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CBBUS3 Episode 1 - Season Premier & HoH Competition

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Tonight, 11 celebs have agreed to be completely cut off from the outside world and locked away inside the BB House! No phones, no agents and no glam squads! But there will be 94 cameras and 113 microphones recording their every move!

These actors, athletes & award winners have been competing to be the best their whole lives, but they've never been in a competition like this, in a relentless pursuit of power & safety. 

These famous faces will battle it out, eliminating each other until the last celeb standing wins $250k! It all starts right now on Celebrity Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen Moonves. Welcome to the season premier of Celebrity Big Brother! In just moments, 11 celebs will bravely attempt to take on the BB game. 

They have agreed to be cut off from the outside world, watched 24x7 and compete in the most strategic, unpredictable and challenging month of their lives.  

There are Emmy winners, pop stars, Olympians, NBA Champions, and even a couple Housewives, all out of their element and all battling it out for the $250k grand prize. 

But 1st, you already know who is entering the House, but the celebs have no idea who they are competing against. Well, they're about to find out. Because of COVID, we're playing it extra safe, so they'll be moving into the House 1 at a time. Let's get this game started!

Carson is the first inside: Honey, I'm home! I guess I'm fashionably early. Carson gives his background, from his start on television with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Ru Paul's Drag Race. He's not a villain. Yet. He plans to be the Martha Stewart of the house.

Carson says as the first HG, you want to get the lay of the land, and he loves the design of the BB House. This slays, OK? Ding Dong. Someone's here! Carson welcomes Cynthia into the House. Great to have another supermodel in the house! Let's be besties, they propose.

Cynthia is a model and actress with 6.3m Instagram followers, but is mostly known as the classy Housewife from Atlanta. Now she's an entrepreneur. Her husband and daughter offer game advice: Don't form alliances right away, don't get too close to anyone, trust no one.

She thinks if she can survive on Atlanta Housewives, she can survive the BB House. Carson & Cynthia claim beds on the Clock Room. Chris is the next HG to enter. Cynthia had no idea who he is. He's most famous being from NSYNC and got to tour the planet. 

His best award his his boy's slugger award (T-Ball). He's a BB Super Fan and playing chess. Carson knows Shanna when she enters. I'm old, he says, and I'm show biz ho. You here for the open house, he jokes? You. Look. So. Hot!

Shanna is a former Miss USA and Playboy Playmate, actress and reality star. She's had some pretty public breakups and amazing TMZ moments. Also a BB Superfan, there's nothing she won't do to win: lie, cheat, steal. She's also in the Clock BR.

Todd enters to an empty house and the other HG jump out and yell, Surprise! You're TV royalty, Carson gushes. Cynthia is a big fan too: I lived my whole life watching Todd Bridges on TV. He's most recognized for playing Willis on Different Strokes. (Watchu talkin' about?)

It was not easy growing up as a child actor but it only matters what I think about myself. I played a big brother, so this will be right at home. Carson & the girls discover the Chocolate BR and decide to switch, giving the Clock BR to Chris & Todd. Ding Dong!

Cynthia opens the door to greet Olympic Figure Skater Mirai. She's a 7-time national medalist, won the JR National Championships at age 13 and is best known for landing landing a Triple Axle at the 2018 Olympic Games in Korea, the first female to do so.

She hopes what she learned from competing under pressure will help her in the BB House. She wants to get as little blood on her hands as possible but it's BB, so anything goes. 

Carson is a social butterfly with the HG. Shanna is playing detective. Chris lies and says all he knows about BB is CBB from Tom Green. Carson introduces Chris Kattan to the HG. Todd gushes and wants to share a room with that brother. He's funny!

Carson takes Chris Kattan's bag. Thank you, Chris says. I insist, Carson says, I'm going to rifle through it. Chris talks us through his career & SNL characters. He says has good hair but is not the best game player. He hopes he doesn't have an accident in the BB House.

Is there more coming, Kattan asks? No, Carson, it's just us and the cast of Chippendales. Up next, says JCM, the final 4 celebs move in and the battle for $250k begins. And then, one of these famous HG wins the comp for HoH. Stay with us!

Welcome back. Already you've met some of the famous faces that will be battling to win CBB. But the game cannot begin until everyone has moved in. It's time to meet the remaining HG.

Kattan asks Carson to show him his bed. Walk this way, he gallops. Ding Dong. Here comes trouble, Kattan says. Cynthia gets the door. It's Todrick and Cynthia squeals with delight. He and Carson know each other from Ru Paul's Drag Race. Carson thought he'd be the only Gay in the house. 

Todrick talks about his career on Broadway. He sings, acts, dances, produces & co-produced Taylor Swift's video You Need To Calm Down. He's also a BB Super Fan & wants a Derek or Dan style game where he's social, athletic & strategic. He can't cook but can stir the pot.

Miesha is the next HG to enter and Kirkpatric is a huge MMA fan. There's no messing around now, he jokes. Miesha "Cupcake" Tate is now an entrepreneur but was no cupcake when competing in the UFC. 

Now she's back fighting with a vengeance. She's physically, mentally & emotionally capable to take anyone out. She's here to lay down the law, she jokes with the other HG. It's OK she tells us if others are intimidated.

More Housewives in the house! Teddi enters the BB House, Real Housewife from Beverly Hills and John Mellencamp's daughter. She always chose talking to someone's face rather than behind their back and it got her in trouble sometimes. She knows how to handle celebs.

The HG do a count and think there's more to come. Kirkpatrick says so far everyone is nice, but it's early. Teddi asks us if he's from NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. Face palm. She thinks it's NSYNC. Final answer. Apparently she thinks she's on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Lamar Odom is the last HG to enter, and Shanna's heart sinks. She may or may not have called his fiancée a donkey on national television. Not one of her finest moments. There's only one long bed, Carson says, let me show it to you.

Lamar played 14 seasons in the NBA & has 2 Championships and one Sixth Man of the Year award. He also married into the Kardashian family. He lost one child at 6mo & has battled drugs, but God spared him. He's fought his way back. Why not win a 3rd championship in LA?

Lamar walks Kattan who asks if he's 9' 10"? Without misisng a beat, Lamaro corrects him: I'm 10' 9". He pops the champagne and they host being lovely and kind to each other. Thus far. Todd says the knives are going to come out soon and we'll be sent home in body bags.

Kirkpatrick says it's crazy they couldn't bring in pen & paper. For the memory stuff, Cynthia explains. Teddi tests Kattan's memory and he guesses Cruella. Cynthia asks what her name is and he runs out of the room. I just got here and they're quizzing me, he complains.

Do you know anyone else's name in the house, Kattan is asked? He points to Kirkpatrick and says, Chris. Lamar, Todrick and Shanna claim the Swiss Chalet BR. She asks Lamar how tall he is. Handsome doesn't have a height, honey. He's 6' 10", he says, and a Size 15 shoe.

Lamar tells us he doesn't know the BB game that well but being a good teammate was one of his best attributes as a player. Does he get a trophy if he wins? 

Carson tells us he's worked with many of these people so he feels good and comfortable. We can form a great Girls & Gays alliance. Todrick admits to Carson, Cynthia and Shanna he was afraid no one would want him in an alliance. I love us, Shanna says.

In the KT, Miesha says she started fighting at age 6. It's what I do. HG, JCM calls out, gather in the LR! The HG are excited and nervous as JCM tells them one of them will be crowned winner of CBB and take home $250k!

Now, some of you are super fans, some are new, but all are here to compete. Like past CBB seasons, this game will be played on overdrive. Tonight, one of you will win HoH. This HoH is safe from eviction during his or her reign. 

But, the HoH must nom 2 HG for eviction. The two noms will have the opportunity to save themselves by competing for the Power of Veto. In the end, 2 celebs will be left on the chopping block and the House will vote to evict one of them. This will happen twice a week.

To kick things off, we have a star studded gala waiting in the BY, so everyone change into their formal wear and head outside. It's time to crown the first HoH of the season! Coming up, who will rise to power? Plus, we drop the first big twist of the season. Stay with us!

WB to BB! It's now time for the celebs to make their entrance to the BB Winter Gala wearing designs by legendary BB Designer Mon Won. The HG enter the BY wearing various travesties of fashion, walking the runway with swagger.

There are straps, buckles and champagne. Todrick says this is about to get kinky or Pinocchio our asses. JCM says you've heard of the Met Gala but this is the BB Winter Gala, so exclusive that only 11 invitations were sent out.

But this gala cannot begin until we choose a Master of Ceremonies. So I need a volunteer. But whomever volunteers to be the MC has to sit out the comp and won't be eligible for HoH or be safe this week. Do I have any volunteers? 

Does anyone else have an artificial hip, Carson quips? Miesha says she came to compete - she never takes comps lightly and won't sit out. Todd offers to sit out. He tells us he's not crazy enough to want to do this comp. The other 10 HG walk onto the gala floor.

Here's how this comp works, JCM says. You will climb onto your swings and be lifted up into the air and you must hold on for dear life because those swings have a mind of their own and photographers are everywhere! There are flashes from behind a paparazzi wall.

So your attention could be pulled, JCM continues, in any direction. The BB Gala has been known to get out of hand, so you never know what will be thrown your way. Fall off and you are eliminated. The last HG hanging will win first HoH of the season! This comp starts now!

The HG are lifted in to the air, their feet in straps on one pair of ropes, their hands grasping champagne bottles on the other pair. As their arms and legs move, they pull and release the other ropes. I should have gone to the bathroom, Carson confesses.

Teddi worries winning would put a target on her back but she's so competitive. The HG are spun to the left and right for the paparazzi on each side to get pictures. Kattan says he's going to win. He is the first out at 1m 26s. 

Cynthia is doing a split and is second out at 1m 56s. She prefers others to pour the champagne for her. It starts snowing on the remaining HG, a wet globby mess. Lamar starts spreading his legs. Miesha says her biggest competition is Mirai because she's tiny & athletic. 

Mirai wants to win because she doesn't know what to expect. She thinks Miesha is going to be competition but she likes competition. Kirkpatrick tilts towards his back but recovers. He sings (with background music) this is tearing up his heart. Or just his thighs.

Lamar says his big feet don't fit in the stirrups, but it's Shanna who is the next to drop at 4m 35s, followed immediately by Lamar at 4m 39s. Todd says everyone looks hungry and at this gala, you enjoy only the finest golden caviar, which glops down on the remaining HG.

The fallen HG and MC are grossed out. The remaining HG are shivering under a golden liquid goo. This is no way to eat caviar, Cynthia says. Carson says he likes a pinch of caviar, but buckets hitting him in the head while wearing a unicorn outfit, not so much.

Kirkpatrick is out at 6m 25s, and wipes the caviar off his eyes. I fell he says, and let down my inner BB fan. And the other boys in NSYNC. Todd apologizes and says you can't have caviar without crackers! Cracker crumbles rain down on the HG and stick to the caviar. 

Miesha says Mirai is looking solid. Carson says his strategy is to not be a show-off & stay under the radar. He drops at 9m 50s. That's the name of the game. Mirai spent every waking moment training for the Olympics, but it didn't prepare her for this! She's not dropping.

The HoH comp is down to 4: Meisha, Todrick, Mirai & Teddi. Todrick is freezing and bouncing around but he thinks he can win. It's confetti time! Carson sticks his tongue out. Mirai is holding on to one bottle & looses a foothold, slipperier than ice. Her time is 13m 57s.

Todrick says he hates it so much as the snow returns. Carson says he wants to kiss up to everyone because he doesn't know who will win. Miesha hasn't moved an inch. She told him she delivered her on baby on the bathroom floor; he needs an aspirin for a manicure.

Out of earshot of the fallen HG, Todrick starts the negotiations. He needs to either beat her or make a deal for safety. She agrees and he drops at 16m 10s. 

Teddi asks Meisha if she drops, will she keep her safe? Meisha says it's too early to make promises. She hopes Teddi understands. Teddi says she gets it and drops. Miesha is the new HoH!

Miesha says usually she only has to fight one opponent at a time, but this time she knocked out 9 others to win! She hugs Todrick. Teddi is sure she'll be on the block since she asked Miesha for a deal and was shut down.

When we return, Miesha may have won HoH but she won't be the only one with power this week. Stay with us!

WB to CBB. Misha has just won the firt comp of the season but what nobody knows is a new game changing power is about to be unleashed in the House. Hello, HG. Once again, congrats to Miesha becoming the first HoH this season.

Now there is another power up for grabs this week. I cannot tell you what it is but I can tell you it is inside the Gala Gift. There is a gift box as part of the Gala set decoration. Kattan says we have no idea what it is but he wants it. That's who he is.

JCM tells the HG that the power will be a blessing to one HG and a curse to another. Todd says he sat out the competition, took one for the team, and now he wants the blessing. He doesn't care who gets the curse. Miesha hopes the twist won't mess up her game.

Catch it all right here on Celebrity Big Brother, Mirai says, donning her glasses. Back to you, JCM in the studio! 

The celebrities are in and the game has begun. Tune in Thurs night at 9pm ET to see what's inside the Gala Gift and the secret power revealed and the first two celebs will be nominated. 

Plus, on Friday, an action packed 2 hr live epi as the Veto comp plays out, the Veto meeting will take place, and the first live vote and eviction of the season will send our first celeb HG out the front door. That's right, it's already time to send a celeb packing. 

Who will hold the infamous title of first evicted? Find out Friday! For now, let's eavesdrop on the celeb HG. From outside the BB House, I'm JCM. Love one another. 

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