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CBBUS3 Episode 2 - The Gala Gift and Nominations

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Previously on CBB, 11 celebs began the battle for $250k. Among them, an NPA champion, the UFC legend, boy band royalty, an Emmy winner, an Atlanta Housewife, and even Corky Romano! 

Mere moments after move-in, a 4-person alliance between Carson, Cynthia, Shanna & Todrick was formed. After the celebs strutted their stuff into the BB Winter Gala, the battle for HoH began. As the famous faces dropped like flies it came down to Todrick, Miesha & Teddi.

Before falling, Todrick got Miesha to guarantee him safety. But when Teddi tried to make a deal, the UFC Fighter KO'd the offer and soon after, the Beverly Hills Housewife was down. Miesha stood victorious but JCM had one last bombshell to drop on the celebs.

Tonight, the HG find out what's in the Gala Gift and how it promises to shake up the game. Plus, Miesha's a master of takedowns, but who will she put up for eviction? Find out right now on Celebrity Big Brother!

It's the aftermath of the HoH comp. Miesha says she came into the house thinking to lay low as an athlete, but she couldn't help herself. She has no clear plan to get to the end, but she won the first race. 

Kirkpatrick says being HoH is everything in this game - you hold all the cards. I have to stay in Miesha's good graces. Cynthia loves gifts but a gift that can be a blessing and a curse? I need a receipt in case I need to return it. 

Miesha and Todrick consult on the balcony as she tries to figure out what she's going to do. She wants the athletic people to stick together at first: Lamar and Todrick. Todrick says he was prepared to not get any alliance invitations and now he has two! 

Maybe it's the outfit or the cute hat, Todrick says, but it's raining alliances. Miesha offers him a F2 deal and he gobbles it up. Lamar joins them and she invites him into their Athletes Alliance. 

In the WA, Kirkpatrick tells Todrick you don't want to play hard on the first day. But then he invites Todrick into a F2. Chris says he knows the game pretty well & Todrick is happy to have someone who knows the game. Chris tells us they have mutual friends & industry.

Kirkpatrick tells Todrick loyalty is a big issue for him. Todrick agrees. Mirai is in the shower and asks him and Teddi if anyone has alliances yet. Todrick says no. She likes the last 4 (from the comp). She really likes Cynthia and they form a 4-person alliance.

In the Chocolate BR, Mirai fills in Cynthia and Todd on the alliance she has formed with Todrick and Teddi. They can protect each other and she likes their vibes. Cynthia reveals she's already in an alliance with Carson, Shanna and Todrick. 

Mirai suggests she & Teddi join Cynthia's alliance. The more the merrier, says Cynthia. That's six - a house majority. Cynthia is surprised she's so popular - it's a good thing. Teddi didn't plan to rush into an alliance but she's trusting her gut.

Todrick says it hasn't even been 24 hours and I'm already working with Carson, Cynthia, Shanna, Mirai, Miesha, Teddi, Kirkpatrick, Lamar. Todd and Chris Kattan have been sleeping or I'd be in an alliance with them too! 

Shanna loves the new 6 person alliance (everyone is now on board). Now they need an alliance name. Then it comes to Carson: Formation. Hope it's not copy written! Todrick says he's always known how to juggle, but it's going to be hard juggling all these alliances.

Mirai says Formation is the name, winning CBB is the game. It's time to get to work! The CHG are sleeping but Kattan is woken up by a dying whale - it's Todd snoring. Like someone is having their intestines pulled out through their nows, or 2 elephants giving birth.

The CHG discuss tattoos. Todd shows off a tattoo he got while drunk - like a superhero with a mini-head, Miesha laughs. I was drunk, OK? In the Chalet BR, Todrick and Lamar can't believe they it it off like that. Lamar was hoping his ex-wife would be there. 

Lamar says he wants to see Khloe so bad. He doesn't feel his life can be complete if he doesn't give it another shot. Is that even possible since she's married again, Todrick asks? Maybe she's a different person now, he says hopefully.

I take a vow under the Lord's eye, Lamar tells us, I expect to honor it, which I didn't and that haunts me. I miss her and the family daily. I'm sorry I let them down and would do anything to make it up to them.

Why did I think I could get away with that, Lamar asks Todrick? Cynthia walks in & asks if they are having relationship talk? He thought she was the one - they got married after 30 days. They met at a welcome to LA party for Ron Artest, then everything was just natural.

Shanna joins the conversation with Lamar, Todrick and Cynthia in the Chalet BR. I wanted to have children with her, Lamar says of ex-wife Khloe. Shanna says people don't know you, only what they see and read, people will get to see the true you in this.

Shanna tells us Lamar is a really, a good heart, who wants to learn and grow from his past experiences. He says he just wants to say sorry. Cynthia says he's still standing and this is a rebirth. 

In the KT, Miesha discusses noms with Kirkpatrick, telling us she needs to get the numbers on her side. He tells her to get people who'll have her back. She invites him into a week-by-week alliance. Todrick comes in & she informs him that Chris is now in their alliance.

After giving Kirkpatrick the stink eye, Todrick suggests they go to the HoH room to discuss noms. Todrick tells us he's confused how Kirkpatrick fits into the Athlete's Alliance but he'll roll with it. Chris suggests nominating CHG not really there to play the game.

Kirkpatrick suggests Miesha play it safe. He throws out Kattan's name - nobody will come after for her for that. She says Todd would also be safe, but her real target would be Teddi - she's smart and a strategist and might backdoor her. She wants to not waste her HoH.

The CHG are exercising when Miesha calls them to the LR. Time to open the Gala Gift. But first a message from legendary fashion designer Mon Won, creator of iconic BB fashion such as BB Superheroes and punishment costumes. 

Mon Won has created his masterpiece, so hot and incredible that whomever possesses it will be untouchable this week. It's now time to reveal the Gala Gift! Fashion - and life - will never be the same again! 

Shanna reminds us that the Gala Gift comes with a blessing and a curse. Miesha pulls out a designer hand bag. Lamar says he always wanted a Mon Won. Miesha puts it on her head. Don't you know bags are the new hats, Carson quips? 

Before you is the latest hot couture from the legendary BB designer, Mon Won. Not only will this en-vogue hat keep you safe from fashion faux pas, it will keep you safe from being the first evicted. Who will be wearing this iconic piece of headwear? 

Miesha will chose one CHG to give the hat to, but by giving them the hat, I will be deciding they will not be earning safety. One by one, we will pass the hat to everyone in the house and only the last person to receive it will be safe for the week. 

Who will be fashion forwarded straight past the first eviction? It's time to find out. Carson says unlike most trendy fashions, you want to be the last one to get a Mon Won hat. 

Miesha closes her eyes, clasps her hand with pointer fingers moving from CHG to CHG. She tells us she can't choose Teddie directly or it will show she's coming for her. So I'm giving the hat to someone who's in on the plan to backdoor her.

Miesha points her finger at Kirkpatrick and pulls the trigger. She puts the hat on his head and you hear a breathless Mon Won along with paparazzi camera clicks. To Miesha's surprise, Chris picks Chris Kattan, who was supposed to be a pawn nominee. They are not NSYNC.

Kattan gives the hat to Todd because he snores. Todd gives it to Shanna, who gives it to Lamar. Carson notes the only recipients left to get the hat are members of the Formation, meaning one of us will definitely be safe. 

Carson whispers strategy to Todrick in front of everyone else, which makes Todrick silently upset. After a moment of zen, Lamar bequeaths the hat to Carson. Carson gives it to Todrick and says, in front of all, it's part of a bigger plan. 

Todrick asks if anyone wants the hat. Given no takers, he gives it to Mirai to built trust with Shanna. Cynthia wants her to give the hat to Shanna so she'll be safe. Shanna's worst fear is going home first. She needs Mirai to give the hat to Cynthia.

Mirai spins around with her eyes closed, feeling the pressure of who to keep safe this week. Miria takes the hat and hands it to Shanna, giving Cynthia safety from eviction after Shanna hands her the hat. This blessing has fallen into Mama's lap, Cynthia tells us.

Miesha reads that Cynthia has Mon Won's latest creation, meaning she cannot be nominated this week. But fashion trends are like BB HG - in one day and out the next. JCM warned this hat would be a blessing to one, and a curse to another.

Our social game will be more important than ever, Miesha continues reading, so be prepared because come eviction night, even if you are not nominated, you could still be going home. That sets the CHG a murmuring. How is that possible, wonders Carson?

This has me and the Formation shook, Carson tells us, that's what the kids say. Shannon suggests Cynthia has the Power of Mon Won and can send someone home. After they break up, Todd jokes Cynthia can send him home. Shanna doesn't want anyone to go home.

Kirkpatrick wonders if they should take it personally who gave them the purse. Teddi says no. Miesha is relieved Teddi didn't get the Mon Won hat, but the twist could mess up her HoH game. 

Kirkpatrick continues wondering, if the HOA gives you the bag first... The Home Owners' Association, Teddi asks? HoH, Chris corrects himself. You still like me, right, Chris asks Miesha? Yeah, she says. 

Kirkpatrick tells us It looks like Miesha is going after Teddi, Chris tells us, she should be worried. Miesha tells Kirkpatrick he's middle of the road. Am I high or low on the road, Teddi asks? I have no idea, Chris says. That's twice I've been shut down, Teddi notes.

In the DR, Teddi says she's not high road or low road, which means she's probably on the road home. She has to figure out how to be true to herself but still make things happen. Kirkpatrick notes that whatever happens, they are all in trouble.

Miesha invites Mirai to HoH to add her to the Athlete's Alliance, to keep the strong together, but her proposal offers her a spot in the alliance this week. Who is strong to you, Mirai asks coyly? Lamar, Chris NSYNC and Lamar. Mirai thanks Miesha for thinking of her.

Miesha says she wants to put up Chris Kattan and Todd. Then if the alliance wins Veto, it would be used so she can put up Teddi. She knows more about the game than she lets on and is the biggest threat. 

But, Miesha tells Mirai, to give us the best shot of winning Veto, I may need a stronger player nominated to compete. How would you feel about being nominated as a pawn? I promise on everything that means anything, you're not my target this week.

Mirai tells us she doesn't want to be a pawn, she doesn't want Teddi to go and she doesn't want to betray the Formation. She's going to have to fake it until you make it. She agrees to think about it. Thank you for trusting me, Miesha tells her.

Mirai pulls Teddi into the Chocolate BR & tells her about Miesha's plan to backdoor her. Teddi's not surprised. Mirai is on the floor between beds in case anyone comes in so they won't see them talking. She's not happy Miesha won't give her the chance to play for Veto.

In the Chalet BR, Teddi lets Todrick know what Mirai told her Miesha is planning. Todrick tells us it's too early to be telling secrets on the current HoH. That showed me how loyal Mirai is, Teddi tells Todrick. At least you know where she stands, Todrick says.

Todrick tells us he's concerned that Mirai is playing both sides (Formation and Athletes) just like him. If she would rat on Miesha, the current HoH, she would do the same thing to him. I have to tell Miesha. Not a good move, Mirai, not a good move.

The CHG are sleeping and tonight it is Lamar's turn to be snoring. He seems to wake up and starts talking: Here we go, baby. The other CHG wake up as he's talking in his sleep. Then he goes back to snoring.

It's the dawn of a new day and Todrick/Miesha are on the LR couch. You should talk to me before talking to anyone else, he warns her. His best move to build trust, he tells us, is to let Miesha know what people are saying while she's up in HoH. 

Todrick tells Miesha that Mirai is talking to people. You think so? I know so. She talked to Teddi & Teddi told him. I just included you in the plan & you could not wait 10s to spill the beans? Now I need a new game plan. Todrick tells Miesha not to talk to anyone else.

In the fitness room, Teddi is on the elliptical as Miesha talks to her about her options. Teddie offers Miesha a one-time deal to avoid being nominated. I give you my word, she says. How long is that good for, Miesha asks? Teddie: We have a couple weeks to figure it out.

Miesha tells us she believes Teddi. Loyal and honesty is a big factor, she tells her, and Teddi assures her that her word is bond. Miesha can either take Teddie's deal and target Mirai, or keep to her plan to take out Teddi. 

In HoH, Carson says Miesha's cupcake t-shirt is cute. She wants to offer him safety but she has a plan that involves putting him on the block as a pawn. She tells him nobody will vote for him. Carson tells us on BB you don't want to be a pawn, but he'll just nod & smile.

Carson adds in DR he can't argue with Miesha - have you seen her arms? Miesha assures him that they have this, he won't be going home. And she won't burden him with who she is targeting. Miesha tells us Carson seems to be on board so now she just has to execute.

Miesha tells Carson that if anyone asks, he doesn't know what's going on. What are you talking about, Carson deadpans. And your eyebrows look amazing! It's time for nominations and Miesha calls the CHG to the DT and brings out the nomination key box.

This is the Nom Ceremony, Miesha says, and it's my responsibility as HOH to nom 2 HG for eviction. Cynthia is not eligible to be nom. The box holds the keys of the 2 HG I am nominating for eviction. I will turn 2 keys to lock in the nominations.

The first CHG Miesha nominates is...   Mirai. The second CHG nominated is... Carson. Kattan lets out a confused What? Miesha calls Mirai a fierce competitor. It's the same for me, right, Carson jokes to ease the tension.

Carson, Miesha continues, you have an amazing social game. I respect both of your abilities to play this game. This nomination ceremony is over.

I'm overwhelmed, Mirai says, and panicking inside. Am I the real target? The athlete in me is ready to fight. Carson is nervous by nature and will try to win the Veto even if it's an athletic challenge. He shows off his guns and says ow.

Teddie cannot believe it's Carson against Mirai. She's feeling good of the deal with Miesha but this is CBB and no one can be trusted. What the, Kattan says, makes no sense. Expect the unexpected but that was very weired. There's a game going on.

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Mirai or Carson from the block? Plus, it's the first Live Eviction! Which celeb will be sent packing? And will the Gala Gift send someone not on the block out the door? Find out tomorrow live on CBB!

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