Jacey-Lyn keeps saying Holy Crap. The guys try to open locked doors. The ladies find the Wendy's counter in the SR. Holy Crap!

The HG check out the WA. This is cute, they agree. They are enjoying the house and Summer suggest making a First 4 alliance. They call it the Honey Bunch.

Llet's meet the next four HG. Jay plans to be the mastermind of the house. He uses They/Them pronouns - there's actor Jay, artist Jay and pole dancer Jay. If you have a clown nose on, you can't be evicted - who'd evict a clown? He wants to direct the house as good as he directs a play.

Tynesha is a single mother to a 7 yr old daughter who keeps her centered. She wants to make her daughter proud. She's mama bear and her biggest threat will be another woman as beautiful as she is.

Stephanie stops rooms when she walks in. It's amazing what good boobs, good lighting, good lip gloss will do for a gal. She said she gets 4-5 DM's per day from randoms trying to talk to her

Kyle wants to be underestimated. He's a small-town boy who has fallen in love with Halifax, Nova Scotia. His podcast is about mental health, making people comfortable telling their story. He'll use a flirtmance in the game.

It's time for Jay, Tynesha, Stephanie and Kyle to enter the Big Brother Canada House. Good luck and head inside! 

Inside, the HG hear hear people coming and the second quad of HG enter to excited greetings and hugs. You're not allowed to look this good, Summer says to Jay. Summer finds the phone room but all she gets is a dial tone. Stop ignoring me, she says to BB. I'm living my best life, she tells Canada.

The mystery doors open to the bedrooms and some of the girls start claiming rooms. Half the HG are inside, and while they get to know each other, let's get to know the next 4.

Betty is a take-no-shit kind of person. Business-B is who she is, she gets it done, cut throat. But B-Money comes out when she's ready to party, fun and makes it rain. 

Moose loves sports and plays them all, gunning for comp wins but also turning on the charm. 

Haleena is clumsy and talks too loud, relies on her mom, and has a big fat Indian family, a mixture of cultures. She's not been physically active for years but will be everyone's best friend.

Kevin is a monster because villainy is more interesting. He's not humble, has a high IQ and is charismatic. He'll win by lying and pitting HG against each other. He plans to send home everyone Canada loves. 

The 3rd group of HG enter the Big Brother Canada House and Haleena immediately walks into a wall. Of course that's going to happen, she says. They all sit down at the dining table. It doesn't take long before Helena breaks a glass. She goes to the SR and says bloody hell, I've already fell down and broken a glass. Get a grip, girl! 

12 HG are now inside but there are 4 more to go.

It's been a huge honor hosting the show, Arisa tells us, and on behalf of the whole Big Brother Canada crew, she wants to acknowledge the First Nation's  indigenous relationship with the land on which the Big Brother Canada House is built. This is a first step towards building better relations.

Welcome to the Marty Party, Martin says, a guy who likes to have fun with family, kind of a goof, the first Akadian on Big Brother Canada. 

Jess is a professional visual artist which means etchings, paintings, etc. She makes podcasts about things. She's not very physical, but can beat bad boys in mental comps with her cerebral aptitude. People may be annoyed by her outgoing personality. She is a super fan who takes notes about the show.

Hermon is charismatic, outgoing, confident, the definition of self-made. He grew up in low-income housing but recently bought his mom a new car and it was the best moment of his life. He's a top 5 car salesman, can sell his story and is really good at reading people.

Melina is a content creator who hasn't been out in a while. Things that annoy her are (a long list ensues). It's going to be fine. She was adopted by her grandparents and wants to make her little sister proud.

The final 4 HG enter the Big Brother Canada House. They find an empty LR and the other HG rush out from the KT and surprise them. Introductions, compliments, and Marty confuses Kyle with the past season Kyle. There are only 8 beds, so some HG will have to cuddle with others. Hermon quickly gets to know Summer as he looks through the BRs.

All 16 HG are now inside, Arisa says. Coming up, one HG will answer a very important phone cal and we'll have our first HoH challenge. Big Brother Canada is back right after this!

For the past decade this has been the ultimate game show and we'll be celebrating as the season goes along. We go into the Big Brother Canada House as the HG are getting to know each other. Josh has 11 siblings. Marty brags on his family. Gino says he's 28 and that's it. Jay is an educator and theater director. Moose's is originally from Saskatchewan and his birthday is tomorrow. Haleena is She/Her and she blanks on the rest of the introduction speech she had prepared. Melina was a tattoo artist for 7 years. Jess is They/She, gender-queer, and a wildlife artist. 

Arisa comes onto the screen and the HG scream. There are gifts up in the BR, she says, go check it out! There are Winner bags with 70's style clothing. Downstairs, the phone room lights up and the purple phone starts ringing. The HG hear and run down to answer it. Jay races ahead and grabs the handset. Hello?

This is Big Brother. The door is locked to the other HG, so only Jay can hear and talk. You are one lucky HG, BB says, since you're the first to answer the call, you've earned safety for the week. Which also means you will not compete in tonight's HoH. Congratulations!

Jay comes out and says he got safety for the week and the HoH is coming up tonight and I cannot play. Someone quips, For answering the damn phone!??

It's time to get to the first HoH comp of the year and it's a big one! Welcome to the first HoH of the season. Time to play Doors of Destiny. You changed into your new threads and pulled a chip for player order. You'll each play one of 3 games and the winner of each game will get to choose from 3 doors. One is the door to HoH, and other two, well, you'll have to see. Jay answered BB's call and will have safety this week and cannot play.

The first game is a puzzle. Gino, Tynesha, Summer, Hermon & Jacey play. On go, you'll assemble a foam puzzle in a door frame. When completed, open the door and step through and press the buzzer before the door falls apart. The game begins now!

The puzzle pieces stack softly, making it hard for them to stick together. Mother of pearl, Tynesha says. Summer doesn't think so. Gino's falls apart. It's harder than it looks, the ladies say. Hermon gets into a groove. They are cheered by the others. Summer is close but her door collapses. Hermon has his door complete and tries to open it. He's successful and closes it tenderly, then presses his button to win.

Next to compete is Kevin, Moose, Marty, Stephanie and Betty. This is a quiz based on first impressions of the Big Brother Canada house. True or False questions. Question #1: All the doors have numbers. Betty incorrectly guesses true and is eliminated. Question 2: The doors they entered through are red. Moose says true and is correct and eliminates Kevin. Question 3: The highest number on a door is 24. Marty says true and is wrong. Question 4: The door leading to the purple BR has a dollar sign. It is true and Moose is correct. With 2 correct answers, Moose wins the Trivia round.

Hermon and Moose will choose a mystery door, but one more gets a shot right after this break!

Welcome back to Big Brother Canada where we are in the middle of our first HoH comp of Season 10. The winner of 3 games will be given a chance to open a door to the HoH. 

It's time for Round 3, the old Bean Bag Toss. Kyle, Haleena, Jessica, Melina and Josh are playing. You have to land one beanbag on each of your vertically stacked platforms. The first one to do so gets to open a door for a chance to win HoH. Oh, and the platforms spin! This challenge begins now!

There 3 are discs rotating on a post and the HG struggle to land any bean bags. Focus like a locus, Hermon calls out. After some initial bad tosses, Kyle has 2 bags on. Jess has 2 bags on. Be the bag, Hermon quips. Kyle gets one close but it falls off. Jessica bounces hers off. All five HG now have 2 bags on. Josh gets his third bag and joins Herman, Moose and Josh in the winner's circle.

They face 3 doors, one of which has HoH. They divvy up who gets which door. Josh gets the first door, Moose the middle door and Hermon the last door. Time to reveal the first door. Josh wins Safety! Herman and Moose, one will become HoH. Herman gets HoH and Moose gets Safety!

Arisa concludes, the ultimate game show that is Season 10 is on. Thank you for being with us - we have the greatest fans in the world and this season will be fire! But though it's heartbreaking, someone will be evicted tomorrow night!

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