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CBBUS3-Double Eviction

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Five celebs left in the house, but only 3 days are left in the game. Which can mean only 1 thing - it's time for a DE! Welcome to CBB!


Previously on CBB, with Carson cut, Cynthia aligned herself with Todd & Lamar and they had one goal - take down the powerful pair of Miesha & Todrick. It was an artful affair for HoH and Todrick cracked the DaVinci code to power. Todd feared he was the top target, and he was right. At a show-stopping nom ceremony, Todd was left wondering what you talking about, Todrick! Tonight, will the PoV save Todd or Lamar from the block? Plus, not one but two celebs will be booted. Because it's Double Eviction night, baby! This is the last stop before Finale. Who will be left standing after this crazy night? Find out right now, live, on CBB!


Julie tells us it is day 27 in the house and Todrick and Miesha have been dominating the game and they are set on taking Todd out because he is their biggest threat. And tonight, two HG will be sent packing in a double eviction!


We pick up on Day 25 after the nomination ceremony and Todrick has nominated Lamar and Todd and Todd has proven he can win and there is still a chance he can win the veto. He and Miesha need to step it up and put the final nail in Todd’s coffin.


Todd says it was a good move on Todrick’s part but he is still salty. He just needs to win veto, then HOH, and put Todrick up there so he can see how it feels. Cynthia feels for Todd but she is glad it is not her.


Miesha says she has been working with Todd the entire game, but they are at a point where you have to turn on each other. So sorry Todd. Lamar says he and Todd are close but only one of them can stay.


Miesha is talking to Todrick and she says Todd is pissed. Todrick says he hopes he is not taking it personal. Miesha says this game is crazy. Todd says it is crazy there is only one major target to take out.


Todd is talking to Cynthia and he is upset that Todrick did not give him any heads up. Todd says Miesha and Todrick better hope he does not win veto because he will be on a warpath.


Todrick is talking to Cynthia about how crazy the twists and turns have been and Miesha sneaks up on Todrick and he screams. He says he is used to men coming up behind him, but this was different.


Lamar says Miesha looks like she can kick someone’s butt. Lamar is asking Miesha about cauliflower ear. Miesha says she does not think women can get it.


Todd is telling Lamar if he wins veto to save himself and do not worry about him. Todd says being on the block with Lamar sucks because they are like brothers. Todrick heads to the DR and Todd, Lamar, and Cynthia are in the kitchen talking.


Todrick is telling Miesha that if Todd comes down, they might need to send Lamar out because he is not a threat to them. He says Lamar is an athlete but he has not performed well. But they have to break up the duo. They just need to stop Todd from winning veto.


It is time for the veto competition! Todrick does not want Todd to win because he is the clear target. Cynthia says if she wins veto everything in the house will change. Lamar says he needs to go for gold. Miesha says she or Todrick need to win to keep noms the same.


They will race on luges. A random draw will determine who will compete against each and they have to compete to hit a target time. Whoever is closest to that time will win. The loser will be eliminated and last one standing will be the HOH!


Miesha goes first against Cynthia. Cynthia says are you kidding me? Cynthia’s strategy was to lay down but she had little control over her speed and Miesha wins the first round and Cynthia has been eliminated.


Miesha now selects who will compete in the next luge match. She selects Todd and Todrick. Todrick’s strategy was to wait until Todd pushed off but neither pushed off at the start so he finally pushes. Todd wins and Todrick has been eliminated.


Todrick says he cannot believe he lost to Todd. He is such a luger. Miesha and Lamar will be up next and Todd gets a break. Lamar wants to win this event to be part of the winner circle and have his fate in his own hands. Lamar leans as his strategy.


Miesha beats Lamar and Lamar has been eliminated. It is now down Miesha and Todd. Todd says Miesha took out Cynthia and Lamar, but now he needs to take out Miesha. Miesha wants to win so she can keep nominations the same.


Miesha and Todd finish and Todd is just slightly over the target time and wins veto! Todd says victory and he will be using the POV on himself! He says he is coming for Todrick. Miesha says now she and Todrick have to go back to the drawing board.


Lamar says this might not be good for him, but it forces Todrick and Miesha to change their plan. Todrick says he never thought Todd would become a competition beast and now he has to rethink things.


We pick up after the veto and Todd says there has been a shakeup in the Big Brother house and this means war Todrick. Cynthia says Todd is pulling himself down and that means she will go up and she hopes they realize Lamar is a bigger threat than her.


Lamar says he did not win the veto, that was not his plan, but Todd did win and he did a good job of ruining Todrick and Miesha’s plan. Todrick says the worst of the worst has happened. This is not good for his game and this went from a small cat fight to a battle.


Everyone is sleeping except Lamar who is awake and he is going to get some cake. Lamar stumbles back to bed and falls on his way.


Miesha asks Todrick what he sees for the next five years and he wants to continue his music career but he also wants to create Broadway shows with more ethnic people that is more inclusive and diverse.


Todd says he knows how important it is to feel represented on TV and in movies. Todrick says he wants to write his own fairytale. He thinks young people should be able to see something that represents them no matter what they are.


Todd says now that he has won veto, he has to start thinking about his end game. If he wins the next HOH, he is going after Todrick and Miesha. One of them has to go home, preferably Todrick. Todd is telling Cynthia how Miesha might not get a lot of jury votes.


Cynthia says she is ready to do what she has to do in order to win the game. Todd says a few of us who are left can beat her in the finale with the jury. Todrick wants to talk to Todd and he wants to see what he is going to do with the POV.


Todd says he would be crazy not to use veto on himself which means Lamar or Cynthia will be leaving. But he will be battling for the next HOH and he tells Todrick he will be putting him and Miesha on the block.


Todrick tells Miesha about Todd’s plan. Miesha says they need to think carefully about how they will move forward. She says if they do not win the next two competitions, it could be detrimental for their game.


It is time for the veto meeting! Todd has decided to use the POV on himself because lines have been drawn in the sand. Todrick has to name a replacement nominee and he nominates Cynthia.


It is time to for the live vote and eviction! Lamar says it has been a beautiful experience and he loves them all. Let the chips fall where they may. Cynthia says she promised she would not get sent home first and she somehow made final five and she is proud of herself.


It is time to vote!

Miesha votes to evict Lamar.

Todd says evict Cynthia.

Todrick will cast the deciding vote. Todrick says Cynthia is an incredible human being and the house would not be the same without her so he has to vote to evict Lamar.


Lamar has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. He gives hugs and Todrick hands him his bag and he heads out the door.


Julie asks Lamar if Todrick fooled him and he says a little. She asks Lamar if he thought he would be evicted and he says you have to expect the unexpected but he was prepared mentally and physically.


Julie asks why they voted Lamar out and kept Cynthia. Lamar says he told them that if he were around that his inner Mamba would make an appearance.


Julie says he played under the radar and sometimes confused about the game and Julie asks if he had any real allies. Lamar says he never wanted to get too close so he would not have to cut anyone’s throat.


Julie asks about his relationship with Todd and he talks about sobriety and Todd being his sober coach. Julie says Lamar said being in the house was life changing…how? He says he learned so much about people and he is from the street.


Julie asks if he learned anything about himself and he says mentally he has endured a lot and he had to use that a lot to get by in the house because you get so emotional. He is feeling good about himself and his future.


Julie asks Lamar about his ex, Khloe and he says he missed her and he hopes to see her soon. He thanks CBS. Julie asks which is harder playing BB or winning a championship ring and he says it is neck and neck.


Julie calls the HG to the LR and congratulates them on making final four and then she tells them tonight is a double eviction night so only three people will be heading to finale night.


It is time for the HOH competition! The HG will be shown a series of three movie posters and then they’ll hear three friends talking about what they want to watch and that is their clue. They have to determine the one movie that will satisfy everyone.


They will chose A, B, or C to determine which poster fits the clue and only the first person to ring in correctly gets a point. The HG with the most points after seven rounds will be the next HOH!


The first clue is going and Todd hits C and Cynthia hits A and then Miesha hits C. The correct answer is…C. Todd gets 1 point!


The second clue is up and Todd hits B and Cynthia and Miesha hit A. The correct answer is…B! Todd now has 2 points.


The third clue is ready and Todd hits C, Miesha hits A, and Cynthia hits A. The correct answer is…A. Miesha is correct and she has 1 point and Todd has 2 points.


The fourth clue is up and Todd and Miesha hit A almost at the same time. Cynthia hits B. The correct answer is…B. Cynthia and Miesha each have a point and Todd has 2 points.


The fifth clue is up and Todd hits B. Cynthia hits A. Miesha hits B. The correct answer is…A. Cynthia and Todd have 2 points and Miesha has 1 point.


The sixth clue is ready and Todd hits C. Miesha hits A and then Cynthia hits A also. The correct answer is…A. It is a three-way tie and everyone has two points.


The final clue is up and Miesha hits C and Todd and Cynthia hit B. The correct answer is…C and Miesha has won the HOH!


It is time for the nomination ceremony! Miesha says she has her ride or die so she nominates Todd and Cynthia.


It is time for the POV! Each HG will be asked a question about an event that happened in the house and they have to roll their ball down the ball and attempt to deposit it into the correct numbered spot that coincides with the day it happened.


The HG closest to the correct answer will earn a point and whoever has the most points will win.


On what day did Shanna win her second veto competition. Todd hits 13, Todrick and Miesha hit 15 and Cynthia hits 19. The correct answer is 15 and Miesha and Todrick earn a point.


On what day was the first veto competition played? Todd hits 11, Cynthia hits 9, Miesha hits 10, and Todrick hits 6. The correct answer is day 6 and Todrick has 2 points and Miesha has 1 point.


On what day was Carson evicted? Todd hits day 20, Cynthia hits day 26, and Todrick hits day 22 and Miesha hits day 20. The correct answer is day 24 and Todrick and Cynthia get a point. Todrick has 3 points and Miesha and Cynthia has 1 point.


On what does was the gala gift opened? Miesha hits day 3 and so does Todrick. Cynthia hits day 6 and Todd hits day 8. Miesha and Todrick each get a point. Todrick has 4 points, Miesha has 2 points, Cynthia has 1 point, and Todd has 0.


On what day was the Celebrity endorsement HOH competition? Todd hits day 21 and Todrick does not know that competition. Cynthia hits day 12 and Miesha hits day 18. Todrick hits day 12. The correct answer is day 20 and Todd earns his first point.


On what day did they see a video of Kato Kaelin in a hot tub? Cynthia hits day 11, Todd hits day 16, Miesha hits day 13, and Todrick hits day 11. Miesha has 3 points and Todrick has 4 points. Todd and Cynthia have 1 point.


On what day was the POV first used to take someone off the block? Todrick hits day 9, Todd hits day 13, Miesha hits day 18, and Cynthia hits day 6. Todrick gets the point and he has 5 points. Miesha has 3 points. Todd and Cynthia each have 1 point.


On what day was the angry glam squad HOH competition? Todrick hits day 15, Miesha hits 17, Cynthia hits 14, and Todd hits day 10. The correct answer is 17. Miesha earns a point and she has 4 points.


On what day did Chris Kirkpatrick win a competition? Todd hits day 16, Cynthia hits day 21, Todrick hits day 8 and Miesha hits day 10. The correct answer is day 10 and we have a tie between Miesha and Todrick.


Time for a tie breaker! In seconds, how long was the first HOH competition from the official start until Teddi hit the ground making Miesha the winner. Todrick answers 1750 seconds and Miesha answers 1122 seconds. The correct answers 999 seconds and Miesha wins POV!


It is time for the veto meeting! Miesha has decided not to use the POV.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! Cynthia says Miesha and Todrick are incredible and she has so much respect for the way they have connected and stayed committed to each other.


Todd says he has played with both them but Todrick played the best game and congratulations and he is good with whatever choice is made.


Todrick will now cast the sole vote to evict. Todrick says Todd has taught him so much about culture and the industry and he is so incredibly proud of and he loves Cynthia so he has to evict Todd.


Todd gives hugs and he heads out the door to cheers. He says he is free! He says he is so happy to be here.


Todd tells Julie that Todrick did a great job of working the house. Julie asks when he realized there was a line and he says he knew before he won the veto. He was ok with the way things went but he is happy he played a great game.


Julie asks if he felt betrayed by anyone and he says Miesha and Todrick at first but he knows it is a game. He says the finale could be dangerous for them. Julie says he was laying low and then he showed up and he says that was his strategy.


Julie asks Todd if this was a life altering experience. He says he would never do this again and this is the toughest thing for him to do. He says it was a roller coaster but he is glad he had this experience.


Julie says he and Lamar need a sitcom together. She asks if he and Lamar will be lifelong friends and he says yeah.


Because Chris Kattan left the game America will have a vote. After the final eviction, America will cast their vote for who they want to see win and in the event of a tie, America will break the vote.


Julie calls the final three back into the LR. She congratulates them again. Todrick says it feels incredible and surreal. Miesha says she could not wait for the comps to be over. Julie tells them how finale night will work.

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