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Big Brother Season 23-Double Eviction Week 10 9/16

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Previously, on Big Brother, the Cookout made history by making it to the final six, but it was time for them to start grilling each other. Kyland had made a deal with the guys and wanted to ride to the end with Xavier.

But protecting his game, Ky also made a final three with Hannah and Tiffany. After cockadoodle dominating the HOH competition, Kyland became egg-xalted. Officially drawing a line in the sand, Ky chose his side and it appeared Tiffany had a bullseye on her back.

It was a must win veto for Hannah and Tiff, but the Kylander captured it instead. At the veto meeting, Kyland sealed either Hannah or Tiffany’s fate. And there will be more than one Cookout member headed to jury. It’s a double eviction baby!

The HG will be shocked when they find out they have to play a week’s worth of Big Brother in one night. All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 69 after the veto meeting. Ky says he did not use veto because Tiff has broken trust not just with him, but the entire house. Hannah says she is not surprised, but she cannot be upset because she still has to navigate the rest of the game.


Tiff actually believes she can stay, she just has a lot of work to do. She has to work on Big D and Xavier. Tiff is talking to Hannah and she says it is exciting to watch the season back.


Hannah thinks it is unfair Tiff is the first to leave to jury because it was her masterplan to get them all there to this point. Tiff says what she did was ensure an African American would win BB and two would be sitting in the F2.


Tiff is talking to Azah and she says she has to work on Derek. She thinks Derek wants her gone because he thinks she is coming after him. Tiff says Big D would not work with Hannah. Azah is just saying mmhmm and not saying much.


Xavier and Ky are talking in front of Hannah and Big D and they are going on a guy’s trip and they are talking about who they would take and they were deciding between Christian, Derek X, Frenchie, Brent, and Travis. Big D says why would you not take me?


Big D says they need him to be entertaining. Xavier says if there was a trip involving BB23, Big D would be part of the trip, but it is fun to poke at his ego a little because he takes things so seriously.


Ky is in talking to Azah and he is just standing thinking. He says he is just thinking about the game as a whole and he is talking about random things. He says he has been philosophizing a lot. Azah says she does not always understand what Ky is talking about all the time.


Xavier and Ky are talking about their motivation to make final 2. Ky says he has over a hundred grand in student loans and he is always trying to figure out how to take care of his family. The ability to help his parents and grandparents.


Xavier says everything he has done has been motivated by his family. He made a promise to his brother that he would do what he could before his brother had a heart attack. There is not a single day that goes by when he does not think about his brother and his nephew.


Tiff goes to talk to Big D in the HOH room. She says she has never been at someone’s mercy so bad in her life. Tiff says Hannah is cutthroat and she knows Hannah is going to go for that money. Big D says she has to worry about Xavier.


Tiff does not feel good about Big D’s vote, but she thinks she has Azah. She has to convince Xavier that she is not just better for his game, but what is best for his game. We see her talking to Xavier and she tells him if she stays, she will still be Ky’s target.


Xavier tells Tiff that Ky may want to take a shot at him and Tiff says if she is not there, then he might take a shot at X. Tiff says she is not unemotional about the game, but Hannah is emotional and she will go for the money. X says she would be a shield, but can he trust her.


Xavier is talking to Big D. Big D says Tiff is trying her best and he says that Tiff told him everyone would vote for X at the end and Hannah would take either of the guys out. X says Hannah has shown she is a formidable opponent and she is well connected to the jury.


Julie goes to greet the HG and she congratulates the Cookout on completing their mission. She asks Tiff why it was important to her and she says it was an amazing feat and they all had the same goal when they walked in and seen 5 faces that looked like their own.


Julie asks X how he felt when they realized they had made it together. X says it was groundbreaking. He says he was sad to see Alyssa go, but it was their goal and he had happy and sad tears.


Julie asks Big D if it was ever a challenge to keep the group together and achieve the mission. He says yes it was and it was worth it. He says everything they did was worth it and he is happy and he loves them all.


Julie asks Hannah they almost all had a side alliance, but how difficult was her to say goodbye to Derek X. She says she was a hot mess because they each had someone who put all their trust and loyalty in them, but the Cookout always came first.


Julie asks Ky how hard it was to play a personal game but also fulfill the mission of the Cookout. Ky says it added a layer to the game he never seen before and at times the mission conflicted with what was best for their personal game. He says it was worth it.


Julie tells Azah they were the first six person alliance to make it intact. She asks if there was ever doubt. Azah says yeah, but she had faith in the alliance, even if she was not sure it could happen and they are all here and they cannot regret the decisions they made.


We check in with jury. Britini and Derek X are talking and they hope Sarah Beth walks in and Brit says the only way it is not her is if Ky wins that HOH. SB walks in and she says it is tough to take that she is here and she is disappointed in herself and embarrassed.


Derek X has mixed emotions about seeing SB. He did not want to see her win, but he did not want to see her yet. They go to watch the DVD. They see Tiff win HOH, then Xavier becoming the third nominee because of his punishment and then Tiff nominating Ky and SB.


Brit asks how in the world SB went home. They see the coin flip from the coin of destiny and Tiff getting de-throned. We see the secret HOH’s nominations of Ky and SB. SB says Claire revealed that she was the secret HOH which means she could not win next HOH.


Derek X says he did not know they could not win the next HOH. They see Hannah win veto and then using it on Xavier. Derek X and Brit says he should have been the target. They then see SB getting evicted and she talks about the goodbye messages.


They show Azah talking about the mission and Ky talking about the secret alliance. SB lists the members of the Cookout and they talk about there has never been a black winner and Derek X says he did not know and SB says she empathizes with the mission.


Derek X says it seems like a noble mission and he thinks it is impressive to keep the alliance together since week one. DX says he would be impressed if they make it to final six.


SB says she understands the mission with Ky, but she is not ok with the lies he told that were unnecessary. She feels like there were a lot of conversations that she had with Ky that were empty.


Brit says Ky is the most annoying to her and even though they are in an alliance, they have to take each other out. Brit says whoever gets Ky out will be the most impressive to her.


Claire and Alyssa are about ready to hit the jury house. SB says if they were going to break up the six, they would have done it last week because there was no good reason to send her home over Kyland.


Claire says it feels weird to have been put on the block and evicted by her closest ally in the game but she does not think there is much she could have done. Claire tells them it was a double eviction and she does not know who it is but she can guess.


Alyssa comes in and she says double eviction was intense and eye opening and she thinks there are bigger targets than her. Alyssa says she definitely was the dim one. Claire says it was a wild week and they have to watch it and Claire says she had to throw the comp.


The HG see Tiff win the HOH and they are all shocked that Tiff took her out. SB says that was messed up and Derek X says Tiff was the last person to win HOH and take Claire out.


We see Tiff nominating Xavier and Alyssa, and then we see the veto that Alyssa won with the mini cocktails. SB says Tiff must have been devastated at this point and Claire says she was excited cause she thought Xavier was going home.


We see Tiff name Claire as the replacement nominee and SB wants to know what she has been told and Claire tells her that Tiff told her the night before that she did not want to be the one to not take out an African American player.


DX asks if Claire still wants Tiff to win and she says of course. Alyssa shows them the double eviction video and Hannah winning HOH and nominating Xavier and Alyssa. Alyssa says she thought she was a pawn and if X comes down then Ky is going up.


We see Xavier killing the veto and winning. Brit says X has been throwing so many comps and Claire agrees. Claire says X is playing such a good game and Brit thinks he is playing an excellent game. We see X uses the veto on himself.


We then see Alyssa being evicted. Alyssa says in her goodbye message that X came there for a bigger purpose. Ky told her that the rest of the HG were in an alliance and she should not feel dumb or played. Hannah hoped she understood and respected the reason.


Alyssa wants to see Hannah in the F2 because people underestimate her. Alyssa says she respects the alliance and she loves that feels stupid and she completely respects the game. Brit says when the next HG arrives, the game has officially begun.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! Tiff does her shoutouts and she says their display of black excellence and achievement made history and bound them together and she is honored. She thinks Tiff is the reason she is in the seat but she hopes they keep her.


Hannah does her shoutouts and she says they came exactly what they came to do and it has been an utmost honor to play the game with them. She has nothing but positive to say about Tiff and she hopes they vote for her to stay.


It is time to vote!

Derek F sadly to evict Tiffany.

Xavier votes to evict Tiffany.

Azah votes to evict Tiffany.

By a unanimous vote of 3-0, Tiff has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Tiff gives everyone hugs and tells them to be nice.


Julie asks Tiff why she was the reason she was on the block and Tiff says because she waivered with trust and that is why. She just hoped she and Ky could get to the end, but she also loved Hannah.


Julie asks Tiff if her not throwing HOH was why she was there and Tiff says yeah. She says it was not necessarily that she won, but the way she won. She would rather ask for forgiveness rather than permission.


Julie asks if Tiff has regrets and she says no. She was ready to play, but she had a mission. Julie says she was always the mastermind, so is she mad that it was her to be the first to go? Tiff says it did her hurt feelings but she understands that made her a threat.


Julie asks how she balanced personal play with their mission and Tiff says it was hard. She says she had moments where she realized they did not have a plan to get to the six and she had to come up with a plan. They needed a plan to keep the six or it could ruin her game.


Julie sends Tiff off and she goes to the HG and tells them another person will be leaving. She says for the first time in BB history they are having back to back double evictions. She will see them in the BY soon for the next HOH.


It is time for the HOH! They are going to play BB Ballers. They have 12 silver balls in the grass on the end of the ramp. They will retrieve a ball from their ball box and roll one ball to knock their silver balls off.


The first two HG to knock them all off will advance to round 2. The winner of round 2 will be the next HOH! Azah and Hannah are doing well. Xavier is doing very well and five left. Hannah has three left. Azah has six left. Xavier is down to two balls.


Hannah is down to two balls. Xavier is first to ring in. Ky is cheering them on and tells Big D not to give up. Azah has one more ball. Hannah has two more balls. Azah knocks her ball off and she rings in and she will advance to round 2 and face off against each other.


Now Xavier and Azah will face off for HOH in part 2. In round 2, they must roll balls onto the grass. They will take 10 shots and the HG with the most balls on the grass will win. If there is a tie, then they will have a tie breaker question.


Xavier and Azah both roll too hard on their first shot. They take the second shot and both are too hard still. They grab their third ball and they both miss. The fourth shot is off and they both miss again.


Xavier and Azah roll their fifth ball and they both hit. The sixth ball is ready and Azah lands her ball and Xavier misses. The seventh ball is shot and they both land. They both missed the next shot. They both hit their next shot. Azah hits the next shot and wins HOH!


Azah is ready to name her nominees and she is trying to keep her promises and she nominates Xavier and Hannah.


The veto competition is next. The veto competition is What the Bleep? They will be shown an eviction clip with a word bleeped out and they will be given a word and they have to decide if that word is true or false.


After 7 questions, whoever has the most points will win. Ky and Xavier end up tied and they have to go to a tie breaker. Ky ends up winning veto!


Ky has decided to use the veto on Xavier and Big D is the only option as a replacement.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! Big D and Hannah do their eviction speeches.


It is time to vote!

Ky sadly votes to evict Hannah.

Xavier votes to evict Hannah.

By a unanimous vote, Hannah has been evicted. She is emotional and gives hugs.


Julie says when Azah nominated Hannah her face dropped. Why? Hannah thought Azah’s target would have been Ky and she was shocked that she did not initially put him on the block. Hannah says Azah should have kept her because they guys are together.


Julie says Azah told her Xavier was the target and Hannah does not believe that Azah had a deal with Ky, but Hannah knew that Ky wanted to move forward together with strong competitors and she was not worthy apparently, but Azah did not know that.


Julie asks why there was no path to finale without Tiff in the game? Hannah says she was close with Tiff and she had to find her own path and she tried to make a deal but Azah did not know Ky would use the veto on X and she was collateral.


Julie asks how hard it was to play a personal game versus the mission. Hannah says there were hard times when she had to send home Derek X and Claire, but the Cookout always came first. She feels like a winner and now there will be black winner.


Julie asks her what the best part of playing Big Brother. Hannah says she wanted to play cutthroat but then she seen five other faces that looked like her and it changed and the best part was getting them all to final six.

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