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CBBUS3 Episode 11-Memory Lane

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Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, Todd took power, and he put up his target and a pawn. With the POV on the line, the ultimate fighter took home the gold, and she opted not to shake up the nominations.

It seemed like Carson was a dead celebrity walking, but a last minute plea was made to Todrick and the Broadway star considered halting Carson’s curtain call.

But at the live eviction, Todrick and Miesha decided to send Carson out to pasture and then the final five were given a much needed boost.

Tonight, it’s all new and never before seen. Witness the laughs, strategy, and drama you did not see! There’s no better way to spend a Saturday night than with these famous faces, right now on Celebrity Big Brother!


We pick up after the live eviction. Todd says the message from home was the best thing that happened to him and it gave him the energy to go out and compete and win this thing.


Miesha says getting Carson out of the house and that message from home was what she needed to get her head back in the game. Todrick knows he is going to make his family proud.


Lamar says hearing from his boy lit a fire under his butt. Cynthia says Carson left but she got an amazing message from her husband Mike. She wants to make Mike, Carson, and herself proud and win.


The HG have champagne and appetizers. They toast the final five. Todrick says they have been there for 24 days. Cynthia says she flipped out when Todd came in and we see Cynthia talking to Todrick on Day 2 about Todd.


Cynthia says she recognized Chris Kirkpatrick when he walked in too. She used to love N Sync. We see the HG on Day 1 talking about Chris starting the group. He talked about how Justin and JC came into the group.


Todrick says he is going to be honest and he was not in sync with Chris Kirkpatrick. We see Day 17 Chris offering Todrick burnt coffee. We then see the Todrick and Chris argument about Chris turning his back on Todrick.


Todrick says it is crazy he is in the house with an NBA player and Lamar says he is not just a player but a two time NBA champion. We see on Day 12 Carson is going to get on Todrick’s shoulders and put on Lamar’s robe.


Todrick asks Lamar on a scale of 1-10 how well did he know the game and Lamar says he still has not gotten it down. We see on Day 4 Lamar asking about the mirrors and the cameras and how crazy that is.


We see Lamar asking about what happens if you get evicted and Chris Kirkpatrick is explaining that. We see Cynthia and Shanna explaining getting dressed up on eviction night and he does not know who Julie Chen is.


We see Todrick telling Todd that the DR rooms were on the TV show. Miesha says he thought the DR’s were counseling sessions. Lamar had no idea the DR would be used on television. Carson and Cynthia are explaining to Lamar how the finale works.


Todrick says being here has been wild and they have had some life changing conversations. Todd says he learned that Lamar believes in aliens and we see Day 11 and Shanna is talking about her ancestry and so is Todd.


Todrick says the crystal Shanna brought in was weird. We see Day 4 and Shanna was going to do readings. She says she can ask any yes or no question and the pendulum will answer the question. We see her get many questions wrong.


Todrick says Shanna might have actually had some magic powers. We see Day 2 and Shanna suggesting to make people levitate. We see them working on making Todrick levitate. Chris Kirkpatrick says she is a witch!


Cynthia did not think they would be so close so quickly and Miesha is grateful she felt close enough to let her guard down. We see on Day 10 Miesha talking to Chris Kirkpatrick and Cynthia about when she started working on being a fighter.


We also see Chris Kirkpatrick talking about his family being homeless his junior year of high school. He talks about finishing school living in a shack with an outhouse.


Todrick says it is great to hear each other’s stories. Lamar says he appreciates them letting him be himself. We see on Day 6 Lamar talking about Kobe Bryant and how he was off the basketball court. He met Kobe when Lamar was 15.


The HG talk about finding out about the helicopter crash that Kobe was involved in. Lamar says they were more than just teammates, they were like brothers. He never thought about how much he looked up to him and that day will be in his memory forever.


It is time for America’s vote! America gets to award your favorite celebrity HG $25k.


Todrick says he was not prepared to have to cook and clean when he came in. We see on Day 7 Cynthia asking about who is going to clean the toilet. They talk about Chris Kirkpatrick using the toilet gloves in the kitchen.


We see Todrick sweeping the carpet in the washroom area and he lies down. Then we see Todd struggling to put a trash bag in the trash can. Chris is swiffering by the shower area.


Todd says plus they have roommates like they are back in college. Lamar thought he would have his own room. Todrick says they are still trying to get used to Todd’s snoring. We see Chris talking about the snoring keeping him up at night.


Todrick says the DR was one of his favorite things in the house and how dependent they are on the DR. We see random DR clips.


Cynthia talks about the relationships and bonds they have created and how she wants to keep in touch with everyone. Todrick says he never thought he’d be friends with a UFC champion.


We see Todrick on Day 2 talking to Lamar and Todd says those two have a funny relationship going on. Todrick says he and Lamar have a very special type of relationship and Lamar is his house husband.


The HG all cheers to the final five again and they say there is a lot more game play. Todrick says he needs to send three more HG home to make his dream come true. Cynthia has not given up and she is pushing forward.


Miesha says it is time to bust up the other duo and they want to get Todd out next and they can mow down a path to victory. Todd needs Lamar to come through clutch. Lamar says he has not gotten a shot to go in so now he wants to ball.

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