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Big Brother Season 23-Live Eviction Week 8 9/2

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Previously, on Big Brother, after taking a punishment, Xavier was on the block as a third nominee and HOH tiffany gave him so me company. With the coin of destiny in play, Tiff plotted with Hannah to have her unsuspecting ally take the crown.

After Claire won the game changing coin in the high rollers room, destiny was on her side as the power was flipped and Claire made sure Tiffany’s nominations stayed in place.

With the power of veto back on the line, Hannah was the head of the class. Although Kyland tried to get himself off the block, Hannah opted to save her other cookout cohort.

Tonight, either Sarah Beth or Kyland will be evicted. Plus Britini and Derek X start to piece together what led to their demise. And an epic battle of endurance for power began.


Julie greets us and it is Day 58. We pick up after the veto ceremony and Hannah did not pull Kyland down so he could not campaign for Sarah Beth and Xavier is all about loyalty and hopefully she can build trust with X and Alyssa.


Tiff is excited and wants to send SB to jury so she can tell DX that it was Tiff, Claire, and Hannah who sent her there. Ky says this is going to be a tough week sitting next to SB, but it needs to be done.


SB is hoping she can work on staying and she just hopes she is not the target. Alyssa, X, and Claire are talking and Alyssa mentions if SB is evicted, Claire would be the last white person in the house. They also note there are no white males on jury.


Xavier says yeah, that is exactly what is happening but no one outside the alliance needs to know that. X is talking to himself and he says why would Alyssa point that out. And the only way to get Claire off that scent is for Alyssa to go. X says frustration.


Azah says it is a beautiful day in the house and she and Claire are making dinner and it is a surf and turf night. Hannah, Derek F, and Tiffany are outside and there is a beetle flying around and DF freaks out and flips the hammock and Hannah hits her head on the wood.


While they are tending to Hannah and making sure she is ok, the stove is still on. Tiff is explaining that DF ran from a beetle and DF is sorry and the something is smoking in the oven. Claire opens the oven and smoke flies out and the smoke detector goes off.


Azah realizes what is in the oven is on fire and she runs for the fire extinguisher. She sprays inside the oven and there is still smoke and the detector finally goes off. Everyone else is heading inside and they note the smoke and say Hannah is getting a concussion.


Xavier says everything is going wrong. There is a fire in here and a medical emergency outside. Hannah has ice on her head and DF wants to help and Hannah tells him it is not his fault at all. Tiff recaps the events because DF is scared of a tiny beetle.


Hannah says part of the reason the Cookout has been successful is because the six of them have not been in a room together. We then see Hannah, Tiffany, DF, and Azah talking and Kyland comes in and then they wake Xavier out and make their alliance official.


X says even though the Cookout has been official since week one, it is nice to make it finally official. However, only one of them will be winning. X, Ky, and DF are talking about who they might target next and they want to lose a woman and they mention Alyssa and Claire.


X says he sees a benefit in bringing Big D and Ky to the final three, but he also sees benefits in bringing Tiff and Hannah because he can beat all of them. Ky says he is keeping his eye on Big D though.


Big D says he knows Ky will not take X and vice versa. He says he has a mouth that can debate and he knows he could win that money as the only option left for those two to take.


Tiff is talking to Ky about taking Big D. Tiff says Ky is the biggest target and she is the next biggest target. Ky says he thinks they would both lose to X. So they think getting rid of Big D and then X would be the best idea. Ky says his true final two is with Tiff.


Ky says he cannot afford to be on the block after this week so he needs to set himself up for the long game. Tiff says Ky would take her to final two and that works, but she would for sure take Hannah with her.


Time to check in with the jury! Britini says getting evicted was bittersweet but she still has a role in the game. She gets a vote for a winner. She thinks the next juror will be Alyssa, Sarah Beth, or Kyland.


Derek X enters and Britini is surprised. Derek X says he felt like he was playing a decent game and there were things he should have and could have done to save his game. Britini did not want to see him come in and she asks who was HOH and he will show her.


Derek X shows the DVD and Sarah winning the HOH comp and how close DX was to winning. DX did not think it was that bad that she won. We then see SB’s nominations and Britini says he was a backdoor. DX explains the turning point was not playing in the high roller comp.


We then see Alyssa taking down Big D and then spinning the roulette wheel. DX explains why he did not play in the roulette competition. He wishes he had used his BB bux but he did not think his reason was invalid.


Britini sees who wins veto and then the veto ceremony and the eviction. DX was confused why his arguments were not going through but when he seen the goodbye messages and Ky told him he was working with a group of people.


DX thinks it was Tiff, X, Azah, and Ky, and then DX is not sure Hannah would be in it and not told him. Britini is not sure Big D is in it. Derek X has figured out Tiffany’s plan for them having a duo and then evicting them.


Time for the live vote and eviction! SB does brief shoutouts and she asks the HG to reconsider keeping her for tactical reasons. She thinks they will eventually look back and regret their decision and she wants them to consider what is good and safe for their game.


Ky does his shoutouts to his family and friends. He says HG they had a great conversation during one on ones and he hopes they were not too long because he talks a lot. He hopes they keep him but if they keep SB because she is a wonderful woman he understands.


Time to vote!

Derek F gladly to evote Sarah Beth.

Claire casts her tie breaking vote for Sarah Beth.

Alyssa votes to evict Sarah Beth.

Tiff out of sympathy for SB votes to evict Kyland.


Azah votes to evict Sarah Beth.

Hannah votes to evict Sarah Beth.

Xavier votes to evict Sarah Beth.

By a vote of 5-1, Sarah Beth has been evicted from the Big Brother house! She gives hugs to everyone in a line on her way to the door.


Julie says SB went from being HOH and then nominated twice and evicted. Why does she think 5 out of the 6 votes were to evict her and Ky. SB says she thought she might have been the bigger threat because Ky might be by himself.


Julie says it seemed SB regretted evicted DX and she says she does not regret that so much, but she regrets for appearing too loyal to Ky instead of Tiffany and Claire.


Julie asks how hard this week was to sit next to Ky. SB says it was very difficult but he was an easy person to play with and neither she nor him took it personal that they campaigned for themselves.  


Claire does tell SB that she was the secret HOH and she wanted to break her and Ky up. Hannah says she could not move forward with SB in the game. Azah says she had to get rid of SB to further a mission that is close to her heart.


Ky tells SB that he did mean it when he said he would take her as far as he could in the game but he was in an alliance that he could not tell her about. SB says that was great game play on their part and she guesses Azah is in that secret alliance.


It is time for the HOH competition! Claire has to throw this competition because she is not eligible to win. This competition is called “The Flying BB-inos”. They will stand on a disc and they will spin. Last HG standing wins.


The first three HG to fall will be have-nots for the week. They will be slammed into Bubbles the elephant. They all get on their disc and they are raised up and DF is immediately struggling. The spinning begins.


Everyone is encouraging Big D. Bubbles are coming out of the elephants bum. Big D is leaning back. Hannah is holding tight and so is Tiff. Ky seems to be spinning quite a bit.


When we return from commercial, Big D has already fallen off the disc and has been eliminated. Julie tells us Zingbot will be back this week and next Thursday will be double eviction night, and then they will do it again the following week.


Julie says Big D looks very relaxed and she hopes everyone else is having fun. Alyssa has fallen off right as circus performers begins spraying something at them. The HG are yelling goodnight and doing shoutouts.

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