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CBBUS3 Episode 5 - Power of Veto and Live Eviction

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Written by IndyMom78


Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, Chris Kirkpatrick made a F2 deal with Shanna, but he was also in the athlete’s alliance with HOH Miesha, Todrick, Lamar, and Mirai. With Todd and Chris Kattan not aligned with anyone, and Teddy sent back to Beverly Hills, it appeared close allies Carson and Cynthia were in trouble. With the HOH back up for grabs, the pop star became the potato star.

Chris wanted to take out Mirai, but Miesha tried to steer him in a different direction which left Kirkpatrick concerned. With no strings attached to any one alliance, Chris brokered an alliance with Carson and Cynthia. At the nomination ceremony, Kirkpatrick put up a pawn and his target. Tonight, the veto competition plays out live. Will it be used to save the skater or the SNL alum? Plus, another famous face will be evicted!

Julie greets us and it is Day 13 and we have a house divided. We pick up on Day 11 after the nominations and Kirkpatrick is concerned Mirai can get in Miesha’s ear and that makes him really nervous.

Mirai says she is on the block again and she is going to keep fighting because she is not a quitter. Kattan is surprised to see his face up there but he is going to be himself and try to win veto. Miesha says Kirkpatrick just is not picking up what she is putting down but they can still get Carson up if veto is used. Carson is advising Kattan not to stress and Kattan says he does not think he has done anything.

Carson is sad to see Kattan on the nomination wall but at least it is not him. Carson says Kattan can always win the veto because he did and anyone can. Kirkpatrick is talking to Cynthia and he says he feels bad. Cynthia is relieved she did not see her or Carson’s face on the memory wall but there is still veto. Kirkpatrick says it benefits him and Shanna to keep the targets off themselves.

Shanna and Cynthia ask what happens if Miesha wins the veto? Kirkpatrick says they need to get Mirai out and if Miesha takes her off the block, there will be hell to pay. Todrick is talking to Mirai and she says she is loyal to him and Miesha. Todrick is trying to encourage Mirai and he thinks she is a bigger target in the house than he is. He says he will do anything he can to keep her in the house.

Carson says it is so dark in the Big Brother house when the lights are out, it is treacherous. We see Kattan get out of bed and fumble around the room and stumbling on Carson. Shanna is doing a spa mask for Kirkpatrick since they are so in sync. They are talking about Miesha running the house. Kirkpatrick says if Miesha wins the veto then he will have to go to her for her help.

Julie says with the veto about to get close, cracks are starting to appear in the athlete’s alliance and new targets are being made. Lamar is talking about the death of son. Todd says his heart goes out to Lamar and everything he is going through. Kirkpatrick is talking to Miesha and Todrick and Miesha trusts Mirai. Miesha says she did a lot of work to save Mirai and she is rooting for her to pull herself off the block. Miesha says he is targeting a team member and he says she is not his team.

Kirkpatrick says he knows what Miesha and Todrick are doing. Todrick says Kirkpatrick is getting emotional about this and having Mirai in the house is not bad for Todrick’s game, so sorry Chris. Kirkpatrick is talking to Shanna about his conversation with Miesha and Todrick. Shanna says if Mirai gets HG choice she will pick one of them. Kirkpatrick does not want to backdoor them but Shanna says Todrick might be a good choice.

It is time for the veto competition! Todrick, Shanna, and Cynthia will play with Kattan and Mirai and Kirkpatrick. They will see a series of images showing a large crowd of fans with signs, with one fan holding up a Marry Me sign. The HG will have to identify the section where that fan is holding the marry me sign is. The HG with the most points will win the POV!

The first image is up and everyone answers A except Kirkpatrick who answers B. The answer is A and everyone gets a point except Kirkpatrick.

The second image is up and everyone answers C except Kirkpatrick who answers B. The answer is C and everyone gets a point except Kirkpatrick.

The third image is up and Shanna answers C, Kirkpatrick and Kattan answer A, and Mirai, Todrick, and Cynthia answers B. The correct answer is B. Mirai, Todrick, and Cynthia have 3 points, Shanna and Kattan have 2 points, and Kirkpatrick has 0 points.

The fourth image is up and everyone answers A except Kirkpatrick who answers B and Cynthia answers C. The answer is A. Todrick and Mirai are in the tie with 4 points. Cynthia, Shanna, and Kattan have 3 points. Kirkpatrick has 0 points.

The fifth image is up and Shanna answers A, Kirkpatrick, Kattan, and Todrick answer B, and Mirai and Cynthia answer C. The answer is A. Now there is a three-way tie with Shanna, Todrick, and Mirai with 5 points. Cynthia and Kattan have 3 points. Kirkpatrick has 0 points.

The sixth image is up and everyone answers B except Kattan who answers C. The answer is B and everyone except Kattan gets a point.

The final image is up and Todrick, Shanna, and Cynthia answers C, Mirai answers B, and Kirkpatrick and Kattan answer A. Todrick and Shanna are tied at 6 points.

Tie breaker question is up! Rounding to the nearest hour, how long was it in hours from when the hat was revealed by Miesha to the moment Todd went on the block?

Shanna answers 72 and Todrick says 180. The correct answer is 175 hours which means Shanna won the POV!

It is time for the POV meeting! Shanna thinks they are both lovely, but has decided to keep the nominations the same.

It is time for the live vote and eviction! Kattan says Kirkpatrick was right when he said he did not know much about game play and he loves them all and he thinks it is time for him to move on because Mirai has been dedicated to the game. Mirai says Kattan has been a dear friend and she is so grateful for this experience and she never grew up watching people who look like her and she is emotional and she will do her best to be defense if she stays.

It is time to vote!
Cynthia sadly votes to evict Mirai.
Miesha sadly votes to evict Mirai.
Carson votes to evict Mirai.
Lamar chooses to evict Mirai.
Todrick sadly votes to evict his sweet Mirai.
Todd says evict Mirai.
Shanna votes to evict Mirai.


By a unanimous vote, Mirai has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house!

Julie asks Mirai about being on the block two weeks in a row. What was more surprising, being saved by the twist or being evicted tonight? She says being saved was more surprising and she was prepared to be evicted tonight. Mirai says it was really lonely for her in there and she did not really relate to anyone. She has never been the only Asian American in a room and that was really hard for her.

Julie says despite the age difference that Mirai and Kattan had a nice friendship and she cannot wait to read Kattan’s book and he is really funny. She says he has not opened up yet. Julie asks what was tougher, competing in the Olympics or Big Brother. Mirai says she was not mentally prepared for this. Julie says they have a lot of respect for her.


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