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CBBUS3 Episode 6 - HoH and Nominations

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Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, the late 90s heartthrob took power, and he wanted to put the skater on ice. Miesha hoped her target Carson would hit the block as well, but Kirkpatrick put up a pawn instead. Todrick and Miesha continued to push for Carson, but it made Chris and Shanna consider a different backdoor option. At the live veto competition, Shanna brought the pain-a, and she kept her ride or die’s noms intact. Before the live vote, Kattan made a heartfelt plea to help save his friend, but the house was in sync with Chris on who needed to go. Tonight, a new HOH will be crowned, a past celebrity HG makes a surprise return, and two more celebs will find themselves on the chopping block. All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 13 after the eviction and Kattan is confused as to what is going on. He is reminding himself there is a game going on and he is a little wigged out. Lamar says he wishes Mirai well, but this is a game and he is still here.


Carson says there was a moment where Mirai threw a little shade and he says his nose is younger than Mirai. Shanna says it was her dream to win a veto and it was an amazing feeling.


Carson asks Kirkpatrick if he was trying to lose veto or if he needs to see an ophthalmologist. Kattan says he did not know what he did wrong and they tell him he did nothing wrong. Shanna says Kattan has a huge heart and they love him for it.


Kattan was feeling like Mirai deserved to stay more than he did and he did not get the same note as everyone else did concerning the voting. Kirkpatrick is talking to Shanna about whether they missed an opportunity. Now they have to work to get Todrick out.


Todd says in Big Brother you have to survive with strong alliances and he has Miesha, Todrick, and Lamar. Miesha is still saying Carson is the biggest threat in the house to them. Miesha says this is a make or break move and they can break the other side.


Cynthia is talking to Carson about Miesha not being happy to be able to play in the veto and Cynthis says if Miesha wins HOH she is out of there. Carson says or he will be. Carson says he is happy for anyone to win but Miesha is a dictator and it is like a cult.


It is time for the HOH competition! Kato Kaelin is on the screen and he says no one knows more about the house being stressful and he invites them to a party at his place. He tells the HG to head for the ski lift.


Todrick would love to win this HOH because he keeps getting close and he wants to keep his alliance safe. Miesha does not know if it is smart to win but she does not know if her target can get any bigger. So go big or go home.


It is time for the HOH! The HG will have to strip down to their swimsuit while keeping three buttons pressed and getting in the hot tub. But if they let go of a button, their clocks will run faster. The HG who has the quickest time will win HOH!


Todrick says as long as Carson or Cynthia do not win then everything should be ok, but it is better to be safe than sorry. We see Todrick struggling a little and he says he wishes her were an octopus. He sits on one button to help free up his hands.


Kattan is up next and he immediately lets go of two buttons. And he is quickly at 4 minutes. He says he has never done a quick change on a ski lift and eventually he gets up and just strips down standing up.


Todd is next and he is moving as fast as he can without holding the buttons. Todrick thinks Todd missed the entire meme of the competition. Cynthia is next and she is not holding buttons either.


Todrick says Cynthia is taking her sweet time and she said what buttons but he is not mad at it. He does not see her winning this competition. Cynthia is feeling optimistic.


Miesha is next and she wants to make sure there is not a power shift. Her strategy is to maintain three points of contact and she feels like she has experience because moms find all kinds of ways to get things done.


Miesha thinks she did pretty well. Shanna is up next and she immediately struggles and lets go of two buttons. She is feeling good though no matter who wins the HOH. She feels pretty good, but you just never know. She should have done the butt strategy.


Lamar is next and he is moving fast but not holding the buttons very well. He says he wants to win because he hates losing. Shanna says he is so huge and watching him maneuver is hysterical. Todrick says it is obvious Lamar has never been skiing.


Lamar is not feeling too good about his time. Carson is up next and he is trying to remain calm and look cute. The only way to guarantee his safety is to win HOH. He says if Todrick or Miesha win again, they could be in big trouble.


Carson is feeling pretty good about this competition. The most difficult part of the competition was removing his pants. He thinks he is doing well except for the overalls off his feet.


It is time for the results. Kattan went inside because he was not feeling well. Kirkpatrick says they need someone new to win HOH. Todrick had a time of 6:54. Kattan had a max score. Todd had a score of 48:36. Todrick is in the lead.


Cynthia had a time of 70:46. Miesha had a time of 5:50 and is now in the lead. Shanna had a time of 23:48. Lamar had a score of 22:46. It is down to Miesha and Carson. Carson had a time of 10:30. Miesha has won HOH!


Miesha cannot say she is surprised but she won her second HOH. Todrick says she could have let him win one thing. He is not bitter though. Carson says is there anything this woman cannot do? He says she is unstoppable and this is not good news.


Everyone is congratulating Miesha. She says every HOH she competes in she wins and now she is going after the opposition. Todrick says he is a little sad he did not win, but his girl Miesha won and they can make a strategic move and get out a threat.


Shanna says Miesha is a competition beast and she has her minions in place. Carson tells Cynthia they are toast. Carson says Miesha, Miesha, Miesha, that’s all he ever hears and now he needs to figure out how to stay in the game.


Cynthia says she could be on the block but Kattan made it very clear he wants to go home and maybe Miesha will give him his request and she can slide by another week.


# sure it would have faded. Todrick is happy she is HOH and he can breathe. Kirkpatrick says they dodged a bullet that Miesha won instead of Todrick. He feels Todrick is a wildcard.


Shanna says Miesha cannot play in the next HOH so as long as they can make it past that. Kirkpatrick says their last ditch effort is to get out Kattan and then maybe one of them or Carson or Cynthia can win HOH.


Miesha is talking about how when she first started fighting there were lots of comments about her being a fighter. She talks about growing up with a single mom and how her mom supported and encouraged her. She says she is so grateful.


Carson says nothing relaxes him more than a nice long bath. We see him taking a bath and washing the stress away. He shampoos up a mohawk and he says a good bubble bath not only cleanses the body, but the soul too.


Miesha is eating and Kattan comes in and asks when nominations are and he asks if she knows who she is nominating. She asks if she can trust him and he says I don’t know. She says he is not going up. She came to win and Cynthia is listening from the Living Room.


Cynthia says if Kattan is safe, then she is not. And now that this information fell into her lap, she needs to let Carson know. She fills him in on the Miesha and Kattan conversation. Carson says all he can think is ruh roh. Let the chips land where they may.


We see everyone sleeping and Shanna is up and moving about the kitchen. She heads upstairs and she falls and Todd hears her. She falls again a moment later and Todd asks if she is ok. She says she is so tired.


Todrick is asking if Miesha really wants to put up Carson and Cynthia and Miesha just wants to get Carson out. Todrick does not want Cynthia up he mentions some concerns of Kirkpatrick. Todrick says he is moving to the top of the target list.


Miesha says Kirkpatrick is the other person she is close to and she did sense a shift in him. Miesha says she is more loyal to Todrick and there will be a point where they have to go after each other.


It is time for nominations! Miesha’s first nominee is…Carson. Her second nominee is…Cynthia. Miesha thinks Carson is a lovely human being and Cynthia is a beautiful woman.


Miesha feels like Carson is too big of a threat in this game. Carson says it is an honor to be nominated and the veto is their hail mary. Cynthia says the only way to play is to go big or go home and it is time to fight.


Todrick says Miesha is set on taking out a big target but maybe she is missing a huge target underneath her knows. Maybe Kirkpatrick could be a third nominee. The games have begun!

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