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Big Brother Season 23-Live Eviction Week 11 9/23

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X is the HoH and holds the Golden PoV. But the one power he does not hold is the sole power to evict. And that will be determined tonight, live on Big Brother!


Previously on BB, the men of The Cookout agreed to go to the end together but there were multiple F2 deals amongst the trio. After the first two Cookout members were sent packing, the guys and Azah were all that remained and DF let his Bestie know about his other deals.


With X punching his ticket to the F3, he made his noms knowing that the real power was with the Veto. Wanting Ky gone, X tried to get DF on board. But DF was on the fence about who needed to go. At the final PoV comp of the summer, X once again dominated.


Feeling nervous, Ky tried to get assurances from X, but the lawyer was intent on sending Ky to Jury. Tonight, will X keep noms the same, forcing DF to choose between Azah and Ky? Who will be evicted and who will make it to the Final 3?


Plus, Tiffany & Hannah hit the Jury House. All this, right now, live on Big Brother!


Julie greets and it is Day 79 and by the end of the hour we will know who the final three are. Big D is talking to Ky and Ky says he is stressed. Big D says with X having all the power which means he could end up on the block or casting the solo vote to evict.


Big D says Ky has nothing to worry about unless X uses the veto on Azah. They do not think he would do that. Ky says he could have went against X and Big D before but he did not but he does not feel comfortable with them.


Big D tells Ky that Azah expects him to be her ride or die and he might have to send her home. Ky says she has done less in the game. Ky says Big D telling him it will be difficult to send Azah home sucks because that is what everyone else has done all summer.


Ky says Big D can be there 100% for Azah socially as long as when it comes time to vote he is with Ky. Big D says right now he is sticking to what he said. Big D is talking to Azah and X and he tells them he does not know what he is going to do if the vote were tomorrow.


Big D says his decision is hard because he would have to vote out his friend or someone he has been dealing with. Azah says she is nervous about where Big D’s vote is going to lie. She says they have been together since day one and it makes her feel some type of way.


X says if Ky wins final HOH he will take X, which is great for him. But Azah might not want to take X with her. X says Big D is letting his personal relationship with Ky cloud his game judgement. He says Big D has to decide if he can take the shot, or if Azah will.


X says Big D has to decide what kind of BB player he wants to be. Big D says it looks good on his resume if he honors his deal with Ky. Azah says Big D has two people who are guaranteeing him F2 and she has no problem kicking Ky out.


Azah is talking to X and Big D and she asks if she listens to people and X says yeah. She says Big D does not agree. Big D says they are done talking until the end of the season. They have talked a few times over the last week about the things they have done to get here.


Big D says he loves her but if it was not for him then she would not be there. He says he protected her for the sake of her game, but she does not know that.


Azah finds it incredibly hurtful that Big D does not think she has played the game. She got HOH at F5 to secure her F4 spot.


Big D is talking to Ky and X and is telling them that he has lied and manipulated to protect her. He says he suitcased Azah, backpacked Azah, grocery bagged Azah. Those are other ways comes up with to say he carried her. He tells Ky she was a burden to him this season.


Big D tells X that Azah has gotten on his last nerve and he says Azah has been very annoying. X says this is her first time on the block and they have to cut her some slack. Big D says because she got to the end she wants to be all cute all of the sudden.


Big D says the pettiness that Azah is doing is annoying him. He says her doing that could make him want to take someone he could lose to rather than someone who is getting on his last nerves.


X is alone and says he does not trust Big D will do what needs to be done. X says if Big D is going to be in his feelings, that is cool, but he wants Ky to come home. Come eviction night, we might see the biggest blindside this summer.


Britini, Sarah Beth, Alyssa, and Claire are talking about who they think will come first. Britini does not think it will be Hannah first. Tiffany says she was disappointed at first but she does take it as a honor because they viewed her as a threat.


Tiffany says she is nervous that she is the first person from the Cookout to enter the jury house. They watch the video and were excited Big D was close but they cannot believe Ky won. Tiff says she wanted her or Ky to win because they had a F2.


They watch the nominations and Claire says he just straight up put her up. They see the BB Comics and they see Ky win veto and they are disappointed. Alyssa says she has to give Ky props at this point.


Claire does not find winning comps as impressive if you are not making moves. They discuss who Ky might be wanting to take. Derek X says people would take Ky before they would take X. They see Ky not use the POV.


Tiff says he felt that the house wanted him out and the jury says there is no more house, there are only six people left. Tiff says Ky would never have put Tiff on the block if he did not think he had the votes to send her home.


They see her being evicted and Derek X says this was not a big move for Ky. Claire says Ky has a lot of blood on his hands and she is not sure how she wants to vote. Alyssa tells them about Ky’s confession about the alliance.


Tiff says the alliance was day one and she explains the mission they had. She says first it was just understanding and then they called themselves the Cookout. Tiff says it was not about the money.


Tiff then tells them about the master plan that she created. They all love it and Derek X says they really were chess pieces. Derek X says if Tiff had made F2 would have won and Claire says this was iconic and the master plan will be legendary.


Claire says she got outplayed, they all got outplayed and she was honored. Tiff says they all gave up what was best for their personal game for the mission of the six and they all cried genuine tears when their friends were voted out.


Tiffany says there is one more thing guys, it was a double eviction and everyone is surprised it was back to back. They look around and they want to know who is going to join them.


Hannah comes in and she says she is in shock and she is trying to process everything that happened during that double eviction. Tiff says by Hannah following her, it was just confirmed they were interchangeable. Hannah has so much to tell them.


Hannah shows them the video of the double eviction and they see Azah win HOH. Hannah says she is happy for her and they are glad she won something. They are surprised she did not nominate Ky. Hannah says Azah did not want to be known for breaking deals.


Hannah says she had suspicions of the three guys working together. Ky wins the POV and Hannah says she knew her fate was sealed. They see Ky take X off the block and Big D is the replacement nominee. SB says she cannot believe Azah fumbled the ball that hard.


SB is unimpressed with Azah because she completely wasted her double eviction by not going after Ky or X. Hannah says it was one of the most chilling experiences she ever experiences. They watch Hannah be evicted.


Tiff says if the guys are working together she fully expects Azah to come next. She says X will take who he thinks he can beat. Derek X does not thinks his vote is guaranteed for X. He thinks X is playing a better social game, but Ky is playing a great competitive game.


Hannah says she is not bitter. She is still rooting for Azah but she thinks it might have been a mistake. Hannah says she is proud to have been a part of the mission and the Cookout this season.


It is time for the live veto meeting. X has decided not to use the POV. Nominations stay the same and it is now time for the live vote and eviction.


Azah does her shoutouts and says who would have thought, they were underestimated and overlooked. She says people come in this house looking for different things and she is glad she made a friend. But she would love to stay.


Ky does his shoutouts. He says he is thankful for all of them and to play this game with them and do what they have done. He would love to play out this week and the game and move to finale week with them all.


Big D will now cast his sole vote to evict. Big D says he loves them both on a personal level. He says on a game level he owes no one anything, he played this game for himself. At this point, he casts his vote to evict…Kyland.


Kyland gives hugs and he asks for a reason from X and he says the game. Ky says he does not understand none of this. Big D says from a game point of view he cannot beat him. Ky says he is wondering what is up with X because he kept him last week.


X says this is how the game goes and he says no notice was given because he did not want to give Ky time to work on Big D. Ky says he is just surprised this is how he chooses to be in front of his nephew Kobe. X is upset that Ky is talking about his nephew.


Ky says is this the example you want to set for Kobe because Kobe stepped up to challenges and X says he should stop talking about his nephew. Ky keeps talking and Julie warns him that he needs to leave right now.


Julie asks Ky about his F2 agreement with Big D and if he is shocked by the choice to evict him. Ky says he had mentally prepared himself not to be shocked by anything, especially after being on the block week one.


Julie says before the veto was played it did not look like Ky was giving Big D assurances and Ky says it was because of the way he wanted to play the game. He says he did not want to give assurances if he did not have to because there was no need. ‘


Julie asks Ky if he wishes he had lied to him and Ky says no, he just wishes he would have talked to him more. He says he just did not want to lie with him if he did not have to.


Julie asks if he had every intention of honoring the F2 with X and Ky says yes. He says he did not want to come in and, he wanted the first black person to win with honor.


Julie asks Ky if he is surprised X did not save him and Ky says when he did not use veto he knew what was happening. He says that was a cowardly play. Ky thought he might be saved by Big D but the conversations did not line up.


Azah says Ky has been an incredible competitor and a great asset to the Cookout and she loves him. Big D says he is so sorry because he stuttered when they talked about the F2.


X says Ky always said he has to beat the best to be the best which is why he convinced Big D to vote him out. X says he decided to honor his F2 deal with Big D. Julie says Ky is juror #8 and Ky says he would love to come back and try again.


Xavier, Derek F, or Azah will make F2 and for the first time, they are doubling the prize for America’s Favorite Houseguest! They are giving them $50k. The runner up will win $75k.


Tune in Fri 8/7c, when X/DF/Azah will get to hear from their families for the first time. Then on Sun, 8/7c, Part I of the Final HoH comp plays out. Then Wed at 9/8c is live 2 hour season finale of BB when either X, DF or Azah will be the first African American to win Big Brother!


Let's eavesdrop on the F3. DF is pouring champagne for the F3. They toast 2 Jokers & a King, Top 3. DF says I love you, Azah, not getting rid of my best friend over a man. Cheers, Ky! He pours another glass. Why not? Cheers to my showmance. You thought you could run over me. 

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