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Big Brother Season 23-Nominations and High Roller Week 8

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Previously, on Big Brother, the powerful Cookout alliance was operating completely undetected, and each had an oblivious partner outside the group to get them further in the game. At the veto competition, Xavier won power and punishments.

After X pulled himself from the block, HOH Sarah Beth backdoored Baby D. Before the live vote, Derek X put SB on blast, but it was not enough to prevent a Derek Exit. With the power back up for grabs, Tiffany got her first win of the summer and everyone got a BB Bux bonus.

With only nine remaining for the win, who will Tiffany target for eviction? But with the Coin of Destiny end the former queen’s reign early? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 51 after the HOH competition and Tiffany says she feels amazing! She finally won something in this house. Ultimately, it was not worth risking the Cookout to save Derek X even though she really wanted to.


Tiffany, Azah, and Claire are celebrating in the SR and Hannah joins in. Claire says yes! She is so proud of Tiff and she is so excited. She has been on the block for two weeks and now her tightest ally in the game is HOH. She can take a deep breath.


Kyland is emotional and Derek F is comforting him and Azah is as well. DF says Derek X will understand once he sees everything. Ky tells us that DX was a genuine guy and he does not regret sending him home because he was a threat, but he is still sad.


SB and Xavier are talking and she asks if he heard the speeches and X says he did not say anything. She is emotional and she cannot lie and she says his speech was hurtful, but she has to stick to her guns and remember what she came here for.


SB has to pretend she is happy with Tiff winning. She never thought of Tiff as an option when she was HOH and hopefully that means something. X says he will already be a nominee. SB was hoping Alyssa, X, or Ky would win because they created an alliance called The Monarchy.


Alyssa joins X and SB and she thinks either Ky and SB or herself and X. X is already on the block. X says with Tiff being in power, he does not like his odds this week. Just joking! He says anyone who is not a member of the Cookout has to go.


Alyssa says the Coin of Destiny is a huge power because you can overthrow the HOH. Tiff says she is going to need Ky’s help. She says he should expect to go up next to SB and sending her home has been on her mind because she has no loyalty to anyone.


Ky does not want to go on the block and he suggests Alyssa and SB and Tiff says what if Alyssa pulls herself off? Ky says he is at a point in the game where he can no longer protect SB.


Hannah is talking Tiffany and Tiff says she did this for DX and Hannah says she feels so guilty. Tiff says she is not alone because X, Ky, and herself are going to go through it. She says they chose themselves before anyone else.


Tiff says people will be hurt but he was a great person and he will still be Hannah’s friend. She hopes he will forgive her. She says she feels awful and guilty for sending him home. She says if it was not for the Cookout, DX would be in the game because he had her back.


Derek F is in to talk to Tiff and they are talking about the Coin of Destiny. Tiff thinks DF and a few other people who can get that opportunity. She is hoping if someone wins that she is close to, then her nominations will not change.


Tiff says she and DF may fight like siblings, but she wants him to play and potentially win. DF does not trust Tiff because they have been going at it all season and if it was not for the Cookout, then he would make sure she was gone.


Tiff is talking to SB and she asks about her ability to play for the Coin of Destiny and she can only play if America gave her 100 BB Bux and she had a 100 BB Bux in her envelope, but Tiff does not need to know that.


Tiff tells SB she does not understand why she went after DX and she put her in a tight spot because it was DX and Claire and that indirectly affected her game. Tiff says she does not have anyone fighting for her. Tiff says she will run scenarios in her head.


Who wants to see Tiffany’s HOH room? The HG all head in and check out Tiff’s pictures. Tiff reads her letter and her family is proud of her and they love her so much and she is missed. Her letter was from Mama Pat, her grandmother.


Tiff is talking to SB again and SB has been thinking about her conversation. SB says Tiff made it clear she might target SB and Ky and SB throws out Alyssa’s name and mentions Alyssa noticed Tiff was disappointed when Baby D did not win the previous HOH.


Tiff says SB is very convincing and she ran Alyssa over with a bus. Alyssa is in the ICU right now, that is how hard SB ran over Alyssa with the bus. Tiff says with the Coin of Destiny, she may need to look at other options.


It is time for the nomination ceremony! X is an automatic nominee from the punishment he took in the last veto competition. Tiff’s first nominee is…Kyland. The second nominee is…Sarah Beth.


Tiff nominated Ky and SB because they make up a very powerful duo and this week she needs to make an optimal move to excel her own personal game and she wishes them both luck.


Tiff says SB is her target and Alyssa is safe until next time. But nothing is set especially with the coin of destiny. Ky is not surprised and he knows it made the most sense for him to be next to SB. He watched Azah lose Britini and Hannah lose DX, but this is painful.


SB says she cannot sit here and act butthurt, but unlike last time she has another chance to maybe come off the block, and maybe Ky could come off because of the Coin of Destiny. Hope is not completely lost.


Tiff is talking to SB and tells her that Ky is a threat to her and SB made the most sense to put next to Ky so she would not fight to take Ky down. SB says she is glad that Tiff is candid and she appreciates that. She would rather it be Ky than her, but she is in danger.


The High Roller’s room is open for the last time. They will play for a chance to flip a coin and win HOH and take over her powers for the week and the new HOH will be anonymous. Xavier cannot be removed from the block. Tiff will be safe.


Azah is first in to the High Roller’s room. She received $50 from America and she had $50 in her envelope and her total is $200. She cannot play. X received $75 and $50 in his envelope and his total is $125.


Alyssa received $75 and she has $100 in her envelope so her total is $175. We see Hannah and Tiff talking to Claire about Claire playing for the Coin of Destiny and that is good so Claire cannot play next week.


Hannah got $100 from America and $50 in her envelope. She has $300 and she declines to play. Ky got $50 and $100 in his envelope for a total of $200. Tiff got $100 and $50 and her total is $225.


SB says there is a chance here. She received $50 from America and $100 in her envelope for a total of $200. Tiff tells Derek F she is ok if he does not want to play so he can still play in the next HOH.


Derek F received $75 from America and $100 in his envelope plus the $100 he won in the veto competition and he has a total of $425 and he is going to play. He does not need to play so he can show he tried to win.


On go, they will throw gold coins into slots and whoever has the most after two minutes will win. Derek F is going to take his time because he is definitely throwing this competition. He gets a score of one and he thinks that is the perfect throwing score.


Claire received $100 from America and $50 for a total of $250 and she is going to play. Claire is going fast and furious and she only has one in the slot and she is concerned she might not get anymore.


Claire finally hits two more but she is concerned three is not a great score but she really does not want anyone messing up Tiff’s HOH. Tiff calls everyone to the living room. The game has been won with a score of 3 and now we will flip the coin.


Tiff places the coin on the flipper and the winner chose heads for the coin flip. Tiff flips the coin and the coin has landed on heads and Tiff has been dethroned. Alyssa says they now have no idea who has all the power and she knows she and X did not have enough to play.


Tiff is eligible to vote and compete in the next HOH. Ky and SB are off the block for now. The secret HOH’s first nominee is…Ky. The second nominee is…SB. The secret HOH’s nominees are locked and the High Roller Room is officially closed.


SB thinks her or Ky will be going home this week. She does not see a way out of this because an anonymous HOH is still targeting them. Tiff says whoever dethroned her did not change her noms so the only thing that can ruin things is if SB wins veto.


Claire says yes, yes, yes! She says this is not how her first HOH win would go, but she will take it. She finally has some agency here. She kept noms the same because she respected Tiff’s HOH. The power is in her hands.

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