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Big Brother Season 23-Live Double Eviction Week 9 9/9

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Previously, on Big Brother, the Cookout had one mission, to make it to the final six. After hand picking who left week after week, Claire was their next target, but Claire’s best friend and HOH Tiffany had a different plan so she targeted Alyssa instead.


At a micro veto competition, Alyssa got a big victory, leaving Tiffany caught between a cookout and a Claire. Knowing what needed to be done, Tiffany made a heartfelt confession to her closest confidant. At the veto meeting, Tiff chose the Cookout over her best friend.


Tonight, Claire or Xavier will be sent to jury, but they wont be alone. It’s double eviction night baby! Will the Cookout make history and accomplish their mission? Find out right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and we are less than three weeks away from finale night. We pick up after the veto meeting and Alyssa is shocked that Tiff was comfortable enough to put up Claire and she is confident her and Xavier can get the votes to blindside Tiffany.


Claire says she knows she has an uphill battle and it sucks that Tiffany put her there. Tiff says this sucks, but before there was a Claire, there was a mission.


Derek F, Xavier, and Azah are talking about next week, Azah asks Xavier if Alyssa wins HOH, who does he want to leave. Azah wants Kyland and Derek F wants Tiffany and Xavier is leaning heavily towards Tiffany.


Xavier says he and Tiff were close allies, but more and more things are adding up and it might be in his best interest to take that shot at Tiffany.


Alyssa is talking to Derek F and Azah and she says that if Claire goes home, everyone left will be minorities. She says that has never happened. We then see Alyssa talking to Hannah too.


Hannah is talking to Azah and she wants to throw Claire a sympathy vote and she has something else planned. Hannah says she can blame the vote on Kyland so if Alyssa wins HOH she could target Kyland for them. Hannah wants to make sure her, Tiff, and Azah are safe.


We see Hannah talking to Alyssa about Ky maybe voting out Xavier. Alyssa says it is scary to think this could be a double eviction. She says everyone should be prepared to leave the house Thursday.


It is time for the first eviction of the night! Julie informs the HG that the jury will be a little fuller than just one more joining them. They will experience a week worth of Big Brother in one night.


Xavier does his shoutouts. Xavier says he has discussed with them how keeping him in the game, but if they believe it is better to keep Claire then he understands. Also, if he is eviction, he is taking Lucious with him.


Claire does her shoutouts. Claire says HG she finds herself out of words because Xavier is loyal and trustworthy and in three weeks he will be $750,000 richer because he is playing a good game and she will make sure jury knows that as well.


It is time to vote!

Alyssa votes to evict Claire.

Hannah votes to evict Xavier.

Derek F sadly evicts Claire.

Azah votes to evict Claire.

Kyland sadly votes to evict Queen Claire.

By a vote of 4-1, Claire has been evicted from the Big Brother house!


Claire says she will give everyone hugs on finale night and she wishes them luck. Julie asks Claire about Tiffany’s decision to nominate here. Claire says she understands her decision and a lot of times POC are not looked out for in the game.


Julie asks Claire about her speech and she says she was trying to show people Xavier is a threat to win and she wanted to look out for Tiff and Hannah.


Claire’s final thoughts are the game has so many highs and lows and she has no regrets but she wishes she could have gotten a little further.


It is time for the new HOH! This HOH is called Crash! Boom! Pow! The HG will be shows images and then they will be asked a question and they will answer using one of the six tiles in their phone booth. They get one point for each correct answers and most points wins.


The first image is up and the question is which word was seen the most? Derek F answers Boom! Everyone else answered Wow! Everyone gets a point except Derek F.


The second image is shown and the question is which word was seen exactly twice? Azah answers Boom and everyone else answers Zap. The correct answers is Zap and everyone gets a point except Azah gets a point.


The third image is up and the question is Which word was seen in the top right position? Azah and Alyssa answer Pow and everyone else answers Crash. Kyland, Xavier, Derek F, and Hannah each get a point.


The fourth image is shown and the question is which words was seen exactly once? Derek F and Hannah answer boom. Azah answers pow. Ky answers wow. Xavier answers zap. Alyssa answers crash. The correct answer is boom.


The fifth image is up and the question is which words was seen the most? Azah and Ky answer pow. Derek F and Xavier answer zap. Alyssa answers boom. Hannah answers crash. The correct answer is pow.


The sixth image is up and the question is which words was surrounded by zap? Alyssa and Hannah answer wham. Xavier answers zap. Ky answers crash. Derek F says wow. Azah says power.


The final image is up and the question is which word was missing? Everyone answers boom except xavier who answers zap. The cforrect answer is boom which means Hannah has won HOH!


It is time for the live nominations! Hannah says she loves every one of them and this is not personal, just what is best for her game. Hannah nominates Xavier and Alyssa and she says Claire was right, Xavier is a threat.


It is time for the POV competition! Kyland will be sitting out. This competition is called Logo, Let’s Go. They will race to complete their BB Comics logo puzzle. They have to put their puzzle together at the end of the lane. The first HG to assemble their puzzle win POV!


Xavier is making quick work of his puzzle and is smoking everyone. Tiffany and Hannah are doing well, but Xavier is too far ahead and he has won the POV!


It is time for the live veto meeting! Xavier has decided to use the POV on himself. Hannah must now name a replacement nominee. Hannah nominates Kyland.


It is time for the second vote and eviction! Kyland says he respects their decisions for their personal game and Alyssa is beautiful.


Alyssa says people who would have voted for her to win left pre-jury and if they kept her, she might get one vote and if they keep Ky, then they can keep doing what he says.


It is time to vote!

Azah can not win a comp but she can vote to evict Alyssa!

Tiffany votes to evict Alyssa.

Xavier votes to evict Kyland.

Derek F sadly to evict his best friend and co-host Alyssa.

By a vote of 3-1, Alyssa has been evicted from the Big Brother house!


Julie says Alyssa did not looked shock and she figured this was the plan last week and it was not a surprise.


Julie asks Alyssa if she got betrayed by anyone and she says Hannah, but she thinks Claire planted ideas in her head.


Julie asks Alyssa if she trusted anyone besides Xavier and she says no. She says the Kings were always a target. Julie asks if she would have taken Xavier to final two and she says she would have taken him to final three but not to final two.


Alyssa’s final thoughts are she was glad to be on the Kings team and she is proud of herself and just being on the show is a win for her.


Julie reminds us that next week is another double eviction as we go from 6 down to 4 and the jury becomes a little larger.

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