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Big Brother Season 23-Veto Comp and Ceremony Week 8

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Previously, on Big Brother, with Tiffany seizing power, her goal was to take out Sarah Beth and bring the Cookout one step closer to the final six.


After taking a punishment in the previous veto competition, Xavier was on the block as a third nominee and was quickly joined by a pawn, and the target. With the high rollers room back open for a final time, the powerful coin of destiny was up for grabs.


A plan was formed to convince Tiffany’s ally Claire to try and win it. After Claire won the chance for a game changing coin toss, a flip of fate took power from Tiffany putting it in the hands of the new HOH and she immediately put up the same nominees.


Tonight with Claire controlling the house completely from the shadows, how will her anonymous reign shake up the game. Plus the POV is back up for grabs and will it be used to save any of the nominees from the block. All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up after the coin of destiny flip and Tiffany has lost her HOH room and the secret HOH kept her nominations the same. She still has a great chance of getting Sarah Beth out of the house this week.


Claire says it is amazing to be the secret HOH and she nominated Ky and SB and that is what Tiffany wants. She knows the target is SB, but honrestly any of them can go to jury and she would happy.


Ky says he is ok with the nominations because he knew about the plan for Claire to win HOH. Ky says he prepared for it, but just because you prepare for a bat swing to the face does not make it hurt any less.


Xavier says he took the punishment to be a third nominee this week and even though he knows the plan, he would prefer not to sit on the block come eviction night. SB says it sucks to sit next to Ky and does not want Ky to go home, but she does not want it to be her.


Tiffany is going to the HOH room to clear it out and Hannah and Claire are with her. She wants to insinuate that she played the Coin of Destiny and that way no one can get in Claire’s ear. Claire says she will not say anything.


Claire is thrilled that Tiff wants to get the blood on her hands, but she also wants credit for getting the HOH because she does not want it seen just as Tiff’s move.


SB is talking to Ky and she does not understand why they are being targeted and she says they are not likable. Ky is trying to comfort SB. SB says someone had a secret opportunity to nominate people and they were targeted. Ky says it is hard to lie to SB.


SB says she and Ky got nominated twice this week and if that is not a house target, then she does not know what is. She says their best chance to survive is for one of them to win the veto.


It is time to pick players for the veto competition! Xavier will compete with the two other nominees and three random draws. Xavier draws Alyssa. Sarah Beth draws Claire. Kyland draws Hannah.


Claire and Tiffany are talking about who could potentially win veto. Claire says she is not sure if she wants to share she is the secret HOH and Tiff says she did not want SB badgering her. Claire has to decide if going after SB is what she wants to do.


Claire prefers Xavier to be the one to go home, but she knows Tiffany wants SB out. But she needs to make a decision for her game and maybe she needs to make a move for her own game.


Ben Platt is sharing a sneak peek of his movie Dear Evan Hansen. The winner of the veto competition will also win a chance to see Dear Evan Hansen. They will compete one at a time.


Claire is out first and they have to arrange photos in chronological order and when they think they are correct they hit the button to lock in their time. The player who places their photos in the correct order in the fastest time will win POV.


Claire hits her button and she says it is crucial to win the veto comp. Claire puts up all the photos and then starts looking for clues to rearrange them in order. She sees Christian with a cast with signatures and then one that is blank and that has to go first.


She sees Brent with a black eye and then him getting hit with a dodge ball and she realizes that is what caused the black eye. She rings in to check things and she is wrong so she is rearranging things. She makes a few adjustments and rings in again and she is wrong.


Claire tries again and see an Derek X with an apple and in one photo the apple has a bite taken out of it. She makes another adjustment and she rings in and she is correct and says of course it would be DX that messed her up.


Ky is up next and he says he is going for speed and he puts up all the photos and rings in and he is wrong. He starts making adjustments. He hits his button again and is wrong and has to move things around again. He knows he was moving fast, but he did ring in a lot.


Alyssa is up next and she wants to win to take Xavier off the block and keep herself safe. She is excited to see Christian but she is upset he did not have her sign his cast. She is getting frustrated because she does not know what to look at.


Xavier is up next and he says there is strong incentive to win this veto to stay safe. He puts the photos all up and then he starts to assess what to change around. Xavier rings in and seven wrong and has to try again. He says his brain is just not clicking.


Hannah is up next. She says they are in the second half of the game and she needs to start winning things and she would love to see an advance screening of Dear Evan Hansen. She starts focusing on elements that are in more than one photo.


SB is up next and she says it is impossible to know who the target is so she wants to win veto so she knows she is safe. She does not want to put all the pictures out because she might get confused by the storyline. She rings in and she is correct.


Time for results! Kyland finished with a time of 5:25. Claire finished with a time of 6:27. Alyssa finished with a time of 8:14. Kyland is in the lead. Hannah finished with a time of 4:59. Xavier finished with a time of 8:29. Sarah Beth finished with a time of 5:22.


Hannah has won the POV! Hannah has also won the advance screening of Dear Evan Hansen. Ky is bummed he did not win but he is glad Hannah did. Claire is frustrated she did not win, but let us get SB out and regroup.


SB is emotional and she says she tried her best and she was hoping it would be enough. She tells Ky it sucks to be so close. Ky says Hannah won veto and he is happy for her but he feels beyond confident. He just does not want to be on the block on eviction night.


SB does not think she can convince Hannah to take her off the block, but maybe she can convince her to take Ky off the block and that would maybe give them a chance to both stay in the game.


Hannah calls everyone to the living room and she gets to select three people to go to the movie with her. She has chosen SB, Ky, and Xavier. Derek F says Hannah did him dirty because he wanted to watch this movie.


Hannah heads to the HOH room for the movie and she is so excited. They have movie candy, popcorn, and drinks. They settle in to watch the movie and they are excited to be watching a movie. Xavier says this movie has a lot of messages and it is great.


Hannah loved and adored the movie and every single song was a 10. She says that was the coolest prize ever. All four are emotional over the movie.


Ky is talking to Claire and he is questioning of Claire thinks the veto would be used on him and Claire thinks Ky may believe she is the secret HOH. Claire says it is not a good look for him to want to save SB.


Claire is talking to Tiff and she is telling her about Ky and Tiff says he asked her to put him up next to SB and he wants to come down? She says everyone knew the plan and he needs to be quiet about being on the block. She says he has the six and he wants the veto used?


Ky is pitching to Hannah about using the veto on him. Hannah says the plan has always been to save Xavier and she is confused why he wants her to use veto on him. Ky says Hannah could do what she wants for her game and he wants to be able to give SB a sympathy vote.


Hannah says she gets the feeling that Ky is working with the Cookout but playing his own individual game and he may want to try and flip the vote to save SB. She says it does not make sense to want to get veto used to just to give someone a sympathy vote.


It is time for the veto meeting! Hannah has decided to use the POV on Xavier. Hannah says there will be no replacement nominee since he was there as a punishment.


Hannah says in no universe would she ever have used veto on him and it is sketchy he asked. Ky has conflicting emotions because he loves and cares for her, but this is the move that has to be made.


SB says she did not come here to hang out with her best friend and she came to win a game so she is going to do what she needs to do to make sure she stays. Tiff says trying to get veto used on Ky was a selfish move and she will keep her eye on him.

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