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CBBUS3 Episode 3 - Power of Veto and Live Eviction

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Alliances to the left, alliances to the right, and a Mon Won curse looming large over eviction night. Welcome to a special two-hour live eviction episode of Celebrity Big Brother!


 Previously on Celebrity Big Brother, 11 famous faces were locked away and locked into a battle for $250k, and the opening ceremonies kicked off at the BB Winter Gala where the inaugural HoH competition commenced. 


 After a grueling gala of glitz, glam, and golden caviar, the former UFC champion found glory once again. But Julie warned of a new twist inside the box with a bow. 


 With the game underway, Todrick, Mirai, Cynthia, Teddi, Carson, and Shanna formed a 6-person squad. But Todrick was also pulled into an Athlete's alliance with Miesha, Lamar, and even Chris NSYNC. 


 The Gala Gift introduced the celebs to legendary BB designer Mon Won's latest creation, which was part of a fashionable new twist. After Cynthia styled her way to safety, the HGs learned of the impending Mon Won curse. 


 Miesha wanted Mirai as an ally and a pawn, and she gave her the news that Teddi was her target. So the Skater warned the Housewife she was on thin ice, which started a game of telephone where Miesha learned Mirai had betrayed her.


 Worried, Teddi offered Miesha a deal, so the fighter found a new pawn, and seemingly sealed the Olympian's fate. Tonight, it's the first Veto competition of the season. Will it be used to save Mirai or Carson? 


 Plus, with the Mon Won twist looming, only one thing's for sure : besides Miesha and Cynthia, no celeb is safe. Who will be the first sent packing? Find out right now, live, on Celebrity Big Brother!


 Good evening, I'm Julie. Welcome to Eviction Night on Celebrity Big Brother! In less than two hours, one of the HGs will be walking out the front door, but who will be sent packing is anyone's guess, because tonight, the Veto competition will play out, opening up the chance for the nominations to change.


 So, who will wind up on the block, who will be evicted, and just what game-altering surprise awaits the HGs when Mon Won's curse is released into the house? We'll find out soon enough. But first, the first nominations of the season have brought tears to some and confusion to others.


 But the one thing everyone can agree on, this game just got real. The nom ceremony is over and Miesha tells us Mirai is her primary target who cannot be trusted. Everyone loves Carson and the house will choose to keep him over Mirai. I have to win Veto to keep nominations the same.


 Carson says he knew he was going to be nominated as a pawn but he's trying to look upset and surprised. If I could have raised an eyebrow I would have but these babies don't move. I still need to win Veto though, from the Latin, to save one's ass.


 Mirai says Miesha said she would be nom but she doesn't know if she's a target or a pawn, but as an athlete, you learn to smile on the outside while crying and screaming on the inside. I may look cute but I have a demon inside me and can grow claws like no one else.


 Teddi tells us she made a deal with Miesha to not be nom or backdoored, but two people from her alliance (Formation) are on the block. She's hoping Miesha stays true to her word and keeps her safe, and that no one from her alliance goes home. Where's the vodka, asks Carson?


 Todrick says he loves Carson in and out of the house and they're in the Formation together, but he's not here to play, he's here to slay and Carson is his #1 competition, so his being on the block is not bad for his game. Lamar tells Carson he could win Veto. Absolutely.


 Mirai hugs other HG, saying LOL. Chris SNL says it's hard but you can't take it personally. In the storage room, Todrick congratulates Miesha on handling the stress. She feels good with her choices. That's what matters, Cynthia says. Miesha tells Cynthia that Mirai is the target.


 Miesha tells us she has to be more strategic after her first plan to target Teddi blew up in her face. Neither Todrick nor Cynthia want to know if Carson knew he was a pawn. But after Cynthia leaves, she tells Todrick yes. He tells us she's his #1 now.


 In the Clock bedroom, Mirai says she's not upset but her stress level is high. Chris SNL says she won't be the first to go, you represent too much. For the audience, to the world... That's a lot of pressure, she says, fighting the tears. Chris gives her a hug.


 Mirai tells us she wants to do her community proud. She didn't grow up watching people who look like her in this business and we're often overlooked. There's always someone who paves the way, it's immense pressure. Chris SNL says it's OK to not feel fine. She says she's OK.


 Chris SNL says he likes Mirai : she's a sweetheart. He can't imagine the pressure she's going through but maybe that's what she needs to win the game. Mirai tells him a good night of rest is what she needs. Whatever it takes, he tells her.


 Todrick finds Carson in the Chalet bedroom and asks if he's OK. Just processing everything, Carson says guardedly. Carson wonders if Miesha knows about Formation. Teddi thinks so. Carson says no accident two people from our group nominee She's splitting us up.


 Carson reminds us Cynthia, Teddi, Todrick, Shanna, Mirai and I are part of the Formation alliance and two of us are on the block. One of you needs to win the Veto, Teddi tells Carson. 


 In the fitness room, Chris NSYNC tells Miesha he doesn't want to cloud her mind with game, but doesn't know where he's at in her core. You're in it, she says and starts pounding a mat and Chris fanboy's out. This is intimidating, he says, note to self: Don't cross Miesha Tate.


 Later, Carson is on the bike and Teddi on the elliptical. She didn't want to work out today; neither did Carson but he doesn't want to be around people talking game right now. Teddi wonders who is leaking info to Miesha. She thinks Todrick but Carson thinks he's loyal.


 Carson tells us he's so naive to the game he didn't consider the leak could come from their alliance. But maybe Teddi's right, someone is leaking info. He tells Teddi he thinks it could be Mirai. That's how I found out I was being backdoored, she tells him.


 Carson wonders to Teddi if Mirai is a double agent. Teddi thinks so. Did you work for the CIA, Carson gushes? Just a real Housewife, Teddi responds. Someone in Formation needs to win Veto, Teddi says, best you or me. Maybe it'll be a spelling bee, Carson hopes. 


 Todrick is chillin' in the HoH when Miesha enters. He proposes Ride-or-Die with her. He tells us she's the perfect shield : her brawn to his brain. And the fashion. I want to make sure I help her make her decisions. She tells him they would make an awesome Final Two. 


 Todrick says if this works out, he just might step out of Formation and trust his gut instinct in Mieshaville. When we return, we find out who will be heading into battle with Mirai and Carson for the first Veto competition of the season. Stay with us.

Welcome back to Celebrity Big Brother. With the first eviction looming, some HGs are making connections and others are worried about the connections they already have. 


 Teddi asks Todrick to do a walk in his high-heel crocks. He packed the bare essentials: pink high heel crocks. He demonstrates with a high kick walk through the kitchen. Todd says he could not wear those, he'd bust his ankles. He tries them on and waddles around.


 That's the first time I've worn high heels, Todd assures us. You walk in these, he asks Todrick? I dance, do full shows. Lamar isn't afraid of expressing his feminine side, but crying in The Notebook was enough. He tries on the high-heel crocks too. 


 Todrick tells us he doesn't think this was Lamar's first time in the heel rodeo. In the Chocolate bedroom, Shanna tells Carson and Chris NSYNC about a shared history she has with Lamar and which she won't bring up with him unless he asks her about it. 


 But she tells Carson and Chris NSYNC that she did the Wendy Williams Show and was asked if she would attend Lamar and Khloe's wedding. I thought she said Kim and replied I wasn't going to that donkey's wedding. The audience gasped. I didn't even know Khloe! 


 It was not one of my finest moments, Shanna tells us regretfully, I'm sure Khloe is a really awesome girl. Back in the Chocolate bedroom, Shannon says when Lamar came into the house, her first thought was she hoped he didn't remember. Carson doesn't think he'd hold a grudge.


 It's time to pick players for the Veto competition! Only six HGs participate: The HoH, the two nominees, and three randomly chosen HG. Miesha tells us she wants nominations to stay the same and hopes Todrick gets picked to play Veto because she can trust him. 


 Miesha picks Cynthia, who is wearing her Mon Won bag hat. Hat's off to Cynthia, Carson congratulates. If she wins, she tells us, she's 100% taking Carson off. Carson says he needs to pick someone from his alliance who could actually win, Todrick or Teddi. 


 Carson chooses Lamar. Mirai gets HGs Choice. She picks Todrick and tells us she's working with Todrick and he can win this. Todrick tells us people are forgetting about the curse. If he can win Veto, he can ensure his safety. That's an ugly hat, and so will be the curse.


 Miesha meets with Todrick in HoH and says Mirai picked him because she's flipping between both alliances. He asks if he can win, and Miesha says yes but don't use it. If someone comes down, Miesha says, I'm putting up Kattan. She says Carson knows to not win.


 Todrick implies to Miesha that Carson staying on the block and surviving will make him dangerous in the game. He tells us she's bedazzled by Carson. Even at 52, he's a physical threat and has an excellent social game. I just want to keep planting the seed he's dangerous.


 Todrick tells Miesha that Carson, Cynthia, and Teddi are together. He's seen the way they are when they talk to each other. Miesha thinks he's the perfect candidate to win the game. Carson could be a threat, she tells us, but he didn't betray her, Mirai did.


 Up next, six celebs go head to head in their very first Veto competition of the season. Can Mirai or Carson save their BB game? Find out next!

It's now time for the season's first Veto competition and for Mirai and Carson, this could be the difference between staying in the game and going home. Shanna wearing a tie-dyed outfit comes out of the DR to announce the start of the Veto competition!


 BB will call the players out one by one. The backyard has been turned into a road through a ski village, complete with the BB Brewery, a book store, The Hat Haus, Gondola Gallery Snow Flow Pilates, a snowman with a top hat, and a large cell phone on a pole.


 Carson comes out inappropriately dressed in a tank top and says it's apres-ski chic, an alpine wonderland with a bus stop. Who takes the bus to Aspen? The BB Assistant says there's no time to waste : he's booked on his trip to Veto Valley and she's taken care of everything.


 Just one little thing. Totally my bad, but I forgot to make your schedule. Day drinking again, but I texted you all the dets, or at least the ones I remember. You'll figure it out. Carson looks confused. 


 Here's how it works. When you press go, start scrolling through my text messages and use the extremely helpful info to figure out the order you need to visit each location on Main Street. Put the clock labeled One O'Clock at the first place you visit, two at the second, and so on.


 When all seven clocks are in place in the correct order, hit your button. If you're right, you'll hear a ding and lock in your time. If you're wrong, you'll hear a buzzer. If you're totally running late, I'll call you with a little more info because I'm the best assistant Ever!


 The fastest time wins the PoV! Are you ready to play Schedule Snafu? OMG, totally, Carson squeals. The only way to be sure I don't go home, he tells us, is to win Veto. No pressure, but win! 


 The first text is "YOU'RE TRYING ON HATS RIGHT AFTER PILATES, SO DON'T GET TOO SWEATY. The second text says "YOU'LL BE SIGNING BOOKS AT THE BOOK STAR EITHE FIRST OR LAST, CAN'T REMEMBER WHICH!" Carson loves mind teasers so thinks he'll be good at this, moving AQAP.


 Carson puts the first clock at the Book Store. "AFTER BB BREWERY, YOU'LL HAVE FOUR HOURS TO SOBER UP BEFORE HITTING SLOPSIDE SKIS AND BOTH ARE AT EVEN HOURS." He puts 6 at the Slopeside Skis, subtracts four hours, and puts the two at BB Brewery. 


 I don't normally do math, Carson says, but this is going to work. He puts the three at Pilates and the four at the Hat Haus. Thank god I speak German. "AFTER THE GONDOLA GALLERY, GO TO ONE OF THE OTHER PLACES, BEATS ME WHICH ONE, BUT I KNOW AFTER THAT PLACE IS CHAIRLIFT CAFE."


 Carson places the 5 clock at the Gondola Gallery and realizes he needs an hour between Gondola Gallery and Chairlift Cafe, so he puts the seven at the Chairlift Cafe. Carson presses his button and he has it right! He falls to the street and kicks up his legs in excitement.


 Miesha is the next to go. With the same clues, she puts two at BB Brewery and 6 at Slopeside Skis. She puts the three at Pilates and four at Hat Haus. She puts 1 at Gondola Gallery. "OH YEAH! FORGOT TO TELL YOU : NEVER GO TO TWO PLACES NEXT TO EACH OTHER BACK TO BACK"


 Miesha puts the 5 clock at the Chairlift Cafe and rings in but gets a buzzer. The assistant gives her a clue to grab a drink at the Brewery at two to cool her nerves, which she's already done. You are fired, Miesha says. She swaps three and 6 and gets it right.


 Cynthia is next and wants to win to save Carson. She kinds of gets it but not completely. They are clues, not instructions. On her first try, she gets 1 out of seven clocks right. The Assistant tells her to put two at the BB Brewery. She still only has one right.


 Cynthia knows Pilates is at three and the Brewery at 2, so she moves some more clocks around and rings in. She's surprised when she gets it right and lets out a scream! 


 Lamar is next and doesn't want to win and be seen as a threat. Fortunately, he has a terrible assistant who sends him a text that makes no sense. Seriously, she says, I'm supposed to be BB Flix and chillin' with my bay right now. How'd she even get this job?


 Lamar hits his button and has only the 1/6 clocks right. He swaps three and 7, still only has 1/6 right. He taps in again and has 4/5/3 but now 1/6 are wrong. He swaps 5 and seven as the shot clock runs out. He presses the button over and over but it just buzzes. He groans in frustration.


 Todrick is next. Normally he'd throw a competition this early in the game but he needs to keep himself safe from the Mon Won curse and he needs to make sure Miesha trusts him. His first attempt has only the Slopeside Skis and BB Books store correct.


 After getting the Brewery clue, Todrick loses BB Books. Maybe there is no real answer? This is not his brightest moment. Hello, the BB Assistant calls out, where the H are you? 


 Mirai is the last to go. This Veto is her chance at survival. Her strategy is to read all the texts to get a sense of where she needs to be and when. Unfortunately, the more I read them, the less I understand. She buzzes in with 5 of 6 clocks right. Just 3/4 are wrong.


 Mirai makes a change but 3/4 are still wrong. The Gondola Gallery is waiting, the BB Assistant says unhelpfully, you're supposed to be there at 5! She's so mean, Mirai says. She figures out Hat Haus is after Pilates and makes the 3/4 switch and she's done it!


 Up next, the results of the Veto competition are revealed. Was Mirai or Carson fast enough to save themselves?

It's time to find out who won the PoV. Will the results shift the target in the House? Shanna gathers the HG in the BY to reveal the results of Schedule Snafu. 


 Lamar's time is 30:00. Timing out was part of his strategy, he says, but when the time comes, he'll strike. 


 Miesha just wants to do better than Mirai but hopes someone else wins so she isn't seen as a comp beast. Her time is 8:58. 


 Todrick's time is 16:52, keeping Miesha in the lead. Mirai's time is 16:58. Cynthia's time is 22:43. I beat Lamar, Cynthia tells us, and he played in the N. B. A. 


 It comes down to Carson's time. Todrick says Carson is smart but he doesn't think he can beat Miesha's time. Carson completed Schedule Snafu with a time of... 3:54! Carson wins the Power of Veto! Carson squeals and dances in the street. 


 Over in the peanut gallery (the non-players), Teddi and Chris NSYNC are shocked. OMG, mouths Todd. Todrick can't believe it either. Cynthia rubs Carson's shoulders. I'm not as dumb as I look, Carson quips. Shanna places the Veto around his neck. Very Valentino, he says.


 Guess who won the first Power of Veto, Carson asks us, little ol' me! What am I going to do? I don't know, save myself! I love you so much, he says to the Veto. Miesha thinks maybe Todrick was right - Carson is a serious threat. Now I need a replacement nominee. 


 Miesha says by the end of the week, I'll have nominated 25% of the house. She needs to make sure her crew is riding with her because she'll have an even bigger target on her back. 


 Mirai tells us she knows she has a big target on her back but Team USA taught her good sportsmanship, so she just hope that whomever Miesha puts up next to her is a bigger target. She goes to talk to Miesha in HoH. 


 Mirai tells Miesha that she wants to stay & won't nom her if she stays. Miesha wants to know who she would put up? She needs to know she can trust her. Mirai sighs but doesn't answer. Can I trust you? Absolutely. Miesha tells her if she wins HoH, she should target Carson.


 It's the Carson's who win this game, Miesha explains to Mirai, and we have to stay together or we'll get picked off, all of us. If you swear loyalty to the alliance (I swear), then you could be a really big asset. Who would you put up next to me? Kattan, Miesha says.


 Chris SNL doesn't have any connections in the house, Miesha tells us, so nobody would be offended. Todrick enters HoH and Miesha tells him Mirai made an appealing offer. Miesha tells us after Carson's win, she needs to strengthen the Athlete's Alliance.


 We're the only ones who can save Mirai, Miesha thinks, her back is so up against the wall that I can leverage her, resurrect her from the dead and guarantee her loyalty. Should we sway the vote, Miesha tells Mirai and Todrick, she would target Carson. 


 Todrick tells Mirai and Miesha he's on board with targeting Carson. Just don't say anything. I would not, Mirai says coyly, especially if I get to stay. I have a long relationship with Carson, Todrick says, and I don't want him to ever feel betrayed by me.


 That's the plan we have to implement, Miesha tells Mirai and Todrick. In the storage room, Teddi and Shanna wonder what Miesha will do. She can't do anything, Teddi says mistakenly. Carson will take himself off the block, Shanna explains, Miesha has to name a replacement.


 It could be either one of us, Teddi realizes. Shanna says she's not close to her. Teddi says Miesha gave her word to not nom her. Cynthia is out & Teddi has a deal, Shanna tells us & she's super close with Todrick. There's not many replacements left. I need to do something.


 Shanna goes up to Miesha in HoH and says everyone has a good report with her and she wants to work with her. Her only bargaining chip, she tells us, is information. She tells Miesha she's not part of any major alliance, then exposes all the HG in the Formation.


 The Formation's over, Shanna tells Miesha, no one's even working w/each other. Oh, says Miesha in the DR, interesting. I need votes on my side, so if Shanna's willing to play ball, let's play. Miesha says she needs know if she can trust her or will she reveal their conversation.


 Shanna offers to find out stuff for Miesha. It's not my proudest moment but I'll do that to stay, to work w/people who'll keep me in the game the longest. Miesha thinks she's being genuine and would love to have her be a part of the alliance. Shanna won't repeat anything.


 So, Carson has won the Veto and will surely save himself, putting pressure once again on HoH Miesha. Plus, it's time to reveal what curse Mon Won's hat will cast on the HG, and a clue has been on the hat the entire time!


 Then, it's the first live vote and eviction of CBB! Which famous HG will leave tonight? Stay with us!

It seems Carson will be saving himself from the block, but who will go up in his place? It's time to find out. 


 Todrick invites Miesha into the gym. He tells us that Carson proved himself to be the biggest threat in the game and they take him down a notch by taking out one of his closest allies, Teddi. He tells Miesha if she nominates Teddi, there's no way she's not going home.


 Todrick points out how close Teddi is to Carson. You take her out, you cut off his resources. The two of them could be the difference between the two of us at the end. She'll be fine, going home to her gorgeous kids and sexy rich husband.


 Todrick might be on to something, Miesha tells us, this could really shake things up and if I don't strike now, I could be the one laid up on the floor. This game is so diabolical, she tells him, it changes every second. They laugh. If you were gay, he says, I'd marry you.


 Miesha asks Teddi for a chat to give her a heads up. Things have changed, she says. Are you going to backdoor me? Based on the information I've gathered, there's been a line drawn in the sand and you're on the other side. I gave you my word, Teddi says, I don't want to be first.


 Everyone shares that feeling, Miesha says, I feel bad about this but you cannot make any real promises in this game. I wish you had given me a fighting chance, Teddi says, fighting back tears, I trusted you as someone I respect. You looked at me in the face.


 At the moment I meant it, Miesha says weakly, that's what's so hard about this. But I still can tell you with 1,000,000% honesty I would not put you up. If you do, I'd understand, Miesha replies, we're playing a game. I have to send someone home. 


 What changed, asks Teddi? Conversations telling me you're on the other side. You never asked me, protests Teddi, I'm not going to beg you to talk to me. It's not your personality either. I knew this would be upsetting, Miesha says, and it is to me too, and I'm sorry.


 So the decision is made, Teddi asks? I'm considering it, trying to be as fair as possible because is ****** and I understand that. This is BS, Teddi tells us, she's going to back-door me and not give me a fighting shot. 


 Carson comes out of the DR and walks past the Veto hanging on the wall. He puts it around his neck, glances at the memory wall, then pokes his head into the Chocolate bedroom where everyone else is conveniently gathered. Oh, hi! Who'd like to have a Veto meeting?


 The HGs assemble in the livingroom . Cynthia puts the Mon Won bag on her head. Carson uses the Veto to save himself. Miesha names Teddi as the replacement nominee. This Veto meeting is adjourned. 


 Carson says he should be walking on Cloud 9 in Tom Ford shoes he found in an outlet mall for $7 but one of our alliance members is now on the block and as the kids say, I'm gagged and I'm gooped. Mommy needs a chardonnay. 


 Miesha says the gloves are on and she'll do whatever she can to make Teddi is knocked out of this house. Todrick says Carson may have saved himself this week but he's on to him. It's game on. Mirai is surprised Teddi is next to her on the block but things are looking up.


 Teddi says Miesha gave me her word over and over that she'd be safe. Excuse me while I remove the knife from my back. Of course, I'll fight to stay. 


 Up next, at the end of a tumultuous week, Miesha has put her target squarely on Teddi's back. Will Teddi find a way to stay? And could Mon Won's curse change everything? Then, the first live vote and eviction will send the first celebrity packing.

As the eviction approaches, Mirai gets to know her fellow HGs and Teddi does everything she can to not be the first one walking out. 


 Mirai and Lamar talk in the livingroom . She's in Boston and he's in Atlanta. She jokes about the hated Celtics but notes her picture is on the wall in Boston Garden. He doesn't dislike Boston but the fans... It's an interesting city, she says. 


 Even for me, Mirai says, it feels sometimes like there's racial tension. America was built on racism, Lamar says. His grandmother was born in 1923 and Black people couldn't do half the things they do now. She taught us to never, never ever judge someone for their skin color.


 You're making me very emotional, Mirai tells Lamar, because this is important to me. She tells us that racism is taught to kids and it's up to my generation to talk about these biases so we can come to a place where we can learn to accept all cultures. 


 Mirai tells Lamar she recently learned Black weren't allowed to skate and probably Asian people too back in the day. I can't imagine being barred from something I love so much. The country's leaders are going to keep brushing it under the rug, Lamar laments.


 Then a kid gets shot by police, Lamar says, all hell breaks loose. He tells us he's a proud Black man and it's too bad we still go through these things with police killing Black men. I wish people could see past it. Making strides isn't enough : it needs to end.


 I'm still proud to be American, Mirai says. Lamar agrees with her. Playing in the Olympics was the biggest deal for him, besides getting drafted and winning the NBA championship. I always wanted to represent the country. You'd like the country to represent you as well.


 Teddi, Carson and Cynthia head to the Chocolate bedroom to decompress. They are surprised at the replacement nominee Carson tells us they aren't going to sit there and watch a member of our alliance go down. Not today. Teddi says she just wanted to make it one more week.


 Carson does a headcount: Teddi has his and Cynthia's vote. Shanna would be 3. Chris NSYNC would be 4. I'll circle back with Kattan. Cynthia doesn't think Todd has 100% decided. Lamar would listen to Todd, Carson thinks. We have our work cut out for us.


 I'm going to have to campaign and do it quickly, Teddi tells us. I'm ready to handle business. At the dining table, Todd tells Teddi he's still up in the air. No, you're not, she counters, don't lead me on. I wouldn't, he promises. 


 In the bathroom area, Teddi tells Chris SNL her feelings are hurt. It makes sense for you to be emotional. Some people are more cutthroat than others, Teddi digs. I'm voting for you to stay, Chris promises. Thank you, she says, now I need to find Lamar. No, Chris says, I got you.


 In the Chocolate bedroom, Teddi tells Lamar the vote will come down to him. That's a lot of pressure, he says with a smile, how do you know that? I counted, she assures him. Makes sense, he admits, then walks out of the room. Makes a lot of sense.


 I've had my conversations, Tedi tells us, and if that can't save me, there's always Mon Won. It's now time to reveal the Curse of Mon Won's hat. Let's head to the livingroom and let the HGs know that the hat is officially out of fashion.


 Hello, HG. The HGs all say hello. Wow, very glamorous, Julie says. Everyone looks great. How is everyone doing? Fantastic, they all say. 


 It's been a roller coaster of a game so far. First, Miesha became HoH and nominated Mirai and Carson for eviction. Then Carson won Veto and saved himself and was replaced by Teddi. And let us not forget Cynthia was given safety with Mon Won's latest masterpiece.


 But, as you were all told, Mon Won's hat would be a blessing to one, Cynthia, but be a curse to another. You were also warned that come eviction night, even if you were not nom, you could still be going home. Mon Won's hat has gone from in-fashion to out. 


 And it's about to find a new owner! This time, being the last person to receive Mon Won's hat is something you don't want. The HGs are stunned. Cynthia, please stand at the front of the livingroom . Now, listen up. A clue to the Mon Won purse has been right under your nose.


 I did hear rumblings that some of you may have figured a little of it out during the commercial break. Cynthia, the logo on the hat is velcroed on. Please remove it (I never looked at that, Carson realizes), turn it upside down, and put it back on the hat: Nom Now


 Cynthia, please hold the hat up to your housemates and yes, I heard some of you say it, the logo has turned from Mon Won to Nom Now. 


 Here's how the curse works. Just like before, we'll pass the hat from one HGs to another, but this time, the last HGs to receive the hat will be an automatic nominee. And, this new nominee will remove either Mirai or Teddi from the block and immediately replace them.


 HG, I warned you on Premier Night that your social game was going to be more important than ever. I'll be back before you know it, and when I get back, we'll begin the process. You can all breathe, Lamar jokes. 


 Up next, who'll end up with Mon Won's hat? Who will they replace on the block, and with this last-minute shakeup, who'll be the first celeb walking out tonight? Find out next. Stay with us!


 Cynthia says they can't eliminate someone I don't want to go (if they are the person she gives the hat to). OMGosh, I can't, groans Mirai. Basically, give the hat to someone you don't want on the block, Cynthia explains.

Welcome Back to Live Eviction Night on Celebrity Big Brother. Just moments ago, the HGs learned that they must once again pass around Mon Won's hat. But this time, no one wants to be the last wearing it. Let's head back to the livingroom and determine who's game will suddenly be in jeopardy. 


 Mirai and Teddi are seated, and all the other HGs are standing, facing Cynthia. Hello again, HG, it's now time to find out who will become tonight's new nominee Miesha and Carson, since the two of you cannot be nominated, please take a seat. Carson breathes a sigh of relief: My pleasure.


 Cynthia will pass the Nom Now hat to the HGs of her choosing. That person will be safe and pass the hat to another HG. Once you pass the hat, please take a seat, indicating you are safe. In the end, the last person to receive the hat is nominated for eviction.


 Them, they must choose whether to remove Mirai or Teddi and replace them on the block. Let's begin. Cynthia, who would you like to give the hat to? 


 Cynthia pauses and says quietly, I'm going to give the hat to Shanna. Cynthia, have a seat. Shanna goes to the front of the livingroom . Shana, who would you like to give the hat to? This is awful, she says, looking around at the HG. She says Chris and hands the hat to Kirkpatrick.


 Thank you, Chris, says Julie, as Shanna takes her seat and he steps to the front of the livingroom . Who would you like to give the hat to? He gives it to Todrick and takes his seat. All right, Todrick, who are you giving the hat to? 


 Todrick doesn't hesitate, saying he'd like to give the hat to Chris Kattan. All right, Chris Kattan, you have a very important decision to make because with only two HGs left (Todd and Lamar), whomever you give the hat to will determine who will be safe and who will be the new nominee.


 Knowing that, Julie directs Chris Kattan, between Lamar and Todd, who would you like to give the hat to? Lamar looks nervously at Chris while Todd focuses his gaze right on him. I would like to give it to... Lamar. 


 Todd says, yahoo! Me, huh? Lamar takes the hat from Chris Kattan and looks up at the Julie on the screen. That means, obviously... Of course, it's me, I'm not mad. All right, Todd, Julie says, you are now nominated for eviction but we have some business to get to. 


 Julie tells Todd that as the new nominee, he has to decide whether to remove Mirai or Teddi. By choosing who to remove, he is deciding will be safe and who you want to face off against in tonight's live eviction vote. Please give us your decision.


 Todd says confidently, I'll take Mirai out. She thanks him It's going to be me and you, he tells Teddi, so one of us will go. Tod takes the Nom Now hat and sits in the eviction chair next to Teddi. 


 Mirai, you are safe, Julie says officially. Todd, thank you for sitting on the block. HG, I will return shortly for the live vote and eviction. Up next, with only minutes to decide who to evict, it's anyone's guess who will leave tonight, Todd or Teddi. Stay with us.


 Before the break, the HGs share that Chris Kirkpatrick is the one who figured out that the Mon Won was Nom Now upside down. Lamar says he would have been good at the Veto (solving puzzles). Shanna says we should have figured that out days ago! Silence. 


 Well that got real, says Chris Kirkpatrick. It ain't that serious, shrugs Lamar, it's a game. 



 It's now time for the Live Eviction where either Todd or Teddi will soon leave the Celebrity Big Brother House. Let's head to the livingroom and talk with the two nominees. Hello once again, HG, it is now time for the live eviction.


 Todd, Teddi, in just moments, your housemates will cast their votes to evict live. But before they do, you each have a final chance to sway their votes with one brief statement. Todd, you're first.


 Todd stands and says Do what you gotta do. That's all I'm going to say. And sits down. Lamar and Cynthia applaud. The others join in. Well put, Lamar says. Thank you, Todd. Teddi, you have the floor.


 Teddi says I first want to say, Todd, thank you for sharing your incredible stories with us, and I've laughed more than I could ever have imagined in this house, and for that, I'm grateful. 


 Teddi: I have also played a straightforward game, never once pretended I didn't want to be here, I didn't fight to try to win. I want to do this with integrity and I want to continue on, and I hope you guys give me the shot to not backdoor me and give me a fighting chance.


 Teddi sits down, but then adds: 'Cause this is the worst way to go out. Thank you, Teddi, Julie says, thank you, Todd. HGs, it is now time for the live voting to begin. The two nominees can not vote. Miesha, as HoH, you will only vote in the event of a tie. 


 One at a time, the rest of you will enter the DR and cast your vote to evict. Lamar, you are up first. Please go to the DR. 


 For such a huge presence in the house, Lamar has been laying low. What will he do? Lamar votes to evict Teddi.


 Chris Kattan doesn't know it but he narrowly avoided the block this week. Chris votes to evict Todd.


 Chris returns to the livingroom but doesn't know what he's supposed to do. He finally takes his seat. Julie tells us currently the vote is one vote to evict Todd and one vote to evict Teddi. The remaining 6 votes live, when we return. Stay with us.


 The HGs are voting live for the first eviction of the season, and with one vote each, it's currently a tie between Todd and Teddi. Todrick has deals with just about everyone in the house. Could he expose himself with his vote?


 Todrick votes to evict Teddi. 


 Cynthia had the blessing of Mon Won's hat. Who will she curse with her vote? Cynthia sadly votes to evict Todd.


 Chris Kirkpatrick is aligned with the HoH Miesha and her Athlete's Alliance. What's best for his game tonight? Chris sadly votes to evict Teddi.


 Carson has remained loyal to his Formation alliance. Could that weigh into his decision tonight? Hi, Carson, you look so handsome! You look gorgeous as well! We have business to get to! Carson votes to evict Todd.


 Mirai was saved by the power of Mon Won's hat. What will she do with her power to vote? Mirai votes to evict Teddi.


 Shanna worked hard to avoid the block. Who does she want to see leave in order to avoid the block next week? With a heavy heart, Shanna votes to evict Teddi.


 All the votes are in. Let's give the news to the HG. HG, the votes are in. When I reveal the vote, the evicted HGs will have just a few moments to say goodbye and walk out the front door. 


 By a vote of 5 to 3, Teddi, you are the first celebrity evicted from the Big Brother house


 Teddi stands up, gives the HGs perfunctory hugs. Miesha whispers it's not personal, sorry. She starts to head back to the BRs and realizes the door is the other way. You want to sit back down, Lamar jokes? She collects her bag and walks out of the house.


 Have fun with the dishes, they call after her. Miesha wants them to hold the door open. Julie tells Teddi she's not allowed to give him a hug but she wants to. Inside the house, Lamar says please, no crying. Shanna is crying. It's not a *** funeral, Lamar says.


 Chris Kattan says he thought it would be tied. It's not going to get any easier, Cynthia says. Carson watches as Teddi's picture fades to black on the Memory Wall. It just turned BandW, Chris NSYNC says. What does that mean, Lamar asks? 


 There's more subdued conversation and hugs. You'll never know, sings Lamar, you'll never know, no no no no. When we return, we'll talk live with Teddi Mellencamp.

I am sitting here with Teddi Mellencamp who was just evicted 5-3 from the BB House. 

Teddi, you worked this game! I tried. You must need a nap, you campaigned so hard! Even with the latest Mon Won curse twist, they still, 5 of them, still voted to evict you.


 Julie to Teddi: Why do you think so? I'm trying to find the positive in this, Teddi says, and I'm honored that I'm a big enough threat that they had to get me out first.  


 Who do you feel most betrayed by at this moment, before I tell you who voted which way? I don't know. Ultimately, by Todrick. He was originally in my alliance, holding my hand at night, before we go to bed, we're going to do this, we're going to do this!  


 Teddi: Meanwhile, he's forming a completely different alliance and conspiring against me. Well, he did, he was one of the 5 that voted you out. Do you respect the game move at all?  


 Teddi: Everyone's playing their own game, but I had to play a game that I could go home and look my kids in the eye and say mommy did her best and with as much integrity as she could.  


 The others who voted you out: Lamar, Chris Kirkpatrick, Mirai, Shanna. Shanna voted me out? Whoo. She did me dirty. I had a feeling, I said it to Chris Kirkpatrick this morning. So...


 Why did you have a feeling? Shanna was having a day where she was worried about going home, and she said she went up and cried to Miesha, and I had a feeling OK, she made some deal to get me out. But I still like her as a person. She did what she had to do, I guess.


 Who's playing the best game so far? I don't know, answers Teddie, Lamar. He acts like he doesn't care but he's like a dark horse. Or I feel Kattan, sleeping his way through it. I don't know, Julie laughs, we always say expect the unexpected! This season more usual, I'd say.


 Truth: What is more cutthroat, being a Real Housewife in Beverly Hills or being a Houseguest on Big Brother? Real HGs on CBB, Teddi says, this is the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life, but also the most fun. I can't believe how hard I laughed.


 Did you make any friends for life, Julie asks? I think I did. I think, I'm grateful for the relationships I made inside that mauve room, even if one of them ended up having to vote against me. 


 Final thoughts: Thank you CBS. Thanks for playing this game hard, Julie says back. Very impressive.


 Well, Teddi may have been evicted, but there are still 10 celebs in the game. Who among them will rise to power as the next HoH? Tune in Sunday to find out and to see which two HGs the HoH nominates for eviction. 


 Then on Monday, we are back live for Eviction Night again, live, where the Veto competition plays out and the nominations could change. But one thing's for sure, another celeb will be sent packing.


 Want to see what the HGs are doing right now? Stream the live feeds at https://mortysTV.com/to/feeds. For now, let's eavesdrop on the CHG. From outside the BB House with Teddi Mellencamp, I'm Julie. Love one another. Goodnight.


 Shanna says someone gave her the gnarliest look, I'd be dead right now. Teddi, Miesha asks? No, Teddi knew, Cynthia. I told them, if it was a tie, they expected... They expected you to vote out Todd over Teddi? Yes. I told them you would have voted her out anyway.


 Chris Kirkpatrick is explaining that with 10 minutes they could have devised some kind of plan (with the curse) to vote "her" out, but it's not clear what he was suggesting. By picking me second of all, Chris says, by voting the way we were voting...  


 Chris Kattan is just pacing back and forth by himself in the livingroom.

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