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Sunday, September 5, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:47AM BBT

Tiffany is talking with Big D and Xavier on the backyard couch. Kyland joins them. Hannah is in the bathroom washing her face and getting ready for bed.

Tiff- What's up Kyland? I thought you were going to bed.

Ky- I was, but....

Big D (to Tiff)- I know you feel like you taking the heat, but I got you. Say what you want to say. (They have been talking about how Tiffany will break the news to Claire. Tiff is wondering if she should just reveal the truth to Claire about being the new target or mislead her that X is the target.

Tiffany- If it was me I would be talking myself way up out of that. At which point does she like, 'why the fuck does it have to be me?' I want to make myself believe it makes sense so I can convince her, but CLaire is not fucking stupid.

X- When you said look, you were gonna be targeted this week and that's why I wanted to win to save you, but now it's looking like you are still targeted....leave it at that. Say in order to further my game...we are gonna be picked off (implying that Tiff knew they would be they - Tiff and Claire- the next targets and now needs to protect herself as much as possible to save her own game.)

Tiff- I am trying to save my game, but if I put you up there is still a chance I might save you...I don't know. I am trying to dance around the idea. I would feel more comfortable with her knowing. I could tell her that I made some deals and just can't go back on them.

They debate the pros and cons of both telling Claire the truth and telling her just enough. Ky and Xavier are trying to control how Tiff handles Claire. [Me no likey! This is Tiff's decision to make.  -MamaLong]


1:25AM BBT

Chaddha and Azah are talking in the bathroom

Hannah- Since we can't trust Kyland to do what he says he will do, I will vote Claire out. With the exception of Tiff, Claire is probably closest to me but I'll still vote her out. Just in case Ky flips, X still stays.

Azah- Let's keep an eye out and sleep on it. (Azah has promised to Claire to keep her and doesn't want to go back on her word, so they are trying to figure out how to protect the narrative)

They agree that if they feel the vote will remain 4-1 they won't worry. However, if they get a feeling from Ky that he may flip....Hannah says she and Azah should both vote to keep Claire. This way, if Ky flips, they can blame the flip on Kyland because it would make more sense to Claire since Claire doesn't trust Ky at all.

Hannah shares with Azah that she is frustrated with Xavier because he is claiming he has taken all the risk and devised everything that has moved the Cookout closer to their end goal. Azah agrees that X is allowing his ego to cloud the reality. They have each put in work to insure a POC wins BB23.


2:00AM BBT

Azah tells Hannah that she would have had no problem putting up Claire and Alyssa this week.

[Both ladies know things would have been smoother this week had they allowed Ky to take this shot at either Claire or Alyssa. Tiff wanted to try and get Claire further than Alyssa and knew the only way to guarantee that was to win HoH. She knew it was a risk and would anger the Cookout, but any one of them would try the same thing. I mean, Kyland did last week...he was just in a different position of being on the block. This game is all about self preservation, or you lose.  -ML]

Hannah- if it's Ky next to Tiff, where do the votes lie?

Azah- I would keep Tiff.

Hannah- And I would keep Tiff

They don't know what the guys would do.

Hannah- I don't think X wants to win (the next HoH and take out Alyssa).

Azah- Big D would vote out Ky. I have a chance of leaving next week as long as Ky is playing. Ky scares me. I would need to play.

Sarge- Hannah, please go to the diary room.

Hannah- No, I don't want to. I'm going to tell them no; I am too tired.

They continue talking.

Hannah- All  of us should play because there is a possibility there could be 3 of us on the block next week. That would be half of us, and all it would take is Alyssa winning veto (to force a Cookout member out).

Sarge- Hannah, please go to the diary room.

Hannah- What a productive conversation.

Azah- Yes

Hannah leaves and Azah says, "Oh dear, I'm going to take a shower."


2:20AM BBT

Tiffany begins to talk to the cameras in the HoHR but Ky arrives, so they begin chatting.

Tiff- Ky, what are we gonna do? They want to take me out.

Ky- you and me both

Tiffany tells Kyland there is still a way to keep Claire in the house and have her go next week, instead. "I tell her (Alyssa) I have a guaranteed way to keep X in this house."

Ky says she should do it, but the only thing that would blow it is Xavier finding out before hand and talking her out of it. "But do it. If you can talk to her right before, I'd love to see it. It would be amazing to watch."

Tiff- I want to do it not...it's not even about Claire. It's that she is tough to me. She could win that HoH next week (she = Alyssa), and you or I could go home.

Ky- I know.

Kyland tells her that he would have been thinking the same thing.

Tiffany brings up that no one in the six is talking about taking out Xavier "Nobody! That means he has deals with everybody."


[Tiff wants Big D out knowing he has been running his mouth that she is his target. There is no way Alyssa would not use that veto. Tiff is experiencing some pipe dreams, here.  -MamaLong


3:28AM BBT

Azah is talking with Big D in the bathroom.

Azah- Big D, I can vent to you and talk to you about my feelings and how I feel. I cannot do that with them. (Azah wants to save Claire or at least giver her a vote).

Big D- Talk to Tiff about it and ler her explain it to you.

Azah says she just wants to vote the way she wants without pressure from the Cookout. She is frustrated that the guys are not respecting her part in the game and seeing her as not being responsible for any success the Cookout has made. She brings up that she has shared game info that has allowed the Cookout to see targets and that should be seen as valuable, but it is being overlooked. Big D says she should sleep on it but talk with Tiffany about it tomorrow. "Don't think we got to get everybody's approval...talk to Tiff. It should be a 3-2 vote."


3:40AM BBT

Tiffany and Kyland are the only ones still awake in the Big Brother house. They are cuddled up in the HOHR bed. Tiffany jokes that their family and friends are never going to trust them again. When the are asked to do a favor, "They are gonna be like, nope! Don't even talk to me."

Tiff says the master schemers in the house were Frenchie, Brent, Tiff and Kyland.

Kyland disagrees that Brent was a schemer. "Every comment I have heard about Brent in this house I disagree with."

Tiff- Okay. I'll take Brent out. I will not put him in the lineup with myself. I agree with that. Okay the people who have been playing this game is you, me...not Frenchie?

Ky- He's gone

Tiff- Okay, who would you consider top 5 strategists if we have five?

Ky- DX; If he knew about the 6...that was all he was missing

Tiff- I love DX...we should have kept him. I know we would have had our 4, you me,  DX and Chaddha

Ky- I know....and DX WINNING   [If America was voting, probably. If I was voting, no way. I adore him, but he came in unprepared and made key mistakes along the way. -MamaLong]


4:00AM BBT

Tiff turns the lights out in the HoHR and they fall asleep.


7:00AM BBT

All of the HGs are still sleeping. Tiff and Ky look like a married couple in the HoH bed. Alyssa is dreaming of tiny little veto charms and cocktails, but HUGE money. Xavier is dreaming of knives in his back and 1K pound bricks on his shoulders (he put them there himself, y'all). Chaddha is dreaming of doing what she does so well, influencing the game and moving pieces into place without making herself a target. Big D and Azah are sleeping soundly in the YBR. Claire is dreaming of safety but has no clue how much reality will sting on Monday and then burn on Thursday while Tiff plans to let Claire believe Xavier is the target.


[The thing about Claire is that she will not be bitter. She understands this is a game. She will have mad respect for the Cookout, and she will only blame herself for not winning pivotal competitions and being blinded by false loyalty. Claire has played a solid game. She surely deserves to be there more than Azah or Big D, IMHO!-MamaLong]

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10:02AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles for Wakey Wakey Houseguests. Today is Sunday Funday for all except Claire and Tiffany.


10:15AM BBT

Feeds return to Big D showering in the Have-Not shower.


10:20AM BBT

Chaddha and Azah  are under the covers in the yacht club room.

Xavier is talking with Kyland in the coral reef room. He shares that Tiffany felt a bit attacked last night.

X- You can't get mad at everybody else because you were selfish...(inaudible) Well, whatever.


10:45AM BBT

Chaddha is now sleeping on the bathroom lounger. Claire is silent on the one next to her. They are waiting their turn in the shower.


10:53AM BBT

Xavier and Alyssa are talking in the YBR. 

Xavier says Tiffany has shown this week that she doesn't care about anyone but herself. "I'm almost positive if we made a deal to keep her safe, she doesn't give a fuck about Claire. I was trying to convince her to put up Claire or Chaddha."  Xavier proposes that they try to make a deal with Tiffany to not put her up, but Alyssa says she thinks Big D and Azah should go and tell her if they won't put her up she would not have their vote. "I gave her a sweet deal and she didn't care. I think Ky is her shield. I don't think they have a deal. The jury hates Ky. The only person she would have against her is SB."

X- So you think Tiffany has incentive to take Ky?

Alyssa- 100? I think Ky would go home (if Tiff puts him up) Tiffany feels good with Azah because Claire feels good with Azah. Claire thinks she has azah, but she really doesn't. So it's really up to Azah to really work it do to b e like 'please don't put us up' and make them feel so comfortable.

[Alyssa is trying to play a bit of reverse psychology with Tiffany thinking Tiff would want to do the opposite of what they propose.]

Alyssa- I think if we push her in the same direction as they are, it's gonna look fishy


10:55AM BBT

Kyland and Big D are talking in the coral reef room.

Big D- That girl has control until Monday.

Kyland says he stayed up there last night to keep her calm.

Ky- All we had to do last week was make sure two of us weren't sitting on the block together. It's the same thing moving forward. I know for a fact that if I am sitting next to any of the girls, I'm good. So would you. X has an advantage for Alyssa to stay and Tiff has an advantage if Claire were to stay. That's why they both want their person.  

Kyland points out that if Tiff were to not keep any of the Cookout members, she knows she loses their vote.


11:00AM BBT

Azah has crawled into the HoHR bed and is talking with Tiffany. Tiff presents how she will present this all to Claire.

Tiff- Ultimately, one thing Claire knows about me is that when my mind is set on something, I am sure. She will know that she is going up. She is the best option to sit next to X and X go home, unless Alyssa uses the power of veto on him. Those are my two options. I don't want to put her up with a lie. I don't play like that. I'm just a straight forward person. That shit is hard for me. The truth in it is that I tried very hard to keep both of us safe, which is why I wanted to win the HoH...to try to keep us safe. If I leave X and Alyssa in this house together, I know I am not safe even if she is....Ky can't sit next to X. He would go home. Chaddha can't go up because she would go next to X.

Tiff asks what Azah thinks about what she plans to tell Claire.

Azah- I don't think you will like what I have to say.

Tiff encourages her to speak her mind.

Azah- I think you should just rip the band-aid off.

Tiff- Fuck it. You're right.

Azah- Mm Hmm.

Tiff- My goal was to send Alyssa home but she won the veto. I am there with you, but it's not just my game.

Azah- I know

They discuss that Baby D will figure this out if Claire goes to jury.

Tiff has decided to tell Claire the truth, "The fact of the matter is she is going to know the truth anyway."

Azah- That's true. Put her up and send her home. If we want to actually prove that we are working together, we all go for that HoH and send her home (meaning send Alyssa home next). Tell her she is guaranteed final five.  

Tiff- Am I able to tell Claire without Alyssa finding out?

Azah- Do you trust Claire? Claire will know that Alyssa is right behind her. At the end of the day, it won't matter.

Tiff- I can't even compete in this next HoH. This is why I want Alyssa out. Alyssa has proven that she can compete. Claire we can beat.

Azah- She ain't going to use the veto on X. She won't.  Them people in jury are going to look at us like 'B I T C H !'

Tiff- There are six other people in the house. She does not have to go on the block. Why should I do that?

Azah- Because you made a promise.

Tiff- I know, but with this lie, though.

Azah- Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. I understand that.

Tiff- So we make her feel like....we are gonna lie to her? (Making Alyssa feel she is going to final 5 with them)

Azah- We aren't gonna lie to her. We say, 'We're here...you're here. You kinda look like us.'

Tiff- Oh girl. I'm done with you.

They start laughing and Tiff gets up to brush her teeth.

WBRB Bubbles

Tiff- If Derek wants to take credit for us all working together, that's fine. But, all of us have had a part in us coming together, sticking together. Because this was not easy. It was not easy to move covertly. It was not easy to put our personal games to the side. Britini would have rode with you easy. Claire would have never put you on the block. I am putting Claire on the block and sending her home for this. I may be right after her. If Alyssa stays, I don't see X putting....I don't know that his personal game is still on the side next to that. I can't worry abou it, but damn! If he gets to ride with Alyssa then I get to ride with Claire them. But, I understand...my goal is to get us close to that end goal of 6. 

Tiffany tells Azah she has to get Alyssa out, "I think this next HoH, everybody has got to gun for it. I can't play, and I think my ass is going on the block."

Azah- I don't think so.

Tiff- The risk of her winning?!? 



12:30PM BBT

Tiff is talking to Xavier in the HoHR. Xavier says it sucks, but in two weeks, they don't have to do this anymore. Tiff says they will figure out that they have been lying. Xavier says yes, but it will be in jury. Tiff points out that Alyssa could win next week. Xavier points out that he can guide her to a target that will work. "After talking to Alyssa this morning, she isn't buying any of that shit." (he means somehow trying to get Alyssa to not use the veto)

Xavier- This is the hand we're dealt. We have to do what we got to do. Gotta get this done.


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1:30PM BBT

[Tiffany's predicament: A summary for your convenience... Tiffany decided (after sleeping on it last night) that she really wants to be honest with Claire and let her know that she is heading to jury. She respects Claire and their relationship too much to lead her on.


Tiffany has committed to not revealing the Cookout, but she wants to let her know that she tried to keep her safe knowing she was in jeopardy. Alyssa winning the POV was the only thing that screwed up the plan. Now she is forced to put her up. Big D, Azah and Hannah are fine with Tiffany saying what she feels she needs to say...Big D and Azah even encuraged her to "rip off that band-aid."  Kyland is also fine with it. They all know the jury members will figure out what is going on whether they reveal the Cookout or not.


However, Xavier is very unhappy about this. He does not want Alyssa to find out he has been lying to her and have to deal with her anger in the house. Tiffany wants to just be as honest as possible without revealing the Cookout. "The only issue is Xavier. You (Hannah) are looking at it objectively. Big D is like, 'I don't see what we are hiding it for.' Azah is like, 'I knew once we got to 8 we couldn't hide it anymore.'" Hannah says she understands that the jury needs to be primed and prepped, "but the question is: does the Cookout want to be exposed? It seems like Azah does....Big D does...Kyland does" Tiffany says she doesn't even have to reveal the Cookout. Thus, Tiffany is still on the fence about what to do before tomorrow's veto meeting. Does she tell Claire she is going on the block? 


Hannah provided excellent advice to Tiffany. She suggested that Tiff be honest and tell Claire that she just can't put up another person of color next to Xavier. This way she only reveals that her personal mission got sidelined by Alyssa's POV win, not the Cookout's collective mission.     


Kyland agrees with Tiffany, Hannah, Big D and Chaddha, but he also understands where Xavier is coming form. "If you are trying to debate it....You don't need a hundred reasons. You only need one reason and for it not to be counteres. He has that."  Ky still  supports her to tell Claire the truth but not reveal the Cookout.  Stay tuned!    -MamaLong]

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3:26PM BBT

Tifany finally has an opportunity to talk with Claire alone in the HoHR: Oh God CLaire. WHat in the entire fuck

Claire: I know. DId you talk with Azah this morning? How was that?

Tiff tells her she wanted to know her plan "becaue my plan is not going to plan

Claire- yeah

Tiffany gently delivers the information to Claire that she is going on the block. Tiffany can be commended for telling Claire the most truth she possibly can without revealing or endangering anyone else's game.

Claire- You're gonna put me up?

Tiff- I have to put you up

Tiffany tells her she loves her along with everything she told the Cookout members and tells her the game isn't over yet, that she might have Azah and Chaddha's votes, "then you need one more vote."

Claire begins crying, "Tiff, they are just gonna vote me out."


3:32PM BBT

Tiffany is genuine with her deliver and joins Claire in shedding tears. It is clear that this is hurting Tiffany as much as it is hurting CLaire. Without mentioning skin color, creed, race or an alliance, Tiffany made it clear to Claire that she can't put Chaddha, Ky, Big D, Azah or Xavier on the block. She tells Claire that after the game she still has to be able to look at herself and be comfortable with herself.

Tiff- I don't want to lie to you. I want to be as honest with you as I can. i have been trying to build up the confidence to look at you in the face and tell you.

Claire- Are you in an alliance with them?

Tiff- I have my own personal feelings with how I want to play this game. I know I am high on their radar. If you go, I am proabbly behind you. And that's fine with me. You can be completely honest with me and tell me exactly how you feel. I could not play a game with you and not sit in here and say I just need you to be a pawn. I care about you probably more than anyone in this house.

Claire- I believe that

Tiff- I tried everything I could to make sure it was Alyssa who left and not you.

Claire- I know.


3:37PM BBT

Tiff- I have not talked with anyone else about my decision and what I am doing.

CLaire- Tiff, they send me out and you go next.

Tiff- I know. I can live with that.

Claire- I know

Tiff- I'm sorry.

Claire- I know.

Claire begins sobbing. Tiff and Claire cry together. [MamaLong is crying, too]

Tiffany keeps repeating that she is so sorry. Claire continues to sob.

Azah comes to the door but Tiff tells her they need a minute.

Tiff- This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make in this game.

Claire- You have to do what you have to do, Tiff. That's what sucks because I don't want to fight with you. I want you to do well in this game.

Tiffany repeats all of her feelings for Claire and how hard she fought to save her.

Tiff- I knew they were targeting you.

Claire- All of them?

Tiff answers with "Ky and Chaddha wanted me and you to be safe, but I knew it could be you or Alyssa. I didn't want it to be you!"


3:43PM BBT

Tiff- If you have to go on the block this week, I want you to know the truth. I want you to still fight. 

Claire- I will

Tiff- They want me out now, and tey can take that shot at me. SInce day one, since we bonded, I have been honest and straightforward with you about us. But I can't lie to you. I can't. You mean too much to me. You deserve the respect of me being honest with you. I respect you and I care about our relationship. I don't want you to look back and say, she could have just told me.

Claire is still crying but trying to gather herself together with deep breathing.

Tiffany apologizes again and encourages her to talk it out.

Claire- You have to play this game. Even if I go this week (Claire can barely speak) I know that I won't care at all about anyone and then I saw you the first day and I said that's it...I'm gonna ride with you. I knew if I got to the end of it with you I would lose....I didn't care. 

They begin laughing.

CLaire- I would be okay with that

Tiffany- you have been my Sherry in this house (Sherry is Tiff's best friend in real life) You have been my everything.

They embrace and cry and laugh and share their mutual respect for each other.


[This truly is beautiful to watch, y'all   -MamaLong]

Tiff- One thing I want to thank you for is hearing me out, understanding and for still loving me through it because it's not against you...ever..ever, ever!

Claire- I know it's not. If it was anyone else, I would be fighting with them.

Tiffany laughs

Claire- I respect you too much to fight you.

Tiff- I think you should have, when you are ready, at your leisure, after veto...you should have conversations. You are my best friend in this house. I thought about it, and I thought about what my son CHristian would say to me. He helped me be honest with you. He would say, just tell her mom. She earned it. She knows you. I could not go home to him if I could not do what's right by you.

Claire- yeah; I do appreciate it

Tiff- If anyone else would have won, Claire, they would have put you on the block. 

Claire- I know.

Tiffany- I tried. I wanted to tel you honestly....We are gonna be optimistic. I don't want you to be sad.

Claire- I know. I am gonna be sad tonight, right now. ANd then I am not gonna be sad. I am gonna fight. And if I stay, we are kicking ass.

Tiff- If not, I'll see you soon....for sure.

Tiffany and Claire are back to laughing, again. 

Tiff- It's harder than I thought in this game.

CLaire- Yeah! It is. It's a lot harder.

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3:57PM BBT

Tiff- Good thing is, Claire, you are young and you're gorgeous. They are calling you back. I'm an old lady. 

Claire- No, they will call you back. If I go out on anyone's HoH, I am glad it is yours.

Tiffany laughs and says she was hoping to find a way to get Alyssa to stay on the block. They laugh and agree she is too smart to not save herself with the veto.

Claire- Maybe Azah. Maybe Ky. Maybe Chaddha.

Tiffany- Chaddha loves you.

Claire- I know.

Claire begins crying again, "You have to stick with you said you would do when you came here."

Tiff- I know, and they don't give a shit about me.

Claire- You have to stick with your morals. 

Tiffany- Nobody has my back like you do (in this game) and if I leave here with one friend, I want it to be you. I can't wait until jury to explain to you. It's okay to be upset Claire.

Claire- If I go out, I won't be angry. I'll just be sad.

Tiff- I will understand either or, and at some point, you can hit me.

Claire laughs

*WBRB Bubbles

They both agree that the only way Tiff has a chance in the game is if Xavier goes.

Claire- If X goes then I go in the double. *more tears* I would rather you be set up in a good spot.


4:20PM BBT

Tiff- I'm not saying anything to anybody. I will leave that to you.  

Claire- You don't have to say anything. You don't have to. I will go out there and I will fight. I will not hold this against you!

Tiff- Thank you. You are a best friend. You are an amazing young woman. I'm glad I did not look at anyone else in the house besides you. I looked at that Sarah Beth and I said 'that's not gonna work'....*both are laughing*...if I could do anything different, I would throw all of my morals out the window and me and you would tear this house apart.

Claire- You have to stick to your morals.

Tiffany- I know.


4:23PM BBT

Poor Claire is so full of snot that Tiffany encourages her to blow her nose in the towel.

Tiffany- Don't be sad. Be optimistic. I wish you weren't a Have-Not so we could drink all the shit in the fridge and forget everybody

Claire- Man, this game messes with you.

Tiffany- It does.



4:25PM BBT

Tiff- If X goes and there is a Battle Back and DX comes back, we are in a good spot.

The both laugh and high five.

Claire- But there won't be a Battle Back.

Tiff- I know. I think me and Ky are high on Xavier's radar. 


4:30PM BBT

Claire says they have one chance to get X

WBRB Bubbles


4:33PM BBT

Claire begins crying again, and Tiff apologizes.

Claire- That's the thing. You don't have to justify this for me. I will never regret not fighting you, now. I will never fight you, Tiff.  [Claire is not talking about pulling hair and screaming profanities like some of my middle schoolers do when someone looks at them wrong. She means she is not trying to plead her case and convince her to stay. Claire already knows that Tiffany is doing what she has to do. She will campaign to stay, but Claire knows her game is over now or very shortly, either way. -ML]


Claire and Tiffany are holding hands, soaking in this time together.

Tiff- Mama Pat is telling me, 'You keep that girl'  I love you.

Claire- I lov eyou, Tiff

*They are laughing again

Claire- In the end, I will only vote for you. This week, I will at least campaign, and if they vote me out, at least I can get them to think about X.

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Tiff- If anyone has a chance to stay against X, it's you.

Claire- I love you, Tiff. You will always be my friend.

Tiff- Thank you. That means much more to me than this game.

Tiffany begins crying, "If I lost you, it is not worth it to me. If you leave and say I hate Tiff then my game is not worth it."

Claire- I will not stop loving you. I will always be your friend...you do not have to say anything (to anyone else) I will fight. I love you.

Tiff- I love you, Claire.

Claire blows her nose in the towel again. Tiff gets up to get her some tissue.

Sarge- CLaire, please go to the diary room downstairs.

CLaire drops down to the couch, "Oh, come on"

Tiffany- Oh Claire...juyst be honest.

Tiffany gives her a pair of sunglasses to wear, Claire uses the restroom then heads to the DR


4:44PM BBT

Tiffany sits on her bed and stares at her reflection in the HoHR mirrored windows. She talks to herself, 'You did the right thing, Tiff.' Tiffany sighs deeply then flops back on her bed.

Tiffany watches Claire head downstairs and toward the DR through the HoH spy cam.


4:47PM BBT

Tiffany- Wow. That was the hardest thing

She sees the camera move to focus on her, "Oh, are you watching?"

Tiff- That was the toughest thing I've had to do in this house because I really value my relationship with Claire. Life is full of tough decisions. This is the toughest decision I've had to make in this house. But, she deserves the truth from me about why she is being nominated. I know I owe the Cookout my loyalty to keep them our of my truth to her. I tried to do both: respect their wishes to keep them secret, and be honest with her about my prinicples and my c=values outside of this game. She does mean a lot to me. Having her respect, maintaining my dignity and facing my son at the end of this game means more to me than lying to her or playing her to satisfy anyone else because it doesn't satisfy me. And Claire being Claire was very understanding of my morals. That says a lot about Claire. I knew...I felt that she would understand. But even if she didn't understand, I knew she would respect my honesty. She will respect that. I don't think she is mad. I think she is sad. I love Claire. She is an amazing young lady...*Tiff starts crying*...I never wanted to be the one to put her on the block and go out on my HoH, but she deserves the truth. No one else would have told her that. I'm glad she will still be my friend. I'm done talking America.


4:58PM BBT

In the HoH, Tiffany tells Ky about her talk with Claire, "I told her everything I told you I would. (Tiff details the conversation) She is a phenomenal woman."

Tiffany breaks down and Ky embraces her with full on support.

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8:33pm Big Brother Time

House guests are relaxing on the sofas in the living room area or eating around the dining table.

Just general chatting, no game talk on cameras.

9:00pm Big Brother Time

Big D tells Azah that Xavier thinks she is mad at him.  He tells her earlier  that she seems to be annoyed with him.

Azah tells Big D that Xavier told her they should not be hanging out with each other, she thinks it came from Alyssa after Zingbot.  She says Xavier back tracked on that, and the same things people called out Azah about regarding Britini should be said to Xavier.

Azah tells Big D she has expressed her opinion about that when Big D tells her to say something.

Azah goes on to say that if he can't think of ways she played her part in this it is on him (Xavier).

Big D says if someone approached him about things they don't realize he has done for them, he would stop and tell them what those things have been. 
Big D says that Hannah, Azah and he have not been HOH, and should have a turn to do that. He says Tiffany will be on the block if he is HOH, and she will be beside Hannah.
Big D says Xavier has been on the block three times, once he put himself there, the second time it was because of the High Roller game, and now because they were trying to take Alyssa out of the game.
Big D says he wants Xavier and Kyland with him and Azah, not Tiffany.

Azah says they are on a different spectrum, she says she believes that Kyland wants her out of the game at six. He has decided his placement, and he knows that Azah is good with the other four people. She believes he wants a female out.  She also tells him that he views Tiffany as a shield for him, just as she sees him as a shield for her.

Big D says he is worried about Tiffany and Kyland, he says Tiffany is the reason they are in “this situation”.

Big D says he wants to keep Kyland, Azah wants to keep Xavier. 
Azah says he would expect her to keep Kyland over Tiffany he is asking for something that is not reciprocated.
Big D says he would like Tiffany to go before Kyland.

Tiffany comes into the room, tells them she doesn't want to know, she is done talking game today.

They whisper a little, then Big D starts talking about getting Alyssa out of the game.

Azah says they put her on the block, worry about the veto if it happens. 
Tiffany says she better not win again, she mumbles.

Big D says they don't want Alyssa to win HOH, Azah says everyone should be going for HOH to avoid that.
Claire comes in, sees Big D and Azah, Tiffany tells her they are going outside, so Claire steps back out the door.

Big D waits until Tiffany leaves, then says he wants her (Tiffany) out bad.

Hannah comes into the room as well, makes funny about the Jokers team.
Azah said now everyone wants to be a Joker.

Big D says he wants to make it to the top 5, Hannah says she does as well.
Hannah says everyone wants to win the HOH, Big D tells her he knows that, but he wants everyone to let him have it.
Azah says the team players should be the ones that stay.
Hannah says being HOH is the only way to guarantee they are safe, if Alyssa wins HOH it is inevitable that one of them go home in that case.  She says every week it takes less votes to get sent out.

Azah says they are at risk unless they are against people who are not team players, Hannah says that keeping a person like that is an option, they will be a target.  She says people will want to keep that person because they think they will beat them.

Azah thinks if Alyssa wins HOH she will put up Kyland and Tiffany on the block. She doesn't think Alyssa will put up Big D, Hannah and herself.

Big D says he shouldn't be punished for lying and manipulating in the game so far, he thinks he should be safe because of it. He says he has spent the whole game protecting the 6 and now he has to plot to send them out.

Azah says playing at the 6 is easier than playing at the 4, there is nowhere to hide at that point. Azah says she believes Kyland wants her out, and she needs to see that he goes out instead.

Hannah says she has to think about what gets her to the two chairs at the end, she hasn't had to think about that yet.

Big D asks who Hannah wants out first, she says Kyland. Big D says she is in agreement with Azah, but he wants Tiffany out because of the encounters this season.

They agree to keep their first out choices between themselves.

Hannah says Kyland doesn't want to sit next to a female in the finale, she says she wants him out because he won't take her.  She says Kyland has never approached her with a deal, and she won't go to him with one.  Hannah says Kyland has made promises he has not kept in the game so that would be of no use.

Alyssa comes into the room, they tell her to come sit down, they are having a Jokers meeting.

Hannah mentions the guy's trip they aren't inviting Big D on.

They mention maybe getting an AIR B&B for a few days after the show is over.

Talk becomes general topics

9:42pm Big Brother Time

Claire and Tiffany are talking in the back yard.

Tiffany says she never realized how well Xavier was positioned in the house, Claire says she realized that when he didn't seem to be bothered by Christian leaving.

Tiffany says she needs a Pandora button, she doesn't care what it is. She would just push it.

Tiffany tells Claire that Azah didn't want her to go.
Claire says that Xavier will keep Big D over Azah
Tiffany says it will be Big D, Xavier and Alyssa in the final three.

Claire says Hannah thinks her best chance of winning is against her (Claire), and so does pretty much everyone else.
Tiffany says Alyssa has nine lives, and Xavier was really happy when she won. She says Xavier was so proud of her, and she doesn't care about him, she likes Christian.  Tiffany says Christian wasn't even home yet when Xavier started.
Claire says Xavier had a crush on Alyssa week 2.
Tiffany says that was about the same time Azah said Xavier was “hot”.  She adds that Zingbot took care of that, “ain't no dates goin on there.”

Claire says Tiffany can't play in the double, but can play in the veto. Tiffany says she wouldn't even know who to pull off he block. 
Tiffany says between Kyland and Hannah it is a hard choice, but she has to win so she is not the replacement.

Claire says “if  I am gone you are less of a target”.
Tiffany, “no, you and I are in line.”

Tiffany knows Big D is coming for her, and she knows Hannah is going after Kyland. She doesn't think Xavier wants to keep Kyland.

Claire says she will fight to stay, but she won't play a dirty game. She plans to talk to Kyland, Big D and Alyssa.

Tiffany tells Claire she believes Sarah Beth, who said Alyssa was coming after them. She says she told Sarah Beth she believed her.

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10:00pm Big Brother Time

Tiffany and Claire continue to talk in the back yard.

They laugh about “thrifting” for clothes and glasses in the house.

10)8pm Big Brother Time

Cameras move to kitchen area where Kyland is alone, then to lavatory.

Camera finally settles on the HOH room.

Hannah is asking what sounds like 'hot takes' questions.
Camera moves to back yard again with Claire and Tiffany.

Just general gossip.

10:30pm Big Brother Time

Gossip in the HOH room

Alyssa and  Xavier playing billiards.

Big D is talking about people lying in the house about relationships, he wouldn't want to hang out with them. He says he won't take game play personal, he would still build a relationship after the game with  someone, except if they lie about a loved one or an illness.

Tiffany says that level of deceit is not necessary.

10:45pm Big Brother Time

Gossip continues

Billiards continue

Big D makes a big faux pas.

He is talking about how much easier the game was in the beginning. He says it is harder now because they all like each other.
He mentioned Frenchie leaving..
Big D, “When Frenchie left I said, 'well I lost my person.'  He immediately adds, “The person I liked the most in the house.”
Claire is sitting in the room, she hears it.

(I don't know if she will connect the dots, we will see.--Grannysue)

Big D continues to talk, changing subjects....Tiffany tries to offer Claire the headphones for music, Claire declines.

Big D continues to ramble.

The group in the HOH leave the room, Hannah is making tea for them.

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10:44PM BBT

Tiff, Claire, Hannah and Big D head downstairs to raid the fridge.

Alyssa and Xavier are playing pool in the backyard.


Big D says he wants to just go to bed because tomorrow is "another opportunity to be on tv."


11:17PM BBT

Ky is skimming the hot tub to get rid of the bugs bugs. Azah has her feet in the and Tiffany is sitting on hte side sipping tea.


11:45PM BBT

The houseguests are playing Mafia in the living room.

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