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Monday, September 13, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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5:00AM BBT

Tiffany and Kyland are cuddled up in the HOH bed like a married couple.

Tiff slept with Kyland in the HoH Room last night, but they were off camera from 2:55AM - 5:00AM


[Yes, of course I was looking for more foolery under the covers. It is quite an interesting relationship they have. -MamaLong]


9:03AM BBT

The feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles then to critters from RCHS for an early veto meeting.


9:57AM BBT

The feeds return. Kyland did not use the power of veto. His nominations remain Hannah and Tiffany.


10:01AM BBT

Hannah tells Tiff her speech was really good.


11:44AM BBT

Tiffany and Hannah are eating at the kitchen bar. Tif is wearing Claire's orange hoody and Chaddha is still wearing the plaid shirt that Claire left for her.


12:06PM BBT

Tiff is sitting alone at the kitchen bar, deep in thought.


12:09PM BBT

Kyland has joined Tiff at the kitchen bar. Tiff's food remains untouched. Kyland is digging in to his food.

Tiff- Did you like my speech

Ky- perfect; beautiful...rprecise and clear

Tiff- I had to ask permission first

Ky- I appreciate it

Tiff- I forgot I had to make one until I was in the shower and I was like, Oh, I have to say something

Tiffany tells Ky that she told Big D and Azah that she was going to go after Ky, "I have to tell my son that I was lying."

Tiff- I might have to do some Bible study.

Kyland- oh yeah...I could use some meditation...to process some things

Tiffany- How are you feeling?

Kyland- Good.


*WBRB Bubbles


12:23PM BBT

Big D was called to the DR

Tiff comments that the house is too quiet. Kyland jumps up to see if anyone is in his room. Tiff stacks the dirty dishes and carries them to the sink.

Kyland is back.

Tiff- I am not about to do these dishes

Ky- I will

Tiff- But I will organize the sink.

Ky- I appreciate it.


2:25PM BBT

Tiffany is talking with Xavier in the coral reef room. She tells him that from her perspective the Cookout is sending him to the $750K win. Xavier thinks Claire messed that up for him. He thanks Tiff for talking to him instead of just assuming his mind was made up about who to vote for Thursday.


2:28PM BBT

In the HoHR, Big D is telling Kyland he is counting on the 2nd place position.


2:34PM BBT

Hannah is playing with the chess board in the yacht club bedroom. SHe is missing a pawn and looking all over. Someone in the control room sees it on the bed and keeps zooming in on it. Tiff comes in to play, but Chaddha says there is a missing piece. SHe begins looking for it, too. Control room focuses on it again. Tiff is looking all over.

Tiff- I feel like it is staring at me in my face

Chaddha finds it, "Oh, I found it. I dropped it. My bad!"

Chaddha asks Tiff how she is feeling, and Tiff says she has accepted it (going out Thursday), "You're fine. You aren't going anywhere."

Chaddha- I know....it's just scary thinking about being here without you

Tiff- Ah! Love you. You will do fine. You are smart and I see you going far. You are my Baby Hannah.

Hannah says she will never say a bad word about Tiffany and that had she won veto, she would have used it on her. She tells Tiff that she doesn't know what Kyland has with the guys [But we do! As usual, the men have decided to work together and get rid of the women. -MamaLong]


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2:57PM BBT

Tiffany is telling Hannah about Dan Gheesling's books and how she followed his advice word for word. SHe feels strongly that following that advice is a huge reason she made it on Big Brother.


3:23PM BBT

Hannah and Tiffany are talking about the coming competitions. Hannah feels there could be a surprise eviction this coming Sunday to go from 5 to 4 and then go from 4 to 3 next Thursday.


[In reality, they will go from 6 to 4 this Thursday then 4 to 3 the following Thursday. -MamaLong]

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3:41PM BBT

Big D and Xavier are talking in the HoHR.  

Big D- Everything is going according to plan.

Xavier- I do think Ky is a thinker. I don't think he sees it as not in his best interest to keep me around in the final 4. Once we get to 4, one of us has to see the block with Azah.

Big D- Hannah has already made it clear to me that her game plan is to...

Xavier- She wins not win. 

Big D- Hannah wants to take me out because she doesn't want either of you (Ky or Xavier) taking me to final two


3:53PM BBT

Xavier tells Big D that he will still leave Azah thinking that he is still at odds with Kyland. Big D agrees that is a good idea.


3:58PM BBT

Big D says the only thing that will mess up their plan is if Hannah wins, "If Azah wins HoH, I am going to be on her like white on rice and tell her to put up Hannah and me."

Xavier- Okay

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4:48PM BBT

Big D makes a comment that he doesn't know what he is going to do after this because he is used to seeing Ky every day.

X- Man! Your feelings for Ky and Azah's feelings for me? Y'all got in way too deep. Eventually everyone got to go.


4:53PM BBT

Azah is beginning to prep for dinner and Kyland is sweeping the kitchen.


4:54PM BBT

In the HoHR, Xavier is grilling Big D.

Xavier- DO you love Ky? DO YOU LOVE KY?

Big D- Do I have feelings?  Yes.

X- Do you love Ky?

Big D- Do I like Ky? Yes

X- D O  Y O U   L O V E   K Y ?

Big D- Do I have  an attraction? Yes

Xavier- DO you LOVE Ky?

Big D- No, I do not love Ky. I have love for Ky like I have love for you and Azah.

X- Do you have sex dreams about Ky?

Big D- I had one.

X- He just came up and took ya?

Big D- Yeah

Xavier- I think he might be bisexual.

Big D- He might be. You know he could be a straight man who just doesn't make a gay man feel like 'get away from me.'

Xavier- We are just speaking out loud.

Big D- I think because Ky has shown me who he is happy, sad, angry....no one has really seen Ky angry until that double eviction part. Right?

X- Okay

Big D- Has he got angry with you?

X- He knows better

Big D- That's his business...you know, taking his frustration out on me because he doesn't want people to see the real him.

X- That sounds fucked up.

Big D- I don't mean taking it out. I mean I am there for him all the time. Ky is great. He is sweet. He is great. But I get another piece of him emotionally and how he is feeling. It could be just game, but I don't play when it comes to my family and firends.

Xavier- I don't get why he kept getting $50. Even when others left. Why did he not get upgraded? (He means America voting BB Bucks)

Big D- Because he was whack in the DR. Things they were asking him to say, he wouldn't say.

X- That's true

Xavier sees Kyland sweeping and comments about him cleaning up

Big D- That means he is thinking deeply. He cleans when he is thinking

X- You make it sound like y'all are a married couple

Big D- That's just it...we are.


5:03PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles

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5:31PM BBT

Xavier tells Big D that they can give Tiffany credit for coming up with a visual representation of the cookout. "We can also give her credit for imploding her own game."

Xavier says people know Ky is just feeding them bullshit.


5:32PM BBT

Kyland is now helping Azah with dinner prep.


5:34PM BBT

Xavier- Between the three of us, it's going to be a tossup

Big D- That's the best case to work in our favor

Xavier- Tiffany has a better social game than Hannah. She will be able to sway the jury.

Big D- But Hannah...whatever Tiffany says, she will be able to fix it. Oh, but you and me are voting Hannah to stay. Azah is not voting Hannah to stay. We can point Hannah in Azah's direction.

Xavier- True

Xavier heads downstairs. Ky asks what they are doing upstairs.

Xavier- Eating all your shit.

Ky says he may head up to talk with them.

Xavier- Come on up....guy time!


Hannah and Tiffany are still talking in the yacht club bedroom.

Hannah- If you were on the block next to anyone else, we could have probably gotten you to stay.

Tiffany- Mm hmm. I think to minimize my ruthlessness...

Hannah- Yeah...he threw me up there

Tiff- Because I would be ruthless. If anyone would want me to come back, it would be to be a ruthless player.

Hannah- I think if it were another game you would have taken more risks.

Tiff- It's been fun. But, Big D, though?

Hannah- He hasn't really played the game.

Tiffany- It's like being on the Lakers but you never make the court. I do feel like we played. We did a lot of strategizing. 

Tiffany says she is an old school player, and that now people play too safe and predictable.

Hannah says she knew about the Cookout before she was even told about it and what it was.

Tiff- How did you feel about htat.

Hannah says she completely understood because she is so much younger and they probably didn't know how she would feel about the alliance.

They begin discussing BB22 and how Tiffany was so confused when she was told there were 4 black players, 'I was like, where they at?' She then found out Kevin was biracial and was surprised because he never said that in his first season. Hannah explains that Kevin didn't reveal anything in his first season and didn't really tell people upfront in season 22. She says he is black and Japanese.

Hannah says everyone kind of apologized for not clueing her in but there was no reason to apologize. Hannah explains that a lot of people can't identify her race and think she is Dominican, thus Latina. It doesn't bother her. Hannah said she was already thinking about all of the black cast memebers working together and was waiting for a time to talk to them, so she told Big D, but he thought she meant all POC's including DX and Alyssa. "I was like, y'all really didn't know I was black."

Tiff- I did


5:49PM BBT

Tiffany and Hannah join Azah in the kitchen and offer to help. Tiffany offers to  wash dishes.

Azah asks if she wants to do something interesting? Tiff agrees. Azah wants her to roll the dough out.

Tiff is going to use a jar of pasta sauce as a rolling pin since someone threw Azah's makeshift rolling pin away (probably Big D who tosses anything he doesn't see a personal use for keeping)

Azah is making homemade chicken pot pie. Yum!

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6:18PM BBT

In the HoHR, Kyland and Big D are talking about the backyard closing early. Big D wonders if there will be a special visitor. Kyland thinks they won't have a visotor this season. Kyland speculates that it will be a concert. Big D says he think it is going to be an HoH contest on Wednesday. They begin looking at the spy cam to locate everyone in the house.

Big D- Hannah gonna bring her ass up here in a minute

Ky- It's gonna be fine.

Big D- I can't get over Tiff. All this season!?! That's why Azah felt the way she felt, 'cause Tiff kept feeding Azah, 'he is never gonna get rid of that Sarah Beth...if he doesn't lose that Sarah Beth, I'm gonna take Sarah Beth from him.' I was like, 'He doesn't care about losing Sarah Beth. He has been baby sitting her long enough.'


6:23PM BBT

Azah and Tiffany are holding a Bible study in the living room.

Tiffany says she wants to understand the 12 tribes. "Where are they from?" Azah says they are Jacob's sons.

The begin discussing that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Azah- He was getting it!

Tiffany- 700 wives and 300 concubines

Azah- That's three women a day....He probably got dehydrated.

Tiff- And the women only get it like once a year.

*WBRB Bubbles

Azah says she felels bad for Leah because Jacob didn't even want her.




6:37PM BBT

Azah yells "Big D"

Upstairs, Big D says "Oh, it's dinner"

Azah- Xavier, dinner is ready.

Big D heads downstairs, "Is it ready?"

Azah- Yes, my king


6:39PM BBT

In the HoHR, Kyland is going through is HoH basket then says aloud, Tomorrow is Taco Tuesday! I love Taco Tuesday!"

Hannah asks if she should go get Kyland. Azah says she doesn't think he is eating.

Azah- He doesn't get chicken pot pie (meaning does not understand it)

Hannah heads up and tells Ky dinner is ready

Ky- Thank you

When Hannah is back downstairs Azah asks if he is joining them.

Hannah- I don't think he will eat, but he is coming down to join us.

Xavier asks, "Where are the other two?" (he men's Ky and Big D)


6:43PM BBT

Tiff is spooning her pot pie and turns to Xavier and quotes The Color Purple. "You told him to beat me."

X- You are not supposed to quote dialogue

Tiff- Why do you have to say that?

Azah joins in, "All my life, I had to fight."

Xavier- There she go

*They do not get a warning from Sarge

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7:00PM BBT

All of the HGs are sitting around the table. They begin discussing the show FIrst 48 about real criminal investigations. Tiff explains to Hannah that it shows the first 48 hours immediately following a crime and the suspects being questioned and describes it as heavy pressure to get them confess to the crime (usually murder). 

Hannah- Oh, coersion

Tiff- pretty much

Hannah- That sounds like what happens in here

Tiff then pretends to be Frenchie trying to fish for information..."I already know you are in an alliance and I know the other two names, too."....the suspect responds "What? I am not in an aliiance with Big D and Kyland."

They all laugh over Tiff's portayal of Frenchie. They then begin talking about Parking Wars and Dog The Bounty Hunter.


[I'm out for the night y'all.   -MamaLong]

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8:00pm Big Brother Time

Kyland and Hannah are talking in the HOH room.

They are wondering what Azah and Big D will do in the coming weeks.

Kyland is a little confusing, he is talking about Big D and Azah, and what they might do. He wonders if Big D will want to be in the final three with Xavier and Azah, and Hannah believes that Big D would want to bring anyone who will take him to the final two.

Hannah says that Azah seems to feel comfortable in the house. 

They are trying to figure out who would want whom with them in the final three.  None of the scenarios include Hannah, she expects to go next week.

Kyland says that Big D slipped and told him that Azah and Xavier made a deal. He said the take away from the conversation was that Azah took a deal from Xavier prior to the HOH and nominations.

Hannah says if she wins HOH next, she needs the right combination of people on the block.
She says with Xavier and Azah on the block, Xavier takes down Azah, Kyland goes up, and goes home. She wonders how votes would fall in that case.

Kyland says if Xavier takes Azah down, she votes to keep him. Kyland says he does not think Xavier would use a veto on him. 

Kyland believes Xavier and Azah would vote to remove him. 
Hannah believes Big D would also vote against Kyland.
They both says it is all about winning the veto.

Kyland says he would prefer not to go on the block initially (If Hannah wins HOH), and take his chances at the veto.

Kyland thinks there is a chance that Xavier is comfortable about beating anyone he sits next to in the end. He thinks if Xavier wins the veto but not the HOH, he won't have a reason to keep him (Kyland) in the game. But he isn't sure if Xavier would keep both Azah and Big D.

Hannah says if Xavier and Azah have a deal, and if Big D knows about it, is Big D also in the deal?

Kyland says Xavier might not be fully certain that Azah would take him to the end of the game. Kyland thinks that Big D would be an obstacle in jury against Xavier. Kyland says that Tiffany is continuing Claire's take that keeping Xavier in the game guarantees his win.  Kyland questions that opinion, but Xavier counters Claire's points, trying to dismiss those points. Kyland wonders if it is a ploy to stay or how he really feels.

Xavier comes into the room, wants to use the loo. Kyland tells him to go ahead. Xavier says it is uncomfortable using the loo with Hannah in the HOH, Hannah blows his feeble attempt to be booted out.

Kyland and Hannah begin a conversation about poo, the bidet, the squatty potty, and warm water assistance for elimination....
(I guess if that''s all you can come up with to cover your real conversation, you just go with it.--Grannysue)

Thankfully the conversation moves to playing chess....

Xavier comes out of the loo, Kyland tells Xavier that Hannah wants to go to jury, she misses Derek X.
Xavier says he misses Tiffany more than Hannah.
Xavier says he will leave them to conspiring.

The two of them continue to talk about “nothing”

Xavier has gone to the bedroom with Big D and Azah.

He says he knows what kind of game “he” is playing. He is glad not to be on the block, but he thinks there is a nefarious reason for it.

Big D has the go pro, Xavier insists on seeing it and replaying.

Azah asks if the conversation ended, Big D says Xavier asked why Kyland didn't put him on the block and he said, he....Tiffany comes into the room.

They continue to look at the go pro, Big D says he feels sorry for anyone that has to edit him every day.
He asks where Hannah is, Azah says maybe the bathroom. Xavier doesn't tell them she is in the HOH room with Kyland.

Xavier decides he will take the go pro and watch what Big D has recorded, he tells them they can just talk while he reviews it.

Big D says he thinks “they” will go after each other and that's fine.
Azah says as long as we don't go on the block together.

Big D says he needs to be sure to win the HOH, if  Azah wins she might have to put up Xavier or Kyland and break her word.
Azah says she runs into trouble where “he” asks her if she will vote for him (Xavier).

Big D says Xavier might put up Kyland and Hannah and replace one of them with either Hannah or him (Big D).

Big D says he needs to use Azah as a pawn, she says she is okay with it.
Azah says she doesn't understand why she shouldn't win HOH, Big D says she can, she will just have to put them up.

Big D insists that Azah would put him on the block as a pawn and one of the others. If Xavier has the vote, he might send Big D out of the game. That is why he needs to win.

(Big D doesn't seem to have troubles with Azah going on the block and being at risk of being voted out by Xavier , or Kyland for that matter.  Azah seems not to get the irony.)

Azah repeats what Big D just said, he says, “nooooo.”, starts laughing at her, she laughs to.
(But he did say it as she repeated it, he just back pedaled here quite a lot.)

Azah says the best scenario is to put up Xavier and Kyland, one of them wins veto, comes down and Hannah goes up.  If they put up Kyland and Hannah, one of them comes down, Xavier goes up, then they have the opportunity to vote him out. She says they don't know what deal Kyland has with Hannah and he might win the veto and take her off the block.

Big D says Kyland doesn't think they have a deal.

Xavier comes back with the go pro, Big D tells him to give it back, he was given that job. Xavier keeps the go pro and starts taping them instead.

Xavier and Azah tease Big D about Kyland, he gives it right back to them, then snatches the go pro from Xavier.

Big D starts teasing Xavier and Azah now. He catches Xavier signaling Azah behind him, Big D catches him.

Azah starts in on both of them, then she says he doesn't have to delete it, but Big D does it.
Xavier takes the go pro back, demanding that he decides what is deleted.

They all watch it back and giggle at their antics.

Xavier interviews Big D.
Xavier starts pestering Big D, so big D grabs the camera, Xavier promises to do it right.

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9:00pm Big Brother Time

Xavier's interview with Big D continues.

9:10pm Big Brother Time

Tiffany joins the group in the bedroom and starts a chess game with Azah.

Big D and Xavier leave with the go pro.

Tiffany tells Azah that she thinks Kyland is playing Batman to Xavier's Superman.
She says that she told Kyland that if she (Tiffany) goes the only person he has anything with is Azah.
She tells Azah that if Kyland feels safe enough with Hannah for her to stay, they have some kind of deal.
She tells Azah if her and Big D and Azah keep her she will owe them, she says that she has no reason to go after anyone else but Kyland, who put her on the block. She says she isn't interested in going for Big D.

Azah asks why Tiffany thinks Kyland has Hannah, Hannah put him on the block.
Tiffany says that is because she told Alyssa was his target.
Azah tells Tiffany that Hannah has repeatedly said the first person who needed to leave the six first was Xavier.
Tiffany says she is lying to someone.
Tiffany says she came to get money for her son, she says leaving at three is fine for her, she just doesn't want to go home empty handed.
Tiffany tells Azah that if Xavier votes to keep her he will have two people to vote how he needs them to vote. If she goes he has Azah and can't be sure what anyone else will do.
Tiffany says if she is going home they should just tell her so she can enjoy her time, she doesn't want to pester people to death for votes.

Tiffany says she heard Kyland apologize to Hannah, she said Hannah said it was okay, and she wondered then what was going on between them.

Big D comes into the room and they start moving chess pieces.

10:14pm Big Brother Time'
Big D has joined Azah and Tiffany in the bedroom, the girls' talk has ended
Kyland and Hannah have left the HOH room

Azah and Big D stay in the bedroom and Xavier joins them.
Xavier asks Azah whats going on, Azah says she was playing chess with Tiffany, but Tiffany got called to the diary room.'
Xavier says that he told Kyland he was surprised he didn't get put on the block, Kyland told him “I have my reasons.”
He says Big D made it more dramatically than it was.
Xavier also says Kyland told him that putting Xavier was not good for his game, Xavier says it was just a conversation.
Azah asks Xavier wants to cuddle, he says he does but he wants to go eat.
Xavier leaves the room.
(Big D must have exited, he didn't respond to Xavier saying he was being dramatic)

In the kitchen Kyland is talking to Big D and others about self evaluation. 
Xavier and Hannah are also at the table.

Hannah starts talking about raspy voices, coughs and congestion as well as taste bud troubles.
(they have covid tests tomorrow)

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10:28pm Big Brother Time

Big D insists they will have a visitor tomorrow, the others say there is no visitor coming.
Big D alludes to the fact that they have not had  luxury competition,'

Big D tells them about cheese steak sandwiches in Philadelphia, says they are the best in the world.
(Yep, if you are fortunate enough to visit the beautiful city of Philadelphia, try one. They are evil, wonderful things!-Grannysue)

other general conversation 

Azah is trying to beat a bag of ice to death, there for a minute I thought it was going to win, but she was aggressive and was successful.

General chatter in the kitchen, no game talk.

10:50 pm Big Brother Time

Camera returns to Tiffany talking to America in the lavatory area.  She is ending her talk when Bubbles goes away.

She asks us to remember that her 14 year old son and her mother are watching. 
After a few minutes Tiffany leaves the room.

Big D goes to the HOH room lavatory,

Hannah joins Tiffany in the hallway bedroom and she tries one of Tiffany's snacks.

They both ask after the well being of each other.

Tiffany says she is just going to enjoy the rest of the week.
Hannah calls it a stupid stupid game.

Hannah is worried about what Xavier is thinking, but she doesn't think Xavier is coming after her, because he think he can beat her, Big D and Azah in the final four.  She also wonders why Kyland didn't put up Azah instead of Tiffany.

Tiffany said because of Big D
Hannah says 'what's Big D gonnna do, win a veto and take her off?
They both snicker

Tiffany says Big D thinks he was the one that put the six together and kept them together.

Tiffany tries to tell Hannah that she is not on the list for final three, but Hannah argues that she is a competitor and she will be in that group.  She only sees the moves related to her being there.

Bubble arrives.

Hannah tells Tiffany that Big D is sleeping in the HOH.
They agree that Kyland isn't interested in him.

The ladies are being quiet most of the time, just little spurts where they make comments.

11:24pm Big Brother Time

Xavier and Big D are in the HOH room.

They are having an inappropriate conversation. Let's just skip this and say they are not focused on Big Brother.

Kyland comes into the room and looks a little perturbed when he sees Big D in the HOH bed and Xavier pacing. He covers it well, and joins in the conversation.

Bubbles interrupts.

Camera returns to Azah, who is in the living room area staring into space.
Tiffany is doing the same in the hallway bedroom.
Hannah has fallen asleep by Tiffany.
Guys are still having their juvenile conversation about adult things.

11:56pm Big Brother Time

Big D says that if Tiffany does not go to jury this week she has the potential to get to the end of the game, and if she does, she will have the votes to win the game.

Big D says Azah or Hannah cannot win this HOH, it has to be him (Big D) or Xavier.
Kyland say if the veto wins one of them will have to go on the block.
Big D says he appreciates Tiffany being nice and trying to make amends, he isn't sure how to feel about that.
Kyland tells Big D he is about to lie down, Big D, “yeah, we can go to bed.”

12:OO am Big Brother Time     

The house is getting quiet.

Darlings, it is time for this old lady to find her puppies, crawl under the quilt and get some sleep.
Grandpa is feeling much better, he settled in, and is resting easy tonight!  Be kind, be a blessing to someone today.  Hugs, Grannysue.

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