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Big Brother Season 23-Final 3 Celebration Dinner & Remembrances Week 12

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Previously on BB, Ky had a F3 deal with X/DF but with X gaining power, he set his sights on taking Ky out. At the Final Veto comp, X added another huge win to his resume and his plan was to give DF the sole vote to evict. 

Although Ky thought he was was headed to a Batman vs. Superman finale vs. X, he instead was taken out by a Joker. Upset by the blindside, Ky confronted X and Ky went Bye Bye. 

Now with the F3 set, Azah, DF and X will look back at the historic season, witness the laughs, emotion and drama you didn't see. Plus, the HG are surprised with message for the end game. All this right now on Big Brother!

Day 79, the F3 pop the cork on the champagne. I'm in F3, Azah screams in DR. She's been thinking about this moment for a long time. Who would have thought that a Cameroon-American girl from Maryland would get plucked out of Tacoma Park into the BB House to this spot?

But I am here, Azah declares. The F3 toast 2 Jokers & a King. DF says the fact I'll be sitting on Finale night is amazing, and I'm so close I can feel it, I can see it, I want it. It was a very hard decision to evict Ky but it's a game move. I made sure the job got done.

DF toasts to Ky. Why not. Cheers to my showmance. DF goes over to Ky's grey picture on the memory wall. You did really good this season. You thought you could run all over me. But I ranned you out the house. I cannot, laughs Azah. 

It feels amazing to be Top 3, X tells us, it's been an incredibly long journey, mentally, emotionally, physically exhausting, but the finish line is right there. To be this close is kind of surreal. X also toasts Ky. DF says I wouldn't vote out my best friend over a man.

X continues in the DR: I was kind of surprised that Ky would go so low (Flashback to Ky's parting words to X). I'm not going to go there with him. That's not the man that I am. I came here to play a game and I'm not done playing. 

DF tells Azah at the DT that if it was him, he would have been on & poppin'. I risk it all. There is no way I let a grown man step to me who is not my father and comment my family. So X really well. Azah agrees, X did great. X just listens to the two.

DF tells us the way Ky left the house was disgusting, showing why his decision was the correct one. He was a damn fool. We had a F2 called The Gentlemen, X tells them, but that don't mean *** to me, you gotta go. DF says everyone was making deals so it doesn't matter. 

Azah says Ky spent all this season gaming people and you got mad when you got gamed. Congrats on Top 4. She laughs. The DT is set with a sumptuous steak & lobster dinner with baked potato, broccoli, a rice pilaf, a bouquet of flowers and more chilled champagne. 

Final 3 Dinner, the HG yell, coming out of HoH. DF pulls out a chair for Azah like a gentleman. X is late to the table so he pulls a chair out for DF. Little hood boy from Philly, DF says, made it to Top 3. X pops the cork and they toast to a summer they'll never forget.

And so they never forget, it's time to remember highlights (and lowlights) from the season. Azah sings We Made It! DF says the singing and dancing got us here. We met so many incredible people we never thought we'd meet. Azah's favorite person was Lucias, X's alter ego.

Flashback to Lucius, X with Azah's fro wig. Women want to be Lucius, Lucias tells us, and men want to BE Lucius. But there can only be one Lucious, you hear? Tiff in DR says Lucious is luscious. His big fro and his pick and his chest out. I have my eye on that and he on me.

X misses Christian. I would have enjoyed hanging out with him all summer if we hadn't had to send him home. Flashback to Christian on Day 21: Bear or Lion? Lion, Hannah says. So Lion or Liger? She's never heard of a Liger. Ligers are real, he insists, like a Zebra-Donkey.

A Zonkey, Christian tells Hannah. Whitney isn't sure about that one. Zonkeys are real as well, Christian insists. Hannah reveals she's weary before Christian even opens his mouth. I kind of believe a lion and tiger can produce a Liger, but there's no way Zonkeys are real.

Christian asks X if Zonkeys are real? I've never seen one, X says. They do exist, Christian insists, just like a Liger, a tiger and a lion. X says he's walking out on that one. You all are sound real dumb to America right now, I'm the only one who knows my animals!

In the DR, those are real! I've seen a Liger! I've seen photos of a Zonkey! I'm not making this stuff up! If I made up a mythological combination of beasts, it wouldn't be a donkey and zebra. It would be something cool like a penguin & pterodactyl. A Pteroenguin.  

What about Turducken, Christan asks the WA group? That's a real thing. What, asks Whitney? Back to present, DF says can you believe we started in teams: Aces, Kings, Queens and the Jokers are still here! X is not amused as DF says 2 Jokes made it through all the rest.

Azah says they had some amazing teammates. I can't not bring up Brit. She always reminded me of my little sister. She was Brit from the moment she stepped in to the moment she walked out. Flashback to Brit on Day 37 talking to DX & Claire in her Queen card costume. 

Claire says she doesn't like wings. I know you're vegan, Brit says, but if you need a good wing... She points to herself, got to come to my city. Clair heard Buffalo doesn't actually have good wings. Brit gives her a dagger stare: From who? Buffalo, NY IS the place for wings. 

Claire asks Brit if they have vegan wings? Dagger stares come out again. Back to present, X knows the Jokers stuck together and had nothing but love for Frenchie, but can we keep it real? Frenchie played BB way too quick. He played hard & loose and it bit him in the butt.

DF says it was Frenchie's Fun House, he had us all running around, not knowing what's going on a whole week straight. He was passionate, wanted to be here all the way to the F2, and I wanted to ride that with him. It's Frenchie all day, baby! He was my type of messy.

Flashback to Day 10 with Frenchie telling Ky he knows some are telling him to put him up. Ky says nothing. Frenchie feels something off. We're both in the Slaughterhouse & Ky isn't looking me in the eye and have to abort mission. My BB intuition is flying off the charts.

Frenchie comes downstairs and says *** the Slaughterhouse to DX/Brent and walks right past. What? Brent says Frenchie would be escorted off his flight if he acted this way. He goes to the YBR & announces I'm Out to everyone in there, including those not in Slaughterhouse.

Later, Brent/DX/Whit are in the YBR wondering what's wrong w/Frenchie. He's a loose cannon, Brent says, showing his true colors. Unpredictable & erratic, Hannah says. Trust is diminishing, Brent adds. Frenchie comes in, asks for SB, then leaves. Hannah: All over the place.

Whit says there's a tenseness in the house coming from him. Do we want to call it out? He says he doesn't want any drama when Whit asks to talk to him: Nothing's changed with me. I have snakes in the grass, Frenchie tells her, and it's time for a lawn mower.

I am trying so hard not to blow up on this man right now, Whit tells us. If they did it to me, he tells her, they're gonna do it to you. He's a loose cannon as of right now, I'm out, I want nothing to do with him.

This lobster is delicious, Azah says, and the steak is even more delicious. You know what other food is really good? Taco meat. DF give her a look and she breaks out laughing. Can't touch it, X warns him. My arse, DF says.

Flashback to Day 44. DF asks Azah her type. Clean cut guys, bigger (DX says he shaved this morning, eating 3 meals a day), taller than me (OK, let's get going), and well dressed (I'm not that shabby). And darker, she says, ending DX's chances. Clean cut, she adds. 

I like clean cut, Alyssa pipes in, but I like bear. I wouldn't want a guy with no chest hair. I've dealt with bear, Azah says, and with taco meat. Claire hasn't heard of a taco meat chest, when your chest hair looks like taco meat? You know, DF, X teases. No I don't!

Don't disrespect my chest, DF exclaims defensively. X is laughing. That's the most hurtful thing you can say to a gay man! Do I have taco meat? DF pulls down his tank so Azah can examine his chest hair. No, she squeals. In DR, Azah confirms DF has taco meat. 

It's not a bad thing, she tells us, some people have it and some don't. Some are bare and some got the taco thing going on. It works for him. I bet he's very warm in winter. DF declares he does not have taco meat! 

I take care of my chest hair, DF tells us, I have gorgeous chest. I brush it, comb it, lotion it, I take care of it. People line up to lay on this chest. 

Back to present: Some meals hit and some missed, X says diplomatically. DF says Hannah is not a good cook. Azah can't forget the beans and pasta. Flashback to the beans and pasta on Day 38: Beans, pasta, avocado and mashed potato. What is that, DF asks in DR? Look at that plate! Show it again. Look at the damn plate (this time in negative). Girl, what are you doing?

What is that, DF asks in DR? Look at that plate! Show it again. Look at the damn plate (this time in negative). Girl, what are you doing? Do you need help? Hannah says she'll let them know how it is. She kills me, he says watching her, she's something. 

You are such a good cook, DF compliments Azah, that Ky didn't think you needed to do the dishes. X laughs. DF's meals were simple, according to Ky. At least he's not bitter, X jokes. The F3 all laugh. 

Flashback to Day 75: DF says Azah/X will be doing the dishes. X says he did it yesterday (sounds like my brothers growing up). Then just Azah's turn for sure, DF says. Ky says she's fine, she cooked the most. She thanks him. DF, who is doing the dishes, is not fine.

As DF fumes, Ky tells Azah she cooks things he can't cook, that's the differentiating factor. I cook as much as she does, DF erupts from the KT. Eggs & pasta, Ky says, I can make eggs & pasta! I can't make the things she makes. 

Azah basks in the compliment, or is just amused at DF's displeasure. I made more than just eggs & pasta, the baited DF brags. You make simple things, Ky explains. In DR, DF mocks Ky: The meals you make are so simple. The meals you make are so simple. Kiss my big Black *ss.

Ky is breaking up at the DT as everyone understands he's pushing DF's buttons but DF. And I appreciate it, Ky adds, it's just more easily duplicable. X finally laughs. I don't know why you are so offended, Ky says in his usual round-about way. 

It's an objective fact, Ky tells us, and for some reason DF thinks I'm personally attacking him. Pretend that I'm nice, Ky starts saying (Azah can't contain her laughter now) and this will happen less. DF is not amused. 

Who died & made you god, DF says in DR, you don't run nothin' in this house. Half the time when we talk, it's him being on planet Kyland and everyone else is on Earth going wow, that's rude to say. Just accept my love, Ky tells DF, who yawns in response. Or be an *sshole.

In DR, X says Ky loves to be right. He will continue to argue until you agree with what he says. You guys bicker like a married couple, Azah tells Ky after DF leaves the KT and she and he are doing the rest of the dishes. I know, Ky says. 

In the BY, DF vents: All I do is cook simple ******. B*tch! 

Back to present: This season had a lot of highs & lows, Azah observes. I shed a tear or two in there (the DR). You're not alone, says X, we get emotional. Wimps, DF states, I never cried in the DR. Flashback to clips of HG in the DR in various states of sleep & emotion.

There's a rash of smells in the DR (no wonder people don't want to talk to me, says Frenchie). Azah farts, Alyssa is shivering, the seat is wet, the HG complain, being mean, being flabbergasted. Ky says he doesn't want to be ungrateful & starts crying. The tear clips flow.

I laughed at the people who cry in this room, Frenchie says. I feel like I let down Tiff, Claire says. Y'all don't even have no Kleenex in here, says Tiff. She finds the Kleenex & apologizes. A single tear drops from X's right eye. Frenchie: My hearts in the right place.

I feel like I let down DX, Claire says. Azah blows her nose. $750K, cries Brit, I want it so bad. Why did I think coming to the BB House would be a good idea, asks SB. Now I'll be in that dang montage, Claire realizes, blowing her nose, and blowing and blowing. 

Damn it, a tearing DF says, I was almost there. I was going to be the only person in the montage who did not cry in the DR. He dabs the moisture out of his eyes. Is my mascara running? 

Back to present: X says the game would get intense at times but we created genuine friendships with everyone of the HG. Azah says we were able to open up about our lives because we had no distractions. All we had was each other, 24x7.

Flashback to Day 49 where DX/Claire talk in the hammock about her coming out story. She thought at first she was lesbian and it was a phase but she realized it's more fluid. Claire tells us she struggled when she was younger but she's proud now. 

She tells DX she came out to her family after college but some of her friends didn't know until she came on the show. She tells DX she never thought about not telling the HG. She was so afraid to come out in HS and promised herself to be out on BB. 

Little Claire thought she'd never make it on BB, she tells us in the DR, or come out to people but here she is. It was almost meant to happen. She tells DX she doesn't owe anyone anything.

Back to present: Azah loves how close everyone has been able to get this summer. I know who got really close this summer, X teases. Who, asks DF dutifully? Christian & Alyssa X says salaciously. They tried to keep it on the down low, but that didn't work out too well.

Flashback to Day 37 where Alyssa is laying in Christian's arms in the HNR bed. I want you to win, he tells her, rubbing his hair with the baby blue finger nails she painted, I did as much as I could. 

Day one, Christian tells us, it's showmance Christan & Alyssa. I love hanging out with Alyssa, and that includes cuddling, laughing about stupid stuff, it's hard to not recognize that as a love language type of thing. 

They kiss. My girlfriend says what, asks Christian? She rolls over to look him in the eye. Hmmm, he says, very smooth, that's how I would ask you. But I do want you to be my GF. And I already kissed you. But a kiss doesn't mean anything, Alyssa says. What do you mean?

They're in the HNR. Have you kissed everyone in the house, Christian asks teasingly? I would rather wait until after the show, she deflects. I don't see the point if you're leaving. I'm not going to stop liking you like that, he says. OK, she says and they embrace.

I want to call you my GF, he says, it would make me extremely happy. I do really like Christian, Alyssa tells us, and we could have a relationship after Finale but for right now, it's best for us to put Chryisalyss on pause. I'm worth the wait, she tells him confidently. 

You are, he says with an air kiss. I just wish we had more time to hang out, she says wistfully. I wish too, he says.

Back to present: We had some funny people in this house, Azah says. I had a lot of fun pranking Big D, X says, prankin' just about everybody. DF just sighs. I got you (Azah) with the army crawl scare on the couch. 

Flashback to Day 40. Donkey DX is standing still outside the WC door while Ky, Hannah & others watch. Tiff comes out and DX scares her. Ky is droning on in the LR while Azah struggles pay attention. X is crawling slowly across the floor behind the couch.

Suddenly, X jumps to his feet and screams at Azah and she shrieks, OMG! That's what I'm talking about, X says proudly! DX is siting next to X in the nom chairs. He says a big-*ss beetle just crawled up my... It was Frenchie and he stands up & scares DX silly, screaming OMG!

Whit is heading into the CBR. X scares her on the other side of the door. Christian is wearing a makeup facemask w/the Veto around his neck, walking around like a zombie. He enters the DBR and Whit is creeped out. Brit scares Azah, twice. Every time, she cries, every time!

Brit is walking down the BR hall and the closet door suddenly opens, scaring her in her tracks. That's what you get, sayz Azah from the CBR. We never see who it actually was in the closet.

We had a really fun house, Azah says back in present day, full of funny people, especially Tiff. Tiff was hilarious, X says, and she def came to play the game. But I respect that. 

Flashback to Day 53: Tiff sits next to X in bed. X says I don't have a brain, I'm just physical. Tiff thinks for a second, then says deliberately, I know you are very smart, and I know you're behind ain't no bartender neither.

When I first came into the house, X says, I didn't want to give away my identity or occupation as a lawyer, so I said I was a bartender. Otherwise they would view me as a bigger threat than I seemed. I promise I'm a bartender, he tells her. 

X, Tiff says patiently, you are in bed at 10pm. To be a bartender, you must be up during certain hours. That's very insulting, X smiles in response. Tiff tells us X is not a bartender at all. Tiff tells him that his maturity level says he is more than what he lets on.

If he is a bartender, Tiff tells us, he should probably find another profession. Why you acting like I'm so smart, X asks her? You don't know any drinks, she tells him. In DR, X says Tiff figured it out. Good for you. But don't tell anyone I'm a lawyer. 

You might fool them, Tiff tells X with a knowing smile, but I'll never tell. She winks. But you don't fool me. 

Back to present: DF says it's crazy these people are gone but we're going to see some of them soon. X says I'm going to miss going to the DR to request stuff. Azah/DF nod in agreement. An underrated perk of being in the BB House. DF says he needs to get a DR at home.

Flashback to clips of questions asked and things requested in the DR. Frenchie wants catfish. Whit can't get rid of the fish smell in the fridge. Brit requests a gluten-free cake. X requests heller bread. Donkey Ky requests Oreos. No chocolate, says Azah. 

Bread and tortilla items, Ky requests. Dish soap for DX. And spray for Frenchie & Tiff & Hannah & DF. Hannah wants a bucket hat & sweatshirt & sweatpants. Ky didn't get a HoH hoodie. DF wants a hoodie. Alyssa wants acne pimple patches. Straws for Whit, for fake cocktails.

Present Day: The F3 line up in front of the Memory Wall to look at all the gray photos. I can't believe I'm here, says Azah, we're here. Got to show love to members of The Cookout, X says, Tiff, Hannah, Ky. 

The Cookout was something bigger, Azah says, it was the shared experiences we all had outside, now here, and even if it wasn't us, if one of us made it, we all did. We had a goal & we accomplished it, X says. We not only represent The Cookout but the whole Black Community.

We made history this season, X says, looking at DF and Azah with pride, that's pretty incredible. Yep, says DF as Azah nods in agreement. 

Flashback to The Cookout sitting around the big DT: I come from a predominantly white community and school, Hannah says to the group, and I've been called uncivilized because of the county my mom comes from, South Africa. I've been asked if we have running water at home...

Some of the Cookout make noises of understanding, but DF just exclaims, what? In Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Hannah hammers home. She tells us in the DR that she's very mindful of who she represents and there's a sense of solidarity and camaraderie there. 

That's one of the things Hannah cherishes most about her culture, her identity. Tiff says she's pulled her son (Christian) out of class in predominantly white schools because he feels left out, he stands out when he just wants to blend in sometimes.

DF commiserates, saying he's been in that situation where I was the only Black one in History class and we're going over slavery. Ky said he switch to a nicer, whiter school and for the first few months he was jumped as the Nazi kid.

But it was the Black kids that helped him with the white kids. DF asks if Ky had to deal w/2 words? Azah clarifies, did they call you a Hispanic slur? The world only identifies me as Black American, Ky says, so I don't experience specifically any Latino hatred or racism.

Except, Ky continues, for Otherizing in the Black community. Ky says he was picked on because he reads, because he likes learning, like those things don't matter. All the others nod in agreement, recognizing the same disparaging of wanting to be educated.

X says people have called him the whitest Black guy they knew, and again, the others nod in recognition of a shared experience. Because I'm articulate? I seem educated? They're saying to be Black is to be uneducated. It's so insulting, Tiff says. 

Hannah says she's been told she was articulate, well spoken, eloquent and pretty. For a Black girl. Or she's too white to be Black, too Black to be Indian, too Indian to be... Ky says he would talk about going to a pep rally and was always asked, what sport do you play?

X would say he's a golfer. DF always said stuff like that too. I actually play Cricket, he jokes. How cool is the diversity at this table, Ky says. Not in terms of being mixed but in not looking at Black as a monolith. 

X tells us he feels a lot of times that society casts Black as one thing and it doesn't realize there are many shades of Black. I think we're better off, though, DF says, than when we were all growing up. Things are so much more open now to understanding. 

We still have a long way to go, DF quickly adds, but we're going on the right path. This is true, Hannah agrees. We're getting more diversified by the year, DF continues, we stick together like we have been doing throughout years, things can only get better from here.

You can't break a Black community, DF concludes, as the other HG nod. Couldn't break this one, Tiff says with a wry smile. 

There's an envelope on the coffee table in the LR. X reads: Congratulations on making to Final 3. Before you battle it out to the end, BB wanted to provide you with some extra motivation. Take a look at the monitor.

Before the monitor even starts playing, DF starts tearing: OMG, I can't! DF's mom appears & he falls apart. She loves, misses and is so proud of him. They have his back. She wants him to done thing for her: Stop all that cussing! X and Azah laugh. DF reaches out for her.

Next is X's family (Stepmom/dad/brother): Congratulations on making it this far and you're doing so awesome. His brother loves and misses him, he did move out of the house near campus, and I'll have stories for you when you get back. Dad says keep doing what you're doing.

Finally, Azah's parents. How are you, my baby? I miss you so much and love you so much. I know & you know that you have what it takes to win this. Dad says know you have done what it takes in there to come out and have me (I think he said and your community) proud of you.

I love you, Daddy, Mommy, Azah cries. DF is still crying. X is silent but emotional. It's been so long since I've heard from her, DF says, it means the world. X brings them both tissues. That was so incredible being able to see our families, Azah says...

But in all honesty, Azah segues, we all also had an incredible summer as well. X lifts his flut and toasts to the summer. Guys, in just a few days, one of us will be crowned the winner of Big Brother Season 23 and be walking away with $750k.

And, sighs DF, someone will be walking away in 2nd place with $75k. And someone will be walking way in 3rd, Azah smiles at DF, with nothing. Let the best HG win, DF says. Good luck, you guys, X says as they all take a drink of champagne. 

Seeing my mom meant everything, DF tells us, it made me realize why I'm here and what I'm fighting for. I want to make my mom proud. I did not come here for 3rd place. I definitely deserve to sit in the F2 going for that grand prize of $750k.

Just seeing that message from my mom & dad, Azah tells us, does light a fire in me. I want it so bad. I am so close, I can taste it. 

Seeing my pops was everything I need, X says, to finish this thing out. To come this far and lose would be worse than going home at 1. So at this point, there's no other option. I've come to far to be stopped now. 

Who will win Part I of the final 3-Part HoH comp? Find out Sunday night at 8/7c, live on Big Brother!

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